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This is less a novel than a collection of short stories based on a common concept, each story building on the one before, but not really connected in any other way. It all begins with Zeb and Bodie, two totally righteous skateboarder dudes who have a problem, a raging erection that they can trade off but not get rid of. Something bigger than hormones is at work here, and we slowly find out that this is a protrusion into our universe of an extra-dimensional being that feeds off the sexual passion of hot gay sex by making its possessor both super-horny and irresistable to any man, gay, straight or whatever, and the man is forever after totally gay. As the stories proceed, Zeb and Bodie set out with the professor that caused the being to gain entrance to our universe, to try to capture and stop the Boner from turning the entire male half of the human race gay! If they're going to succeed, these two righteous skater-dudes, Zeb and Bodie, must operate by the use of their wits, use clever strategies... and cunning tactics... and... and.... Oh, God! We are so doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

All I can say is that I was captured by a concept that refused to leave me alone, and I personally laughed myself silly writing each section. So this book is a meandering set of short stories in 19 parts, and illustrated with 17 illustrations, although some of the images do suffer a bit from being created for viewing with monitors with less resolution than is the norm these days.

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