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I have to admit that, re-reading portions of this book while setting it up for PDF publication, I am again filled with pride at how well this story turned out! This story, set in the same universe as "The Squire of Carlovain" and "The Knight of Carlovain," follows the story of young Banred, the descendant of Andrew, and a penniless younger son and nobleman in the year 1595, who sets out with other young noblemen and soldiers to found a colony in the New World. Having been warned by a friend that their colony is intended (for political reasons) to fail, Banred sets out to make the colony succeed despite overwhelming odds. By virtue of an alliance with the local Indian tribe (founded upon his love affair with Tintsiquan), Banred must deal with recalcitrant nobles unwilling to work, an invasion from the English (who accuse them of stealing English-claimed land) and the very elements themselves. Will they fight off the English only to succumb to starvation? Yet with all this going on, the man/man sex is going strong and more than once is the key to Banred winning the battle and establishing the colony of New Heslov in the Americas!

This book is fully illustrated with 19 illustrations, although the images do suffer a bit from being created for viewing with monitors with less resolution than is the norm these days. While a bit plot-heavy for a sex book (the sex is hot enough to make up for it, though), I feel that this is the best novel-length book I have written to date! Reading the prior novel is not required, as the action takes place over a century later and the writing fills in the gaps for you.

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