Blind Man's Bluff

By Tommyhawk1
Artwork (c) 2000 by Eduardo


NOTE: This story originally appeared in "In Touch for Men" magazine.

Seeing Darryl the first time was a shock. I don't mean he was hideous or deformed. Darryl was handsome. No, wrong word. Darryl was beautiful, with bright, sunny-gold hair, a thin face with a pug nose that was, somehow, aristocratic. An athletic body dressed in pullover shirt and denim slacks, he looked like those oh-so-perfect models that grace magazine covers. It was his eyes, which were completely covered by a milky film.

"Yes?" he asked me, looking not-quite-at me.

"Uh, the agency sent me over. You're looking for a live-in housekeeper?" I stammered.

"You're Ted?"

"Uh, yeah, Ted Armistan. You're Darryl Van Streich?"

Darryl chuckled, an easy, free laugh. "Can you imagine anyone else fitting my description?"

"Uh...." I was floundering. The agency could have warned me, damn it!

"Don't worry about it. It all happened long ago. I wear glasses when I have company, but the doorbell rang and I just forgot. Glasses bother me. Maybe I should wear contacts instead." He grinned. "Come on in and I'll show you the place."

Darryl showed me around the house, everything you would expect in this upscale neighborhood. I had wondered how he supported this lifestyle; it turned out he worked out of his home as a stock trader through a computer whose output wasn't a monitor but a Braille printer. He liked me, I liked him and the setup, and accepted the job on the spot, called the agency to set things up.

"Well, I have to get back to work now." Darryl scooped up a pair of dark sunglasses and put them on. You'll want to spend the rest of the day settling in, so we'll order take-out for tonight and you can start work tomorrow morning."

"Yes, sir."

"Call me Darryl. Uh, one more thing before you go."

"What's that?"

"Can I take a look at you?" He raised his hands.

It took me a second to realize what he meant. "Uh, sure. Go ahead." I lifted his hands to my face, and he touched me carefully, feeling every square inch with strong, competent strokes. His fingertips were ovals of warmth that danced around my face, touching my nose, closed eyes, rubbing my cheekbones and reaching to encircle both ears at once like the strokes of a longtime lover. It aroused me incredibly, though I knew better than to treat it as a come-on. He was just looking the only way he could, with his hands.

"A strong nose." He commented. "Gentle eyes. A solemn mouth. You should laugh more."

His hands moved down my neck and over my nearly-bare shoulders. "Uh, I'm just wearing gym clothes." I chattered nervously. "The agency said right away, so I figured...."

"Why should I care how you dress?" Darryl smiled. "Run around the house nude for all I care. Hmm, you work out, I see." His fingers ran through my chest hairs and brushed my nipples and I tried to control my breathing; I was heaving like a horny old man. I wondered if he planned to work his way all over my body. If he got close to my crotch, he would feel my eight inches tenting out my baggies, but his hands reached the taut concavity of my stomach, then stopped.

"Well, Ted, you'd better go now. It'll be getting dark soon." He went into his office, leaving me standing in his living room.

I spent the rest of that day settling into my room, which was right across the hall from his own. I wondered about that. Housekeepers usually get back rooms, well away from the employers. But Darryl was unconventional in many ways. I fell into the soft bed, and was out like a light.

When I arose early the next morning, I realized that Darryl hadn't shut his bedroom door. I could see his white form in an outstretched line across his red covers. I looked for my bathrobe, then shrugged and forgot it. Naked, I padded over softly and looked in. Darryl slept nude in a huge bed with satin covers that had slipped nearly off his body, leaving only a single, red-sheened triangle covering his groin and one leg. His chest was much larger than I had initially thought, the huge mass of his pecs and biceps completely and naturally free of hair. On his free leg, the blond hairs were a golden glow hovering over his sleek, well-formed calves. His body was an even creme color, with no hint of sun-lamp tanning.

He shifted, stirred in bed and the covers slipped, his blond thatch of pubic hair peered around the sheets. If those covers slid just a little more, I would see everything!

Then the covers swelled like a cobra's hood. His cock was rising like a ballet dancer to lift the covers as it climbed for the skies. I felt my mouth water at the thought of taking those few steps over and engulfing that immense manhood. Now I could see Darryl's ball-sac, pale gray stippled with its blond pubic forest, and just atop it, the base of the shaft as white as he was, the wrinkled scrotum like the roots of this large tree of male potency.

Darryl seemed to wake up, and I tensed to sneak out. But he kicked off the covers and scratched the base of his cock languidly, then reached down to lazily wrap his hands around the huge cock.

It was at least ten inches long and absolutely beautiful, just like the rest of Darryl. Thin and completely without an upward curve, it stood straight out from his body, the fat, round head an almost-absurdly big knob atop it. Double-handed he held this big flagpole of manhood while he hunched up in long, slow strokes.

I stalked stealthily over to the side of his bed, looking down at his face. His forehead was furrowed with need, his whole face softened by passion. His teeth, perfect white pearls, were shining in his grimace as he tugged with increasing ferocity at his huge schlong, his hips bucking up into it as he thrust into his palms, fucking his hands with each jab.

I eased my left hand up and played with my nipples, pinched my teats while I flogged my cock in time to his, trying not to groan with my lust as my desire built inside my balls like a churning maelstrom.

Darryl got wilder, his body bucking as he fucked his hands with his long shaft. His breaths were short gasps; his balls tightened up to hug his cock at its base. He was close to climax.

My own orgasm was building up and I knew suddenly I couldn't hold out much longer. But where to shoot it, and how without my groans alerting Darryl? I realized Darryl was as close to his sexual explosion as I was, and that gave me the idea.

I stood close to the writhing figure on the bed. As Darryl groaned, his body constricting, he raised his head and shoulders off the bed as if to watch himself come.

"Ug, ug, uuuuuugh!" He was spraying a wild load all over his face and chest.

I let go, shot my wad along with him, my white streams arcing over to land and intermix with his on his beautiful, lithe, white body. I managed to keep my footing, but it was a struggle, and my own stifled grunts were covered by his loud moans as his desire possessed him, used him fiercely, then released him to lie gasping on the bed.

I felt dizzy, about to pass out. I needed to gasp in air in huge gulps, but didn't dare. I swallowed hard, panted softly, endured it. I had to! If he found out I was here....

Darryl stretched luxuriously out on his bed. His hands rubbed his body, rubbing his come into his skin like body creme. He came to the large blob of my semen that perched mid-sternum and scooped it up to apply it to his lips. I nearly creamed again from the sight! All of a sudden, I wanted him so badly, to take him into my arms and kiss him again and again. I actually lifted my arms and rested one knee on the edge of the bed before I caught myself. I left quietly while casting one look back at the pale white form stretched across the bed like a leopard resting after a meal. He seemed to be asleep again.

I cursed myself in the shower. I had never stooped to spying on my employers before, and had no business doing so with Darryl, whose handicap demanded more regard, not less. I told myself sternly that I must never do it again. But I knew I probably would.

When Darryl came downstairs nearly two hours later, I had a place laid for him with bacon frying in a heated skillet and toast in the toaster. I placed fresh, hot toast in front of him and asked, "How do you like your eggs?" He was wearing a large red silk robe that buried his body, I noted with dismay. "Poached," was his reply. "But only one of them. What else do you have besides bacon and toast?"

"Nothing else. But how can you tell?" I asked. "I mean, I understand the bacon, but the toast?"

Darryl chuckled. "Do you really think blind people live in a mystery world? Our other senses take up a lot of the slack. And memory helps a lot." Darryl changed the subject abruptly. "What are you wearing, by the way?"

"You said I could go nude if I wanted to." I teased him.

"Actually, that's what I was wondering." he smiled.

"I thought about it, but I chickened out. I got on tennis shorts and a t-shirt."

"Too bad." Darryl mock-pouted. "I was going to go 'au naturel' myself, if you were. Sort of join in the fun."

Well, I don't need a brick wall to fall on me! I gave a quick snicker and said, "Well, in that case...." Darryl grinned as he heard my zipper whisper down. I dropped my shorts to my ankles and shucked my t-shirt. "All done. Feel free to join me."

Darryl stood slowly, deliberately, and his hands spread his robe and let it slither off his shoulders to bury his feet in red silk. "What do you think?" He asked me as he stepped out of them and moved toward me with a silent glide.

"Very nice." I ogled him appreciatively.

"Like what you see?" His cock was growing, arcing upwards to point at me with a raunchy waggle.

"Very much." I admitted.

"Then you won't mind if I take a good, long look at you, will you?" Darryl reached out with his hands and I guided them to my stomach. "I think you left off about here." I told him.

I expected a subtle sort of groping before he got down to business, but Darryl just slid his hand down, grabbed my pud and flogged it hard and fast.

I gasped, moaned, threw my head back. I stumbled forward into Darryl's one-handed embrace and, reeling from the sensations roaring through my body, fumbled for his ten-inches to return the favor. I stroked the entire incredible length of his long schlong with broad sweeps of my arm while I reached for his lips with my own.

His tongue slithered into my mouth like a snake; incredibly long and agile, it jousted with my tongue and danced on my palate. I felt the power in his hands and tongue, he took command over me and arced me backwards with the force of his lust, and though I was taller and stronger than him, I felt myself give way before his strength until the sharp corner of the kitchen cabinet stopped me. He gave a hiss of disapproval, as though I was resisting him, and I slid down to make him taller than me, give him back his mastery of me. He forced me downwards, the kitchen cabinet edge rippling my skin and forcing my shoulders forward, and I fell to my knees and Darryl's sweet dong was caressing my cheek, a drop of precome moistening my earlobe, while his balls rested on my left nipple.

I reached out my tongue and began to lap at the meaty foreskin which ringed the bulbous cockhead in a purple embrace. The rough rasp of my tongue lifted the foreskin, it crawled over the head and Darryl moaned as it slipped back into place.

"Oh, God, Ted, go for it! Take it for me, man! Take it!" Darryl crooned.

I lifted his cock up, the head slapped my nose and I lifted myself to taste the clean, just-washed head and gingerly parted my teeth to let it nestle on my tongue.

Darryl seemed to lose all control. He grabbed the cabinet and lunged his long length into my throat as far as it would go. Thin as his cock was, it seemed to slide in as though it belonged there, hardly any friction or strain on my part and I had over half the long manmeat inside me.

I concentrated on building up saliva to ease the catching of his foreskin on my lips and the sides of my mouth. Darryl gave me no chance to show him my talent at cocksucking, he was fucking my face, my head resting against the cabinet that he gripped fiercely as he thrust and bucked his hips to send his cock in deeper with each stroke. I had only to keep my mouth wet, breathe when I could, and let him use me.

There was a sense of timelessness as he fucked my face, as if this had gone on forever, and would never end. I don't know how long we held that position, but Darryl never stopped, never let up until at the very end when, with his breaths catching in his throat and his strokes jerking with building need, he suddenly broke free, pulled out his long cock glistening with my saliva.

His lips were parted, his chest heaving, his face covered with drops of sweat and he fumbled for his cock with fingers that seemed unable to obey his commands.

I beat him to it, I grabbed that slippery prong and whacked it hard and fast. "Come on, Darryl, shoot your load all over me! Cover me with your jism!" I begged him.

That was all it took. Darryl clenched his teeth and, with a muffled roar of passion, shot his wad in a long stream of sticky white ejaculate that never seemed to pause or end, just a long, pearl-colored spray that played out over my hairy chest like a long rope that reached from side to side until it ended in clear globs that dribbled down onto my stomach.

Darryl collapsed down to his knees and I caught him before he could fall, embraced him. He nibbled my neck, tasted his sperm on my sweaty chest hairs, working his way down until his chin was tickling my cock, whereupon he grabbed my cock and swallowed it down, giving a hard suction that threatened to lift me into the air. His hot moist warmth engulfed my cock time and again, and soon I had to groan warning.

He let go and pounded my pud hard and fast, and I jerk- spurted a load that flew everywhere at once, landing on him and me and the kitchen floor with moist splats.

He let me slink to the floor where I crawled over to lay beside him and give him a kiss of thanks.

"You were terrific, man," I assured him.

"You're not so bad yourself." Darryl agreed. "Of course, I figured that from the start."

"When? How?" I wondered.

Darryl laughed. "I repeat, do you think blind men live in a mystery world? I had your description from the agency. Then I had your voice, and the words you used. Finally, I made an excuse to feel you up. Remember? When a young stud starts breathing heavy while you're touching him, it's long odds he doesn't have asthma. Since I liked what I could feel, I gave you the bedroom next door instead of the housekeeper's quarters down here."

"Oh!" I was beginning to see the light. "Then you left your bedroom door open."

"Everyone assumes that, because we can't see, they can do whatever they like around us." Darryl said. "So I let you think so. I knew if you were really interested, you wouldn't be able to resist the show. Don't you think the way the covers slipped off me was a nice touch?"

I couldn't get over it. "All the time you were beating your meat, you knew I was there!"

"Your breathing, your footsteps, and the ripe odor of a cock being whacked by a horny stud. You had to have been right by my bedside. You nearly got in with me once, didn't you?"

"Yeah." I laughed. "Damn it, I've been seduced!"

Darryl kissed me. "I prefer to think of as a simple game of blind man's bluff."


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