Something to Play With

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by JohnD

Illustration of Something to Play With

My ex-wife had really screwed me over this Christmas! She had sent her brother, nineteen-year-old Toby, to spend his college Christmas break with me, instead of keeping him at her house!

Why is that screwing me over? Let me explain the entire nefarious plot, designed no doubt to make Toby hate me as much as she does.

We had divorced three years ago last November, and naturally, my ex-wife (forgive me if I refuse to ever say her name again, we’ll just call her the Beast--or should I say Daughter of the Beast, out of deference to her mother? An equally vicious harridan and my bane while I was married to her darling little girl!) wanted to make me suffer, in any and every way possible. By ferrying her brother out to spend the holiday with me (she told me he wanted to check out some local colleges in this town, I'm not sure what she told him to get him to agree to stay with me over his break, beyond the fact that their father had passed away the year before and Toby didn't like the Beasts much more than I did), she had also agreed to bring the presents of my family out to me in the same trip.

And my family had fallen for it, sent my presents in her care. I had sent my own gifts out by Federal Express to an old friend to make sure they got to my family on (and not before) Christmas Eve. By some strategem, the Beast managed to keep my family from telling me of their complicity in the scheme, it was to be a "surprise" by the Beast for me.

Ah, I had been screwed to perfection! I wasn't even told about her visit and of Toby going to stay with me until I got the call from her early Christmas Eve, and me with one foot out the door going to my job, that I was going to have Christmas company! If my job had been anywhere close to a shopping center, I might have salvaged some kind of hospitality for Toby, for I liked the young fellow. But we were putting together a new factory a good fifteen miles from town, I couldn’t get to town, shop and be back even on the lunch hour, and my boss was the sort that would fire me if I pulled a long lunch on him. So, unprepared and empty-handed, I awaited my Christmas guest.

Toby was an eager bundle of energetic young man that leapt out of the car and into my arms, even though I had just arrived home (the Beast’s car was sitting in my driveway when I pulled up) and I was covered in oil and mud. He hugged me, yelling, “Hey there, Byron, you old sonuvabitch! How the hell you doing?" and I was saying, “Same as always, you ugly muddafucka!” because I hadn’t seen him since last summer.

And while we were doing that, the Beast completed her revenge by putting her car in gear and taking off in a hurry. At first I was relieved, then I realized that she had taken my presents and every stitch of Toby’s luggage with her! She “forgot” to unload the car for him. And Toby’s clothes (now all he had for this week-long visit) were now smeared with mud and oil from my work clothes!

Well, at least the weather was mild, I could take his clothes down to the laundry room and wash them out and he could wear them in the morning (no dryers down there and the weather was too moist (it had been raining off and on all day, witness the mud all over me) to hang them on the clothesline the manager had erected in the side yard. We were nothing like the same size, but he could bum around in my clothing while at my place and save his clothing for when he wanted to go out. Toby was more than pleased to take a shower while I started the washer, then I came back up and called out for a pizza (that took the last of my money until my paycheck cleared my bank account...AFTER Christmas weekend!) and I had just returned from my return trip to the laundry with his wet clothes and had hung them in the bathroom when the pizza arrived.

Toby came out of the bathroom, wearing one of my shirts as a sort of knee-length garment with the sleeves rolled up into big doughnut-like wads on either side of his so-skinny arms (I said we were nothing like the same size, didn't I?) “When are you going to put up your tree?” Toby asked me when we were eating the pizza.

I stopped with a slice halfway to my mouth. “I didn't get a tree this year.” I told him. “I don't have visitors here, so a tree is kind of a waste of space.”

“But without a tree, where are you going to put your presents?”

Here it came. “I sent all my presents out earlier this week, including the one I got for you, Toby.” I said.

Even a practically-a-man can be disappointed by an empty Christmas. “But I won’t have nothing to play with for Christmas!” Toby frowned. “[The Beast] took off with everything I had.”

“Yeah, I guess she forgot to take them out of the car.” I agreed, biting back a chance to smear the Beast to Toby. He had to live with her, I couldn’t make him hate her in turn much as I would like to have!) “It's only for one week, you can get through it?”

“But it’s Christmas!” moaned Toby. Yeah, the guy was hurt to not have any presents for Christmas. It can bother you, you may say it doesn't, but try spending the holiday away from friends and family one year and see how YOU feel!

I looked around my room in despair. It wasn’t an apartment, not even a studio, just a motel room I could rent by the month, with a dinky refrigerator and a hot plate I could cook on. Nothing here that would make an impromptu gift, not the kind you'd be able to play with.

I had an idea. “Tell you what, Toby.” I said. “I’m going to take a shower, I’m still dirty from work. You look around this apartment and anything you can find you want to play with, it’s all yours. That’ll be my first Christmas present for you. Use your imagination, anything in here, if you see it and want to play with it, it’s all yours for the rest of your visit. Whatever it is, I’ll save it aside just for you to play with. That’s a promise. Okay?”

Toby liked that, and he set out to search my home for something to act as his present from me. I just hoped he wouldn’t choose anything I really needed myself!

The hot water felt good, working outdoors in December even in the southern states isn’t any picnic. You can’t wear a whole lot of heavy outerwear while you're working construction, after all, and the sweat freezes on you whenever you pause, so you go from too hot to too cold over and over. If I didn’t need this job so fucking much...well, another week and we’d be done enclosing the place, and all the work after that would be indoors (the reason for the cold-weather construction I was now enduring) and meanwhile we kept old oil cans with fires in them to warm ourselves at from time to time. I finished up and almost forgot to pull on my boxers when I was done. Couldn’t sleep naked with Toby in the house! But I didn’t put on anything else, the motel room was at least nice and warm and I was enjoying the feel of warm air on my skin.

I went out and Toby was sitting on my bed, looking around in despair. “Couldn’t find anything?” I commiserated. “Sorry, dude, my alimony doesn't leave a lot left. I have a deck of cards somewhere, we can play some card games if you’d like.”

“I found the cards.” Toby agreed.

“So bring them over here to the bed.” I said, sitting on one side of it, one of my legs up on the bed, knee sharply bent so my foot’s sole pressed into the side of the knee of my other leg still on the floor. “We can play here.”

Toby sat down on the bed and looked down at the cards I held between my hands resting on the bed. His eyes stared intently, his mouth slightly open.

“What game do you want to play, ?” I asked him. “Gin Rummy? Poker?” I was running out of games here in a hurry! "Old Maid?" That was meant to make him smile, but he didn't blink.

Toby looked up. “You said I could pick anything you have to play with, Byron? Anything at all?”

“That’s right.” I assured him. “Anything in here at all, you pick it and it’ll be yours to play with, as long as you're visiting me.”

“Then I see something I want to play with.”

“Oh.” I lifted the cards up. “You want it instead of the cards? Want to get it right now?”

“Yeah, right now, can I play with it right now?”

“Well, sure!" I was disgrunted by this, but what the hell? "Just go ahead and grab it.” It’d help if I knew what he was looking at, he was still looking at the bed between us. I looked down, nothing was there, just my legs and the bare sheet.

And Toby slid over to me and I had to move my leg on the bed up and out of the way, and he sidled even closer, right up next to me. Still looking down.

I saw then, what he was looking at. My boxers had the fly with no snaps on them, just an open place in the middle of my crotch. The boxers had sagged apart when I sat on the bed and Toby was looking inside at my cock. It wasn’t hanging out, but you could see it, all but the head which was tucked into one side of the legs. And I’d just told him to grab it!

Sure enough, Toby's hand went into my boxers and fished out my dick, easy as pie, it flopped out into his hand. I wasn’t hard by any means, but I have a pretty fair-sized rod even when I’m soft, I’m a big man in more ways than one. I hadn’t worried about it in front of Toby, after all, he’s a guy, why should I worry, right?

Now I had reason to worry, I’d just told him to grab whatever he wanted and play with it, and he wanted to play with my dong! Oh...snap! Toby was stroking on my prong like he knew just what to do with it, too! I was getting rapidly harder, and turned on to boot, you spend three years dating nobody but Ms. Rosy Palm and see what happens to you the next time you get anybody! And when that touch has you in a firm grip and is pumping up and down.

“Toby, oh, oh, Toby!” I gasped out. “I, I didn’t mean this!”

“You said I could have anything I wanted!” Toby said cunningly. “You said anything I wanted at all, just grab it, I could have it to play with anytime for as long as I was here, you promised me, Byron! You promised it to me for Christmas!”

“But I meant that you could have anything in here.” I waved around the motel room.

“But I want this! I can play with it, and it’s fun to play with. Isn’t it fun, Byron?” the little scamp was milking me in more ways than one. I was so fucking turned on now, my cock was rock hard and some precome was leaking out, Toby’s hand was a white blur as he whomped up and down on my pud. Shit, this kid knew what he was doing!

I lay back on the bed while I considered this dilemma as best I could. He had me dead to rights on what I’d said, I’d said to take anything he wanted to play with, even said “just go ahead and grab it.” Well, that was what he’d done and.... Oh, shit!

“Where’d you learn to do this, anyhow?” I asked him.

“Jeffrey Bowman.” Toby told me. “He lives next door at my apartment complex, he drops by sometimes when he's between girlfriends, and when he does, he and I get busy.”

“How...oh, God! How old is he?” My cock was groaning, it was so loaded up with jizz just waiting to spray out..and my son was the one who was going to do it! Shit!

“He’s twenty-five.” Toby said.

“Twenty-five and this with...with him?”

“Yeah, but you’re a lot bigger than he is! And he’s got a girlfriend now and doesn’t want to do it with me anymore. So now I can play with you, right, can’t I, huh, can’t I?”

I couldn’t answer for a while, I was too busy moaning and closing my eyes and gritting my teeth to say anything. Toby took that for a “yes” and said, “I knew you’d like it! Jeffrey liked it when I did it to him.”

“I...oh, God! I like it a hell of a lot! I like it, I like it!” I had given up on trying to argue, I’d promised Toby anything he wanted to play with for Christmas and this was what he’d chosen. And his hand was heavenly playing on my man-organ. “Come on, Toby, really whomp my pud, come on, harder and faster, man, make me squirt it out hard and fast, hard and fast!”

“Yeah, come on, I want you to shoot it. Shoot it like Jeffrey does, all over me, shoot it all over my face!” And Toby pulled my pud down so it was aimed right at his face!

I saw that and I totally fucking lost it, I just groaned and said, “Oh, God, here it comes, here it comes, AH-AH-HAH-HAH-UH-GUHHHHH-HUNNNNNGGHHHHH!”

My cock sprayed out like I was trying to douse a fire with my jizz! It caught Toby right in the middle of his eyes and he jerked back, laughing and the second spurt landed right in his open mouth and Toby leaned over and more hit his right eye and cheek, and then he put his mouth over my cock and the rest of my wads were pumped directly into his mouth and he was sucking on me, drinking down my spunk as fast as I shot it out!

“Oh, God, oh, God, oh, Baby, oh, God, Baby, Baby, God, Toby, oh, God, oh, oh, oh!” I murmured helplessly as I loaded Toby full with hot squirts of my come. Finished, I laid my head back on the pillow and just groaned as he continued to work my cock, he was milking up the shaft with his hand and squeezing the last dregs of my sperm out so he could suck it off my glans.

“Oh, God, damn, I didn’t know you were going to drink it!” I gasped out when my breath would let me talk again.

“Yeah, and it tastes good.” Toby said. “I tried tasting Jeffrey’s once, but his was all sour, yours is a lot better. He liked me to suck on his cock with my mouth, but I’d pull away when he started to come.”

“You would pull away.” I groaned. “You didn’t pull off of mine, though. You held on all the way.”

“Yeah, your cock tastes real good. So, can I suck it again, Byron? Can I suck it again?”

“I...I gave it to you for a present, Toby.” I said faintly. “Do whatever you want to.” My last drams of objection had flowed away with the last of my come, milked away by Toby’s warm lips.

And damned if Toby didn’t start sucking on me right then. I’d barely come, and now he was working at me again. I could have objected, but I had told him to go ahead...and my cock didn’t mind at all!

I looked at the warm figure in my bed, wearing one of my old shirts which covered him like a nightgown, and his head bobbing back and forth on my prick. I felt a tranquility I hadn’t felt since the day my ex-wife had asked me for a divorce (yes, she had asked me, don’t ask me why the hatred had flowed after it was finalized, she’d gotten everything I had and alimony and child support as well from me, and still she hated me), now I felt relaxed and ready to face this future of mine. My children would be grown up one day and the alimony was tied to her being able to stay home and take care of them, it would end when the younger one turned eighteen. Until then, I’d have these times with Toby to keep me warm.

Toby sucked me softly and adeptly and with the novelty of having a guy sucking my dick to turn me on as well, I reached my second climax a bare ten minutes later. I groaned and said, “Oh, here it comes, Toby, my second load, it won’t be very big, dude, but it’s all yours.”

And Toby grinned and worked me faster and I squirted my wads into him and he caught it all. When I was done, he crawled up my body and said, “Yeah, man, you taste so fucking good. I could suck you all night and all day.”

I grinned and rubbed my hand through his hair. “Well, it’s Christmas Eve and you have until Monday morning until I have to go back to work. That’s all night and all day, twice. Knock yourself out.”

He didn’t, couldn’t, keep sucking me nonstop, but we stayed in bed all that Christmas, I stripped off my boxers and he tossed aside the shirt and both of us, nude, lay in bed and he sucked me and when he tired, we played card games and ate cold pizza and some cinnamon rolls I had in the refrigerator. And it was the best Christmas I’d had in a long, long time.

I was looking at the clock (after four o’clock) and thinking it was a shame we were going to have to get dressed now, when the phone rang. I answered it and it was the Beast.

“Is Toby still there with you?” she demanded.

He had his lips wrapped around my cock and I grinned down at him. “He’s right here, playing and happy.” I told her. Toby giggled.

“I’m going to be tied up here after all.” the Beast went on, a malicious tone underlying everything. “Toby’s out of college until New Year’s Day, you can just keep him with you until then. Are you going to need anything?” And that was a dig about her stealing his clothes.

“No, we’re fine.” I said.

“How’s Toby enjoying spending his Christmas with you?” the Beast wanted to know. Fishing for examples of our misery.

“He’s having a great time, aren’t you, Toby?” I said to her and to him.

Toby lifted his mouth off my cock long enough to say, “Yeah, man, it's great!” real loud.

The Beast heard it. “Well, I never!” and hung up the phone so hard I think she broke her receiver.

“Yeah.” I told him. “We’re having a good Christmas together, aren’t we?”

“Best Christmas present I ever got! I'm thinking while I'm here, I'll check out some colleges, maybe transfer here for spring semester!” Toby went back to sucking me and I moaned. Another load was building up.

Yeah. It was turning into the best Christmas present ever for me, too!

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