Three Times Two's a Crowd

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

[I must caution my reader that this isn't like my usual stories, I have a LOT of sex I am cramming into a very small space, that leaves me with little room to expound on any one part of it. I hope you enjoy the orgiastic aspect of this story anyhow.]

The door of the hotel room flew open and Jake and Scott raced in. The anteroom was small, large enough to hold a couch and a television set at one side of the door, and the other end held the bathroom. Across from the front door between these two, were two doors that led to the bedrooms. Jake was red-haired and Scott was brown-haired, but they were otherwise two of a kind, both slim, energetic, motor-mouthed and loud. That was all the information you had time to get between the time they burst through the front door and ran across the small anteroom into the bedrooms.

"I get this bed!" Jake ran into the room on the left.

"I get this one!" Scott ran into the room at the right.

"Not so fast!" Evan, was next into the room, carrying two bags while a third was slung over his shoulder. "Get back in here!" Evan's hair was brown, and his large muscled frame carried the three bags easily, the only problem was navigating the bulky materials through the limited space.

"My room, my room!" Jake was shouting as he bounced on the bed.

"Yeah, mine, mine, mine!" Scott was bouncing, too, but on his knees instead of his feet.

"Get off the beds, you two, and haul your butts in here!" Evan announced. "We got to talk!"

"You heard him, Scott!" William was next through the door. He had two bags instead of three, but that and the red shirt instead of the blue one worn by Evan was the only difference between these two large men, they had the same big frame, the same brown hair cut in a careless thatch of wavy strands on top, shaved close to the scalp on the sides. "Now get your bohunkus in here!"

Hard on their heels came the final two members of their group, Seth, a browner red-hair color than Jake, in him, one could see the meshing of his brown-haired father's and red-haired mother's genetic codes. By his side was Ryan, and his hair was black, same as his mother's. These two were of a kind as well, both were tall, beyond the age of being gangly or malformed, they were youthful versions of the fully mature men they would one day grow to be. Their muscles were there, though slender and more oblong than ovoid, but with hard work or hard workouts, they could be as buff as Evan's and William's muscled glory some day. Each of them carried a single bag, their own stuff which they didn't want their friends touching, of course.

These six were best friends. Evan's wife had divorced him some two years before, she had vanished soon after and never called. William's wife had died about the same time, a victim of leukemia. The twin tragedies had welded these two (and brought their friends, the other four, with them) into a renewal of the close bond they'd had when children, and relinquished as they neared puberty. Now they were again a paired team, seen everywhere together.

"Okay, everyone, gather round. We got to divide up the bedrooms here."

"I got this one!" Jake yelled from the left-hand door.

"And I got this one!" Scott declared from the right-hand door.

"There's only two bedrooms here." Evan went on, unflappable. "We were supposed to get a three bedroom unit and share two to a bed, but they screwed up and don't have any more rooms. They gave us back half the hotel bill, so we'll have more money to spend while we're here. But we got to squeeze all six of us into those two full-sized beds."

"I got this one!"

"I got this one!"

"Question is, do we split by families, or what?" Evan said. To Ryan, he said, "You want to bunk with me and Scott, or you want to bunk with Seth, Scott and Jake?"

Seth was immediately suspicious. "Why we got to have four in our bed and only two in yours?" he asked.

"Because we're bigger than you." Evan pointed out, and this was true, these two men were much bigger than the other four.

Seth didn't say a word, he just stepped up next to Evan and did a comparison measurement motion with his hand. The top of his head was on a par with the big man.

"I don't see bigger." Ryan chipped in. "Not two people bigger."

"I'm not giving up my room!" Jake declared. "Make Scott and Seth and Ryan come in here! In here!"

"God, we're all tired." William told Evan. "What do you think?"

"Going to be crowded with just us two in one bed." Evan mourned.

"We'd be crowded with four for certain!" Ryan countered.

"Okay, I say three and three. Jake and Scott can keep their freaking rooms. Seth, Ryan, you take that room, Billy and I will take this one." Only Evan could call William Billy, as he had in childhood. William had tried to counter by calling Evan "Ev" while growing up, but it never did take. He took the nickname from Evan, a lifelong friend, but refused to tolerate it with the rest of the group.

"Okay, guys, it's after ten o'clock already. The park opens at nine a.m., so we'll want to go out and get breakfast at eight o'clock. So get your butts in bed, because the alarm's going off at seven-thirty and I'll be kicking you out of bed at seven-thirty-five!" Evan went on.

"Ooh, big man!" Seth said.

"Want to wrestle me?" Evan countered.

Seth made a mock-show of cowardice, but he really wasn't able to outwrestle Evan in fact. So everyone laughed, and the group split as preplanned, with Jake and Scott going back into their chosen rooms, and Evan and William following Jake while the other two went with Scott.

Scott was bouncing off the walls as he hurriedly yanked off his clothes until, clad only in a pair of too-brief briefs, he was watching from the bed as the other two undressed in a more leisurely fashion.

"Come on, Ryan, Seth, get in bed, get in bed!" he yelped gleefully. "Come on, hurry up!"

"Why the fuck you so eager for us to get in bed?" Seth asked skeptically. "You're sleeping at the foot of the bed, you know!"

"He thinks we're like his little asshole buddy Jake." Ryan blabbed. "You ought to hear them in the bed together nights, giggling like crazy."

"I bet they're playing with each other's wienies." Seth chided Scott. "Is that what you do, twerp? Reach in and grab hold of your bud's pud?"

"Bud's pud!" Ryan whooped. "That's a good one!" His brow crinkled, then he shook his head. "Wish I could come up with one in a hurry. Friend's pin?" He shook his head again. "Nah!"

"We're just playing." Scott defended himself. "Come on, come to bed."

"We're too big for you, sport." Seth said as he got down to his own briefs. His underclothes had seen better days, the cotton sac that held his scrotum was ineffective and hung down in an alarming way. Seth was indeed mature now, he had a dong wrapped up in that thin cloth and a ballsac that downright dangled low down.

"That's a mean looking mother." Ryan admired Seth's basket.

"So show the twerp yours so he'll know he's outclassed." Seth urged his buddy.

Ryan was down to only his pants, and he shucked them down, his boxers uncrumpled and bulged. "This bugger's seen me before." he confided. "Keeps sneaking into my bathroom while I'm showering and peering around the curtain." His own cock was less obvious than Seth's due to the boxer's laxity of form, but he gripped the cloth on one leg and displayed it for Scott, for he was easily the match for Seth in size.

"Let me see, let me see!" Scott grabbed Ryan's cock through the cloth and squeezed it.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Ryan yelped, for Scott was squeezing too hard. "Damn it! Scott's got hold of my dick!"

In the next room, Evan and William had stripped to their own briefs. Jake was looking from one to the other in awe. "Gosh, you two are just alike, just alike!" He marveled.

"Come on, Jake, you know your William and me are practically twins." Evan told his son. "You've seen us side by side for long as I can remember."

"But never with your clothes off." Jake countered. "Come on, Evan, William, let's get in bed."

And that was when Ryan's yell penetrated the wall. "Damn it! Scott's got hold of my dick!"

"Okay, Scott, cut that out and I mean right now, and both of you get in that bed and go to sleep! I don't want to hear a peep out of you the rest of the night, you hear me!" William commanded his friends, irritated and tired of all the noise they'd been making.

"Yeah, get in bed, you two!" Jake mimicked him.

William and Evan laughed. "You hears him, let's squeeze into that bed and see how well we can fit."

"I get the middle!" Jake proclaimed.

"Fine, you can be the gooey center of this Oreo cookie." Evan told him.

"Yeah, the center of a big, warm man-cookie." Jake gushed.

"I don't think you've scared him." William observed.

"I never can." Evan admitted. "The guy is absolutely fearless. Pain in the ass."

Jake slipped under the covers and threw both sides back. The two men got in beside him.

"Now, damn it, we're in bed with you! Settle down and get some sleep." Evan told his smaller friend.

Back in Scott's room with the other two, they were in a similar position, listening to their friends' conversation.

"These walls are paper thin." Seth whispered to Ryan. "We can hear everything."

"And so can they." Ryan whispered back. "You don't want to make any noise unless you want them to come in and whomp on us."

"And what noise are we going to make?" Seth asked back.

"Just keep quiet." Ryan hissed.

"Fine, fine." Seth said. "Uh, hey. That's not your hand, is it Ryan?"

"No,, fuck! Scott! Don't start this!"

Scott's hands had landed on both of the others' underwear, and he had already managed to slide his right hand into Ryan's boxers. Seth's baggy briefs were posing a slightly greater barrier, and he was still fumbling for entrance.

And Seth grabbed hold of his briefs and yanked them down his legs. "There you go, sport! Have fun!"

Scott grabbed Seth's dong and cooed, "Ooh, it's getting nice and hard!"

"Are you two nuts?" Ryan hissed.

"Come on, Ryan, get loose and let go." Seth urged him. "Easier to get to sleep when you wank it first. And this way, you don't even have to wank it!"

"I can't let Scott jerk my cock!" Ryan said louder than he intended.

In the next room, the three men overheard him. "Sounds like Scott's got hold of them." Jake giggled.

"Ahhhh!" William grunted. "What is it with you two and this urge to grab dicks?"

"You and I did a lot of that, too, once, if you'll remember." Evan reminded his buddy.

"Yeah, but we outgrew it, at least." William reminded him in turn.

And then he felt a hand at his briefs. Jake's of course.

"Uh, Evan." He said. "We've got a cock-grabber in our bed, too."

"And I think we're about to be in same predicament." Evan said, for Jake's other hand had slid over to his crotch.

Jake had his hand inside William's briefs now and gripping his prong. "Wow, you feel nice and firm."

"He is nice and firm, Jake." Evan agreed. "Always was. I played with that prick of his all the time growing up."

"Yeah." William groaned and just let Jake go right ahead.

The three in the next room overheard this. Seth chuckled. "Sounds like they don't have any problems with it." he told his friends. "So go ahead, Scott, play with Ryan's prick. But don't forget about mine while you're at it."

Ryan grunted and his hands spasmed down and jerked at his boxers, fought them quickly free. "There, go ahead, see what you can do with it." He told Scott. "I bet he peters out before he gets us even half-finished!"

"Peters out." Seth roared. "We're the ones that are petered out!"

"Yeah!" Ryan chuckled. And Scott pounded two cocks, one in each hand.

"Man, he's good at this." Seth praised his helper. "Come on, Scott, give me a nice hard pounding. You can do it faster if you want to!"

"Yeah, me, too!" Ryan said. "Jerk like crazy, buddy."

"Hey, Scott? You ever put a dick in your mouth?" Seth inquired.

"Huh? Don't be gross, Seth!" Ryan chided him.

"I'm not. Hell, he does this so well, I'm wondering what else he knows."

In the next room, Evan overheard Seth ask that question. "We didn't discover sucking cock until we were twelve, did we, Billy?"

"Uh, uh, gah!" William grunted as his nephew's hand flailed at his whanger. "Uh, yeah, that's about right. We were twelve."

"How do you suck a cock?" Jake asked.

"Why don't you show him?" Evan invited William. "Show him how you used to make me so awful damned happy, why we're such damned good friends again?"

William hesitated only briefly, then he scooted around and shoved Jake out of the way, up toward the pillows, and then he jammed his Evan's cock into his mouth and began to bob on it.

"Oh, oh, ah, ah!" Evan groaned. "See that? Hooh! That's how...hooh! You do it!"

Jake watched only a few seconds, then he crawled down and got hold of his William's prong. His mouth was inexpert, but William was too turned on to care, the mouth was warm and stroking his glans smoothly, that was all William needed.

In the other room, Seth chuckled. "Sounds like Jake and Evan are busy with William." he told the other two. "Come on, Scott, see if you can do any good at sucking a cock. I'll teach you how."

"No way, if Scott's going to suck anyone, he's going to suck me!" Ryan burst out. "Come on, do mine first. Then you can suck Seth."

Scott was plenty eager and Seth looked down with a grunt as he saw Scott sucking on Ryan. "Man, that's no fair! I've been left out of this!" he complained. "How about you put some lip-action on me, then, Ryan?"

Ryan didn't say anything but when Seth got on his knees and pushed his dick in Ryan's face, Ryan opened up and took his dong down smoothly. Seth felt the action a moment, then he said, "Ah, hell, you've been sucking dicks regular, haven't you?"

Evan overheard that observation. "Ryan and Scott know how to do it, too, sounds like." he told William, who was sucking his cock. Evan was playing with Jake's prick, and Jake was loving the attention as he plied his own mouth over William's dong. "Want to show them now what we learned when we were fourteen?"

William lifted his mouth off Evan's cock. "Yeah, come on, and fuck me." he growled.

Jake protested when he lost William's prong then his eyes bugged out as he watched the big stud lie on his back with legs raised and Evan crawled between them and stuffed his pud right into William's willing asshole. "What are you doing? Doesn't that hurt, William?"

"Hell, no, Billy loves to get fucked, don't you, Billy?"

William growled, "Hell, yeah, come on, stick it in, come on, deeper, faster! Come on, you butthole, fuck my ass!"

Seth in the next room let loose an exclamation of surprise. "Evan's about to fuck William!" he told the others. "Man, I got to get a look at this!"

The three rose from the bed and, with cocks shining from their sucking, they went into the room next door. There they saw the two big men in bed, Evan on top and William below, his arms around Evan's back and holding on and howling as Evan plunge fucked his ass.

"Aw, man, that's so hot!" Seth moaned.

Jake saw Seth before him, hard dong waggling in anger at being forgotten. "Let me suck you, Seth!" He called. Seth walked, stiff-legged, over to the bed and Jake sat on the edge of the bed and sucked on Seth's long, hard cock.

Ryan guided Scott over and sat him on the bed beside Jake and fed him his own cock again. They were getting blown while watching their muscled friends fuck on the bed beside them, both studs groaning in their pleasure.

Evan looked up at the four and said to William, "Let's get these guys in on the action."

"Fine with me." William agreed.

Ryan and Scott didn't realize what was happening until the two big men pushed them forward onto the bed. Their sucking partners had to lie slide down onto the floor beneath them, but kept their cocks still firmly in their mouths.

And Evan and William shoved their spit slicked prongs at their buddies' asses. Ryan was able to take Willliam's cock easily but Seth gave some grunts and moans as Evan stole his virgin cherry ass. But he didn't fight the big man off.

When Seth had Evan's cock fully inside, he groaned, "Oh, God, yeah, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!"

"Yeah, fuck me too, fuck me too!" Ryan agreed. "Oh, God, I'm so hot, about to blow my wad!"

"Man, me too!" Seth moaned. "Oh, God, here it comes, hang on tight, Jake, I'm going to blast your mouth full of my jizz. Ah, AHHAH-AH-AH-AHH-AHHHHHHH!"

"Oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Ryan groaned, "AH-GUH-UH-UH-HUHHHH!"

Both Jake and Scott found their mouths filling with hot spunk, and they swallowed it with delight. So hot, so creamy, so GOOD!

And with a roar, William shoved his dong deep into Ryan's butt and blasted his load into Ryan's hot ass. Hearing that, Evan began to hump Seth frantically and as William finished up, Evan reached his own climax and ejaculated into Seth's bum as Ryan next to him slumped down onto the bed, kneeling over Scott and pinning him to the side of the bed. William landed on top of him for added pressure, as next to them, Evan moaned and squirted his wads into Seth's hot, tight ass, the jizz squelching out and dripping onto Jake beneath. Soon enough, they too were a pile of spent male flesh on the bed.

Scott and Jake squirmed out from under and joined them on top of the bed. "That was amazing!" Scott told Ryan.

"How did it taste to you?" Ryan asked Scott.

"It tasted great." Scott looked at Willliam. "Does yours taste like that?"

"Pretty much." William agreed wearily.

"Then I want some of yours, too!" Scott proclaimed.

"I liked Seth's, too!" Jake agreed. "Can I get some of yours next time, Evan?"

"I think we've created a pair of monsters." William told Evan.

"Just a pair of horndogs." Evan waved the warning aside. "We can live with it. Hell, I'm looking forward to it!"

"You all better get back to bed." William said. "Tomorrow's coming pretty early in the morning."

"Can I sleep in here with you?" Scott asked. "Please?"

"It's already crowded with three of us." William demurred. "How are we going to fit four in here?"

"We'll have to sleep all on top of each other, any way we can." Seth chipped in.

"I think we're going to end up with six in this bed." Evan told William.

"Crowded like a box of a litter of puppies."

"Works for me." Ryan agreed. "Maybe we can sleep in tomorrow morning and get the park day after tomorrow."

"All right then. You all crowd on in and we'll see what happens." Evan gave in.

As William had predicted, it was crowded as hell with six in the same full-sized bed. But it was a time when, if three's a crowd, three times two makes for a hell of a great vacation!


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