Prince Adran and the Fairies

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2007 by Inocentius & Pervertida.
Illustration of Prince Adran/Fairies

Prince Adran smiled when he had located his friend. He'd had to ask the men of the castle. They had gathered in the courtyard of King Beddo's Castle, and were busily chasing a fairy about the yard. The fairy didn't care, it had come here for just this purpose and was enjoying the quite futile attempts of the young men to capture him by hand. And the men were making bets as to which of them could capture a fairy first. But not Lord Maro, he had eschewed the game and was to be found in the meadow outside the castle.

Prince Adran had only been here two weeks, he'd arrived with his sister, Princess Graxela, who'd come to be judged by King Beddo as to her suitability to marry his son, Prince Trass. The Prince, the King said, had gone on a short trip to the northern part of the kingdom but was expected back soon, he had yet to appear. Meanwhile he was keeping the Princess busy with parties and visits about his kingdom to see the sights.

Prince Adran didn't care, as an honored guest, he could fritter away his own days with no official duties. He stood looking over the field, a sturdy young blond-haired man dressed in dark red tights and a gold-and-crimson tunic over his white shirt, hands resting easily on his hips, strong, carefree, happy and kind, his eyes looking for his friend in the high grass of the meadow.

There was Lord Maro, resting lightly under an elm tree, well hidden from the eyes of the castle proper. As Prince Adran got closer, he saw that the Lord had done what others had been unable to do, he had a fairy resting on his fingertip and was conversing with it. The fairy laughed, and so did Maro, and then the fairy flitted off. Maro saw Prince Adran and waited for him with a smile.

When Prince Adran had waded through the thick grass to him, Maro shifted over on the cloak he'd spread out below him, and gestured his welcome to join him. Maro was the same age as Prince Adran, just shy of two decades, and like the Prince, Maro had spent his life immersed in games of skill and athletic ability. As a result, his body was long, lean and well-formed if slender, the pale purple tights showed his legs bearing long ovals of muscles overlapping above the knee, a pair of smaller ones making his calves beautiful arcs from knee to ankle. His tunic was a deeper purple over a white shirt, but even this double-cloth could not hide the width of his shoulders, the slimness of his waist, the broad biceps, and above all this, was his regal, square-jawed, black-eyed, black-haired, ivory-skinned face. All of that, combined with Lord Maro's genial, easy smile and his frequent light touches upon Prince Adran's arm or shoulder, kept the young prince's dreams troubled at night, and his heart fluttering when Lord Maro was near during the day.

"I saw you with the fairy." He told Maro in lieu of the words of desire he longed to truly say.

"Let not the others hear of that." Maro cautioned him.

"I shall not, if that is your wish." Adran agreed. "Though I know not why this should be a secret."

"You do not have fairies in your kingdom?"

"Nay, we have gnomes." Adran explained. "The two do not share realms well."

"That is true. Well, fairies have a special talent that they show without meaning to."

Adran saw a fairy, the same one that had been resting on Maro's finger or another one, coming their way. "I am listening."

"The fairies flee from most men." Maro began. "But there are some of us that the fairies do not fear, and that is due to an aspect of our...makeups."

The fairy was flitting even closer now. "I am still listening." Adran said when Maro remained quiet.

"The fairies will come quite willingly to these men. And because all of us know the reason, it reveals something of our natures that is not always comfortable to have known."

The fairy was now only a few feet away. "So you are a man who has this nature, then."

"I do."

"And what is the, uh, nature of this nature of yours?" Adran asked. The fairy was coming closer to Adran now, was flickering above his head.

"I hesitate to tell you, for fear might...not look with favor...on me...the more."

Adran was puzzled, for Maro had trailed off and was looking not quite at Adran. Adran followed his look, to see the fairy had alighted on Adran's left shoulder, and was looking into Adran's face with a gaze of pure adoration. Adran smiled at the tiny face of adulation and reached a finger up to nuzzle the face. The fairy didn't flinch away, indeed, the little human-like figure (human-like if you discounted the oversized eyes, lack of a nose and small slit of a mouth, the body, too, was wrong in many diverse ways even after you discounted the large, butterfly-like wings on its back) moved to nestle Prince Adran's finger as if it were a cat stropping a man's leg.

"It appears I also have this nature." Prince Adran said easily, then looked over at Lord Maro. "Even if I am ignorant of what that is. We can share your secret, at least, for your secret will be mine."

Lord Maro shifted so that he was lying very close to Prince Adran. "The secret is very simple. Lean closer to me and I shall tell you what it is."

Prince Adran put his face very close to Lord Maro's and said, "Now tell me."

"The this." And Lord Maro leaned in and kissed Prince Adran on the mouth. The kiss was quick, almost furtive, but for Prince Adran, the feel of those soft lips on his lingered, as if the single explosion of lips-on-lips kept resounding inside the flesh, his lips tingled, begged for more, more. He could not quiet his heart, his need, the longer, with this single gesture, Lord Maro had placed himself in the realm of the irresistible man.

He looked at the man before him, and then he leaned over and placed his own kiss upon Lord Maro's lips. Lord Maro did not resist him and smiled.

"I would...I would know more of this secret." Prince Adran said to Maro.

"And I would show you all you wish." Maro agreed, moving even closer to the prince.

As their lips met for the third time, Prince Adran put his upper arm around Lord Maro's back, his lower arm rested against Maro's broad, strong chest, and felt his own body being similarly enwrapped, and instead of feeling imprisoned, he felt as if he were truly liberated for the first time in his life. Maro's body moved even closer, and Adran felt Maro's manhood pressing against his thigh through the double-thickness of the lightweave wool of their tights. He moaned and his hand moved from Maro's chest down and found, fondled the heavy tube of manmeat through the tights.

Maro groaned and his cock grew hard as a stone in Adran's hand. He found and fought free the tie that held the tights (two separate leggings held together only by a tie at the waistband that threaded through both, the tunic's hem hid the thin row of bare flesh between them from the sight of human eyes. Undone, the tights sprang apart somewhat and Lord Maro's man-tool was his for the taking, and he promptly did, grasping it in his hand and feeling the hot column pounding in his palm. He worked the proud pud, feeling the throbbing of the pulsing prod pumping its hot male blood into the spongy interior, keeping it rock-solid and ready. As he moved his hand, Maro's moans had a physical effect, hot liquid gushed out of his cockslit, a small but steady stream of clear fluid that smeared Adran's hand with hot slippery male musk.

Maro's groans grew stronger, and then he begged, "Nay, kind prince, stay your hand, ardent and welcome though it may be, and let me give you some recompense for your attentions. I need only a moment to move myself if I may."

"Then move, but pray, move quickly." Adran panted.

Maro did, he was soon head-to-foot with Adran but his face was at Adran's groin and his own manhood throbbed scant inches from Adran's eyes. "Now I may repay you with interest, and you may do as your heart bids you." he said.

Adran did not understand, though a prince, by that same title, he had been kept innocent of many things another of his own age would have learned through friends or adventures or friendly conversation. He lay there, his hand recaptured Maro's dong but did nothing more, still pumping it, but the angle kept him from giving it the rapid attentions he had done before. Maro was freeing Adran's prong, and Adran waited, hoping to gain wisdom through his own experience.

And Maro pulled Adran's prick out and with it held firm and white and glistening in his hand, he said, "And now I worship you, my fair prince." And Maro's mouth slid around Adran's dong and as his wet warmth enfolded Adran, Adran knew for the first time the full extent that passion can arouse within a man. He'd been his own best friend, his hand busy at his organ as a secret in the night, but here, now, he was in broad daylight and there was no secret any longer, and he was not alone and guilty and silent in the dark, he was sharing himself and in sharing, he was not diminished, he was increased, and with the increase in self came an increase in his delight.

Lord Maro's lips nursed him and Adran crooned in his pleasure, and he knew the true nature of his being. The fairy had not been mistaken, about Maro or about him, the legend was true, they knew when they faced one such as these two men. And with that knowledge, that assurance, he looked at Maro's prong before him and his lips watered of their own accord and he reached for the dong with the same anticipation one feels when embarking upon a grand adventure!

Maro moaned anew when Adran slid his mouth over his prod and the two men fell into an easy symphony of mutual motion and mutual delight. Adran was deep in his own delight when Maro suddenly began to moan and groan in a state of agitation bordering on alarm, and he knew what that must mean. He had moaned such, himself, when very young and had reached his first climax with his hand. He had rarely attained such a height since (familiarity breeds a decrease in intensity, it was ever such!) and the sounds held therefore a novelty to his untrained ears. As a result, he was unprepared for the flood which his attentions upon Maro's cock that was now unleashed upon him.

Hot salty spunk flew into his mouth as Maro's groans reached a feverish, frenetic pitch, and Adran jerked in surprise. His tongue was coated with a slimy thick goo that tasted of masculinity, tasted of virility, tasted of vitality and life, and as his tastebuds digested these sensations, he became enraptured of the heady mixture, and his lips resumed their ardent attentions and he sucked at the tube of manhood as if it held the elixir of immortality and he drank of the sovereign remedy and was completed.

Maro held Adran's prong in his hand and panted desperately as his strength poured out of him and into Adran's mouth in white liquid form, but when at last it was done, Adran continued to suckle at his glans in a quest for more, he gulped hard and said, "Enough for now, my dearest friend and lover, enough! Release me and I shall show you somewhat more of how one man may please another."

Adran obeyed and said, "I am your student and you my dearest teacher. Teach me, I pray, teach me all."

Maro pulled at Adran's tights until they were lowered to his mid-thigh and said, "Now lie upon your back." Maro stood and Adran looked up at him, wonderingly, questioningly, as Maro freed his lower body entirely from the woolen tights.

Bare legged now, he straddled the young prince and said, "Now lie very still, for your manhood is more than any I have taken before and must proceed with care."

"I am your pupil." Adran said and lay quiet as ordered.

Maro knelt and his hand guided Adran's dong to his bottom. Adran was still mystified, he thought that perhaps Maro would simply clench his buttocks upon his cock and then milk at it by flexing his gluteal muscles, it was an impossible task to complete, but all he could conceive of.

And then he felt Maro's sphincter at his glans and he realized what was about to happen. "Oh! Oh, you can't do this, it will split you as a ripe melon splits in the hot sun!"

"Let that be my fear, not yours." Maro told him. And Maro pushed himself down on Adran's rod and as he was entered, Maro threw back his head and moaned in his pleasure.

Adran could only watch in astonishment as his manhood slid slowly into his friend's anus, the tight hot hole was squeezing him tightly from glans to base when he finished, and Maro panted, then began to slowly move up and down upon his princely partner.

As he was ridden by Maro, Adran experienced a resurgence of the feeling of freedom, of rightness, of his confusion in his life resolving itself by this simple coupling. He felt exultant, omnipotent, supreme, and as Maro's bouncing grew faster and more smoothly executed, Prince Adran suddenly seized his lover in his arms, pulled the young man to his chest, and rolled them over, so that he was on top and Maro's legs were around his waist. In that position, Adran began to thrust down into Maro's body, taking complete possession and mastery as he did.

Maro gasped, moaned as he was impaled repeatedly by Adran's hard prong and his fingers clawed at Adran's back as Adran fucked him, and Adran felt his climax growing in him, lifting his soul up higher, higher, higher!

"Ah, ah, ah, I fly, I fly high!" Prince Adran warned his lover, his mind unable to explain otherwise the feelings coursing through his body, for it did indeed feel as if he were flying, his spirit floating high above the mundane thrusting of the two bodies far below him.

"Give to me, give to me!" Lord Maro urged him. "Fill my body with your seed, plant in me your love eternal!"

"I shall, I shall, I, AH-AH-AH-AHHHHHHHH!" Prince Adran's orgasm overwhelmed him and he arched his back as his ecstasy warped him and his cock sprayed hot white jizz into Maro's ass and Maro closed his eyes and shuddered in concert with him, a sharing of the delight that coursed through Adran's senses.

When his climax released him, Prince Adran lay across Lord Maro for a time and then he heard the noises and looked around him in wonder.

First, there were the fairies. They were a flock about the pair of lovers, fluttering about them in a glory of light and color.

And beyond them, there were the men who had been chasing the lone fairy in the courtyard. Perhaps they had followed the fairy out to the meadow, perhaps they had seen the flock and decided to increase their chances of capturing one of the very elusive creatures. But now, these young nobles looked at the pair of men, still lying in an unmistakable position of coitus.

"Your Highness!" one of the men expostulated. "Your father is nearby, he must not learn of this! You must hide yourselves, and hurry!"

Prince Adran started to answer...then realized that the man was not speaking to him!

When they were safe, Maro explained. "Lord Maro" was in fact the elusive Prince Trass. He had been incognito so that he could watch the Princess unaware and judge her suitability as his wife. He explained it thus, "But when I saw your face, my dearest Adran, I knew my heart's desire could never be satisfied with anyone else. So I came out of the palace, to the meadow where the fairies love to play, in hopes of just what happened, that you would come out and they would then reveal us to each other."

"They have revealed far more than that." Prince Adran mourned. "Now what can we do?"

"Go to my father and admit it all." Prince Trass admitted. "My father is wise, he will be angry but he will tell us what is best."

The King indeed had a solution. His entertainment of Prince Adran's sister had been more than mere politeness, the royal widower had fallen in love with his son's fiance. And so it worked out that there was a royal marriage performed, and with it an alliance between their two kingdoms. But when it was all done, and King Beddo and his new wife, Queen Graxela, had retired to their bedchamber, there was another joining of two royals, this time in the meadow behind the palace. A flock of fairies forming a cloud of glory over the young lover's heads, Prince Adran and Prince Trass shared their love, as they now could for the rest of their days.

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