A Long Hard Mission

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2011 by Eduardo.
Illustration of A Long Hard Mission

"This is Atlas-4 calling Mission Control." Felsen intoned into the microphone aboard the first interstellar mission of Mankind. "Atlas-4 calling Mission Control. Come in, Mission Control." He'd been calling for some time now, knowing it was useless, but he had nothing else to do anyway.

"Why are you even trying?" Bates asked him. "You know we're out of radio contact by now."

"I know. But the protocol required it." Felsen put the microphone back into the holder.

"We don't have to listen to those old ladies back in Houston any longer. From now until we reach Proxima Centauri and get back to Earth again, we're on our own."

"Yeah. Just the two of us!" Felsen mused on it. At the speed they were going, a significant percentage of the speed of light, they were now outpacing radio waves! This put Proxima Centauri in traveling distance of Earth...if you called twelve months of travel (shiptime, it was over five years Earthside time) and the same time back again as "traveling distance." Rather than being an impossibly long trip, thanks to the constant boost engines, they merely had a ridiculously long trip to face. Just the two of them, in a small compartment of a ship only some ten feet by five feet by seven feet in size. The twelve feet was from port to starboard, the five feet was ship width, the seven feet was its height. None of these mattered, their only gravity was the acceleration of a tenth-gravity that the constant boost drive gave them, far too frail for human muscles to notice, but did serve to keep crumbs from floating into the circuitry. They were living in a room ten by five, with a tendency to hit the ceiling with their heads if they moved too fast, which happened much too often even after seven months' experience with it.

He looked over at Bates. What the hell had NASA been thinking, pairing the two of them on this long, long mission? Sure, they could only send two people on the mission. Bates to pilot the ship and landing vessels, himself as the scientist and mission specialist. It made sense on paper. But looking at himself and at Bates, two more different people was hard to imagine.

Bates was an oversized lunk of a man, with a brain that wasn't stupid, but also wasn't in love with intellectual pursuits. He was a fighter, an athlete, possibly a womanizer (Felsen hadn't been privy to his lockerroom bragging sessions if they existed), he could outfight, outwrestle, or outpunch anyone. But when it came to the intellectual arts, Bates just wasn't interested. He spent his time at the entertainment console (they only had the one, they had to share it) watching football games and such, and though he wore the headset, he insisted on cheering or booing at the teams. Meanwhile, Felsen, who was trying to read or work at his own on-ship duties, had to try to concentrate through it.

Felsen spent his own time watching documentaries or classical concerts. The programmers back in Houston had loaded the computer with a large library of material on every conceivable subject. But his own watching was subjected to tirades from Bates, who would look over his shoulder and then spend from five to twenty minutes in complaints about how he was wasting his time or the people on the program didn't know what they were talking about, or why would a grown man want to listen to that longhair music anyhow? He'd tried to explain Mozart's appeal once, the result had been far less than perfect. Mozart had been classified by Bates summarily as a fruit, and Felsen a double-fruit for wanting to listen to it. Felsen had given up and had kept an icy silence whenever Bates had baited him (Bates–baits, God, the man even bore the very name of it!) about the subjects of his entertainment. They'd kept an uneasy truce since.

Now, they were on their own, the only two human beings for an impossibly far distance. Worse than being castaway on an island alone, for that isolation could end at any moment. For them, they had two more years to go, a half year more in getting to Proxima Centauri, a half-year at the system, and another year to return to Earth.

Bates felt Felsen's staring at him and looked over, gave a nasty grin. "Feeling lonesome?" He inquired.

Felsen flushed and looked away. Hell, he was feeling lonely. Forced himself to look back. "If we're going to talk to anyone, it's got to be each other." he admitted. "But I'm damned if I see that we got anything worth talking about." THAT for Bates' smirk still adorning his face!

"At least we don't have them spying on us anymore." Bates went on. "Watching us every damned moment, awake and asleep. That's done and over with."

"Yes." Felsen admitted. "It's being recorded, but they won't see it until we get back in radio range of Earth."

"If we let them see it." Bates said.

"Well...yes." Felsen looked at the cameras. "It'll all be stored on the computer, but it could be deleted if we needed to."

"Or turned off."

"Yes, I can turn off the cameras, to save power or such."

"So turn them off."


"'Cause I'm tired of being watched all the time. Aren't you?"

Felsen didn't comment, just started typing commands into the console. "Okay, they're off."

"All of them?"

"Yes. All of them. Until I turn them on again."

"Great!" There was the longing zzzz-ing sound of a zipper. Felsen looked over to see that Bates had unzipped his jumpsuit, not the shorter one for the fly alone, but the entire length of his body and...hell, he wasn't wearing anything under it! He was reaching into the crotch and hauled out his whanger, the biggest, fattest, longest one Felsen had ever seen! He hadn't been searching out male cocks before, but still, it had to be some kind of fucking record! He goggled at it.

"I've been waiting for this." Bates said as he began to fondle his dong. Dear God, it was getting hard! Swelling even more than it already was! Bates was a big man, several inches taller than Felsen's own five foot eight, but this dong was big and fat even for his larger frame! "Aw, man, that feels so fucking good!" He moaned as he began to pump on the hard rod.

"Do you have to do that here?" Felsen asked. He was unable to take his eyes off of it. He wasn't turned on, it was more part horrid fascination at having another man jerking himself in his presence, part the attraction of a novelty after months of horrible, horrible tedium. Locked in a room watching television programs, broken only by hours of tedious treadmill/bicycle/gym work and about ten minutes of actual work. Meals were dehydrated prepackaged premade messes that all tasted alike. Bizarre as this was, it was something new.

"Where else would I do it? Watch if you want to. Join in if you want."

Felsen felt that final suggestion boil like a demon through his ears, straight down to his crotch. Hell, Bates had just made it clear he intended to do this, in front of Felsen, whenever he felt like it. His hand went to his own fly, caught the shorter zipper and pulled it down. He was wearing briefs underneath, he fished the elastic waistband down to below his balls and brought out his own dong. A respectable size at a bit more than six inches in length, fair-sized in girth, it was dwarfed by Bates' monster, but nothing to be ashamed of on his smaller frame.

"Yeah, that's it, spank it for me, man, spank it!" Bates murmured. "Let me see you whomp that tiny little pud!"

Hell, calling it a "tiny little pud" was uncalled for. But Bates had his own to compare it to, Felsen let it slide. "Yeah, you pump that fat monster of yours while I pump mine! Yeah!" He returned. Determined not to let the big man control all of this.

"You want a better look at it?" Bates panted.

"Yeah, yeah, show it to me, man, show it to me!" Felsen expected Bates to do something like hold his cock at the base and waggle it.

Bates got to his feet, bouncing in the air a bit from the overlight artificial gravity, and skipping more than walking (their usual mode of travel), he came over right to Felsen's chair and stuck that musky-smelling prod right under Felsen's nose! "Here! Get a good look at a real cock, not that little-boy prick you got."

"Nothing's wrong with mine." Felsen looked up, over the ridge of that huge prong, at Bates smirking down at him. "Yours is bigger, that doesn't make it better!" He protested.

"The hell it doesn't!" Bates grabbed his cock in one hand, like a primitive warrior would grab a spear. "It's a hell of a lot better'n yours. You'll see! Suck it!" And he jabbed that cock like a spear and the cockhead/speartip stabbed and penetrated Felsen's mouth. His lips had been slightly parted and the glans forced his teeth apart and it plunged back to the back of Felsen's tongue.

"Glmph!" Felsen mumbled, his voice muffled by the huge prong.

"Shut up and suck it!" growled Bates. "Just you and me in this box, another year and a half, you think I ain't getting laid in that long? Only one here to lay is you, so shut up and get to sucking!"

He punctuated Felsen's fate by thrusting his hips back and forth, driving that dong in and out of Felsen's mouth. Felsen's head was pinned against the high back of the chair and the headrest set for his comfort, it now helped trap him against this big man's lustful advances.

"Come on, suck it you bastard. Suck it or I'll ram it up your ass instead!" threatened Bates.

All alone with this big man for a year and a half. He could suck or he could get fucked, because he needed Bates alive and well to get back home again, to pilot this craft both at Proxima Centauri and upon re-entering Earth. Felsen was a fucking mission specialist!

So he did the only thing he could, he locked his lips around this thick, probing prong and let the big man fuck his face. The thick man-meat was like a piece of heavy velvet-wrapped steel, and the flavor of it was thick, raunchy, tasting of sweat and male musk and salty precome. Bates grunted like a heavy, sweaty pig as he thrust at Felsen's mouth. "Uh, yeah, I knew you'd suck it, you fucker. Seen you watching me every chance you got, staring at me, yeah, I knew you wanted me, well, you got me now, you got me!"

Felsen had not been staring at Bates, beyond the fact that he was the only other moving object in the small windowless room. Bates had taken that as incipient lust, and spent the last seven months turning that suspicion into a scheme to spend his days expending his lustful frustrations on Felsen's body. He had turned from mission specialist to resident come-bucket! He looked up into that big, broad, handsome face atop that heavily muscled body. He was to service this man unendingly for the remainder of their trip to Proxima Centauri!

Felsen moaned in despair at his plight and began to suck at Bates even harder. If he had to do this, do it well, get it over with, don't draw it out and make it go on and on!

Bates moaned long and loud. "Awwwwwww, yeahhhhhhhhh! That's it, ah, hell, yeah, uh, uh, yeah! I'm coming, asshole, I'm coming!" He grabbed Felsen's head and shoved it in deep! "Awwww, awwww, AWWWW-AWWWWWWWW!"

Felsen's mouth exploded with hot jizz, Bates was filling his mouth with so much spunk, the man must have been saving it up for months. Seven months of non-privacy, yeah, that would explain this load, hot, hard and thick, his mouth was filled beyond capacity, jizz flowed out the corners of his mouth, choked his throat, exploded back out his nostrils. More flowed in and Felsen gulped at the flood desperately as best he could, for Bates was fucking at his face now, and Felsen could only swallow while that cock was pulled back, but he held on, more come dribbled out his nose, he gulped and Bates was finishing, the flow diminished and now Felsen could swallow what remained, and his lips nursed and suckled at Bates' cock as a result of that motions, and Bates panted, his hands pulled Felsen up against his body, his nose buried in that musky hair-covered crotch, and Bates moaned, "Oh, ah, ah, yeah, my own private cocksucker, hell yeah, I got something to do now, all day long, you're going to suck me and I'm going to fuck you. All fucking day and all fucking night!"

Felsen pulled away and ran to the only refuge he had, his bunk. A slot in the wall above Bates' bunk, he could get into it and pull the little privacy shield closed, switch off the light and make his bunk mostly dark (some light filtered in from around the shield) and be alone. Sort of.

Alone. His cock was still outside of his jumpsuit and he reached down, found his cock still hard and throbbing. He hadn't jerked off in seven months, either.

His mouth was filled with the taste of come, his sinuses, too. He was smelling that spunk, Bates' spunk, whether he wanted to or not. Hot, male raunchy jizz, it filled his world and he was horny and alone. His bunk gave him a bare foot of room above his mattress, and he pumped at his prick and found that his orgasm took only a moment, he climaxed, sprayed a hot, heavy load up and splattered the roof of his bunkie and splashed his body, the spunk hitting the ceiling making a rat-tat-tat-at-at!" sound. The sound, and its off-and-on ratio, declared to the world just what he was doing, and Bates heard, he laughed loud and hard. "Yeah, Felsen, shoot that wad, now you've got a load of me inside you! Squirt all over yourself!"

Felsen had done just that. Exhausted and wanting to shut out the world, his brain did it the only way he could...he shut it all out, plunging into sleep like turning out a light, to dream of Bates mounting him and humping his ass, over and over and over. A prophetic dream, for that was to be his fate.

He was in the midst of such a dream when he was awakened, his privacy shield was being opened from outside (for there was no lock on it) and he was being bodily dragged out by a totally naked Bates. "Come on, little man, it's come for your first ass-fucking!" He crowed. "I'm rested up and ready for a nice, long, hard fuck! How about you?"

"Oh, God!" Felsen moaned. But he didn't struggle. Why should he? He couldn't win, he couldn't even hope to win, and if he could find a way, he didn't dare win! Bates had to fly the ship!

His jumpsuit was zipped down and pulled off him like a mother would pull a jumper off an infant, and he felt like one. Naked, dried sperm still decorating his stomach and lower chest, he was now exposed to the big man's ministrations. Bates dumped his naked ass onto the small table they had on the wall opposite their bunks (both of these were abaft of the pair of command chairs that had been the scene of their first sexual matching) and now his legs and ass hung over the edge, exposed for Bates' usage.

Bates moved up to Felsen and Felsen moaned in terror, and the cock contacted his ass. Bates had this much decency, he had found a way to heavily lubricate his cock, for a thickly-slimy shaft was what probed at his anus. He had experienced a similar fate upon his first prostate examination, enough lubrication and even the most virginal ass will allow entrance.

So Bates' cock did push into his sphincter. The lubrication eased most of the pain of the insertion, but there was enough left over to cause Felsen to moan as the prong wormed its way inside him.

Bates took the moan was one of pleasure. "Yeah, feel my cock driving into you. Don't you love the feel of it? Is it driving you mad with desire?"

"No, ohhhh, oh, no!" Felsen moaned again. "It hurts, it hurts, take it out, take it out, please, man, please! Don't do this, I'll suck you again, I'll suck you all you want...."

"Damn right you will." Bates growled as he shoved at Felsen again, hard this time. "You're my piece of ass and my come-hole from now on, you got that? We get back to Earth, you can tell anyone all about it all you want. Turn back on the fucking cameras and record as much as you need to. I don't fucking care anymore. I'm fucking you and that's all there is to it. Now shut up and get fucked!"

"Ahhhhhhuuuuhhhh!" Felsen moaned in defeat. Bates was right. He was fucking Felsen and that was all there was to it.

Bates got his cock all the way in and he had the decency to hold still for a while. Felsen found his bowels give a kind of gurgle and the pressure eased so slightly.

"Ahhh, that did it." Bates said in triumph. "Now I can fuck you." And he began to do exactly that, his huge muscled frame flexing and moving his hips back and forth, his hands held onto Felsen's ankles and the light pseudo-gravity of acceleration made the table comfortable on Felsen's back and shoulders. A good thing for Bates was moving in a way that meant he planned to take his time and enjoy it. A long, hard fucking, that's what he'd said he was after.

Felsen's bowels continued to adjust to this genital invader, and as it did, he found that his prostate, that organ the doctor had probed in him so long before, was being stroked by the huge pud. Oh, God! Was he beginning to like this?

His cock hardened and the sexual element to his violation was impossible to ignore. Felsen gave up (why not? This was only the first of a long, long series to come!) and as his cock throbbed increasingly with pleasure, he reached down and began to pump at himself.

Bates saw this and gave a long, evil-toned, lusty laugh. "Yeah, you're getting into this, aren't you? You like being fucked, don't you?"

"Unnnnhhh!" Felsen groaned. "Yeah, it's...it's feeling pretty good in there, now I'm getting used to it."

"You'll get more used to it. I'm fucking you twice a day from here on out. And you can suck on me in between times, maybe get a little afternoon delight. You can suck me while I watch a game, for hours and hours! The last was in a sort of self-musing, to himself rather than Felsen, as he continued to fuck at Felsen's butt. Planning out how to best use him for sex, planning marathon sessions.

Felsen felt his climax growing and hated himself for it. He didn't want to be this man's fuck-toy, but if he came now, he could forget ever convincing the big man to stop. Why would you stop fucking a man who came with your cock in his ass? He couldn't stop his incipient orgasm and he couldn't stop pumping at himself.

He began to moan in his passion and Bates felt and heard him and laughed, a hard, mean laugh, and he grabbed Felsen's prong from him and began to whack at it, hard, big pumps that were too large for his smaller prick, it hurt but the pain was a part of the pleasure for Felsen and he shuddered, moaned and ejaculated, his spunk sprayed up in a geyser flying out in a cone-like shape, all directions at once, and it got Bates on his stomach and arm and hand and it got on Felsen's stomach, legs and crotch where Bates was jacking him, laughing as he brought the smaller man to shuddering orgasm. "That's it, come on, shoot it all over me, shoot that little jizz-load onto me, man, get me back for loading you full earlier, shoot it hard, come on, shoot it hard!"

Felsen ended his climax and lay limp as Bates resumed his thrusts at Felsen's body. The light gravity allowed him to scoop Felsen up bodily and hold him in his arms and fuck him in mid-air. Bates weighed like 225 pounds on Earth, he weighed twenty-three pounds, little 140-pound Felsen in his arms only turned that into less than forty, the brawny stud was able to handle that easily and effortlessly.

Felsen did the only thing he could do, he held onto Bates' shoulders and let the big man use him. Bates looked him right in the eyes, his own dancing in delighted mischief and he enjoyed watching the face of the man he was fucking. Felsen watched him in turn and he began to move himself in the big man's arms. Helping Bates to fuck him.

Bates eased off his control until he was simply holding Felsen who was bobbing up and down on the muscled body. Felsen's heels dug into Bates' buttocks, at the dimples of the asscheeks after crossing his legs at Bates' lower back, and this purchase gave him complete control.

Bates' gaze slowly passed from fucking-for-dominance to fucking-for-pleasure. And he was being ridden rather than riding. Felsen rode the big man and Bates' face lessened from its hard stance into soft vulnerability as his passion. "I'm coming, man, I'm coming." He gasped. "Just a bit longer, man, and I'll squirt you full again. You want that, huh, do you want that?"

"Yeah, yeah, give it to me, give it to me." Felsen's voice was alien to his own ears, a low growling sound. "Come on, you bastard, come on, come on, come on! AH-HAH-UH-UH-HUHHH!" He was again coming, a weaker load but he coated Bates' chest and stomach with what did flow out, and he felt a great satisfaction with this load. He had done it himself, it hadn't been wrung from him, this was HIS!

"Oh, oh, AH, AH, AHH-AH-AH-A-A-A-AHHH, GUHHHHHHH!" Bates' face turned a deep red color as his cock again exploded rather than squirted its load into Felsen's ass. Felsen felt the hot squibs as they flew into him, then dribbled back down and out again, to make large, lazy splats on the floor and Bates held onto him until he had unloaded the entire spunk-package into Felsen's butt, then he gave in to his exhaustion and lowered Felsen back onto the table.

"Oh, man, oh, man!" Felsen writhed on the table in his post-coital exhaustion. Sweat covered his body same as it did Bates.

"Hell of a workout, wasn't it?" Bates perched over him, resting his elbows on either side of Felsen, as his cock fell out of Felsen's ass. "That ought to be worth an hour on the damned exercise bike, eh?"

"Yeah." Felsen grinned. He couldn't help it. If you're going to be repeatedly molested by a big stud, it's better if you get yourself to like it. And that had felt damned good!

"Your turn at the damned console." Bates reminded him. Felsen's eyes slid to the clock, Bates was right. They had to check all the systems regularly, to back up the computers. The human eye can see discrepancies and potential patterns the computer simply cannot. Not to mention that Earth may have sent them a message by high-powered transmitter, a message that could reach them at a time irrespective of its time of sending, at this speed.

"Yeah, I guess so." Felsen agreed. "I should get dressed, I guess."

"Why?" came the answer.

"Eh?" Felsen turned.

"Why get dressed? We're inside, everything's warm to the touch, and it's not like we got any secrets from each other now, do we?"

"I guess not."

"And besides, I want to fuck you whenever I feel like." Bates finished. "So get used to it."

"All right, all right." Felsen left his clothing behind and went to check the console. He left the cameras alone, off and ignored.

You can't volunteer for the first manned mission to another star system and not expect some hardships along the way. And at this rate, he was in for a lot of long, hard experiences before this mission was over.

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