Mean Boss

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Vitaly

Illustration of Mean Boss

"He's gonna be here any minute!" Mellon whined as they moved the boxes. "We're not done, not by a long shot and he's gonna be here, oh, man, he's gonna be pissed!"

"Why'd he get pissed?" Brad wanted to know. "We're working our fucking asses off here!"

The two men were loading a truck at a warehouse. Lots of boxes, and they had to carry them one at a time and put them in the truck. A big fucking truck, they were less than halfway done with loading it.

Brad was maneuvering a box of canned corn onto the truck. None of these boxes were horribly heavy by themselves, but they just kept coming! It took a strong man to hold up under a job like this. Brad was a strong man. Blond haired, blue eyed, with broad shoulders, thickly muscled arms under his wifebeater tee, his surfer-perfect body meant he was carrying these boxes easily and could keep it up all night if he had to. And he had to. He could use a break right now, though.

Mellon (his last name, Brad didn't know his first one yet) was much like Brad, only older by a decade (thirty-two to Brad's twenty-two), and some five inches shorter, dark-haired with a brown approaching black, brown-eyed and with a shadow of beard stubble on his chin, his muscles were both larger and less elegant than Brad's, he'd worked like a mule for the last half of his life and it showed.

"Jared won't care that we've been working. He said to get this first truck loaded before he got here or there'd be hell to pay. And Jared knows how to dish out hell! You don't know him like I do! Oh, God, he's gonna be here any minute, work faster, work faster!"

"Oh, hell, Mellon, give it a rest!" Brad called after him. "We've been busting our asses all night, he can't be too mad at us!"

"The hell I can't!" the deep bass rumble answered him. Brad turned a startled set of eyes to behind him, to see Jared standing there.

It was impossible to think such a huge man could actually exist, but there he was. Brad wasn't a shrimp, five foot ten and broad in the shoulders, but Jared was a full head taller and broader by at least that much. His arms didn't have grapefruit for biceps, he had melons...and his legs were the size of watermelons.

Brad had seen him before, but sitting behind a desk that had masked his true breadth and height. Now that he was looking at the man standing up before him, anger turning that face (too strong-featured with sharp-angled chin and large, broad nose to be truly handsome), he blanched. "Mr. Simmons! I didn't know you were here!"

"I can fucking see that!" Jared shoved that mad phiz of his right into Brad's face. "What the fuck am I paying you for if you two can't load one fucking truck for me!"

"We've been working fast as we can!" Brad protested.

"The hell you have." Jared slammed the box of corn out of Brad's hands. "One fucking box of corn!" The box landed on the floor and burst apart, spreading green-and-gold colored cans all over the place. "Any rule says you can't carry more than one box at a time!"

"I...I...." Didn't think of that, was Brad's only answer.

"I, I, I!" Jared mocked him. "You two are a couple of dickheads, is what happened! So what the fuck use are you? Why shouldn't I fire your asses out of here right fucking now?"

"You can't fire us!" Mellon came running over, cringing before the big man. "I got a wife and three kids, one of them needs braces, please, man, don't fire us!"

"Why the hell not, what the fuck you good for?"

For Brad, though he was a single man, wasn't happy at the thought of losing his job on his first day either! He'd spend four months just finding this job, if he lost it, he'd have to...oh, God! He'd have to move back in with his mother! "Yeah, come on, Mr. Simmons, give us another chance. This was my first day on the job, I didn't know no better."

He'd stepped closer to Jared to say this and the big ham of a hand came up and caught him on the neck and pulled him downwards. Caught off guard, he buckled under the pressure of that single hand.

"On your fucking knees if you want to beg, bastard!" Jared snarled at him.

"Beg?" Brad looked over at Mellon, to see the man cowardly kneeling down. "You want us to beg?"

"Get on your fucking knees, bitch!" and Jared shoved at him again. "Or you're fucking fired right now! No paycheck, neither!"

"You gotta do it, Brad!" Mellon whined. "If you don't, he'll fire the both of us! Hurry up, he's getting madder and the madder he gets, the worse it'll be!"

Slowly, Brad went down first to one knee, then to both. This was a weird fucking scene, getting down in front of a boss like this. If he didn't have Mellon as an example and warning about this.

He looked over at Mellon who was the very picture of a submissive wimp. Weird, Mellon was a big enough man in his own right and older than either of them, he didn't have to knuckle under to this guy like a frightened child, did he. He kept studying Mellon, hoping that this would give him some guide to what was going to happen next and.

The rasp of the zipper going down was like a buzzer in his ears. Brad looked back to see that Jared's hands were at his fly, he had unzipped it and was fishing inside and pulling out...dear God, the cock was big even for this huge man! And it was getting hard, too!

"You two cocksuckers want to keep your job, you can keep it by being a couple of cocksuckers! Which one of you wants to slurp on this pud first?"

"I'm not going to suck your cock!" Brad burst out!

"You either suck it or you're fired! Both of you!"

"No, no!" Mellon crawled on his knees over to Jared. "Please, sir, I need this job, I need it! I'll suck your cock, just don't fire us!"

"Get to work on it, show this new butthole how it's done!"

Mellon dove onto Jared's prong with a zest that said to Brad that he'd done it before, and often. There was no hesitation, no fumbling or awkwardness to Mellon's movement, he knew exactly how wide to open his mouth, the angle to approach it, the lubrication his mouth would need to take it. That huge dong slid more than half of its footlong length into Mellon's mouth and throat. Mellon made a choking sound, but he didn't pull away. When the schlong was inside him far as it would go, his lips closed and as Jared pulled it out, Brad saw that the cock was now slippery with saliva.

"Holy shit!" Brad breathed.

"You see that, shithead?" Jared snarled at him. "That's how you suck it. Like this!" And he began to thrust his prod into Mellon's mouth and pull it out again. Mellon gagged again, but he still held on. Let the big man use his face like a fuckhole, Brad thought.

"Shit, man, you're sucking it!" He said.

"Yeah, he's sucking it. That's why I keep his lazy ass on the job, ass-face!" Jared growled. "You see how it's done? You see?"

"Yeah, I see." Brad admitted. "I see fine."

"Now it's your turn. Jared pulled his dong out of Mellon's mouth and swerved to aim it at Brad's face. "Let's see your blond mouth around my prick. Get to munching, surf boy!" The last two words were spoken in tones of total contempt.

"I'm not going to suck you." Brad intended to make it sound angry, but it came out soft and wavering. He swallowed hard and tried again, "I'm not going to suck you. You can fire me if you want but I won't do it." Trouble with that sentence was that his voice dropped two very important words on him, they came out as whispers in an otherwise normal-toned sentence. "Not" and "won't."

"Yeah, you're going to suck it." Jared told him. "Open your mouth. Wider, asshole."

The dong was shoved at his face and Brad found his lips parting for it. Not wide, but enough that the glans of that prick got inside his mouth. He tasted another's man's spit and another man's flesh and a salty something that...oh, God!

He tried to protest and that was a mistake, it just opened his mouth wider and to make it worse, Jared's hands caught hold of his head and forced him to take it deeper. The huge shaft was plowing into his mouth and down his throat, Brad felt the massive pud-tip poking at his tonsils and he choked, gagged, spasmed as if he would vomit. Jared held his dong down that deep and the spasms continued. He couldn't dislodge it and he had to, he had to!

"Ah, hell!" snarled Jared as Brad began to cough around his pud. "You're the worst cocksucker I ever had! Get the fuck up, you bastard, you're toast. And so are you, Mellon, you're out of here, too! I'll get me some real workers to take your place!"

"No, boss, please, don't fire me, please!" Mellon whined.

"You want to keep your job, asshole?"

"Yes, sir, please, sir, please!"

"Then you do exactly what I say!"

"Yes, sir, yes, sir!" Mellon whinnied obediently.

"Help me get this blond asshole over to those boxes. I can't get a blowjob from him, I'm going to fuck his butt instead!"

"What?" yelped Brad.

He tried to get up, but Mellon and Jared were on him as he was rising. Strong arms wrapped his on both sides, Jared to his left, Mellon on his right and he was frog-marched over to the boxes and thrown across their broad tops, face-down. These boxes held small appliances of some sort and the top didn't buckle in the least at his weight on top of it.

And those hands which had thrust him up there were now pulling at his jeans while another pair were yanking his workboots off. "Oh, God, oh, God, don't do this, don't, please!" Brad squirmed. He had to get away, even as both his boots came off and his jeans were beginning to follow. If he had to run out of this warehouse in his underwear, he'd do it.

But Mellon came around and helped pinion him while Jared finished pulling his jeans down and off his body. Damn his slender waist and tiny buttocks, he didn't have anything there to resist his pants relinquishing his waist! They slid off even fastened and zipped, and his briefs, though relatively new, slid down an inch or so.

Jared's voice was like salt in a wound. "Yeah, look at those tiny little-boy buttocks you got on you, I'm going to split them wide apart!"

"Yeah, come on, boss, make him yell!" Mellon egged him on as Jared skinned those flimsy briefs from Brad's body.

Brad looked up into Mellon's face (traitor!), to see a weird sort of eager glow behind those eyes. Mellon had known this was coming, had set it all up. He'd been a fucking patsy for this pair of perverts! He was going to be fucking screwed!

"Oh, God, please, don't do this to me, please, don't do it!" He begged shamelessly. "I don't care if you fire me, keep the money from today, hell, just don't do this!"

"Shut up, you rotten fuckhole!" Jared grumbled at him like an angry bear. "I'm fucking your shit-tube and you're going to take it, you got me!"

"Yeah, come on, boss, ram it in him, make him howl!" Mellon cheered.

"You got enough spit on this to make it easy on you, asshole! Now shut up, because it's going in!"

Brad felt himself being dragged backwards and realized that Jared was yanking him down so he could stand while he fucked Brad's ass. Brad slid down and his socked feet hit the cold concrete and he whined again, an inarticulate sound of despair. He was done with begging at least, it wasn't doing any good anyhow.

There was the feel of a hot baseball poking at his ass and he realized that it was Jared's cock. Oh, God, that was just the head and it was already hurting like hell!

Jared's hips gave a hard shove and that baseball was driven into his ass! Brad yelled in his agony, and the sound of his scream shook the tin-covered bare-framed building.

"Ahhhh, God damned, but that's a tight ass! Man, I love taking hot red cherries from tender blond virgins! God damn, yeah!" Jared sneered as he wormed his cock, trying to squeeze it even deeper into Brad's ass.

"Ahhhh! Take it out, take it out! Ple-e-e-e-e-e-ease!" Brad moaned.

"God damn it! Mellon, shut this loud mouth up!" Jared groaned. "I'm trying to fuck him and he's screaming at me!"

"Yes, sir!" Mellon put a hairy, dirty hand over Brad's mouth.

"No, not like that, shithead! Gag him the right way!"

"The...right way?"

"Shove your cock in his mouth! Make him suck you! Can't you even do that, you lousy sack of shit?"

Brad was released by Mellon, but as he tried to get away, Jared leaned over and pinned him under that huge frame. Brad watched as Mellon's cock was levered out and aimed at his mouth. "Come on, pussy boy, open up!" Jared growled in Brad's ear. He jammed his cock deeper into Brad as a way to make his point, and as Brad yelled in pain, Mellon stuffed his cock into Brad's mouth.

He had two cocks in him now, and both were moving, Jared ramming a pain-covered shaft in his ass and Mellon's smaller organ tormenting his mouth. He was helpless and more than helpless, all he could do was hold on.

The pair of men double-teaming him weren't fast. The butt fucking went on and on and the cock in his mouth was miles away from climaxing. How to get this over with? Brad realized that there was a way. It would only cost him his last bit of dignity and that was in shreds now anyhow.

He began to suck on Mellon's cock and he began to move his ass to try to milk at Jared's dong.

"Yeah, this pussy-boy is getting into it." Jared sneered his approval. "They always learn to love my cock up their butt, every fucking time, don't they?"

"Yeah, boss, they do, they all do!" Mellon agreed slimily.

Let them think that, Brad told himself, let them think he was loving this. Then, when he was a free man again, he'd call the fucking police down and let them tell it to the boys in blue!

Jared stopped moving so much, forcing Brad to bob back and forth roughly to keep the big man groaning. Mellon was an easier touch, he was moaning and that cock was heating up fast.

Jared's big paw reached around and grabbed Brad's cock and Brad was ashamed to discover that he had an erection. He hadn't noticed it, but now that Jared's hand was working it, it was humming far more in pleasure that he expected. Oh, God! In his efforts to please these men, had he fooled his own senses into thinking this was good sex?

Oh, God, he was approaching climax, even! Oh, God, no, he couldn't come, he couldn't! If he did, he'd never convince the police that this was anything more than a bit of rough trade! He had to fight it off, he had to....

Mellon's groans warned him too late, and Brad found himself with a mouthful of hot man-jizz that was salty and slimy and had the consistency of cheap dime-store paste you squirt out of a tube! He had no choice, he gulped it down as Mellon jetted more into his mouth and then the big lunk was panting and let him go and Brad slumped down in despair as his own body became wracked with orgasm!

"Oh, God, oh, no, no, no!" He moaned as his body erupted, he ejaculated onto the boxes with loud cardboard splats and Jared laughed as he felt the blond stud under him pulsing with his climax.

"That's the way, sissy-boy!" He crowed. "Now you're my fuck-toy, aren't you, you bastard?"

"Oh, God, oh, God, no, no, no!" Brad sobbed as his pleasure wrenched him like a damp rag squeezed by the housewife, wringing him dry of all his sexual juices, all his self-respect, all his sense of masculine dominance. What kind of man was he that he could come with another man's cock up his butt? No man at all, no man at all! And he slumped down when he finished and moaned in utter despair.

"Yeah, you're my come bucket now, slut!" Jared growled as he began to slam his cock into Brad's utterly ravaged ass. "I'm going to show you what you're good for, nothing but a hole for me to fuck whenever I want to, ah, uh, HUH-UH-UH, HUHNNN-GUHHHHHH!"

The big rough man shoved that huge pole into his ass and held it there while he moaned and squirted salty stinging packets of love-juice into Brad's butt. So deep he'd never get it out of himself again, it would become a part of him, absorbed into his body, marking him forever the property of Jared Simmons!

"Oh, no, oh, oh, oh, oh!" He sobbed as the heavy man fell onto him and hot heavy drops of sweat splattered his back and neck and head, as the heavy breaths blasted his right ear and the moans of a sexually exhausted man claimed his right eardrum, driving him to near-deafness.

"All right, then." panted Jared when he finished and stepped back, pulling his prong out of Brad's ass with a pop. "You assholes have to make up your time. I'm bringing a second truck into this place and you'd better have both of them filled before I get back in three hours' time. You fucking got me? If you don't, I'm going to ram both of you until your asses resemble so much hamburger meat! You got that, assholes?"

"Yes, sir!" Mellon yipped out smartly.

"Yes, sir." Brad said weakly. He made himself say it again, clearer and stronger. "Yes, sir."

"You bastards screw up and I'll take it out of your ass. Now get back to work and forget about your lunch. You'll have to work straight through until I see you can do the work right!" And with that, he went back the way he'd come.

"You'd better let me look at you." Mellon told Brad. "See how bad he tore you up."

Brad didn't resist the scrutinization of his asshole. What did he have to lose? And maybe he was damaged badly.

"That's not so bad. Guess he was pretty lubed up."

"Hurt's like hell." Brad murmured.

"I know. But you can get used to it. Have to in fact, 'cause there's no way we'll finish two trucks in three hours no matter how fast we move."

Brad had to agree, one reason he'd carried one box at a time was that he had to load those boxes in just right, so that when the trucks got to market, they could offload quickly. No use carrying six boxes of green beans if you couldn't load them onto the truck but one at a time. "I'm quitting, man." He said as he donned his pants again. "I'm getting the fuck out of here."

"No! You can't!"

"Sure I can."

"No, you can't." Mellon put a hand on his arm. "Jared will come get you." He stared intently into Brad's eyes. "He can fire you, but you can't quit. Jared doesn't like it if you quit."

Brad pictured himself in his room, and Jared breaking down his door and shuddered. "He's a hell of a mean man."

"I told you he was mean." Mellon sympathized. "Don't piss him off and he'll fuck you twice a day, tops. With two of us, he may only fuck you once and fuck me the next time. Hell, he may make me suck you while he fucks me."

Brad shook his head. "Hell of a note. Can't stand the job and can't quit. What the hell can you do?"

"Deal with it. All you can do."

"Let's get to work. Maybe we can get those two trucks done in time after all." Brad added hopefully.

But of course, they didn't.

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