How to Survive
on Eumica 5

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2011 by Eduardo

Illustration of How to Survive on Eumica 5

Having your spaceship land on an alien planet just a little too rough is the same as a woman finding herself just a little pregnant! And like that woman, you're screwed, and in for a very long, very rugged life from that point on!

I had landed on Eumica 5 "just a little too rough" and now I was surveying the damage. Nothing looked that bad, really. Some panels were cracked, some wires torn loose, some components knocked out of their places. Sure, it all looked rather cosmetic. But looks when it comes to electronics is misleading, the damage meant that I was stuck on Eumica 5 until such time as someone decided to come looking for me, managed to find me on a huge planet with a ship that had its emergency beacon broken (the first thing I'd checked after landing) and couldn't make a single peep to alert them to where I was. In other words, barring a miracle, I was looking out of the wrecked spaceship at what was now my new home!

Eumica 5 wasn't the worst place to be shipwrecked. It was Earthlike enough. I could eat the local fauna and flora barring the usual percentage of inedible and poisonous varieties. And it had intelligent life I could trade with for things that you can't pick up off the ground or out of the trees. Assuming that I could talk with them, and for that, I had to depend on the Bikbik.

The Bikbik Universal Translator, that is. It was supposed to allow me to talk with any creature in its rather large catalogue, it would pick up my words, translate them and speak them to the alien. What the alien said was similarly translated and spoken into my ear. If it worked. Hell, I'd never even used the damned device! Were the Eumican natives' language even on the Bikbik's list of languages? Unlikely! They were way pre-spaceflight, downright aboriginal.

No time like the present. My ship was fine for short-term trips where you could grit your teeth and live inside a spacesuit 24 hours a day for several days, drinking your food out of a tube and shitting into another one, but for long-term shelter...I had to build or find one for myself.

I got out of the spacesuit, which left me with a t-shirt, pair of shorts and slip-on sneakers. Then I loaded up the emergency kit, what was useful to me. It had to cover a lot of different environments, so most of it was taken up by the air cleanser, a device to separate oxygen from various atmospheres. I ended up with a pack of concentrated food, a few useful implements (knife, axe, chisel and hammer) and a packet of water purification tablets and water testing kits. Loaded up, I looked more like a weekend hiker than a man out to try to survive on a mostly-unknown planet.

I had a database which covered all known worlds aboard my ship. It currently was so much scrap metal and useless parts! I had only what I knew about the place, which was about what I've already told you above. Not that much, yeah!

A native village was down the hill next to the river. Help, food and potable water all in one place--my objective was clear.

One thing I didn't know was what the Eumenican natives looked like. I guess like anybody, I assumed they'd be about the same size and shape as humans. Well, to put it succinctly, they weren't.

First was their size. I'm a fair-sized human at six foot even in height, but they made me feel small and puny, being around twenty feet tall and some four feet broad at their shoulders. Where their shoulders would have been had they had shoulders, that is. Okay, let me start at the top and work my way down, because what they look like matters.

Their heads are large and flat, making them look vaguely cat-like in an exaggerated-features way, only they don't have fangs, their mouths are small and round and their eyes aren't catlike, but rather humanlike except for huge three-lobed pupils. They were covered from head to toe with a soft fur in various hues of purple from a pale lavender all the way to a deep royal-purple tone. Beneath the heads, their bodies were slim and sinuous, with a backbone that gave them extraordinary flexibility. Their arms weren't arms, like I said, no shoulders, but from the same basic places on their bodies, on three sides (rather, two on top where the arms should be, the third was just below midbody where a man's dick would be) were clusters of tentacle-like armlets, anywhere from three to six of them (I guess the older the more they had), the group on the mid-body area were smaller and more wriggly, I mean, the ones on top moved only now and then, and always with a purpose, whereas the ones in the middle were moving all the time. The legs were legs, though they were closer to the legs of elephants than humans, I mean, they were jointed at the middle with broader flatter bottoms that functioned as feet. And this was what I was supposed to convince to take me in and make me one of their family. If I wanted to live, that is, and I had a definite interest in living, even here and now.

The good news was that the Bikbik translator did work. The bad news was that once the natives realized that I myself and my tiny backpack of essential supplies was all I had, they lost all interest in helping me. This all took several hours to find out, but that was how it ended. The Eumican natives have a definite policy of "no credit." If you find yourself headed to Eumica 5, folks, load your ship with all the cheap trinkets you can lay your hands on, otherwise, they'll leave you standing there with your dick in the wind.

Or in my case, at the end of that time, standing there begging someone, anyone, to take me in and let me stay with them just until I could build my own shelter and get a start on life on this planet. I'd pay them back, honest I would! Please! Anybody!

I ended up alone in the village common (well, an open area in the middle of their huts), and looking about in despair. I could maybe survive alone, assuming I had some luck in selecting plants that were edible and non-poisonous, and more luck in hunting animals I didn't know anything about with only a knife and my wits (survival skills rusty from lack of use and few designed for an Earthlike world). These aliens, despite their non-human shape, were dietetically similar to us, if they could eat it, I probably could, too! Damn it, I NEEDED them!

"Mark Rhames." came a voice through my translator. I'd heard the sounds behind me before the translator spoke, and was turning about when I heard it translate my name. A native! A chance!

"Yes?" I asked, barely daring to hope.

"You need a hut in which to sleep? And food to eat and water to drink?"

"Yes, I do." I said. "I have nothing to trade for them, but if you'll help me now, I'll see that I repay you every bit when I can...."

"You have something to trade." the native told me. "I will trade with you."

"Yes. Great! Sure!" I nattered.

"Come with me. It is time for food and soon time for sleep."

"Yes, yes, sure!" I babbled in relief and followed the native. Even the way they walked wasn't like humans, their arms didn't cooperate in walking at all. With humans, the arms will swing to some extent as we walk, the Eumicans moved with their entire upper bodies immobile. Their legs would lift up and carry the body forward without shaking them in other ways at all. Like they were floating rather than walking. I ambled (walked, but compared to him, I wobbled like a skeleton might) after him to his hut.

Inside was a cooking pot on a small fire, loaded with something that smelled absolutely ambrosial. My new friend (I learned some time later his name was "Vellelum") filled a bowl with the contents and handed it to me. I ate it with my fingers and enjoyed it tremendously, while he ate and watched my movements with interest. His mouth extruded into a long wide straw-like shape and he sucked his own bowl empty, which was why he had no utensils to offer me to eat with. After that, we talked for a time. He had only recently built his own hut, which was a symbol of adulthood among them, and spoke to me about both the garden he was planting (I'd arrived in springtime for this world) and the hunting he planned to stock his larder. I offered to help with both of those and he nodded as if this were a matter of small import. Which puzzled me, I figured he'd had an eye on me to help him in the garden and curing meat and so on. A single man (Eumican) could use someone tending the pot while he was out hunting, working the garden and so forth.

"It is now time to sleep." He told me. I was fine with that, though it was still about five o'clock in the afternoon my personal time, but it had been dark the last half hour or more, and native tribes lived and slept according to the sun. But I'd had a hell of a hard day you may have noticed, and had to adjust to local day anyhow.

"Sounds good to me." I told him. "Where do I sleep?" I'd seen his own pallet, it looked comfortable for him, but with no room for me to share it. I figured I'd have to curl up in a corner or something.

But he gestured to the pallet. "Here is where we will sleep."

"I..." I knew nothing of their customs, even some human peoples sleep all in a pile without anything sexual being involved. "All right."

"It is what you will trade with me." He informed me.


"I do not understand."

"That's what I meant, I don't understand."

"What you will trade with me, is there." he gestured to the pallet.

This alien wanted me to sleep with him! "Why?" I asked him.

"I am curious." he told me. "You are not of my people. You are not of this world. It will be different."

I got it then. "You want to have sex with me?"

"Yes. It is what I will trade with you."

Now I really got it. He was offering me a position as his personal whore. He'd feed me and let me sleep with long as I was putting out for him in bed.

That left me in a hell of a position. Either I agreed to this...or I went out into the forest again and probably would die of starvation and exposure before too long. It wasn't like I had any other choices. Go back to the ship and pray someone found me in a hurry. With no active emergency beacon for them to home in on? Fat chance!

"What happens if you don't like me in bed?" I asked him. "What happens when you aren't curious any longer?" Oh, I was about to become his whore (I had no choice!) we were just haggling over the price now!

We settled on me receiving a full year of room and board with him, no matter how things turned out. I had to do whatever he asked me to do in bed. He got the sole choice about when this would end, if he liked me in his bed, I had to stay with him for the rest of my life! I fought that last one, but he held the trump cards here, he was my only chance to survive, it was him or a miserable death and he knew it.

"Now it is time to sleep." He told me firmly when we had agreed. "You will join me now."

"Let me get undressed." I told him wearily. "May I keep my things in this corner?" I indicated an empty place. He acquiesced and I placed the pack on the ground and took off my clothes and folded them neatly, placed them on top of the pack. Turned around and said, "All right, I'm naked and ready. How do you want me?"

"Come to me." Vellelum indicated. His middle tentacles were dancing wilder than ever, practically vibrating. They were elongating, too, and now were some three or four feet long, over five times as long as they were before.

"Uh..." I looked at those tentacles quivering. "How...I mean, how is this going to work?"

"Come to me." Vellelum commanded again.

I gulped and went over to the bed and at his gestures, sat down straddle on his stomach. My legs were sprawled way wide in this position, they barely reached to the bed on either side and my balls at what would have been the navel if they'd had navels.

His arm-tentacles reached out for me and wrapped around my arms. I squawked as I found myself rapidly enthralled to him, trapped on him in an X pattern much like the man in the middle of the Da Vinci sketch, with my legs wide and my arms at forty-five degree angles to my body.

What I only realized a bit later when I tried to move was that he had also caught my legs with his mid-body-tentacles. My legs were going to stay in that position, pinned to his body.

I squirmed and realized that there was one of the tentacles under me. The light in the room was dim with only the fire in the middle of the room to light things and it was dying out, but I saw enough to see that Vellelum had another tentacle to deal with. His mouth. It would extrude far wider and longer than I had seen it doing so before! It was in between us, wet and slimy and soft and pulsing. It quested about and found what it was looking for, my dong.

As it closed about my cockhead, I groaned, and that was when I discovered the objective of another tentacle. He had so damned many of them, it's not surprising I wasn't learning about these things until it was too late to do much about them.

Like the one that had found its way up to my asshole and was busily knocking at the door, so to speak. Yeah, that one! I hadn't noticed it was there until that time, and now it was the only one that I was concerned about.

"Oh, God, don't fuck me!" I gasped out. "I said I'd do whatever you wanted, but...."

I stopped talking, because the tentacle hadn't paid any attention and had just pushed itself into my bowels. The mouth-tentacle now had my entire cock swallowed down and its liquid-soft flesh was form-fitting itself to my pud, but that didn't do anything for me. I had a tentacle in my ass! How deep was it going to go? Those things got as long as three or four feet, and they never stopped squirming about! What was it going to do to my ass?

It went deeper and I screamed. It could tear me to shreds from the inside out!

It got inside a handful of inches and stopped, thank God! Still, it turned from something ominous to something bearable.

And then I noticed the tentacle wrapped around my cock was pulsating on me. Waves of muscle contraction/relaxation were pulling my cockskin up and down in a rapid motion of soft, moist mouth-flesh that combined the best features of a handjob and being sucked. Imagine a mouth that conformed to your cock's size and shape, gripped it tightly that way, and then began to move up and down rapidly while plenty of moisture kept the sensations velvet-soft and smooth.

I felt that and with the pain of the anal insertion over, moaned and let myself try to like this. After all, like it or not, I had to put up with it for the next year at a minimum...longer if he enjoyed it! Oh, God! How do you arrange to make an alien dislike having sex with you?

Oh, Double God! The tentacle in my ass was doing the same thing. Pulsing up and down, which was like the perfectly angled fuck, and it was rubbing my prostate better than any talented human fuck-artist ever could have.

I groaned and gave in. Hell, if I had to put up with this for the next however long, I might as well enjoy it. The first rule of rape...when it's inevitable, lie back and try to enjoy it. And this was easy to like!

"Oh, oh, shit, yeah, fuck me, suck me, fuck and suck me!" I growled. "Awww, fuck yeah!"

"Hnh, hnh, hnh, hnh!" Vellelum said. He had a mouthful of my dick right then, and an elongated mouth-tentacle to talk through, so I guessed that was his expression of pleasure.

"Yeah, come on, suck me harder and faster, and I'll give you a real good load!" I grunted at him. "That's the best fucking blowjob I've ever had, oh, hell, yeah!"

"Hnh, hnh, hnh, hnh, hnh!" Vellelum agreed. I know that was agreement, because he promptly began to made his mouth-tentacle ripple on me furiously. His cock tentacle did the same thing.

I howled and my cock got hotter than hell like it always did when I was ready to come, my balls were tingling and my shaft was quivering. "I'm going to come now, I'm going to come!" I groaned and I threw my head back and yelled as my load erupted into his mouth-tentacle, and the same ripples that were working my cock also ferried my load swiftly up that long tunnel of flesh and into his mouth proper.

His own cock-tentacle (I had to start labeling these things, and did according to their purpose) was pulsing rapidly back and forth and Vellelum gave his "hnh, hnh, hnh" sounds louder and then I felt a hot bubbling load of alien jizz spurting into my ass. It shot out, a smaller load than a human would, but with a lot of power (to travel up a long tube of some sort, I assumed) and I could feel it peppering my innards.

Done, he pulled out of my ass and off of my cock, and I figured I was free for the rest of the night. "Well, that was a hell of a good ride, but now...."

Another tentacle slid up between my legs and inserted itself in place of the one that had expended itself, and the pulsations began again.

"Oh, oh, oh!" I grunted. "What's...what's going on?"

He paused until his mouth was back on his face where it belonged, and then he said, "I am making love to you."

"You just did." I pointed out. "Why are you going for sloppy seconds? Unh!"

"I am not." Vellelum said. "This is how we make love."

"Uh, what?"

"I am not done making love until all of my sexual appendages have expended themselves." Vellelum pointed out.

"All of them?" I gasped. "How many are there?"

Vellelum didn't answer. Probably because that second dong apparently had found itself a happy home and was vibrating as fast as the first one had, right now. My poor prostate was worn out but game, and when the second one blasted into me, the prostate decided that it wouldn't mind playing another round.

The third one went into me and my prostate purred as it felt the cock-tentacle slide over it.

I groaned and my cock hardened. Vellelum felt it and his mouth-tentacle extended back down again.

I didn't argue, for all I knew, I'd spew another load before this was over, or maybe more than one. Did he have a half-dozen of these, or several dozen? Once his mid-body tentacles all squirted, would his arm tentacles take over?

His mouth-tentacle swallowed me down and I winced in pain for a time, then my cock adjusted and permitted this renewed manipulation. It was well warmed up when the third cock-tentacle reached its climax and spurted itself into me again. By now, I had a pretty large load of his spunk in me. And a fourth alien dick went into my butt, and Vellelum was getting more and more frantic in his thrusts into me. Piling climax on climax must be pretty damned draining. Maybe he'd finish this and not want to touch me for a week or more.

A fourth eruption into my ass, and I felt his spunk squirp out as it found no room inside my bowels for it any longer. Shit, I was getting gangbanged here! By the same alien, but hell, in a case like that, you count the cocks, not the aliens.

My own cock was getting well worked up, and I figured I'd join him in another orgasm on this next one.

And then I felt it. "Oh, oh, no, no! Not two of them at once, not two, ah-HAH-AHHHGAHHHHH!" I moaned. I was getting double-donged now, my poor ass had been spared a lot of the ravages of a normal fuck here, but now it was straining to accommodate this pair of pricks.

This couple of cocks. This duo of dongs, this.... "Oh, hell, Goddamn it, shit, fuck, it hurts, you Goddamned bastard, it fucking hurts!"

Vellelum didn't pay attention to me, he drove them both into me and they pulsed like crazy inside me. My prostate didn't care anymore, it was being mauled by this and it loved it! It sent wave after wave of ecstasy through my body into my cock, and my cock strained itself and reached climactic heights, I moaned and squirted a second, much-smaller load into Vellelum's mouth.

That triggered his climax. This one was special, though, I guess doubling up on it was what he needed to double his pleasure. He had a triple climax, one that shook his body like an earthquake.

Every tentacle he had wrapped around my arms and legs constricted on me at once, they tried to fucking pull me apart at that moment! I yelled in my pain and that was when his orgasm started, I had two tentacle-cocks ejaculating into me at the same time, hot spunk didn't just dribble out of me, it fucking sprayed wildly. I got it on my back! I got it on my shoulders! I got it on my chest and my face and my stomach. Fucking impossible! I looked around best I could and realized that somehow every one of his tentacles were suddenly spraying me from all directions at once! All of them, his cock-tentacles, his arm tentacles, even his mouth tentacle was squirting a fluid all over me at once.

I was more than splattered by this load, I was drenched, every square inch of my body was coated in this jizz and I swallowed some of it (it tasted a lot like human jizz, only it had a metallic flavor to it as well) and groaned and cursed him fluently in random unrelated words. "You shit-faced, turd-breathing, cock-armed monster-fucker!" Like that, only I didn't stop at that, I went on and on.

Vellelum finally quit thrashing and moaning, and I tried to scrape all the spooge off of me with the sides of my hands, and I flung the wads I could right onto his wide, cat-like face.

"It is done now." He said to me. "This is how we make love."

"You mean I got to put up with this every time you want to screw me?" I moaned. "Oh, fuck, fuck! I'd rather starve in the forest!"

"You cannot leave me now that you have agreed." Vellelum told me softly but with a tone of assurance. He had right on his side, I was bound to him for at least a year and for as long after as he wanted me. And given how big a load he'd just shot, I'd be wanted a hell of a long time!

I digested this while Vellelum caught his breath and then I asked, "Just how often do I have to milk this out of you, anyway?"

Approximately every four or five rotations of our world." Vellelum said.

"Oh." That wasn't going to be too awful. Hell, a person can put themself through a meat grinder that often. I'd had two climaxes of my own here, and while I had ended up coated heavily in alien sperm, it would wash out. "All right then. Can I wash up now?"


There was a wash basin full of water, I sluiced it over me until I was reasonably clean. After that, I went back to the bed and sidled in next to him and slept through the night. It was cool in the place when the fire died on out, but Vellelum was nice and warm.

My only problem after that was that Vellelum bragged to his buddies about how good in bed I was. After that, they all wanted to try out sex with an Earthman. They were willing to give me things for the chance, too, things I needed to survive and prosper. I rode those customers and made them all spray all over the place, some of them with the first cock-tentacle up my ass.

My year of sexual servitude with Vellelum is about to end soon. Will he set me free then? I doubt it, frankly, but that's okay. Another year of this, and I'll be the richest man in the village!

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(The Story You Just Read is Available in the "Alien Tentacles" book)

(The Story You Just Read is Available in the "Alien Tentacles" book)