Social Deviation

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2005 by John D.

Illustration of Social Deviation

There was no hearing for him, the Council of Six had his personal statement as well as those of all others with any knowledge of the events, they had the reports as well of the enforcement officers who had caught him and the physicians who had investigated him both physically and mentally. Why would they need a hearing? He had merely been summoned before them, as a sort of courtesy, to inform him of their decision in person. He wasn't permitted to speak, of course.

"Nevlin 38D17, we have determined that you have deviated from the course of society in an unacceptable manner and for that reason, we must express to you our displeasure." was how they phrased it. He would have chuckled had this not been a very serious matter. What he'd done was simple enough, as he'd told them in his statement, Men had been approaching other humans for sexual purposes since time immemorial, Nevlin's only flaw had been that he hadn't gone to the Sex Department to fill out the application for the approach. If he had, they would have contacted the man, given him the option of protesting the application, and if he didn't, then they would have processed the application. He could then have approached the man knowing that he had been pre-approved and could proceed in a calm, orderly manner to set up the date and the sex after the date would involve.

Such a method suited society, so clean and antiseptic and calm and planned. Everyone was civil and polite at all times, and never was there a loud word or a spirited debate to be heard. Society was like eating a bowl of vanilla pudding, he'd told the Council in his statement, bland and boring and hardly worth the effort. He didn't want a diet of pudding his entire life...

Yes, he'd tried so hard in the statement for the Council to explain why he hadn't wanted to file an application for a sexual advance! He'd wanted the man to come with him, have sex with him upon the spur of the moment, to feel the thrill of the hunt, to chance rejection and heartbreak, to feel HUMAN! He'd explained it to them so much, so well...

The Speaker for the Council had continued. "Our decision is that you must depart the society whose methods of civility you have eschewed, and live for a specific but undisclosed period of time among the Morlocks."

There was a gasp from the assembled watchers, and Nevlin contributed one of his own. The Morlocks had won their name for a good reason, they were a separate offshoot of Mankind from Nevlin's own, and where Nevlin's people (who called themselves Mankind though there was plenty of evidence that they, too, were an offshoot from the original stock, smaller and weaker than the original physically) had sought civility and culture as the greatest good of an advanced society, the Morlocks had devolved into a subhuman brutish culture that depended upon force and deceit above all. They lived in the lower parts of this city and all cities of Mankind (for they were also the Children of Adam), but worked at the worst of duties, cleaning the streets and the sewers, working the farmlands, laboring at the parts of construction that could not be done reliably by robots workers, if it involved crude, dull physical labor, the Morlocks were the ones that society used. They were even paid for their work with a currency not used by Mankind any longer, so that they could collect it, use it, borrow it, lend it, exchange it for services, and steal it from each other as they wished.

He was to live among them? Nevlin could only gape as he listened to the Speaker continue. "We feel that this will help you better appreciate the rules of society and upon your return, you will no longer feel any need to deviate in this way again. You are dismissed from our presence."

And Nevlin was escorted out of the Council of Six chamber through a side door. There was only a short trip from there to a wall which held a small door, which the guard opened to show a chute-like arrangement. "Sit down in there and slide down and you will find the land of the Morlocks at the other end."

"But what do I do when I get there?" Nevlin asked.

"We don't care! You're no concern of ours among the Morlocks, they have their own culture down there. You figure things out, you wanted society to be more unexpected, didn't you?"

With an answer like that (crudity unheard of among civilized people, but apparently Nevlin didn't rate civility any longer), Nevlin didn't say anything else, just clambered awkwardly into the chute and slid down it like a child on a recreational exercise toy would. The slide was long and curved several times, to an extent that he was extremely disoriented by the end of it, but couldn't have gone far in any direction but down.

Stood up and looked around, made a face. The Morlocks may be the cleaners of society but felt no need to keep their own realm tidy, from all appearances. How was he supposed to make contact with their society from here, anyhow? He had to get a classification, an assigned apartment, a work assignment, he didn't even have any of their money....

His fledgling plans died before being born, he was snatched up by a small group of Morlocks, all big, hairy, brutish travesties of Mankind. He'd never seen Morlocks up close, they'd always been small figures glimpsed briefly from his balcony now and then, or images shown in videos, the Morlocks had always been shown as animals, as villains, as destructive creatures unworthy of any redemption. And now they had him. Nevlin whimpered as he was carried between two of them, their painfully tight and powerful grips on his arms on either side, down the dirty corridors of the lowest parts of the city, dodging large deposits of trash or foulness, but just trodding over smaller clumps of the same. The odors about him were many, ripe, and usually nauseating at worst, loathsome at best. Some of these were coming from the men who carried him. They were nearly half again as large as he was in all directions, their faces weren't disfigured but were unkempt. The one on his right would have passed for handsome had he not had such a large bulge over his eyes, which pushed his eyebrows out to cling precariously to the edge and left his eyes and lower face looking sunken and malevolent. The one to his left wore a bushy mustache and beard, it would help if he'd kept it combed and trimmed neatly instead of letting it go all over and curl about itself like it did.

Both of these Morlocks were brawny and heavily muscled. No wonder Mankind kept them for the more physical tasks of civilization. Nevlin considered his own scrawny arms clamped in their hands, large enough to encircle his biceps easily, and despaired. What could he do among the Morlocks to warrant their forms of payment? He'd starve if the Council's length of sentence were more than a few days!

And in the hands of these Morlocks who were taking him somewhere...would he even survive the next hour?

The room he was taken to was large with clumps of Morlocks about it, separate cliques, obviously. At the head of the aisle between them (an aisle formed only by dint that nobody was standing or sitting there), awaited a large, strong man that was seated in what could only be called a throne. He was marched up there, presumably for evaluation and assignment.

"Another one from above for us." the one on the right of Nevlin said as he was deposited before this big man.

"Very good."

Nevlin cleared his throat and was ready to talk, introduce himself and try to display his abilities here. He could make a clerk for this strong man, organize things for him, the Morlocks didn't know how to read or write, he understood, he could do that and that would be valuable.

But the next words weren't addressed to Nevlin. "Undress him."

Nevlin didn't dare struggle as the two men who had ferried him here pulled at his clothing, though they were the only possessions he now had. They'd had practice doing this to hapless Men in the past, for they had him down to his bare skin inside of a handful of seconds.

"Turn him around." came the command, and Nevlin was presented bare to the assembly.

"We have an Eloi for you." the leader commanded. "What am I bid for him?" Nevlin recognized the name. They called these men Morlocks so they returned the favor by calling Mankind Eloi. He wasn't going to be the one who called them out about it. But that last for him?

"Has he been used already?" one man in a group called back.

"Brought him straight from the dumping site." the leader affirmed.

"How do we know he's any good then?" the man challenged. "Last one I bought cried nonstop when I used him. I don't need that again."

"Anyone else feel that way?" the leader asked the group.

"Let's see him in action!"

"Put it to him and let us see!"

"Do it, do it!"

"All right, all right." the leader said. And to the men who'd brought him in. "Seeg, Blan, break this one in for these near-Elois."

The title was derogatory in a desultory way, it earned laughs and hoots, but nothing worse. Nevlin looked to each side as the Morlocks who had brought him in now advanced on him.

"I'll take him first." the one with the eyebrow shelf forehead said to the other. "You hold him down for me, Seeg and I'll do the same for you."

Any doubts Nevlin had about what being "used" meant vanished quickly enough as Blan advanced on him, his hands reaching for the belt at his waist. He backed up from the advancing Blan and right into Seeg behind him and both wrists were clasped of a sudden and he was borne down by a hard, steady pull backwards and down from there and found himself sprawled on the floor, Seeg kneeling over his head and Blan was kneeling between his legs. His hand was holding his organ and...oh, Logic help him, it was huge!

"Hold on tight, Eloi, this is going to sting a little!" Blan told him and the Morlocks about him laughed. As if this was a mere inoculation instead of a ravishiment! But Nevlin didn't dare protest, he needed these Morlocks' aid if he was going to live!

Blan spat a time or two on his palm and worked it over his glans, and Nevlin blessed him silently for that. And then he was pushing that gigantic prong at Nevlin's ass and all blessings ended, for that pitiful amount of self-lubrication proved itself pitifully inadequate. Nevlin was no stranger to male-male sex, of course, but this was a size more than any he had ever even considered before!

It was like having an entire fist and arm rammed up him, for Blan gave him no mercy as he entered Nevlin's body. His face, handsome but for those eyebrows on their ridge, was twisted up in a grin as he drove his manhood deeper and deeper inside of Nevlin.

Despite his efforts, a moan escaped from Nevlin's throat as he was pillaged from below by this huge Morlock. "Uhhhhhhh!" he groaned and Seeg chuckled as he watched Nevlin's face upside-down from above.

"He's a willing one, all right." Seeg told his leader. "Blan got in him first time. Pain but no resistance."

"Getting in is one thing. Let's see how he takes to being plowed." the challenger from the group declared.

Blan began to thrust in and out of Nevlin's ass and Nevlin groaned again as he felt his insides being pulled nearly inside out from the thick pole being pulled back out after each plunge into him.

Blan leaned in more and rested on his fists to each side of Nevlin's chest inside his armpits. He was surrounded by these two huge Morlocks, at their mercy now each had he chosen resistance. But he needed these Morlocks to live! He had to take this, had to not only endure it but love it!

He forced himself to reach his legs up and wrap them around Blan's body and help the big Morlock to fuck his ass. "Ooh, yeah, this Eloi loves taking hard, long Morlock dong!" Blan told the assemblage.

"So what am I bid for this Eloi?" the leader told them. And the bidding began, numbers and words that meant nothing to Nevlin. Mankind (Eloi) hadn't used money in centuries, after all.

It was an odd feeling, looking at this big, powerful Morlock, this epitome of all that was rough and cruel and brutal in Man, looking down at him, the rough face softened by passion. Eyes unfocused, nostrils flared, mouth open, chest heaving, the entire body focused only upon plunging that monster dong in and out of Nevlin's ass.

Seeg had turned loose of Nevlin's wrists now. No more need to hold him, after all, was there? And Nevlin reached and fondled Seeg's crotch, feeling the pud resting in there.

Seeg got the idea and took out his prick and Nevlin pushed his chin uppermost and opened his mouth and let the bearded Morlock stuff his prick into his mouth while Blan continued to ram him, the big Morlock panting hard and his thrusts getting rougher and faster.

Now he had two Morlocks, two muscled powerhouses of this offshoot of Mankind, plunging their tumescent towers of virility into his body. And though he was far smaller than they, far weaker, he felt that he was the one that controlled these two. His mouth, his ass, began to move in ways to maximize these Morlocks' pleasure and Blan began to groan heavily, his face flushed, he began to ram his cock into Nevlin hard and fast, moaning, "AH-HUH, UH-HUH-UH, HUH-UH, UH, UH, UH, GUHHHHHHHH-NNNNNNUUUUUUUHHHHHH!"

Nevlin felt the hot rush of salty spunk pumping into him while Blan's face went from pink to red, bright red, the big Morlock thrashed awkwardly in his motions and Nevlin released Seeg's prong and raised his head up to look at Blan's body pressed against his own below his testes. His own climax mauled his senses then and he sprayed himself and Blan liberally with his own jism. Blan lowered himself down onto Nevlin and Nevlin kissed that rough, handsome face as it rested itself wearily upon his shoulder, moaning softly in residual delight.

Seeg was moaning, too, but in frustration. "Me, I get him next, me!" he announced as Blan's orgasm released the huge stud and left him limp and sweaty.

Blan rolled wearily away from Nevlin and Seeg pushed in to take his place, and Nevlin took this second within him. Reached not only legs up to wrap the legs, but also his arms to hold the broad, muscled chest. Seeg was anything but gentle, but Nevlin was beyond pain by now, and Seeg was smaller in girth and length than Blan.

With Seeg thrusting into him with loud, audible grunts at each plunge into Nevlin's body, the leader declared a winner. Nevlin had been sold. As the owner came up to collect him, Seeg moved in frantic haste and reached his climax as the Morlocks reached them.

He was allowed only the briefest time to accommodate his second lover's orgasm, and soon as Seeg finished and his groans shifted in pitch, Nevlin was lifted bodily away from him and with come dripping out of his ass, Nevlin was taken away by the Morlocks who now owned him.

It was a group of seven Morlocks, whether they were family or friends, he never quite understood. They made no effort to speak with him, they simply kept him in a room they inhabited and when they'd return at the end of their work day, they would take turns fucking him. Nevlin learned their desires and preferences and could bring any of them to rapid ecstasy in a few minutes.

He lost all track of days and nights, for the Morlocks worked all hours and there was usually one or two of them with him in the room. He was fed their food and while it was coarse and poorly prepared, it was filling and sustained him.

When a noise at the door came, he didn't know what to make of it. The Morlocks, big as they were, cowered away from the Eloi guards who came in through that door. "There you are, Nevlin 38D17." one of them said. "Come along, your time here is completed."

"Completed?" Nevlin asked dumbly.

The guard looked at him and there was pity in his eyes. "You have spent three months here. Come with me, we will return you to your home and your job and your life, it has all been held in abeyance for you to take them up again."

Nevlin rose from his mattress, nude and not very clean, and he walked with the guards who took him into a vehicle which rose from the ground and wended its way up, up, up, back to the levels of the Eloi, back to his former life.

Nevlin spent nearly three weeks trying to fit himself back into the life he'd once had. He certainly didn't want to return to being the personal property of the clan of Morlocks he'd been sold to, but he didn't want to get lovers through applications and pre-planning either. He'd done that until it had sickened him, it was what had gotten him in trouble to begin with. It interrupted his rest cycle and he took to roaming the public areas when sleep was denied him.

A chance meeting early one morning did it. A Morlock who'd been working at night leaving a building as he came close by. His heart pounding in his chest, he walked up to the Morlock who was waiting for the Morlock transport to come pick him up.

The huge man's back was to him and Nevlin grinned as he got close. Placing a very inappropriate hand on the Morlock's tight buttocks, he said, "Are you looking for a good time, Morlock?"

The Morlock turned and looked at him first in anger, then the anger expression eased. "I wouldn't mind it." he admitted. Those overhanging eyebrows were off their cliff-verge for the first time, raised above that ridge in delight above a huge grin.

"Then come with me." Nevlin said and led Blan back to his home, his heart pounding in his chest. Social deviation be damned, THIS was how you were supposed to get a man! He felt really human at last!

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