A Piece of the Action

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

I got home from work that day and Darryl was sprawled out on the couch like he does, watching a football game. It had to be a re-run of some kind, but I didn't care, because Darryl is this big, hairy, brawny hunk of a man, all muscle and black hair, and plenty of both on his oversized frame. My sister has some weird tastes in her men, but this latest one was something special. I mean, you couldn't have picked a tastier hunk of man for me if you had gone shopping for me special. He saw me arrive and said, "Good, you're here! Sit down, you and me have to have a talk."

"Fine by me." I said and instead of taking the easy chair next to the couch, I sat down on the half-cushion of the couch he was semi-lying on. Darryl had one foot on the couch, sole downwards and knee bent, the other one on the floor with one elbow on the armrest and the other arm lying on the top of the couch, with his manhood resting comfortably loose in a pair of football shorts, with a tanktop covering only part of the thick thatch of man-fur that adorned his chest. Like I said, the perfect man, and I took advantage of sitting down to have my hand reach out and wrap itself over the top of the foot sitting on the couch. Put it there and held onto it. "Where's Sonya? And Mom?" I asked.

"They're out shopping." Darryl said. "They'll be home about eight o'clock." A brief pause and then, "I asked them to clear out for me, so we could have a talk."

"Ooh!" I gave him my brightest smile. "Just the two of us." And my hand slid from his foot up his ankle and onto the lower part of his leg.

"And this is just what the fuck we're going to be talking about." Darryl grabbed my wrist with his upper hand and yanked it off his leg and threw it over into my lap. "You and your grab-hands all over the place. I mean, I know you're gay and all, but what the fuck is all this?"

"What can I say?" I asked him. "You turn me on."

"I'm sleeping with your sister."

"Yeah, but you're not married to her or nothing." I returned. I didn't say the rest of it, which is that my sister is more than eager to bring a man into her life, but she never gets serious enough about them to settle down with them, much less marry them. "A guy can hope, can't he?"

"If hoping were all you were doing, I could fucking live with that." Darryl snarled at me. His face was still damned attractive, even with one lip upraised in the snarl and his thick eyebrows pushed down on his forehead. "It's all this grabbing and rubbing and shit you're pulling on me."

"Like when?" I acted affronted, though I knew darned well what he was talking about.

"I'm talking about when I'm sitting at the dinner table, you always make an excuse to get up to get something. You squeeze past me behind and you rub your damned dick on my back! You do that on purpose, I know damned well you do!"

"There's not enough room in the dining room!" I responded, but he was right. I didn't have to squeeze past.

"When your mother or Sonya squeeze past, they don't have to touch me. You rub all the fucking way across!"

"Yeah? Okay, what's the next time."

"Shit, every time we pass each other, your hand comes out and tries to cop a feel on me. You stare at me when we're watching television like this, right at my damned crotch with your lips licking like you're thinking of licking something else...."

"I am." I admitted. Staring right at his crotch.

"I mean, I am fucking getting sick and tired of it!" Darryl went on doggedly. "And if you don't fucking cut it out, and I mean right fucking now, I'm going to get some buddies and we're going to beat the fucking crap out of you, you get me. I mean, it stops and it stops right now!"

He stopped, breathing heavy and I said after a time. "Are you done?"

"Yeah, I'm done."

"So can I talk now?"

"Go ahead."

"What you got against you and me having a bit of fun?"

He didn't expect that. "But I'm fucking your sister."

I shrugged. "Lots of guys have fucked my sister. There'll be others after you. I'm just asking for a piece of the action here." My hand went back onto his foot and I rubbed it up and down, soft and seductively as I could with the foot plastered into the couch like it was.

"A piece of the action." He repeated like he couldn't believe it.

"Yeah. Why not?" I went on. "I'll treat you right. You'll enjoy the hell out of it and so will I. You can tell Sonya whatever you want on it, I don't care." I said the next line looking obviously right at his crotch and licking my lips. "So how about you scoot on down a little more and I'll give you a suction like you won't fucking believe."

"I ain't letting no faggot suck on my dick!" Darryl was outraged.

"There are more things than letting me suck on it." I went on. "How about a little hand action, then?" I made a jerk-off motion in mid-air.

"No fucking way!"

"Come on!" I pressed him. "You can let me do something, can't you? Maybe run my tongue through the fur on that chest, maybe?"

"Shit, no!"

"You got to give me something here." I went on. "I mean, right now, I'm getting touches and rubs when and where I can. You want me to stop, well, I'm not going to do that. So let's work out an agreement. Something I am allowed. And I don't mean a hearty handshake!"

"I don't want you touching me!" Darryl returned.

"Then I guess we'll have to keep on having those accidental touches, won't we?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Shit!" Darryl went on.

"Or you can move out and maybe move Sonya in with you." I knew that was an empty option, Darryl was out of work right now and had been for a month. Mom had told me (venting, only) that she was having to pay for all the groceries for us, despite Darryl agreeing to chip in on the bills. Just another big, good-looking hunk who couldn't keep a real job.

"Shit!" Darryl's second use of that word was softer.

"So what can I do with you. I want a piece of the action, dude! We'll pick a piece, and you give that to me, and all the other shit will stop. You and me can make times for our games, and never speak of it any other time. It can stay our little secret. So how about it. One blow-job a week?"

"No. Hell, no! Keep your fucking hands off my prick! Or the rest of my body!"

"We both know that's not going to happen."

"So what's the least I can give you to make you stop it." Darryl had gone from the demanding hulk to negotiating from a position of weakness.

And he'd just set himself up for the thing I really wanted all along. "How about your feet, then."


"Yeah, your feet. You let me have your feet to do whatever I want to. Lick them, suck them, rub on them, all of that. And I leave the rest of your body alone."

That set him back. "Alone? Completely?"

"Completely. Unless you give me permission." I qualified. "I may ask, but you have to say yes. Except for your feet. They belong to me."

"I can't fucking believe I'm talking about this!" he burst out to the heavens.

"Come on. Your feet. What's so bad about having your feet in my mouth? You stuff them in smelly workboots, drown them in sweat all day long every day, you step in mud, you step in dog crap. Wash them off, they're good as new, right? So what do you say? An hour or so every week in exchange for never having my dick scrape your back any more?"

"I'll...I'll think about it." He temporized.

"While you're thinking about it, stick this warm puppy up here for me. I feel like sucking some toes right now. It'll help you make up your mind."

He hesitated, but only a short time, then his foot lifted itself up and he dropped it into my lap. I picked his leg up in my hands and took a deep sniff of that foot. Nice. He'd been airing it out all day long, but still, it had some nice man-musk to it. "Mmmm." I said. "I can't wait for a chance at this after it's been bathing in your shoe all day long. You got to give me a shot at it before you wash after work, if you ever go back to work again."

"I cut the lawn this afternoon." Darryl told me. "Had my shoes on with no socks. Sweated like a pig."

I took another sniff, this time digging my nose in between the big toe and second toe. "Yeah, there it is!" I sighed as I breathed out. "All nice and thick and salty and a bit cheesy! Yeahhhh!" I inhaled again.

"Shit!" Darryl drew the word out about three syllables long. Shiiiiiiiit!

I rubbed my cheek against the big toe, feeling that thick pad against my face, soft as a kitten's nose, and then as I brought it across my face to the center, I opened my mouth and took that big baby into my mouth and sucked on it. Oh, man, it was rich, he'd been mowing the lawn all day and hadn't washed his feet after all right. You can't get that much flavor on a foot unless you leave it all nasty and wet with sweat which dries off, but the water is all that evaporates, all the body's oils and salts and the excretion of the glands that ooze out with the sweat. That's what gives the foot its special flavor, makes it rich as a gourmet cheese and sweet as a summertime sundae with hot fudge. I sucked that bulb of human flesh and my tongue rubbed it over and over and over

"Shit!" Darryl sighed. "That feels fucking good, man! Fucking good!"

I licked between the big toe and second toe, then sucked the second toe into my mouth and gave it the same treatment. Darryl liked that, too, but when I dug into the divide between the second and middle toe, his moans were downright sexual.

His tween-toes were an erogenous zone to this big stud, one he'd never discovered before. As my tongue explored those regions, he threw an enormous boner and began to grind his hips, thrusting upwards. He was no longer semi-sitting, he was flat on his back on the bed, writhing as my tongue and lips and mouth plied over his toes. "Oh, God, oh, fucking mother God!" He heaved as I worked on his little toe at last. "I never knew it could feel like this! Oh, God, you crazy faggot, how'd you learn to turn a guy on so damned good!"

I lifted my lips from his foot and grinned at the worked-up lunk. "When you're a guy yourself, it's easy. It's women who have to study what to do for a man in magazines. I already know."

"Oh, God! Lick the soles of my feet, lick them!"

"The soles are too tough." I explained. "But what about here." And I licked the arch of his foot, and began to work my tongue over that, just light licks, enough to titillate the sensitive skin, but not enough to desensitize it as you would get with a harder lick. Just light sliding of the taste buds over the skin and Darryl was groaning harder than ever.

"Shit, you're turning me so fucking on!" Darryl moaned. "I don't fucking care any more, get up here and suck me, you god-damned faggot!"

"And what about mine?" I asked him as I pulled my own shirt off (it was a pullover) and then unfastened my pants. "I got a dick that needs love, too."

"You got my feet, don't you?" was his panted retort.

"Just making sure you were good with that." I said, as I finished peeling off my clothes. With only the tanktop and shorts on his own body, Darryl beat me all hollow, I was still working on briefs, pants, shoes and socks when he lay nude back on the bed. I looked at that huge, hairy hunk and I just moaned and fought my shoelaces harder. Finally nude, I got back on the couch and arranged myself so that I had Darryl's foot at my crotch, and I pressed it against the sole to give my shaft full contact with my private-property piece of his body. This also put my face up at this crotch and the thick uncut nine-inch dong that lived there in the swamp of his pubic hair. It stood there, a proud grey-brown pillar of desire that waited for me.

Darryl was already turned on as hell, his cock was hot and dripping precome from the slit, enough that when I sank my mouth on it, he gave a huge groan and began to thrust upwards at my mouth. I held on, and Darryl grabbed my head and moaned, "Oh, shit, I'm coming, here it comes, faggot, get ready, AH-AHH-AHH-GAHH-HAHH-HUNNNKHHHHHH!"

And that fast, he was squirting his jizz down my throat, had his cock jammed in so far, I couldn't even taste it, just swallow hard as I could before he strangled me, and after a half dozen gulps, he let go and fell back on the couch, breathing hard as he could and I let go and coughed and swallowed again and got my throat clear enough to breathe again.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Darryl gasped. "Shit, that was motherfucking incredible!"

I remembered my poor neglected cock resting on his foot and I decided it was now me-time. I began to hunch against his foot and Darryl roused slightly and looked at me. "You didn't get off yet?" he wanted to know.

"Hell, no, but I'm going to." I said. "These feet are mine now, you remember?"

"Oh yeah!" he said. "So knock yourself out."

I rubbed and he just lay there and let me, a small smile on his face as I scrubbed my dong on his foot and after a time, I shuddered and my cock sprayed my spunk out and all over and between his toes. I could feel it as he worked his toes as I finished my ejaculation and when I let go of him, he said, "Got another cleanup job for you."

"Yeah, I know." I gasped.

"You forgot something else." he went on.

"I did?"

"Yeah." He said and pulled the other foot up off the floor, where it had stayed all this time. "You got another foot here. You never touched it."

"Another piece of the action." I grinned.

"And we got another two hours before Sonya and Mary get back." he agreed. "Might as well let you get your fill of it."

I burped and said, "I could stand a second helping." Darryl just laughed and sure enough, not an hour later, I had his dong back in my mouth. This time, sucking him took so long my own orgasm (rubbing on his other foot) came first. When Sony and Mom got home, I felt almost sorry about my deal. No more dinnertime rubs on his shoulder! No more accidental "feels" when we passed each other in the hallway.

A bit later that night, I was walking out of my room toward the kitchen and a late-night snack, and Darryl came out of Sonya's room en route to the bathroom. As we went past each other, I felt a hand on my crotch and a quick feel as he went past. Stunned, I turned and looked past him. He stopped at the end of the hallway, turned and said, "You have to stop. Don't say nothing to Sonya or your mom about you and me. Sonya will be asleep in another fifteen minutes max. See you then, your room."

"Yeah." I said and he went into the bathroom. Turned and went directly back to my room. My late-night snack would arrive soon under its own power; I wanted to spend the time getting ready for my next piece of the action.

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