The Bear's Christmas Bonus

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Josman.

Illustration of The Bear's Christmas Bonus

This image was on one of Mike White's stories. I returned Mike White's story rights back to him and will no longer offer them for publication. So I'm taking this much-beloved Josman image, to which I have retained the rights for one full-size use plus thumbnails, and have done a Christmas-themed story for the image, rather than simply pasting it onto a past effort as with many of the other images. Enjoy and I'll do the same with other artist illustrations in the near future!

When the alarm sounded the morning of December 22nd, Bobby "Bear" Mathers opened his eyes, giving him a blurry and unfocused view of the ceiling, and moaned. "Ah, shit!" he groaned.

"Robert! Robert!" came his wife's sharp voice. Bear hated it when his wife called him that, in part because it meant she was pissed at him, but mostly because his name wasn't Robert, it was "Bobby!" It said so on his birth certificate. But his friends and co-workers called him bear, mostly because he was built on the general lines of one, large, hairy, strong and gruff-voiced.

"Robert!" his wife was now in the doorway. How the fuck had he managed to hook up with a bitch like Saundra anyway? Large, loud, her meager attractiveness had long ago vanished under forty pounds of extra fat and the ugly attitudes that she carried in her breast, they had bled through into her face. She now looked like nothing more than an overweight vulture hovering over him in the bed.

"What the fuck is it?"

"It's Friday!" she announced.

"I know it, damn it!" Bear groused, tossing back the cover and sitting up in bed. He was now clad in nothing more than a pair of worn out briefs that sagged about his rather ample endowment.

"You haven't gotten your Christmas bonus yet!"

"I know, I know!" Bear declared.

"We can't pay the bills without that money, you know!" she ground on inexorably.

"What do you want me to do about it, hold a gun to his head? He hasn't given it to me."

"Today's your payday, too, make sure he gives it to you then!"

"He'll give it to me." Bear agreed, and she mercifully left him alone then. He showered and got dressed, ate the dreary breakfast his wife made for him and then left for his job.

Working at a car repair shop wasn't such a bad job. Everyone who owned a car needed his services at one time or another. He knew and understood cars, and didn't mind getting oily grime under his fingernails. There are worse ways to make a living, after all, and a car never talked back to him the way Saundra always did. Jeez, he ought to file for divorce already, there weren't any kids to consider and the way she spent money was enough to make any man think about homicide. Of course, if he did, she'd file for alimony and the damned judge would probably give it to her!

The day was especially nasty for Bear. Christmas spirit be damned, when a person's car breaks down, they all turn into whiny bastards. He'd made mistakes that day, nothing big, but it slowed him down and made him redo things, always, always with the customer watching him screw up. To top it off, in the mid-afternoon, Mrs. Corneggey brought in her Mercedes again, the woman couldn't stand the slightest thing being wrong with her Mercedes, even if it was twelve years old, and she'd bring it in and he was supposed to fix the car for only a few dollars and make it all go away, or she'd raise bloody hell, right him, like it was his fault! And sure enough, he failed to stop a tiny clicking sound in the engine and she bawled him out and declared that she'd just take the car to another shop that would be able to fix it...and she did, and didn't pay their shop a single dime for the last hour's work he'd done for her! It all made the day a hundred years long.

Six o'clock rolled around eventually, and this time of year, it was long dark by then. Still no paycheck, shit! He knew his boss was in the throes of a divorce himself, not to mention some bad luck on several jobs, like when that engine block dropped onto that Porsche, those repairs had to come out of the shop's profits.

Finally, after locking up the shop for the day, here came Craig with his paycheck. "Sorry to take so long, Bear!" He said as he handed Bear the green slip. "It's been a killer day for me." His blond hair and mustache framed an amiable face. Bear liked that face, it caused the oddest stirrings in his stomach sometimes when they got close to each other and he got a whiff of Craig's male scent, not just the after-shave he used when he trimmed the edges of his beard, but the sweat that he worked up over the course of a hard day.

"That's okay, long as I get it." Bear took his check and looked at it. Oh, it was for the entire amount of his salary, all right...and not one cent more. He moved his thumb and forefinger on the check, was a second one underneath it? Nope.

Craig was turning away. "Uh." Bear started.

Craig stopped, turned. "Yeah?"

"No bonus this year?" There had been bonuses every year he'd worked for Craig, seven years now, and it had become an accepted part of his paycheck. It had always come on his payday, yes, and this year that was the 22nd of December, but....

"Sorry, man, I just can't afford it." Craig told him. "My ex is raking me over the coals and the attorneys, I've had to take out three loans just the last two months alone."

Bear wasn't totally unsympathetic, but hell, it wasn't like Craig hadn't known the bonus was coming up. And damn it, it wasn't optional! "Look, man, I really need that bonus, we're not going to make our mortgage on the first if we don't get it."

And Craig, usually easygoing and kindly, just frowned and turned away. "We all got problems." was his answer.

And the rage Bear felt from the day, everything from the wife's tirade of that morning and the work of the day that had gone wrong, and Mrs. Corneggy's whiny complaining and now, no bonus money, his wife would blame him for that when he got home and never shut up all weekend long, holiday or not, that was her way.

"I'm telling you I need that bonus money." he told his boss.

"And I'm saying again there isn't any!" If Bear was pissed, Craig was more than ready to rise to the challenge in kind. He had a divorce and money troubles pumping up his rage.

Seeing that face, even the familiar one, confronting him, thwarting him, just was more than Bear could take. He snarled and got right into Craig's face and that smell again slid into his nostrils, again the familiar stirring in his stomach rose again, but this time, rage was in the mixture as well. "So you have to borrow more, go do it and get me my bonus money!"

"I don't have it, I tell you! What do you expect me to do, pull money out of my ass?"

The face was right up against Bear's, they were practically nose to nose. Bear meant to fight Craig, meant to insist upon the bonus money, he needed that money, needed it if he was going to have peace for the next few weeks in his house. But he was right up against Craig's chest and that aroma from was overpowering him!

"If I can't have a bonus this year, I'm damned well getting something extra out of this!" He said right into Craig's face.

"I don't have anything to give you!"

"The hell you don't!" Bear said and he dove onto Craig, not in anger, but in passion. He kissed Craig and his arms went around Craig, and the strange thing to him was, that Craig kissed back and reached to encircle Bear at the same time. The kiss was long and intense, and when Bear released Craig, panting heavily, he said, "This can be my bonus."

"Fine." Craig gasped back and they pressed against each other again.

Even though Craig was willing, Bear didn't give him the chance. He tore at Craig's clothes, yanking the shirt apart rather than unbuttoning it, baring a strong expanse of breast scattered with pale blond hairs, and he yanked the belt undone and then grabbed the blue jeans and without even unfastening the fly, he skinned the jeans and briefs together down Craig's slender waist. Slammed that naked butt up onto the old wooden desk, it performed occasional duty holding engine parts that needed detail work on them, now it held Craig's naked ass while Bear stood over him unzipping that long zipper on the front of his brown jumpsuit.

Craig watched them, then hastily peeled off his workboots and that let him drop the jeans and briefs onto the floor. "Ah, damn, come on, come on." he said as he splayed his legs wide. "Give it to me, give it!"

Bear fondled his dong, it had hardened some, but his hands quickly brought it to its full eight-inch, two-inch-thick bearlike glory. "Damned straight I will. Fuck me over on the bonus, I'll fuck you over but good!"

"Yeah, damn, yeah, I....oh, oh, OOHHHH!" Craig groaned as Bear shoved his prong right up that hair-lined ass. No lube, no pussy-footing around, he drove it straight and hard and true, it rammed right up into Craig's butt like an arrow to its target.

"Guh-uh-uhhhh!" Bear grunted as the hot sphincter wrapped itself around his shaft like butter on a hot biscuit.

"Oh, shit, God, it's so big and fat!" Craig moaned. He wasn't begging for mercy, he was relishing the hard thick tool in his ass! "Shit, man, rip me up with it!"

"God damned right!" Bear growled and he shoved it in deeper. Craig only howled harder and his cock was a solid shaft of male rut slapping at Bear's stomach with each thrust Bear made into Craig's bowels.

"Oh, ah, hah, yeah, man, yeah, ah, hah!" Craig grunted at each impalement of his body by Bear's prick.

"Uh, huh, huh, uh, uh!" Bear grunted in his own turn, his face a scowl of concentration.

"Oh, shit, yeah, uh, hah, ah!" Craig moaned.

"Uh, huh, uh, uh, uh, huh!"

"Oh, shit, man, I'm, coming, oh, shit, ah, ah, hah, ah!"

"Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-uh-uh!" Bear sped up and now his thighs slammed Craig's buttocks in staccato sounds of fleshy slaps.

"Oh, God, oh, God, oh, oh, oh, oh!" Craig was thrashing back and forth on the desk.

"Uh, uh, huh, gruh, gruh, uh, gruh!" Bear's grunts were shifting as well, as passion leached into his efforts.

"Coming, coming, ah, GUH-UH-HUNNNNNNN!" Craig's orgasm was immediate and copious, hot splats of jizz rocketed upwards and flew everywhere, hitting Craig's body from neck to arms to stomach, and splashing against Bear's chest and jumpsuit from his ribcage down to his knees.

As Craig ejaculated, his ass spasmed on Bear's pud, squeezing and milking at the column as Bear drove it in and out of that hot butt.

GRUH-UH-GRUH-UH-UH-GRUHHHHHHH-GUHHHHH!" Bear shoved his cock all the way inside and held it there as his face flushed, the reddening skin running all the way down to his chest, and his teeth clenched, and he blew his wads deep into Craig's insides, and with the orgasm, all the rage and fury and frustration blew out of his body with it, and he felt a release of all tensions and oppressions that had driven him into his boss' arms.

He leaned over onto Craig's body and rested on his elbows so as not to crush the man beneath his weight. Looked into Craig's face, and that aroma that had haunted his brain now was stronger than ever. Bear's sweat dripped onto that face, soaked that beard, and the face itself was dappled with the moisture of loving exertions.

"Oh, man, oh, man!" Craig was sighing in a whisper. "That was so fucking hot!"

"Shit, yeah!" Bear agreed.

"I so fucking needed that!"

"Me, too. My wife is riding my ass so fucking much!"

"I'm sorry I couldn't give you a bonus this year, Bear." Craig confided. "I really don't have two bucks to rub together."

"Yeah, I understand." Bear agreed. "Things are rough all over."

"You said it. My shit-ass wife, why can't she just take everything I have and leave me alone?"

"Is it that bad?"

"No." Craig paused briefly. "It's worse."

"Sorry to hear that." Bear said.

"If business picks up after the first, I'll get you a bonus then."

"The hell you will." Bear told him. "I'll keep the bonus I done got here. It's better than a few hundred dollars my wife can piss away."

"Well, you can collect this bonus in installments." Craig told him. "Next payment due this time Monday after work."

"You got it." Bear agreed.

His wife was just as pissy about the lack of a bonus as he'd expected and tried her best to make his Christmas miserable. But unlike the weeks before, her words and ongoing coldness in bed didn't intrude into his spirit the way it had in the months before. He knew that come Monday morning, the shop would reopen and when it closed that evening, he'd collect some more of his Christmas bonus.

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