Just Grab It!

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2002 by Eduardo

Illustration of Just Grab It I was watching a video when Marshall came home from work. He saw the screen, the man in the business suit talking to the audience, and he asked, "Whatcha watchin', Jason?" He was wearing what he always wore to work at the construction site, a yellow hard hat on his sandy brown hair to shade his pale blue eyes, a red bandana loosely tied around his neck below the large, chiseled jawline, a light blue cotton shirt grimed from the day's labor and stained darker under the arms where sweat had soaked it liberally, it clung to his broad shoulders and massively muscled chest, bulging with each individual muscle as he moved and flexed, blue jeans well worn and faded, with more grime from the jobsite, and heavy, grubby work boots on his Size 12 feet. A banged-up lunchbox carried his Thermos bottle, three sandwiches and a two-pack of Twinkies. Or did, the thing was now empty except on those rare occasions when he ate out with friends; on those days, he'd open the lunchbox and toss me the Twinkies. Not today, though.

"A video Jane bought, it came in the mail today." I said. "It's called "Just Grab It!" And I giggled. "Hope she doesn't mind me opening it!"

"Oh, that!" Marshall grunted. "Sonuvabitch cost us sixty bucks!" He and Jane were live-in lovers, I was their star boarder, so to speak, a college guy needing a place to stay, they gave me my own room, access to the living room and such, and my meals in exchange for my monthly rental payment to them, a good arrangement for them and better for me. The house was Marshall's, I should say, and I don't know what Jane brought to their relationship beyond the sex I knew they weren't doing much anymore (those walls weren't very thick!)

"When are they going to grab something?" I asked. "I've been watching it since six o'clock and it's just this guy talking to a bunch of people."

"Well, he's not talking about literally grabbing something." Marshall said. "He's a motivational speaker, who says that if you want something, you have to go after it. You have to have the confidence to go for the things that you want in life."

"Uh-huh." I agreed, the man had been talking about that one way or another for over twenty minutes now. "But he's not going to grab anything?" Okay, my interest had been prurient but with a title like that, can't you blame me for jumping to that conclusion?

"Not actually grab, no." Marshall agreed. "Or not usually, that is. He's talking about going for the things you want with confidence."

"But that means sometimes you just grab it, right?" I pressed.

"Okay, sure." Marshall sighed. "Sometimes, I guess you'd have to just reach out and grab the thing you want. But the idea is that the other person wants to let you grab it."

"Oh." I settled down. "So I'm not going to see any grabbing."

"Just people talking about grabbing, right." Marshall agreed.

I turned off the video. "That sucks. Why'd Jane buy it?"

"It's supposed to help her make better plans for her life." Marshall sighed. "Thing is, I don't think those plans involve you and me."


"Nothing." Marshall said quickly. "I'm going to go take a shower. Tell Jane I'm home and to get supper ready."

"Jane's out tonight." I supplied. "She said for us to warm something up from the fridge. There's a casserole in there, she said."

"She would." Marshall started to say something else, bit it back. "Well, I'll still shower, then I'll heat us up something."

That gave me about another half hour to kill. With nothing better to do, I turned the video back on. The guy was talking still, that was all there was on the video, this guy talking and the audience taking up half the time with their applause.

"You have to have confidence." the man was saying. "When your boss is looking for a new foreman on the job, you don't sit back and say, well, I'm a good worker and he knows it, he'll come looking for me and pick me. You do that, and you'll be at that same job when the new foreman comes by!" The audience laughed a lot more than that joke was worth. "No, you have to grab it! Go to the boss and tell him you want the job, tell him just why you're the right person for the job and don't stop talking until he says, all right, Joe, you got the job! That's how you grab it, you reach out and snag that thing and don't let go until you're good and ready to!"

I turned the video back off again and thought a lot. Marshall didn't think I knew that he and Jane were going to get a divorce pretty soon. Jane had been sneaking things out of the house every time she left like tonight for over two weeks now. Like I wasn't supposed to notice! Heck, women always think that just because you're a guy, you don't notice anything further away than the end of your nose! I knew a lot more than that, and I knew what I wanted to do about Marshall about to get single again. And like the man on the video said, I knew what I had to do, just grab it!

I timed it pretty good, Marshall was done with his shower and now would be standing at the sink, a towel around his waist , combing his hair, maybe tweezing the nostril hairs or such. He would shave on Friday night, but this was only Thursday, so his beard stubble was getting thick but it would last him on the job one more day, one more day. He didn't like to shave on days when he knew he'd break a sweat, that gave him razor burn despite the after-shave.

With just me and Marshall in the house, he wouldn't bother locking the door, and I'd gone in while he was shaving any number of times. He looked over from where he was standing at the sink, comb in his hair. "Oh, hello, Jason." he turned back to his combing. I stared at his bare chest all covered with hair a darker brown than the ones on his head, the way it wrapped around each breast and converged into a narrow dense rope down his stomach, over his navel and into his towel beneath. "I'll be down to fix supper in a few more minutes."

"Do you agree with the man in the video, Marshall?" I asked him.

"You mean, that you should go for what you want?"

"Yeah, that you should just reach out and grab it?"

"Well...yeah, I think he's right." Marshall said. "I mean, if you really want something, you should go after it and...urk!"

I had dropped to my knees and in a sudden motion, reached out and under Marshall's towel and had grabbed hold of his dick! He turned, and I held on, and my arm spread and then knocked the towel aside, then it slid off and onto the floor and Marshall was naked in front of me.

"Then I'm going to just grab it!" I proclaimed. "And now I got it!"

Marshall started to reach down and take my hand away, then he stopped. "Is this what you want?"

"Yeah, Marshall. I want to hold it and touch it and play with it."

"Play with it?" he gasped out and his cock grew bigger and harder in my hand.

"Yeah, like I did with Gordon."


"My old roommate last year in college." I supplied. "A friend Teddy and I sneaked into his bedroom while he was sleeping and we played with it. He's this really well-hung guy. About your size, I think!" Marshall's dick was swelling, and it was bigger than I'd thought!

"You...played with...it?" Marshall's cock was getting really hard and stiff.

"Uh-huh." I agreed. "Gordon didn't mind. He liked it."


"Yeah. I bet you'd like it too, Marshall." Marshall's dick was as hard as it could be, sticking out nearly as long as my forearm and underneath the thick layer of skin it was as hard as a rock. "Can I play with your cock, Marshall?"

"Uh-huh." Marshall moaned and leaned forward so he could brace his hands on the edge of the sink.

I scooted in a little closer and I began to move my hand up and down his cock. "This is how I did it with Gordon." I explained as I pumped on my Marshall's dong. "Teddy and I traded off on Gordon until he squirted a whole lot of jizz into the air. Can you shoot like that for me, Marshall?"

"Uh, uh!" Marshall grunted as his hips made little thrusting motions at my hand. Helping me jack on him. "Yeah, Jason, if you keep this up, I'll shoot a hell of a wad for you." A thick, clear fluid suddenly gushed out of the slit of his dong and the fluid ran over my hand. The smell of it was musky and rich. Like Marshall smelled at the end of a hard day of work. Or like Gordon, when I....

"This isn't all that I did with Gordon, Marshall." I admitted. "Can I show you what else we did?"

"You're forgetting what the video taught you, Jason." Marshall reminded me. "You should just grab it."

"Yeah." I said and I grabbed Marshall's pud again. This time it was with my mouth, my lips slid over his glans and down his shaft and as I did, Marshall moaned again, louder.

"Ohhh, oh, God, Jason, oh, GOD!" This last as I stopped, his cock shoved all the way down the back of my mouth and partially down my throat, as far as I could fit it. This gave me more than half his length. Marshall had a really big cock, it was all I could do to keep from choking to death right then!

I pulled back up his shaft, hanging on tight and as I did, my Marshall groaned again, I reached the top, the cockskin a thick bundle of folded-up skin over the crest of his glans, then I began to push back down.

As I did, Marshall's hand grabbed hold of my head and pushed me down and I sank deeper still, his cock shoved down my throat and I felt it going into my neck and when he stopped pushing, I had my nose right up against his pubic bush of hair. Marshall groaned again, a guttural sound, and his cock pulsed deep inside me, then he let go of me and I rose back up his cock's length again, only catching hold of his cockskin at the last moments, and a fold of it went up over his glans and Marshall groaned and his hands (both of them on my head now) shoved me back down again.

"Uh, uh, I'm coming, Jason, I'm coming!" Marshall grunted as he released me again.

His hands didn't force me to do what I did next, which was that I sank down on his cock again, driving it as far as I could, not as far as he'd forced me to, but deep and I held on that time, holding Marshall's cock inside my mouth and throat as he moaned, shuddered and shook, and then as his moans hit a crescendo, his cock pulsed and hot liquid jizz poured into my throat.

"OH, GOD, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!" Marshall cried out as he shot his spunk into me. "Oh, God, Jason, oh, man, oh, oh, oh!" He shuddered again, panting heavily, as the last of it squirted into my throat and he was done and I only then released his cock, sliding it out of my throat and mouth, the prick shrinking as I did, until what slid from between my lips was only a limp, weak shadow of its former glory.

"Ah-hah, ah-hah, ah-hah!" Marshall gasped as he again braced himself on the sink's edge, and I got up and grinned at him. Marshall's face was flushed a surprisingly bright red color, and his eyes were sparkling as he turned them to me, his chest still rising and falling, his lips parted, as he continued to breathe heavily.

"Now that was what I was wanting." I said as I wiped my lips, then licked them again. They bore a slightly salty flavor, the salt from Marshall's prick, and his semen made a warm pool in my stomach. "I wanted it and I just grabbed it!"

"You sure did, Jason." Marshall agreed, wiping his forehead with one hand. "Whew! I haven't shot a wad like that in I don't know when!"

"Not since you and Jane last did it?" I asked.

"Uh? Well, yeah, not since then." Marshall agreed. "Maybe a long time before then. I haven't been given a blowjob for, God, three months or more."

"Yeah, I know." I commiserated.

"Well, let me get dressed and I'll heat up that casserole." Marshall said. "We'll have to make do tonight. But don't worry, Jane will be home tomorrow night."

"Maybe." I said. Marshall didn't argue with that, just pushed me out of the bathroom and down the hallway. But he wasn't rough about it, he was laughing, laughing without laughing if you know what I mean. Jane's absence bothered him, even if I had just sucked him off.

Jane did come home later that night, but she and Marshall had a big argument when she did. I heard it from my room. The next day, when I got home, Marshall was there (he'd taken the entire day off work) and Jane had moved out entirely. Marshall told me about it, trying to be sensitive, but as I said before, I wasn't surprised, I'd seen it coming. You don't pack out your stuff unless you plan to move out yourself, you know?

I said that to Marshall and then I said, "Well, now Jane's gone, you have to make plans yourself, Marshall, you know?"

"Yeah, I do know."

"So like the guy says, you want something, you have to grab it."

"Yes, I do." Marshall stood and walked over to me sitting on the couch. "I know exactly what I want, Jason."

"So just grab it!" I invited him.

And Marshall scooped me off the couch and, with me with my legs wrapped around his waist, holding me in his big, strong arms, Marshall carried me into his bedroom.

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