Starshine Petals

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Inocentius & Pervertida

Illustration of Starshine Petals

While I freely admit the influence of Piers Anthony's Xanth books on my own psyche and through that filter, this story, I have done what I can to make this story universe my own and nothing here is deliberately ripped off from his books. Piers Anthony was more interested in his magical creatures making bad puns than anything else, and I have pretty much avoided that here, and beyond that, well, a magical land with magical creatures are going to turn out pretty much the same no matter what you do!

"Adelby! Adelby!" his mother yelled at Adelby just when the sun had barely made it above the Sunstream Mountains. He stirred on his bed, a tall, lanky youth with long muscles that seemed stretched over a too-large frame. He would grow into this new body of his soon, no doubt, a bit of lankiness was no crime in a young man of barely eighteen years. And a part of that growth was what he was busy doing these days, his two main activities were, as his mother put it, "When he's not eating, he's sleeping!"

"Adelby!" his mother yelled again, in the tone that Adelby unfortunately recognized all too well. When his mother hit that tone, it wasn't long after that she came into his bedroom armed with a glass of water that she would dump all over his face.

So, rather than suffer such a damp rousing of his slumbering form, he struggled into consciousness enough to call back, "I'm awake!"

"Get up and get your clothes on!" she bellowed.

That meant chores for him, Adelby was never forced into such swift activity unless his mother had a string of duties for him to get through. Well, at least she didn't do this every day to him. He threw back the covers and swung his long legs out onto the floor, a naked young man struggling to face the new day. First he made use of the chamberpot in one corner of the room, standing over it and aiming a long yellow stream into the small container. This small pot, the size of a quart bowl, would never have held such a large amount of liquid had it not been magical, as the discharge hit the container, it was whisked away to some far obscure corner of the realm where it could do no harm. Had he squatted over the pot for solid waste, it would have handled it as readily.

His bladder emptied, he turned to his cupboard, which promptly handed him a set of clean clothes. It would have dressed him as well had he allowed it, but Adelby didn't like having those wooden hands on his body, he feared splinters though that had never happened to him. He tugged on a set of tights, pulled a tunic on over that (which hung to mid-thigh and helped further cover his genitals that were much too outlined in the sheer fabric of the tights), slipped his feet into shoes (heavy fabric with pieces of wood sewn to the bottom for soles, and was dressed, and so he went to see what his mother had in store for him again today.

The smell of the cooking in the kitchen was enough to make his stomach growl. "What's for breakfast?" he asked eagerly.

"A piece of this week's bread as you go." His mother replied. "I'm baking a cockatrice for supper." The cockatrice in question was hanging on a rack his mother kept for such things, the lower body of a pig and the upper body of a rooster, the cockatrice combined the best flavors of chicken and pork into one meat, she was still plucking the feathers and scraping off the hairs of the cockatrice. "I need you to pick me a fresh batch of starshine petals for the garnish. So take that heel of bread and off you go!"

Adelby was dismayed. "But mother, the nearest starshine bushes are nearly eight courses away!" He named a measurement that was almost a half kilometer or a quarter of a mile, eight of these was two miles, making a round-trip of four miles. "It'll take me all day!" He exaggerated the way any young male does who doesn't wish to run an errand for his mother.

"That's why you get the entire heel of the bread, you can make two meals out of it." His mother went on inexorably. "We'll eat this cockatrice over the next three days, so it'll be worthwhile to make it right, won't it?"

Well...he did love cockatrice roast and there would be other things to eat along the way if he was lucky. In a land of magic, one never knew when one would happen upon a breadfruit plant (the bread his mother offered came from a tame bush of that grown right in their own front yard) or even a fruit tree, bearing orangelopes or purpleberries or plaidfruit, ripe and ready to eat.... He licked his lips at the prospect and gave up complaining, took the bread, dutifully kissed his mother's cheek in farewell and took off.

Once he had himself outside of the heel of bread (his appetite had demolished any effort of him to keep half of it for later, he'd better find something for his luncheon), his perspective on the trip grew as warm as the day. If he had any regrets, it was not encountering that flock of butterflies earlier, he could have caught one and smeared its butter-laden wings on his bread!

A gryphon was cruising lazily overhead, making circles so it wasn't on some mission or other. The trees about were blanket-trees, their large square leaves gave plenty of shade along the track he walked. This track had drawbacks as well as benefits, it went where he wanted to go, not forcing him to plow through unmarked terrain, which was good, but the thing about a track was that others would use it!

Coming toward Adelby on this track trotted a minotaur. Nobody blocked the path of a minotaur if they knew what was good for them, but Adelby was misfortunate enough at that time to be caught in a bad place. On one side, the track skirted a gulley, the tangle of bushes and leaves masked just how deep it truly was, but it was not something one could navigate and perhaps would not even be able to clamber out of if they fell in. On the other side was a wide patch of grasper-bushes, the vines snaking out and reaching for the travelers, man and minotaur both. Someone had cut the bushes back so they couldn't reach the track itself...but one step off the track would be sure to put him within reach of those bushes and once they got hold of him, they would not let go, the grasper bushes depended upon the fertilizer a rotting corpse of animal (or man) would provide.

The minotaur saw him and snarled, "Make way, human, or be trampled under my hooves!" Minotaurs varied widely in their percentage of man to bull, this one was mostly human, but the differences. His head was bullish in form with a muzzle and wide black nose smeared across the top of it, and he bore horns from the top of his head, each over a foot in length. The torso was human, massively muscled and powerful arms, and this humanness made it as far down as the legs, which is where the bullish characteristics returned with satyr-like hocks and hooved feet. Right at the junction of the two was the minotaur's manhood, a humanlike penis, but the size was purely bullish. Enormous! Even as it spoke, the minotaur kept trotting toward him.

"I...I cannot." Adelby admitted. "The gulley is too deep and the grasper bushes too close. Mayhaps if I laid down, you could step over me...."

"I? Step over you! I'd sooner trample you!" the minotaur snorted as it continued. Minotaurs didn't like to stop moving.

Adelby turned and looked behind him, but the way back was too far, the minotaur moved too fast for that to be effective, it would overtake him in a few seconds more. He had to do it, lied down and hope the minotaur merely trod over him and that be an end of it. He dropped to his knees and onto his hands, about to lie down....

And the minotaur was upon him. Those massive hands caught hold of his hips and held on, kept him from lying on down. "What's this, human?" the minotaur asked him. "Is this how you plan to keep me from trampling you into a mass of bloody goo?"

"What?" Adelby gasped. "I meant to lie down so you could...."

"You present to me your backside uppermost." the minotaur pointed out.

"I was lying down when you...."

"That means only one thing to a minotaur, you must know that."

"Know what?" Adelby asked, but then he realized the minotaur's intent. First, it was making snuffling noises, whuff-whuff-whuff! Then the hands had hold of his tights and was pulling them down to expose his bare buttocks. And that was not a salami-plant resting on top of his ass!

"Oh, my Goddess!" Adelby gasped. "You misunderstood me, Sir Minotaur, when I knelt down like this, I only...."

That was when that thick hot male tool, its head sticky with the weeping clear fluid of a minotaur in full rut, starting poking at the crevice between his ass-cheeks, seeking out the too-small entrance.

"Oh, oh, please, Sir Minotaur, I've never...urk!" The entrance had been found and now Adelby felt his ass being stretched in all directions at once. It hurt...but the rut-fluid (there was too much of it for him to think of it as precome, this was no dribble, this was a solid flow) lubricated the way and his ass drank in the liquid and stretched and stretched. It was painful...but not excruciating.

When he was stretched beyond anything he'd believed possible, the glans popped into his anus, and the minotaur gave a grunt of satisfaction and began pushing further inside. Adelby howled as the huge shaft drove into his bowels, but the minotaur didn't stop until he had sunk the entire horrendous length of it into Adelby's intestines. As he pulled it back out again, Adelby gasped. What was going on inside him?

A small bump in there, he could feel it now there was movement against it, and that scraping was driving his senses in a way both familiar and astonishing. Did he have a second cock in his ass? The tingling that was stirring his cock without him touching it was unmistakable. He...oh, Goddess, he LIKED this!

The minotaur was moving back and forth, and Adelby moaned and began to move his hips in tandem with the thrusts, sending the dong deeper, helping the huge man-beast fuck his ass. It didn't hurt at all anymore.

The minotaur's thrusts became faster, more insistent and then the huge beast gave out a roaring bellow of noise and the dong began to load Adelby's ass with hot spunk, a flow that was ten times that of a normal human's, and Adelby felt the flood filling him and beyond and he threw his own head up and he moaned and his own cock sprayed the track beneath him as he squirted without even touching himself, the minotaur's jism flowing in a growing puddle between his legs, and his tights were soaked with the spunk that got onto it one way and another, and the minotaur was finished with him and pulled out the oversized pud, flaccid but still enough to resist the withdrawal, and when he'd popped the cork of Adelby's ass, he stood up and gave a small hop that jumped his gigantic form right over the prostrate Adelby and he was beyond Adelby on the track that easily and trotted further along his way, his wet, dripping dong wagging happily in the wind.

Adelby staggered to his feet and wearily pulled his tights back up over his body. He now smelled like a raunchy minotaur, but there was nobody else around to sniff him. He still had to get those starshine petals in time for his mother to add it to the cockatrice roast and cook onto the flesh, the starshine flower's petals would add a whole new dimension of flavor to an already delicious roast!

So softly that he didn't even notice it, the music swam into his senses. His feet didn't even notice that they'd left the track and he was moving into the bushes, his brain tuned only to that beautiful, beautiful sound....

When he got there, he shook his head and cleared it of the fugue-state the music had produced. "Oh, hell!" he muttered to himself. "I fell afoul of a siren!"

The siren's house was an organic part of the forest, a canopy of living branches from nearby trees that were so thick that they formed a nearly impassible barrier overhead, the hut thus formed was a rough circle nearly eight feet around. A heavy sheet of moss hung over the entrance.

Adelby sighed and went on in. You got too close to a siren and you were caught, the merest few notes from that golden throated demoness would reel you right on in. Their only redeeming feature was that they didn't kill and eat their victims like so many other monsters. He stood a chance of being enslaved, of being forced into sex with the demoness or just a bit of hard physical labor and being released. It was worth finding out which of these the siren wanted of him before he made his own move here.

Inside, he stopped. Not a demoness! "I...I thought I was caught by a siren." he stammered.

The nude man on the blanket rose like a vision of male beauty incarnate. The men who had carved images of their young male gods had used such a man as this for their template, the regal beauty of his musculature, enough to turn his body into many graceful curves in all the right places, not so big as to be less than graceful, the skin was lightly tanned and appeared to have been oiled. "Oh, thank the Goddess you're here!" the man said. "I've waited so long!"


"Waited for a man to come by way, not these man-beasts that trot around everywhere! I need the loving of a real man to make me whole!"

"What is this? Where's the siren?" Adelby asked.

The man smiled. "Music isn't the sole property of the female sex." he stretched and rose from the blanket by rising without using his hands, his weight resting for a short time on his ankles before he straightened up. "I can give you another sample of my song afterwards if you like?"

"After what?" Adelby asked suspiciously.

"After you feed me. I am famished, I tell you!" the siren made as if to swoon, a distinctly feminine action. "If I don't feed soon, I'll starve."

Adelby had a horrid thought. "You want to drink my blood?"

"Blood? Oh, horrors, no!" the siren stated, reaching his hands out to Adelby. The music still held some power over him, or perhaps it lingered in that voice, he took those hands in his own and was led over to the blanket. Laid down at the siren's gentle suggestion. The man's hands at his tights were smooth as silk.

The siren cooed at the sight of Adelby's penis. "Oh, look at that gorgeous piece of manhood you have!" He praised. "It just makes me want to start in on it and never, never stop!"

And the siren bent over and his lips sucked Adelby's glans into his mouth and Adelby moaned, stiffened.

At full turgidity, the siren raised off and regarded the pud. "How old are you, anyway?"

"Eighteen summers."

"And what luscious summers they were! Oh, Goddess, I just love teenaged cocks, they can come every hour on the hour, right around the clock."

He sunk back down onto Adelby and the siren's lips were talented beyond belief. Adelby moaned and writhed under the man's ministrations. "Oh, Goddess, I can't stand this! How long are you going to keep me here?"

The siren again released him to answer, "Oh, sugar-baby, don't worry about it, I just need to feed and when I'm fed, you can go on your merry way. I figure two or three loads from this eighteen-year-old dong ought to take care of me."

Two or three? Oh, Goddess! Adelby was lost in the pleasures of the siren's sucking lips. He squirted a load after about five minutes, and after a short rest (the siren's music kept him in thrall whenever he started to shake it off, he stayed on that blanket), he shot another one equally as violent.

The siren rose from the blanket wiping his lips. "That'll do me, honey-lamb, but don't hesitate to come back any time you feel lonesome, you hear me?"

Adelby didn't argue, he just put distance between himself and the siren. That offer had tempted him a lot deeper than he wanted to admit even to himself. Mom wasn't going to hear about the siren if he had any say in the matter (his mother knew a truthspell and used it on him from time to time to his mortification about the stains on his blanket back when he was fourteen).

He got to the starshine bushes without further incident and started plucking the petals from the many-petaled flowers that bloomed upon them year-round. He didn't pluck more than a good handful, for there was nothing that would let the starshine petals keep their pungency for more than a couple of days. He swore that he would come one day with a large shovel and dig up a bush and plant it in their fields, this trip was becoming too frequent to be a pleasure! Not to mention dangerous, every time he trod this track, new hazards showed themselves, the magic that permeated this land grew stronger every year.

By this time, it was nearly noontime, and he felt his stomach growling. That piece of bread hadn't been so very large, and his teenaged body needed nourishment far above the mere level of sustenance. He'd have to leave the track to forage if he didn't want to eat his upper lip until suppertime and that cockatrice roast. He licked his lips and started looking about as he walked the track.

Over there! He could just make out a hamsteak-tree! Dear Goddess be praised, he'd thought those things were only found in the gardens of the most powerful wizard-lords of this land! But this one was growing wild! He could almost smell those hamsteaks roasting in the sunshine to golden perfection!

He almost raced toward it, he almost never got hamsteaks, he hadn't tasted one for almost five years now, he remembered how good that small piece he'd gotten was, he'd sandwiched in between two pieces of bread and it had melded with the bread into mouth-watering delights and....

As he got close to the tree, it wavered and vanished and he saw what was in its place. "Oh, no!" He cried out as the tendrils caught him. "A camouflage patch!" The camouflage vines were a plague on the land, they would form into anything the viewer most desired and once the victim was too close to escape, it would release the disguise and snaffle him in. And once inside, it would slowly rip the body to pieces, by a slow inexorable force.

"Ooh, poor thing!" came a small voice. Adelby looked over as more tendrils captured his body and saw it, a pixie saw him. A small, flittering, humanoid form, it stared at him from large, black, pupil-less eyes, spoke from a small slit of a mouth. No nose, no room for it on that tiny face. "It has you!"

"Yes, it does! Can you help me, please, help me!" Adelby struggled.

"I help some." the pixie agreed. It reached for its waist, which held several small bags, the pixies gathered pollen of various plants. "I have this, I use this." The pixie took to the air and was soon overhead, it took one of its bags and sprinkled it about the camouflage plant. "This help some, it help!"

The dust settled all over the plant and at first, Adelby wondered if the pixie was addled in the mind. Such tiny brains couldn't hold much, it may have already forgotten him entirely, for it flew on off and away without a single backward look.

The camouflage plant began to twitch and Adelby hoped the pixie had known what it was doing. Then the tendrils stirred, began to move purposefully again.

But the tendrils were no longer pulling at his body. It continued to hold him fast, but other tendrils were stroking his flesh, while others worked in tandem to pull his clothing from him. His tunic was easily lifted off by tendrils sliding underneath from below and his tights put up more of a struggle but had been stretched already by their treatment this day and once his waist tie was undone, the tights slid off as easily as the tunic had. He was soon nude, his shoes being pulled off with the tights by the tendrils, and now they could and did play all over his body.

He began to understand what the pixie's dust had done. A love-dust! This camouflage plant was now in love with him!

A larger than usual tendril, the plant's sexual tendril, came up to his mouth and began to push against his lips. Adelby resisted but he couldn't keep his mouth shut forever, and the plant never ceased its pressure. Once inside, it kept pushing and soon it was ensconced inside his mouth. To his dismay, he felt another such tendril now pressing against his buttocks.

A smaller tendril came up and encircled his penis, wrapping around it over and over again in a corkscrew pattern and then began to pulse in a way that stroked his cockskin back and forth, the tightest, most complete jerking he'd ever received.

And the other tendrils hadn't stopped their other efforts, his skin was being tickled to life in a dozen or more sensitive spots. Not so much as to force him into giggles, enough to make his skin feel alive, alive!

Adelby moaned and thrashed in the camouflage's embrace and the plant's sexual tendrils fucked themselves at his mouth and now pushed into his ass, and he was now being pumped from both ends as his own dong was pumped by the slender tendril that was tirelessly stroking back and forth.

He moaned, ejaculated and the tendrils splashed with the jism ferried it to the maw that would normally feast on raw flesh. The lips of the maw siphoned off the fluid and the tendrils returned, they wanted more, more!

Adelby lost track of his orgasms, the stroking tendrils kept his flesh at peak performance, and with the indefatigable energy of a man at the height of his sexual powers, he climaxed over and over again.

Some weary time later, the camouflage plant quieted and the tendrils released him. He staggered upright and looked, the plant seemed to be drawing back into itself. He didn't know the plant well enough to know what it was doing, all that mattered was that he was free again, he gathered up his clothes and got the Dark Realm out of there!

He made it home when the sun was kissing the treetops on the hill west of his home. His mother looked up from the garden where she was gathering herbs, annoyed. "You're late!" she scolded him.

"I'm lucky I'm here at all." Adelby said. "The track is getting far too dangerous for anyone to travel alone anymore."

"Then you're in luck." she told him. "We have guests tonight. Ten of them, old friends of mine traveling through on a pilgrimage and they're staying the night."

"Ten?" Adelby was appalled.

"We'll have the cockatrice roast tonight for them, at least." his mother mused. "I'll have to cook again tomorrow, but it's worth it for the stories they'll tell tonight. One of them is repaying us for the lodging by giving us a entire leg of lambelphant."

Adelby knew what that meant. Only one way to dress lambelphant meat. "So you're going to want...."

"We'll need a lot more starshine petals." his mother affirmed. "Big as the lambelphant is, we'll feast off this leg for two or three weeks, what with one thing or another. You can travel back and forth every few days for that long, can't you?"

The too-hungry siren was still out there, and the camouflage plant. And even the minotaurs tended to stay in the same territory. And who knew what else was lurking in the magical lands beyond that track, new things kept moving in, or magic changed old things into new. He didn't know, but knew that he'd only scratched the surface of what could happen out there. His ass twitched at the very thought of what could happen!

"You can do that, can't you?" his mother persisted.

Adelby sighed, "Yes, mother. I can do that." Because he could.

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(Despite having the same cover, this book is different from the "Warriors, Magic" book above)

(Despite having the same cover, this book is different from the "Warriors, Magic" book above)