The Love Spell

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2015 by Eduardo

Illustration of The Love Spell

"What did you say?" I asked Leo when he showed me the old parchment.

"I said it's a love spell. You know, a spell that is supposed to make people fall in love with you." Leo affirmed. "And what's more, it really works."

"You're shitting me!" I scoffed at that, as you can imagine, I mean, this wasn't the Middle Ages here!

"I'm telling the truth!" Leo assured me. "Been in our family for like four hundred years. According to Aunt Mary, it's how we've been finding our partners for all that time."

"You're shitting me." I said again, but this time doubtful. "It really works?"

"Yep, that's what they say. And hey," Leo hefted the parchment again. "If it doesn't work, what have I lost?"

"So you're going to use it?"

"Yeah, this weekend." Leo affirmed.

"So, on who?" I wanted to know.

"Sarah Barnes." Leo said, which wasn't too hard to guess. I mean, he'd had the hots for her for the last two years, longer than we'd been roommates, but she didn't give him the time of day. Not that I could blame her for that, Leo was a nice guy, but you looked at him, your first thought was "Nerd!" Short, thin, big-nosed, buck-toothed, and black-rimmed glasses.

"I'm going to use it on her tomorrow while we're in Biochemistry class." Leo said and went off, presumably to practice the spell. Me, I shook my head and semi-forgot about it. Leo had enough problems in his life, he was allowed to be a bit weird. It wasn't like I was burning up the dating scene here myself, and that wasn't only because I was gay. I wasn't hard on the eyes like Leo, exactly, but there was nothing extraordinary about me, either. The kind of guy who, you see on the street, you pass right on by without noticing. I had to kind of scream to get anyone to notice me at all, and that's not the kind of attention you want to get, you know?

So I kind of wished him luck silently and went back to watching the show.

Two days later, Leo and Sarah were engaged. I was going to have to find myself another roommate by the end of the semester and I was thinking about his special family-heritage parchment in a brand new way. Understand, I knew, I mean, I KNEW that Sarah wasn't the least interested in Leo, so why would she suddenly agree to marry him? I know Leo was walking on air and he suddenly had zero time to sit and visit with his old friend and gay roommate Mike, namely, me.

So one week after him showing me the parchment, Leo was out with Sarah and not expected back until Monday and I was in his room digging around where I shouldn't, looking for that parchment. It didn't strike me as the sort of thing I should ask to borrow, you know?

I found it after fifteen minutes of searching, long enough to wonder if I was going to find it. An old piece of paper isn't that hard to find. But I finally did find it, and unfurled the note. Hmm.

You expect a magic spell to be longer and more difficult. This was only twelve words long, nonsense words (or some long-dead language) but the letters were all regular letters, nothing weird-looking I'd have to look up, God knows I'd expected that. Oh, the letter "S" was written like an "F" about half the time, but nothing worse. I guess that fit the "four hundred years" part of this parchment.

So, I had the parchment, now on to my chosen victim. You knew I had one, didn't you, why else would I be searching my roommate's room and violating his privacy if I hadn't. I'd discreetly pumped Leo for details twenty-four hours ago, when I first learned he'd be gone all weekend, on how to use the spell (pretending it was all idle curiosity). All I had to do was get close to him and say the words so he could hear and that would do it. He'd be mine for ever after that, eager to please me and want to make me happy.

Anyway, my chosen future marriage partner was a guy I'd been secretly lusting after for the last several months. Eric Dorien, I'd had the hots for him ever since I'd encountered him by chance in the showers at the gym. I know, I know, but Eric was a college athlete on a scholarship, you didn't normally encounter these guys in the showers, they had their own lockerroom on the other end of the gym. But for whatever reason, he'd been down at our end using the showers, and had come out while I was about to go in. Both of us just wearing a towel around our waists and there he was, looking like a Greek god, with his flawless skin of pale gold, gleaming in the overhead lights with a hundred arcs of glistening muscles on his shoulders, chest, abs, arms and legs, and his face of the kind they pick to do those shaving-cream commercials, and eyes the color of sapphire blue. Can you blame me for lighting a torch at the sight and it burning hot ever since? Not that he ever looked twice at me then or after, even when he was out in the quad with a Frisbee wearing only a tanktop, baggy shorts and sneakers, running and jumping and me, lonesome, pitiful me, sitting under a tree pretending to read but really following every fluid movement of that beautiful body.

Well, it was too cold for Frisbee but I could catch him other places, and that was what I did, I knew his fellow athletes went to a club called "The End Zone" which had music and dancing but no alcohol, perfect for underaged college guys, such a club wouldn't last a week anywhere else, but the End Zone had been an institution for the last twenty-three years. And it was only four blocks from my apartment, I could always run out the door and get home on foot if I had to.

I dressed with particular care, trying to pick something that was nice, looked good on me and would fit into the club. It would have helped if I were athletic, but I wasn't, so I did my best and squared my shoulder, slipped the parchment into my pocket and took off. Hey, like Leo said, if it didn't work, what had I lost? Other than my dignity, I guess!

Eric was there, along with several other guys. Now how the hell did I get him away from them so I could talk to him alone. I hung around, waiting for a chance when Eric suddenly gave me one all by himself, he got up and headed for the bathroom. I followed him, my heart pounding.

My luck held, only one guy in the bathroom when Eric and I got there and I busied myself at the sink while the other guy finished up and left, giving me a funny look. Then Eric came out of the stall and over to the sink and I gulped, pulled out the parchment and said, "Eric, I need to tell you something."

"Yeah?" He looked over at me and I nearly fainted at those eyes looking right at me, first time in I don't know how long, and the only time it had ever been more than a glance.

I quickly launched into the spell, reeled off those twelve words, careful to enunciate them. Done, I looked at Eric expectantly. Nothing.

"Did you hear me?" I asked him.

"Yeah." Eric told me.

"Well." I put one hand to the back of my neck in perplexity. It hadn't worked. Maybe it only worked on women, or on the opposite sex. It had been worth a try! You know, that sounds a lot better to you before you try it, than it does after you try it and it doesn't work! "Okay. Sorry for bothering you, I guess." And I turned to go.

"Hey, wait!" Eric told me.

I turned back, hopefully. "Yes?"

"You want to get a drink with me?" he offered.

"Sure." I agreed.

Eric led us not to his friends, but to a vacant table. He sat across from me, and we started talking, and he was listening to me with an increasing raptness and intensity. We had drinks, then ordered pizza slices, talking in an increasingly intimate and sexually charged way, then he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with him. By now, I was pretty sure the spell was working, so I countered, "How about we just go back to my place?"

Eric gave a visible nervous gulp and said, "Okay, sure. Let's go."

His hand reached out and caught hold of mine on the walk back to my place. I had butterflies in my stomach like you would not believe, but I made it back to the apartment, unlocked the door with trembling fingers and then we were inside.

I reached for the light which was about three feet from the front door, a free-standing lamp, and before I could do more than reach a hand out for it, Eric grabbed me, and his face was pressing against mine, his lips landing offside but sliding quickly over to match mine, and his arms pulled me tighter to him and his crotch was pressed against mine, and I could feel the hard prick inside those casual slacks he had on, and the way it moved told me he didn't have on any underwear (I was wrong, it was boxers under there, not that you could have proved it by me right then), I moved to match my own against his and rubbed it with an eagerness that couldn't be mistaken, and he grunted, rubbed back against me.

When he finally let my mouth go (after a long bout of tongue-probing that was a workout for me in more ways than one, his tongue was strong!), he breathed out huskily, "Oh, God, Mike, I don't get it! I am so fucking hot for you right now! How come you turn me on so much?"

I wasn't ready to admit what I'd done to him (I'd already discovered he had no memory of me saying the spell to him at all), so I said, "Don't worry about it. You're here, and so am I, and that's all that matters!"

"Yeah, yeah." he hastily agreed. I got the light on and Eric saw the couch and made a beeline for it, tearing at his clothes as he went. We had the place to ourselves and lived with the curtains drawn, so I didn't worry about it, I followed suit.

His body was just as luscious as I'd remembered from that day in the shower, and now he was exposing it for me. His movements were smooth and lithe, beautiful as a panther in motion, mine were the fumbling, jerky gestures of an overactive virgin out to lose his cherry. I felt like a virgin in front of him, my own experiences had been with a couple of understanding friends in high school and then a few furtive encounters in men's rooms better left undescribed, but which had left me with a bitter taste in my mouth that had nothing to do with what I'd done in there. There's something dehumanizing about such anonymous encounters, I know plenty of people lived their entire sexual lives that way, but I couldn't do that anymore. I'd met Eric shortly after determining that.

But now he was naked and lying back on my couch and I was nude and as I walked toward him, his arms reached out toward me, opening out like a flower in bloom and I was the eager bee that dove in in search of the nectar of his body!

I again tasted his lips and was subjected to another bout, best two falls out of three, with that overactive tongue, and then he let me up and I began to work on the other parts of his body, his cheek so flat with just the slightest hint of beard stubble, then onto his neck that rumbled with his sighs as I kissed down it, then onto his shoulder, and when I did that, his legs shifted out from under me and clamped onto my thighs and now our cocks were not just in contact, they were downright squeezed flat between us!

In that position, our dicks side-by-side on our abdomens, Eric began to grind against me, thrusts of his hips that moved both our cocks' skins back and forth as much as if I was fucking him. Or he was fucking me. Call it frottage and get it over with, but it didn't feel that way, it felt like I was...inside him. Or he was inside me, or us inside each other at the same time. If you could fuck a man in his ass while he did the same to you at the same time, that was how it felt. More intimate than frottage. Like sex ought to always feel!

I groaned and helped him grind us and his moans told me he wasn't going to last very long. I didn't care, I had the man of my dreams in my arms and he was holding me and wanting me and using me, and I could give myself to him and take him in return and my passion didn't need any more than that.

"Uh-huh-uh-uh-huh!" Eric murmured in my ear. "Oh, man, I'm going to come, Mike, going to come!"

"I know, I know, me, too." I whispered back. "It's okay, go ahead and do it, just like this, Eric, just like this!"

"Oh, oh, shit, I don't...I don't...OH-OH-OH, OHHHHHHH!" Eric was suddenly pouring out his spunk in between our bodies, a hot wash of liquid that gushed onto my own prick and suddenly I had a whole added range of motion with my cock and that sent me plunging over the edge of my own orgasm.

"Oh, God, Eric, oh, God, OHHHHH, GOD! AH-HAH! AH-HAH! AH-HAH, HAHHHHH, AHHHHH!" My cock was squirting my own sticky load onto both our lower stomachs, and Eric was holding me so tight I could barely breathe, and he was then suddenly weak, panting and exhausted and I ended my own orgasm and was an equally weak shadow of a man on top of him.

"My God!" Eric panted after a while, "All over ourselves like a couple of puppies!"

"Maybe." I agreed. "But it felt fucking terrific."

That earned a chuckle from him. "I haven't been so worked up in I don't know how long." Eric told me. "It was like my first time."

"Me, too." I settled for saying, and guilt was biting me like it often does when you've just done the nasty with a guy. I'd done worse than lie to this guy to get him in bed with me, I'd done the magical equivalent of dropping a roofie into his drink. He had been conscious and willing, if willing is the right word for a time like this, but it was just as drugged a reaction.

"I'd like a chance to make it up to you." Eric went on. "What do you say we take this show into your bedroom and let me show you what I can do when I'm not blinded by lust."

"I'd love that." I agreed.

In the bedroom, Eric was as good as his word. Comfortably ensconced in my bed, he turned around and proceeded to give me a blowjob that would have put any self-respecting gay man versed in the art of fellatio to shame. I did my best to match his style, but mostly made a muddle of it, and ended up in my usual less-than-sparkling, but-more-than-effective working over of his prick that brought him to climax by raw mechanical power. My climax was like coming home again, the orgasm built up slow and easy in my brain and when it struck, it was a comfortable smooth ride. Eric blew his own load soon after me, and I feasted on his love-juice until I had drained every last drop out of him.

Eric settled into my arms and we slept like that, rousing to make love. We kept it up over that entire weekend, and I was wondering how to break the news to Leo about what I'd done.

But Leo came in and saw Eric and immediately figured it out. "You used the parchment!" were the first words out of his mouth.

"Yeah, I know." I admitted. "I saw you and Sarah and I figured...."

"Well, it can't be helped now. I just spent the weekend introducing Sarah to my family and getting the rest of the story." Leo said and sat down on the bed. Eric had gone into the bathroom right after Leo met him, we were alone just now.

"Rest of the story."

"Yeah, my mother learned what I'd done and read me the riot act. You see, you're not supposed to use that spell until you're sure, really sure, that this is the right person for you, and you're ready to spend the rest of your life with them. You see, once you get them, you can't get rid of them. I mean, you can't. You try to break it off with them, they'll come find you and keep coming after you until you take them back. Or they'll kill themselves."

I was aghast at this, once I soaked it all in. I mean, you think about a love spell and it's only the first of it that you think about. Getting them, having them. You don't think about what comes after.

" Eric the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?" Leo asked me.

"I don't know." I told him.

"Me, neither, with Sarah. But like it or not, we're both stuck with them, for better or worse. You just got yourself into a marriage you can't get out of. No matter what." Leo stood up. "I'll leave you alone with Eric. By the way, Sarah will be moving in with us. We'd better talk to the landlord about having four people in this apartment instead of two."

I was still digesting this when Eric came out of the bathroom. He'd showered and wore the towel, the same way he had that first time I'd seen him. Looking like a Greek god.

Was I madly in love with him? We'd had a fabulous weekend of sex and it was only Sunday late afternoon.

"How about we get dressed and go find something to eat?" Eric suggested. "After that, we can talk about...what we do next."

I looked into that face and knew that anything less than a total relationship would destroy him. "What we do next is get you moved in here with me. If you want to."

Eric just smiled and came over and kissed me. The best "yes" I'd ever had. And I knew right then that Eric had cast his own love spell on me! One that would last just as long as the one I'd used on him.

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