Climbing Mount Donnie

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2009 by Eduardo

Illustration of Climbing Mount Donnie

God, what a miserable fucking cold, wet, muddy day on the job! It's bad enough working construction on Helosia III, even on a warm spring day when the weather can actually match a warm day on Earth. You do construction in the summertime, it's hot as hell, but at least you can drink ice water and finish the day with a cold beer and live through it. And there's air conditioning and fans available for part of the work, too. But cold weather like today, man, there was nothing worse! Today had been a wet cold day, too, no rain or snow most of the day though it had rained heavily the night before (actual rain would have let my boss close the site for the day, no such luck!), but it had been cold as hell, and plenty of mud and water around to make sure I got wet and muddy and skanky; I fell on my ass or face about four times. Then, at four-thirty, it had started raining and the boss decided a half hour of cold rain wouldn't hurt anyone, and wouldn't close down the job. Not that I didn't get chilled all the way to the fucking bone by the end of it!

And Debbie wasn't even home yet when I got there! A young man with a wife, you work your ass off all day long, you expect at least to get a kiss and a quick hot meal inside of you! Shit!

Well, I could at least get a hot bath now. I shed my dirty clothes in the bedroom after tracking mud all the way from the kitchen to the upstairs hallway, and got in the bath. A hot soak made me feel much better, I pulled on a bathrobe and went downstairs to wait for my wife to get her ass back from her day at the salon or whatever.

Okay, I could have cleaned up the mess while I waited! But my wife doesn't work for a living, she just takes care of the house, so she can wipe a few mud-prints off the floor of a man who's been through hell all day long.

How was I to know that Debbie had a flat tire on the way home and her cell phone had lost its charge so she couldn't call me and she had gotten as cold and wet and dirty as I had by the time she did arrive? Me, I was sitting there comfortable with a beer watching television and looked up at a dirty, angry mess! Towing little Gregg, a native Helosian, with one hand and the other hand on her hip, because she'd come in through the kitchen! Debbie took one look at me, said to Gregg, "Why don't you get out of those wet clothes and I'll dry them in the dryer for you?" and with him out of her hands and out of the room, she lit into me!

It wasn't a long argument because I was wrong and I admitted it, but she finished by saying, "Then you can just send out for dinner for us and take care of Gregg while I take a long, long hot bath. I am absolutely exhausted! No, don't bother with the mud, I'll take care of it tonight...after I've had a long bath and a soak!"

Debbie stormed out on me and I sat back down on the couch, closed my eyes, moaning. God, even with me apologizing all over the place, she was pissed at me! How was I to know she was suffering all that time? She hadn't called me!

"Debbie's mad." Gregg observed from my left. He'd gone upstairs earlier, I hadn't known he'd returned.

Helosians were human, but a divergent strain from nearly a thousand years of isolation when the Earth Empire had fallen apart, a lot of worlds got isolated like Helosian and were just now being rediscovered. I'd come to Helosia to work construction, an Earth-normal human like me had a tremendous advantage of strength and I was strong even for an Earthman, so work was plentiful and the pay was good...even if I had sucky days like today to deal with.

Looking at Gregg, it was like looking at an adult a quarter-size of normal. Only three feet high and weighing about thirty-five pounds, he was otherwise adult-looking in every way. I saw him as a friendly face in an unfriendly world, someone to unload my frustrations with life and love on.

"You bet your ass she is." I agreed and put my head back on the couch. "Man, I won't get any for a week now!" I moaned to myself, softly.

Gregg didn't catch that, thank God, but he still startled me by what he did next. "Climbing Mount Donnie!" He called out.

I should explain that. He and I played a game called "Climb Mount Donnie." I would put a hand down to below knee level and another about mid-thigh and he would use those as handholds and footholds to climb up me. We'd keep that up, me shifting hands as he finished with them to let him climb all the way up me, also using my legs and arms as he climbed. He would end up sitting on my shoulders and I would then proclaim, "Excelsior!" and ferry him around piggy-back for a while as we both called out "Excelsior!" It was his (and my) favorite game of silly friendship.

But I was lying back on my chair and he didn't need my help from that angle. He started at my feet and was clambering up me from a crouching position. He put me in mind of a panther the way he crept up on me.

Gregg was naked. This didn't surprise me, for Debbie had told him to get undressed so she could dry his clothes. I refused to let it bug me, heck, I was naked under my bathrobe now, come to that. He was pale skinned, black-haired, dimple cheeked and grinning broadly, his smile his only clothing. The epitome of innocence.

He held onto my legs near the knees to climb on my lap, then reached further up to clench at my thighs to get the rest of the way up (he was tall enough to just sit on my lap, but that wasn't "climbing" for him). Trouble with that was, he was knocking aside my bathrobe as he climbed like that, and I didn't have on a stitch underneath it! He got onto my lap just as my robe slid away and exposed my junk to him.

Just my luck, he spotted it right away. "Wow, Donnie, is that your doodle?" He asked me.

"Yeah, Gregg, it is." I said, trying to pull my bathrobe back up. But he was now straddle of my thighs and pinned it down so I didn't accomplish anything.

And the rascal reached out and grabbed it! I wasn't hard or nothing, he was handling my limp sausage and he snickered at the feel of it. "That's so big!" He marveled at it. "Feels nice and warm, too! My hand's cold!"

"It sure is!" I admitted. His hands were cold, he'd been in the cold weather quite a while himself. Those cold fingers had a surprising effect on my cock, you'd think the cold touch would be a wiener-shrinker, but I had that soft touch on my dong and it stiffened up in Gregg's hands.

"Wow, it's getting bigger!" Gregg wondered.

I was mortified! Having another man see your cock is bad, seeing it stiff is worse, but his touching it was the worst of all! And I didn't know what to do, what was appropriate for Helosia in such a case. Do you yell at him for what may be considered normal curiosity? Do you freak out and maybe scar your friendship for life? Do you treat it as no big deal and hope for the best?

I went with option number three, right or wrong, and I said, "Yeah, it does that when someone touches it. Now, time to let go of it."

"Why?" He asked me, his little face peering up into mine.

"Because it's mine, not yours, and you shouldn't be touching it."

"Oh." he looked down at it, now completely erect and he snickered. "This is like one of those rocks pillars in the desert people climb." Gregg was interested in rock-climbing, as you could see, and knew a lot about it. "I bet I could climb it!"

"You could." I admitted. "If you were smaller, that is, you could climb it and sit right on top of it."

"I'm small enough!" Gregg proclaimed and rose up on his knees and scooted forward and, using one hand to guide my cock, proceeded to try to sit on my cock! He couldn't have intended to aim it for his asshole, but that's how it happened.

And Gregg sat down hard. His poor little ass was suddenly stuffed with the glans of my cock, and that's where he stuck and he howled! "Ow, ow, owwwww!" he cried out.

"Oh, Gregg, easy there, easy!"

"Oh, Donnie, it hurts, it hurts!" Gregg yelped.

"It's okay, Gregg, it's okay." I told him. "Just hold still and let me lift you off." I carefully used my hands to stretch his little buttocks apart.

And my cock promptly went in deeper. Gregg hadn't held himself up during this!

"Oh, oh, oh!" Gregg whimpered. "Ooh, oo-oo-oo-ooh!"

"Ooh, oh, I'm sorry, Gregg, I'm sorry!" I told him.

"Ooh, oh, oh, Donnie!" Gregg moaned.

"Just hold still, man, and I'll take care of you." I said. "I know it hurts, but we have to be careful."

"Oh, but it doesn't hurt anymore, Donnie!" Gregg announced.

"No?" I asked.

"Nu-uh. It hurt a little going in, but it's fine now." Gregg wriggled. "Feels good now."

"You like it?" I asked him. My cock was stuffed about halfway up its eight inch length into his little Helosian ass.

"Yeah. Real good now, Donnie." Gregg wriggled some more.

I realized what was going on. "My prick is rubbing against your prostate." I told him.

"What's that? Ooh, ooh!"

"Oh! Uh, it's a...a thing in your...uh! Body that, that feels good when it's rubbed!" I grunted.

"It does feel good!" Gregg enthused. He was bouncing on me, now, my hands fell away from him, traitors, but they chose to have me feel good even if it meant I was fucking Gregg's ass! Unfettered, Gregg was wriggling his little, thin, white body on top of my big fat cock, and he was loving every inch of it! It slid in even deeper as he moved!

"Oh, oh, Baby, oh, Baby!" I groaned as he bounced on me. "That's so good, Baby, so good!"

"You like it, too, Donnie?" Gregg asked me.

"Yeah, oh, oh, yeah!" I grunted. Mind you, my love life had gone into the toilet these last couple of years. Sex with Debbie had been on the skids, she'd been fending me off more and more often. I was close to giving up on her, settling for a jerk with Mr. Hand in the bathtub in the morning. So I figure I should be forgiven, when someone sits on my cock and begins to bounce up and down on it, if I got a bit carried away.

"Oh, God, oh, God!" I gasped.

"Oh, Donnie, I feel so good doing this!"

"Yeah, Gregg, yeah!" I groaned. "So good! I saw his little pud wiggling away in front of him, hard as it could get, and I reached up and took it in one broad, hairy paw.

"Oh, oh, Donnie!" Gregg gasped as I began to work his prick with my fingertips.

"Yeah, Gregg, keep bouncing on me, faster, now, Baby, faster!"

"Yes, Donnie, yes, Donnie, oh, oh, oh!"

"Uh, oh, Baby, this is so hot!" I gasped. "I'm going to come, Baby! I'm going to come!"


"Yeah, shoot some, white stuff, up inside you!" I groaned. "You ready for it, Baby!"

"Yeah, Donnie, shoot it in me! Shoot it!"

"Oh, Baby!"

"Oh, Donnie, oh, oh, oh!"

"I'm coming, Baby!"

"Oh, Donnie, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh!"

"AH-AH-HAH-GAH-UH-GUHHHHH!" I exploded upwards into Gregg's hot little butt, and he was suddenly filled with my spunk, hot, salty, squelching around my thrusting cock as it was moved in and out of his ass by his swift movements on top of me.

"Ohhhhhhh, ohhhh! Oh, oh, oh!" Gregg was shuddering and I realized that Gregg had come the same time I did, his orgasm shaking his little body right along with my own climax.

"AH-HUH! AH-HUH! AHUH!" I unloaded the rest of my spunk-packets into Gregg's soft little butt and he fell onto my chest, panting hard, but then, so was I.

I reached up and tiredly held him in my arms, and he crooned soft words to me, "Oh, Donnie, I love you, Donnie, I love you!"

"I love you, too, Gregg!" I told him.

He reached his lips for mine and I gave him a kiss, that of a lover kissing his partner, long, slow and wet. I slid my tongue into his mouth and Gregg giggled but let me do it. Then his little tongue went into my mouth and I sucked on it for him.

"That was fun, Donnie!" he told me when I let his tongue go.

"It sure was!" I agreed.

He giggled. "I got to sit on your rock pillar after all, Mount Donnie!"

"My little rock climber." I rubbed his head affectionately, my fingers in his thick black locks. "You can climb Mount Donnie any time you want!"

He moved and my limp cock fell out of his ravaged ass, along with a blob of the spunk I'd squirted in there. He got up and said, "I better go wash up." He looked at me and said, "You better wash up, too, Donnie!"

I agreed, but my wife was in the bathtub. So instead, I called a fried-chicken place that delivered and ordered us supper.

Debbie didn't come out until after the food had arrived and Gregg and I back into full clothing (Gregg wearing one of my t-shirts as a full-length tunic) and decent. Everything looked normal as it could be, back to normal.

Only it wasn't. Even though I'd cleaned all the mud from the floor, too, she renewed our argument. I wasn't treating her right and she was getting sick of it. I got fed up and tied into her. Gregg went to bed in a Helosian room we kept for such guests, and the fight continued. I ended up getting into bed in the Earth-human guest room and I didn't think I'd ever get out of there again, unless it was out the door.

I just stripped naked and got into bed and tried to sleep. A little later, in the darkness, I felt the bed stir and looked over. A small, pale form was climbing on the bed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Gregg. "Couldn't sleep?"

"Nu-uh!" Gregg agreed. "I'm climbing Mount Donnie again!" And he threw the covers back to expose my entire body to him. And my cock was the tallest point on my body just then!

I just put my hands behind my head on the bed and watched him climb on top of me.. As his now-stretched ass slid onto my cock, I breathed, "Excelsior, Gregg! Excelsior!"

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