Second Life

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2000 by Rebel Rotica

Illustration for Second Life

Morkar awoke to a golden glow all about him. He blinked, sat up and looked about. A simple hut is what he saw, but with a bit of comfort as well. He lay upon a bed of straw-filled cloth, but the cloth of it was ample, finely and tightly woven (no stray straws stuck to prickle his body) and the straw overlaid with a layer of wool to make it comfortable to his naked form.

He was nude. He looked down upon a body in the prime of life, strong of arm and chest, powerful of leg and endowed with a male organ which no man need be ashamed, which lay down as a dark-brown tube over his delicately brown body.

From this discovery, he looked further about the hut. It held not one but two boxes of size and strength, a table of smoothly sanded wood with three chairs stout and padded well with leather, a fireplace with a small fire heating a pot which boiled with something thick, rich and tasty-smelling. The single door lay fully open and beyond it he saw a field of lush grass and wildflowers, a scattering of trees that stretched from the doorway to the hills, beyond which peered the tips of distant purplish mountains. Above all this was a sky rich azure blue filled with large, globular clouds dazzlingly white and lush. No mark of man beyond the confines of the hut was visible from his bed.

He was alone, it seemed. Alone and naked in a hut. This was not to be borne! "Halloo!" he called out. "Halloo!"

"Yes, yes!" a male voice answered back.

"Where are you?" Morkar called, not seeing the speaker.

"Back in a moment, be patient!" the voice answered. And indeed, Morkar found himself waiting (he didn't know what else to do!) only a couple of minutes before the man presented himself at the doorway, carrying a load of small pieces of wood.

"You've finally decided to wake up, have you?" he asked Morkar.

"Yes, er, yes." Morkar agreed.

"I was beginning to wonder. You've been asleep for some time." the man put the wood beside the fireplace and dusted his hands, walked toward Morkar. The man wore a simple tunic of leather that covered his main body, leaving the arms bare and the legs beneath the point halfway from hip to knees down. Thong-like sandals on his feet with a string to tie them behind his heels completed his clothing. The body underneath was a young, handsome man that smiled benevolently at Morkar, a smile that also spoke of long familiarity. For example, he did not even glance over Morkar's nude body but stared endlessly into Morkar's eyes.

"Have I?"

"Yes, you've been in that bed less live than dead for more than two weeks." the man went on. "Your fever broke two days ago and I've been wondering how much longer you'd sleep. I've fed you and given you water and cleaned you up all that time, but I'll be glad to give up the duties if you wish to try to stand and sit at the table. There is still plenty of healing soup for you."

"I...I would like that." Morkar got to his feet and found himself very unsteady, and the man was at his side at a flash to assist him, coupling with his nude body without flinching, and guided him to the table. Once seated, Morkar found his dizziness fading and when the soup was served to him, a bowl only, he felt ravenous. The man sat at another chair with another bowl and lifted the bowl to his lips to gulp the soup that way, and Morkar was quick to imitate him.

"It'll be good to get your help back in the field." the man went on. "I've been doing the best I can, but the planting is falling behind, we'll have to work hard to make up the lost time. I know you won't be ready to work today, just rest some more and we'll start you off easy tomorrow."

"Uh, sure." Morkar agreed.

He really felt much better now, and when the man rose from the table and said, "I must return to the fields now." Morkar carefully rose from the table and walked to the hut's door to look after him. The left and right of the hut's door were of fields, plowed rich black earth, and the one on the left bore the smallest hints of green which were of new plants just breaking through. It would be a rich harvest.

The man went to the right-hand field and picked up a hoe and began to slowly, methodically, break up the untilled soil, turning it into more arable land. Morkar watched him labor and at the world about him, otherwise untouched by human hands far as he could see.

"So this is what it is like to be dead." he mused.

And then he woke up.

* * * * *

Morton Carver awoke to pain and an intense white glare. Why do hospitals always have white walls? He was filled with wires and tubes sticking in him in all directions. At least one of those bags held morphine, why had they woke him up?

"There you are!" the nurse called brightly. "We thought we'd lost you for a while there!"

"No such luck!" Mort moaned, the only way he could speak. "Why don't you just let me alone!"

"Yeah!" called the man lying in the other bed, another victim of modern medicine like Mort. "Leave us alone, let us die in peace!"

"You know that we can't do that until the judge signs the orders for you." the nurse told him, truthfully, damn it! "You can't blame the hospital for not opening itself up to lawsuits from your relatives for not treating you."

Mort moaned again, in agony mental rather than physical (though the latter was a constant throbbing presence, the cancerous tumor on his stomach and liver and spleen and taking over his lungs and heart with metastatic blobs floating about his system and lodging everywhere). His sister, damn her, she was a weak, spineless blob of useless femininity who was clinging to him as her "last living relative" and refusing to just...let...him...die!

He was awake now, and stuck in this bed until the morphine overtook the other medications enough to knock him out again. He chatted with his bedmate, a black man named "Charley" who was often visited by numerous cousins. He'd be well-missed, Mort only saw his sister, every day, whether he wanted to or not. Not today, thank God, and maybe he'd be dead tomorrow before she got here!

Charley liked his dream and kept pressing him for details. "And you don't know who the man is?" he asked.

"Nope." Mort agreed. "But he knows me, apparently we've been living on that place for a while."

"All by yourselves in a soft, quiet farm." Charley sighed. "Wish I could dream like that."

"You still stand a chance of licking your cancer." Mort pointed out.

"Yeah, but if I do, so what. Done lost my stomach, done lost most of one kidney and part of my liver. They kill it off, what have I got left?"

"I don't know." Mort yawned. "Well, I think I can sleep again. Pardon me if I see if I can pick up that dream where I left off."

"You do that." Charley said amiably, because one of his sisters had just walked in the door. Mort drifted off to slumber to the sound of friendly, loving voices. Though none of them were aimed at him!

* * * * *

Morkar opened his eyes to see the man struggling to put him in the bed again. "Are you all right, Morkar?" the man asked, tears in his eyes as he manhandled Morkar back onto the soft bed.

"Yes, yes." Morkar admitted.

"You fainted in the doorway." the man said. "I didn't see it, I just turned around and you were lying there and I thought you were dead and I, and I...." And the man broke down into sobs.

Morkar reached out to console him. "I just fainted." he pointed out. "I feel much better now. I've been sick a while, you have to expect me to be weak now and then."

The man reached and caught hold of him, fiercely. "If you'd been dead, I don't know what I would have done! Don't leave me like that, don't ever leave me!"

"I won't." Morkar agreed. "Never."

It seemed the easiest thing in the world to put his arms around this young man, and to kiss him tenderly on the cheek. The man kissed him in turn and then again, harder, then the third kiss was on Morkar's lips, and the hands were upon him. There was no mistaking this touch, the man wanted to make love to him.

Morkar found his body responding to this touch, in a way beyond simple stimulation of his physical senses. He felt...alive! Alive in a way beyond that of mortal flesh, like this was the culmination of every dream and desire he'd ever had. He now knew (with a certainty the same as he knew his own name) that this man was no stranger indeed, but his lover, and this was something they'd done for a number of years. As the knowledge rose in him, he reached up and cupped the man in his own arms and drew him down onto the bed upon himself, and the man rose up, straddling Morkar's waist, and drew the tunic up over his head like an oversized t-shirt, and was then wearing only a cloth wrapped around his loins. He untied and lifted this off as well and he was as nude as Morkar.

Morkar started to rise up, but the man stopped him. "No, my love, let me do this. You are still weak." The man got into the bed with Morkar and perched on his stomach, shifted his hips backward with his hands on Morkar's chest for leverage.

"Not that weak." Morkar said as his erection was pressed against the man's buttocks.

"We'll see about that." the man said as he reached back and guided the hard tool toward his bottom entrance. Morkar was surprised to feel that the man's anus had been lubricated to permit him to insert Morkar's penis within without further delay; when had that happened? Perhaps he was weaker than he'd thought! Or this time was discontinuous, somehow, with lapses between his moments of consciousness.

But as his cock entered that dark damp realm, he forgot all about anything else, the warmth that encased his dong was delicious beyond all description! How long had it been since his last act of making love? He'd been ill a long time and had semi-forgotten the raw glory that rose within a person as his cock enters a willing lover, the way the smooth flesh slides over the glans and catches the skin beneath and pushes it down, exposing the super-sensitive section of the prick just below the glans, and as that rubs the velvety-soft anal tissue, the entire brain is taken over by the rising tide of male passion.

He groaned, a long, low sound, and the man smiled and, his hands still on Morkar's chest, he began to move his hips back and forth, that sent Morkar's prong in and out of his ass and Morkar felt every iota of the motion as pure pleasure. "Oooh, ohhhhhh, uhhhhhh, oooooooooh!"

"Yes, my love, you are strong." the man murmured. "I always feel the strength within you when your pillar of love is within me, and it is strong, yes, strong!" And to prove it, he began to move even faster on top of Morkar.

Morkar lasted only a moment or two, then his climax struck, he gasped out, "I'm coming, I'm coming!" and that was all he could say, he groaned, ejaculated hot and heavy upwards into the man's thrusting bowels, and the man felt the flood, raised his face to heaven with his eyes closed and his own cock erupted to splash Morkar's broad athletic chest with white beads of fluid love, one rope of which struck him on his neck and ran down the right side.

His mouth open, gasping, the man lowered his upper body down onto Morkar's own, and as his face reached Morkar, he reached for Morkar's lips to kiss and Morkar gave it to him gladly. "You are indeed better." the man agreed. "Rest today and we will begin our labors together tomorrow, though I shall take the greater portion."

"I would enjoy that." Morkar agreed as the man rose from the bed, and dressed, again donning his loin wrap and his tunic, pulled on his shoes and returned to the fields. Morkar lay on his bed, the man's come splattering his chest still and enjoyed the feel of being alive.

And then he woke up again.

* * * * *

"Quite a dream you had there!" Charley, the black man in the other bed, commented. "You were moaning like crazy. If I hadn't seen you lying there, I'd have thought you were whacking your meat."

"No such luck." Mort moaned. He reached up to touch his chest in memory and startled himself. He was wet there! Touched the right side of his neck and brought his hand up, it bore the white cream of man-love. "But I seem to have had a powerful wet dream, I've soiled myself."

"Don't see how you could have." Charley pointed out. "Nurse put a catheter on you hours ago."

"Catheter?" Experimental touches down his body (thought pain ate at him with every small motion now) told him his penis was now encased fully in plastic confinement with a tube stuffed down his piss-hole! But if so...where did the spunk on his neck come from? "Anybody else come close to me?" An intern with an impish streak, maybe?

"Nobody at all." Charley said. "It's the middle of the night."

"Oh." Mort laid back and considered this. If it wasn't his spunk he'd touched and it wasn't someone else's...then whose was it?

He thought about it as long as he could, until the nurse came in about four a.m. and gave him more morphine that knocked him out like a light.

* * * * *

Morkar awoke to the evening sun crawling into the doorway and to the man's return. He had a comrade with him, to Morkar's dismay, but the second man's presence was helpful. In their conversations with each other and with him, Morkar's learned that his lover's name was Alhad, that he and Alhad had been lovers for the last seven years, and that there was a village a short distance away, he saw none of this because the hut's door faced away from the village. And there was a festival in the village thirteen days from now, and he was going to go there with Alhad, and their relationship would cause no eyebrows to raise or bad words to be spoken behind their backs. How unlike real life this dream world was!

The other man left as true darkness was beginning to and Morkar took the opportunity to rise from the bed and seat himself at the table. He had Alhad fetch him his clothes so he could dress, he didn't know where the clothes were. He didn't know a lot. But he was learning well.

When Alhad joined him in the bed, he was quick to kiss his lover and work his way down that young, athletic body stained only with the sweat of the day's labors. He'd never sucked another man's cock before, but he was determined to give Alhad all the joy he could.

Alhad moaned when he took Alhad's dick into his mouth, a strong man organ fully the equal of Morkar's own. Morkar lavished the prong with his saliva until it was a greasy pole of hardened steel and then began to work his lips with a stolid determination to wring Alhad's body entirely empty of every dreg of man's milk he held within his testicles.

Alhad was a magnificent stallion of a man as he writhed under Morkar's ministrations, lifting himself up on one shoulder then the other as he let his ecstasy wash over him, and his moans were liquid sounds like the contented lowing of a cow in the pasture. Then they rose to the baying cries of a hound that has caught the scent and he arced his hips upwards and Morkar's mouth was suddenly filled with Alhad's seed, and he drank it down as quickly as he could, until Alhad's passion released him and Morkar was left suckling the final dregs from the cask of Alhad's man-wine.

Done, he crawled, satisfied, up Alhad's body and they kissed, and Alhad said, "Now I truly do believe you are well."

"For the first time in my life." Morkar agreed.

As Alhad rested from his exertions of passion, Morkar rose and fetched a knife from the table. He carefully put on his body a mark, a small cut on one arm, that he knew was untouched by the nurses and doctors.

"What are you doing, my love?" Alhad called from the bed.

"Just something I had to do." Morkar replied. "I am done."

He settled back in at Alhad's side and went to sleep.

* * * * *

He awoke in the hospital and before he said anything to anyone, he looked at his arm.

The cut was there, and still bleeding slightly, it had made a small rivulet down toward the bedsheet. The nurse saw it, too. "Why, Mr. Carver, how did that happen?"

"I don't know." Mort told the nurse. "But I don't mind."

And he didn't, not in the least. Pain from a cut, here and now, was less than the misery coursing through his body.

* * * * *

Mort found himself living two lives, the one of his old life, one now virtually over and wracked with constant pain and decreasing consciousness in a hospital bed as the cancer ate at his vital organs, and his new life, as a healthy young man with his lover on a small farm. More and more, this second life became more important to him. He didn't understand it, but found that understanding was less vital to him. He soon found that his second body was a muscled powerhouse, one that let him work all day and still have plenty of energy left to make love to Alhad. Alhad was a man of like tastes, and their lovemaking was frequent and energetic. Alhad loved to be fucked by Morkar, or to lie head-to-toe with him and pleasure each other to mind-shattering orgasm. This body he had here was so capable of ecstasy, so adept at fucking Alhad's ass, so talented at wringing Alhad's dong dry with his lips, very right. The only thing they hadn't done was for Alhad to fuck him, and Morkar was beginning to wonder about it. He was virginal in this respect, but everything he'd heard about anal sex was that it hurt a lot, even though Alhad took him every time with only pleasure and delight. He wondered about it, though, perhaps later, later.... Such a wonderful word, later, for a man who measured the remainder of his former life in days that were shorter all the time, there was no later for him there.

In his first life (for he came to think of it as such), he spoke of his new world with an envious Charley who always asked about his escapades upon his awakening in the hospital bed. Charley helped him fill in the many empty hours in that bed as they speculated about it.

The nurses, who came to learn of it second-hand, were universal in their opinion about what was happening. "It's the morphine, honey." one of them told him. "They make opium out of it, you know. It gives you dreams, strong dreams."

"But I cut myself there, and it was bleeding here."

"Yes, that's a well-known medical phenomena." the nurse agreed as she adjusted the morphine bag.

Charley was more willing to let his imagination wander. "Maybe it's another dimension." he suggested. "You and this other guy have this connection. You were connected and he died and your ghost moved into his body."

"My ghost?"

"Everybody's got ghosts." Charley explained like it was obvious. "It's what moves on after you die. Only yours moved on without you dying."

"That makes more sense than anything I've come up with." Mort agreed. "But when I'm there, I'm completely there, shouldn't I vanish here?"

"Your body's still here, just asleep. Still hooked to your ghost. Same thing when you're awake, the other you is asleep but still has that hook in it. You're caught in between."

"So if I died while I'm asleep...."

"You ought to stay over there."

"Yeah, that'd be nice. A whole second life to live through." Mort had a horrid thought. "What if I die here while I'm awake? Like a heart attack?"

Charley only shrugged. Mort tried to, but it just hurt so much. He could hardly move any more, and was getting fed through a tube, a good thing, he didn't have a stomach any longer. Nor much of a liver or spleen, and the machines around him were doing everything but breathing for him. And he wouldn't have that much longer.

* * * * *

In his second life, it was the day of the festival and Morkar was bursting with eagerness to go. To see more of this new world, beyond the confines of their little farm, the green meadows, which were his world. Alhad was all he needed, he admitted, but the sight of others would be pleasant and maybe he'd find a way to prove that this world, these people, really existed. He ached to know if they would all vanish with the end of the morphine and with it, his life would end, truly end....

The festival was a simple peasant's affair, the opportunity to buy special treats, there were entertainers with trained beasts or capable of feats of acrobatic artistry or showy skills, and musicians who played music anyone could dance to, and he and Alhad did.

And there was a fortune teller's tent and Alhad pulled him into it. "She can read our future!" Alhad enthused. Morkar doubted that but went into the tent.

But when the woman touched his hand and started talking, he was scared out of his wits. "Your life is nearly at an end." she informed him. "You have been ill a long time, and it is getting worse. Your time of life is measured only in hours, and few of those."

"He was sick, but he grew well." Alhad corrected her.

"No, he was sick but grew well in this world, in the other world, he sickens more and more each day. Tonight is his death night."

"What can I do?" Morkar asked her, his voice hoarse with fear.

"Live your life here well and good. There is something more you need to do to complete this life. Do it and all will be well." the woman looked at him. "You know what I have said, do you not?

"Yes, I do." Morkar agreed.

"Then go and make your second life complete, so it can be your first and only."

"We will." Morkar got up from the stool he'd been sitting on and said to Alhad. "Let us go home."

Alhad was confused and dismayed and rightfully so, the festival would go on long into the night and some of the best parts of the festival would be tonight. But he came with Morkar.

Back in their hut, Morkar seized Alhad and kissed him hard. Alhad was pleased but confused, "What has brought this on?"

"Make love to me." Morkar told Alhad. "I want you to fuck me."

"But you never wanted me to do it before this." Alhad protested.

"I want you to do it now. Right now. Take me and fuck me." Morkar was pulling off his tunic as he spoke, threw it on the floor and followed it with his loin wrap. Alhad stood watching him stupidly, and Morkar came over and tugged on Alhad's tunic. "You have to do this right now, don't you see? It's what she was talking about, what I have to do to make this life my only life."

"But she spoke only nonsense...."

"No, she didn't." Morkar told him intently. "She spoke perfect sense to me. And she said we only have a little time."

"The first time you are entered can be one of great pain."

"I don't care." Morkar told him. "Please, if you love me as I love you, take me, here and now."

And Alhad argued no further but began to pull his tunic over his head.

But once nude, he took control of the situation. Though Morkar urged him to speed, he insisted on taking lubricating oil and applying it to Morkar's anus, and spent a long time flexing his fingers within Morkar's body, and Morkar endured it all with scant patience.

"We must do this, or you will be injured." Alhad told him time and again.

"You don't need it."

"I have learned what I need. You have not." Alhad replied, over and over again.

Finally, after over four hours, Alhad finally deigned to apply the lubricant to his own organ and crawl between Morkar's legs. Morkar reached up, groaning as Alhad's glans penetrated him (and yes, thanks to Alhad's attentions, the pain to his anus was nil) and he caught hold of Alhad's buttocks, one in each hand, and he pulled Alhad toward him, and impaled himself upon Alhad's manhood.

Alhad gasped as he was driven into Morkar's anus and Morkar gasped as well. This was what he'd wanted, truly wanted, all his life, and now, now he had it!

"My love, have I harmed you?" Alhad cried out.

"Never." Morkar told him. "Now, my dearest heart's desire, take me completely by filling me with your essence."

"I hear and obey." Alhad sighed and he began to move with careful motions, slow and deliberate.

Morkar groaned in frustration and used his hands, which had never left their fleshy perch on Alhad's buttocks, to force Alhad to move faster. Alhad was reluctant until he realized that Morkar truly felt no pain at his movements, and then Alhad showed himself the equal of Morkar when it came to lusty lovemaking.

Morkar was Alhad's bottom and found that he loved the feel of being held by a strong man, being rammed by his strong tool over and over, and feeling only pleasure at the service. Alhad was a rutting beast as his passion grew within him, and as he felt Alhad's climax approaching, Morkar found his own orgasm growing within him, a golden seed of ecstasy.

Alhad began to grunt heavier, an "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" sound that grew quicker as he moved.

Morkar held tightly, for he felt Alhad was very close to orgasm. "Now take me entire." He told his powerful lover. "Take me and make me yours forever."

"Forever! Ah-ah-ah, ahahahahahahah!" Alhad gasped.

"Oh, oh, I'm coming, Alhad, I'm coming!"





As Alhad spent his seed within Morkar's body, Morkar spasmed in a climax more powerful than any he'd had before in his life. It was...transformational! He was being wrung completely dry, an empty shell for one brief instant as he hung above his body and then he sank back into it and it was like being born again. He was an infant again, and he cried out and it was the cry of a newborn babe.

And his climax released him and he had Alhad's weight upon him, Alhad panting hard, and he felt out this new life, this new being. It was good. So very good.

Alhad rolled off of him, exhausted. "And now it is done." He told Morkar. "I have taken your virginity as you asked. And I am grateful for the gift."

"It is I who should thank you." Morkar told him. "You have saved my life. And I will never leave your service."

"Nor I yours."

"Then let us sleep now." Morkar told him.

And then they slept, and this time, Morkar stayed right where he was.

* * * * *

The nurse came into the room as the alarms sounded. The doctors were a few seconds behind her. But though they performed the best resuscitation efforts modern medicine afforded, it was of no use.

Charley looked a question at the nurse. "Is he dead?" she asked him.

"Yes, poor man." the nurse looked at the read-out on the heart monitor. "Went in his sleep poor devil, never knew a thing. Poor, poor man."

"Yeah." Charley agreed, then he whispered. "The lucky bastard. He got his second life entire at last."


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