Chapter One

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Barton

Illustration of Shadow/Pyramid, Chapter One

The light in the room grew slowly brighter. Soon, very soon, the horn would blow, summoning them first to prayer and then to food, and then to work. Keotin turned upon his bed, his long, lithe, brown body supple as a serpent, the lighter area of his buttocks pivoted under him to be replaced by his thigh, until he turned upon his back, and suddenly his ample breasts were no longer the highest part of him. I looked at him, judged the light. The day was just begun, there would be a goodly amount of time. Long enough, I felt.

I slipped out of my own bed and over to his. Keotin's manhood was a tree above his body, strong and proud, the head blooming out of his foreskin like a purple flower which had yet to blossom, still a bud, still to be brought to full life.

I reached out with my tongue and kissed the dewdrop on the top of it, the salty taste that of life, I lifted back and the thread of it followed me, binding us together. When I dropped back again, the glistening rope drooped down to loop itself against the shaft, and I followed it with my mouth, this time taking all of him, the sleek shaft smelling of musk rather like that of the asses that brought us provisions from the farms nearby and that ferried them from the ships that landed at the quay. These provisions were delivered first, later, the ships from the quarries to the south would start arriving. By then, we must be on the pyramid, ready to begin our work anew.

For now...Keotin was mine. I caught the huge shaft midway down and gripped tight, pulled upwards. Keotin moaned in his sleep, I knew him well, knew he would waken slowly as I sucked on him, slowly brought from the realm of sleep to the kingdom of life, borne upon the boat of pleasure, the softest, most wonderful ride imaginable.

Indeed, I moved up and down upon him a score of times before the moans of his lips spoke not of sleep, but of desire. That impression was confirmed when his strong hand clasped upon my head and urged me to move faster.

"Ummmmm!" he moaned as I did as his hand commanded. "Good morning, Kephrin." he said to me.

I smiled as I raised off his now-lubricated cock. "Good morning, Keotin." I returned.

"I love to wake up like this." he sighed.

"I know." I said.

"Do we have time?" He wanted to know.

"If we hurry." I agreed.

He smiled slowly as the sunrise. "We shall hurry."

I got down on the bed, on my back, for I wanted to watch Keotin as he climbed on top of me. His cock found my ass as easily as it ever did, and he pushed it in with the gentleness of long knowledge of my body. It was a rare day that passed into night and back into day that did not have us coupling at least once. Usually it was after the evening meal, but sometimes, the day would call us early enough for this.

I reached up and felt of Keotin's body as he pushed into me, his manhood filling me, and I ran my fingers over the muscles of his back just below his arms, the flesh rippled like the sands as the winds blew upon them, and as they rippled, they moved the body they controlled, and his fluid motions slid his body into mine, awakening the connection between us, and we moaned in concert. Keotin's body knew mine so well, as I knew his. I was able to move with him and our passions blended into one.

"Good morning." came the call from the doorway and I looked over to see my father standing there, watching us.

I smiled at him as best I could as Keotin fucked me. "Good day, my father." I said dutifully.

"I see you are beginning your day early and well." my father said jokingly.

"I love waking up Keotin." I said, smiling. "He works so much better after we take care of this. So do I." And I gasped as my pleasure caught me.

Keotin's face softened in delight and his mouth was open, his sweet breath was blowing upon me like the breezes of spring.

My heels caught the back of Keotin's legs and I bucked up at him as he fucked me even fast, bringing me up into the clouds of heaven, I could only groan. "Ah, ah, Keotin, yes, yes!"

"Oh, ah, Kephrin, ah, ah!"

I clutched his back and held on as my climax seized me, and I sprayed my load upon his taut stomach in a copious flow, splashing as the waters of the river that had given us birth, and I vented my joy into Keotin's urgent breaths as he climbed to his own ecstasy.

As I sagged back from my climax, Keotin gave a long, low groan and he orgasmed, his hot flow of seed ejaculated into me, and I felt in that salty, stinging flood the kiss of the gods as they blessed our joining, and I moaned with my renewed breath my praise of the deities that had created us thus, to let us have this taste of the delights of paradise that they enjoyed all the time.

As Keotin collapsed upon me, my father chuckled, said, "Well, my son, Keotin, if you two are quite done, we must hurry. The horn has blown already. If you are not quick, you shall miss your morning meal."

"It has blown?" I said in surprise. I hadn't heard it, looked at my lover Keotin, who was similarly startled.

"A few minutes ago." My father confirmed. "When you two did not rush to be first in line, I came looking for you. Should have expected you two to be engaged in the pleasures of the flesh. As soon as both of you entered your manhood, you have been as insatiable as...." He paused.

"As insatiable as you?" I teased him.

My father laughed. "As insatiable as I was, yes."

"Maybe you could join with me the next time, father of Kephrin." Keotin offered.

My father smiled at my lover. "I would enjoy that." My mother was with the rest of my family back in our home village, only the two of us were here, at the work commanded by our ruler and our god-on-earth. "Now, you two boys hurry up, there is much work to be done. We must finish the next two tiers before the rains begin." When that happened, the flow of blocks from the quarries would end, the men would return to their villages as would most of the men here on the pyramid.

I joined Keotin in rushing into our clothes, a simple wrap around our bodies, and then tying the belt which held it in place. Our mothers had made them for us upon our departure from the village, sewing the cloth to the leather securely, leaving us both free to enjoy the breezes upon our lower bodies as it was offered by the gods, as well as not causing it to become disarranged by the movements of our labors.

Keotin and I both trimmed the stones, they arrived for us cut into rough blocks, but the stones needed to be fit perfectly into place, much careful smoothing needed to be done. The stones needed to be completely snug against each other, otherwise, the motions of the earth as it moved at times would cause them to collide, thence to crumble and thence to fall, as has the pyramid of one of the god-kings of a few centuries ago. Our god-king now upon the throne had decreed that the pyramid built for his body when he was done with this plane must stand for all eternity.

Keotin and I got our food, and as we were among the last, had to stuff our faces as quickly as we could. I watched his strong, handsome face as his cheeks bloomed out to chew the mixture of cooked grains and shredded boiled meat, only the best food for the workers upon the tomb of our king! He smiled as he saw me looking at him, and I smiled back. Keotin is such a wonderful man. Soon, very soon, he would take a wife and the marvelous mornings and nights we had enjoyed would come to an end. I would take my own wife, of course, and there would be the men I met and joined with at other times, but this time, the time of Keotin and me, that would end. That saddened me.

As our morning meals always ended, this one did as we saw the men dragging the stones up from the quay. Rollers of trimmed wood were placed ahead of the stone, and more were underneath it. As the stone was pulled forward, the logs rolled under it, making their work easier. As the logs came out the back, young men would catch them and run them up to lay them in front of the stone once more. Between six and ten logs (depending upon the length of the particular stone being dragged) were thus employed at any time. Between the twelve men who pulled the stone and the half dozen who moved the logs, they moved along, slowly but steadily.

As we always did, Keotin and I waited until the stones reached the bottom of the long ramps of sand and grass tamped down flat. These ramps reached around the pyramid, resting partly upon the lower reaches of the pyramid. When the first stone started up the ramp, Keotin and I began our own walk. We would get to our stations well ahead of the first stone, ready to begin our work of trimming it to fit. Keotin and I were only one of several such groups of workers. We might spend most of the morning working on a single stone. Once trimmed, we would call for others to lever the stone up tight against its brother.

After the capstone was finished, we would begin taking away the ramp, and as we worked down, we would lay limestone blocks upon the larger stones, and covering them all with plaster to make the pyramid completely smooth, a brilliant white just as the tomb of our king-god's father was just to the west of us. Our pyramid would join him, twin stars resting upon the desert, an eternal home.

I stopped at my assigned position. Keotin moved on to his. The first stone arrived and Keotin's team took charge of it. Mine was the third one to arrive. We began. And more stones arrived as more teams took up their job of trimming the stone.

The day was only well begun. We would work the entire time the sun was in the sky. Youths brought us fresh blades, fresh hammers, drinks of cool water. Like a large, harmonious parade of movement, our work on the pyramid went on. As the day grew hotter, water would be used to cool the stone. Even so, the day would be long and hot.

But in the service of his god, what can a man not do? I looked over at Keotin again. At his muscled, sweet body, moving in its fluid grace as he swung the hammer upon the stone, his handsome face in a gentle smile, which my morning had brought for him.

Smiling myself, I concentrated upon my duties.

The pyramid awaited us.

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