Chapter Two

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Eduardo

Illustration of Shadow/Pyramid, Chapter Two

Keotin was summoned away about mid-morning from his work by my side, which surprised me a great deal. We two had worked side by side ever since our arrival, from our apprenticeship work upon practice stones at the base of the pyramid, until we had ascended and begun to work upon the actual stones. They were brought up to us, and we would begin the tedious task of measuring and fitting it, first the side that was next to the stone already in place, and then to make the other side reasonably flat to permit the next stone to be similarly smooth.

Such work required that you be in concert and of like mind to your fellow-workers; and what better way to do that than to pick those from the same villages and same families such as Keotin and myself?

Instead, I was given another man to partner with, and I realized that perhaps this was in the nature of a promotion, in that I was now the one who made all the decisions, whether to strike the new stone or the old stone, and how to fit them together best. It was a simple thing in one way...but required study of the stones, for a poorly chosen blow could cause you to take out an entire corner, or worse, to split the stone and render it worthless. At the base of the pyramid, there was a pile of such stones. Of such stones we had built our houses. A stone-fitter who broke too many stones would find himself demoted to those who had to strain all day pulling the stones up the ramps.

The new man seemed very interested in me. He kept engaging me in conversation, asking me many questions. However, when I would, in politeness only, ask him a return question, he would usually deflect it and I learned little more than his name...Oteotep. He was a few years younger than me, I judged, with regular features that missed being handsome only by virtue of the elongation of his head, his body was well-muscled and healthy. Had it not been that I lost Keotin to gain him, I would have no objection to him to assist me in fitting the stones into place.

Oteotep grinned at me more and more as the day progressed. At the midday meal, he stayed close beside me, and seemed enraptured of me. I sought out Keotin, but he was not to be seen, and I worried about him...had he been sent to the quarries?

I would have to wait until nightfall when he would return to my house. If he did not, then I should have to make queries on the morrow. Until then, it was improper for me to question the representatives of our king/god, they had chosen what they had chosen.

After our meal, the next wave of the stones arrived. Oteotep and I had a good deal more time to wait until the stones could be raised up to our level, but he pulled at my hand. "Come, let us return to our station, my dear Kephrin." he said to me.

"But we have enough time before they can disembark the stones." I demurred. "We can have another cup of wine, perhaps two if we wish...."

"But I wish the chance to speak with you." he pressed me.

"You have spoken with me all morning." I pointed out.

"I would speak to you of that which I do not wish others to hear." he clarified.

A fellow stone-fitter must work in harmony with those who share his stone. "I shall come." I sighed. The stones would be hot, and no water would be poured upon them, the boys charged with the job would wait until the new stones came close to cool the stones upon which we must rest, often on our knees or our stomachs, with their water bags.

And the stones were as hot as I had feared. I was relieved when he did not take us all the way to our station, but instead stopped on a northerly face, which yet held some shadow.

"Here." Oteotep said to me and I stopped gratefully.

"Now what is it that is so urgent?" I asked of him. "That we climb the pyramid without the waterboys to precede us, and without the stones upon which to work?"

"You are a man in which I am interested, Kephrin." Oteotep said to me. "Do you not know that you are a man whom others come for advice, and whom many watch for their signs of what to do when they are in doubt?"

I said, rather priggishly, "I know my station in life and my work upon this, the future home of our king. If others have less understanding, that is not to my credit, but rather to their discredit."

"Well said." Oteotep said approvingly. "And yet, you would not doubt that if you were to return to your village, you would soon find yourself one of its council?"

"How can I wonder that, when my place is here?" I pointed out.

Oteotep laughed. "And you are cautious as well." he said. "My dear Kephrin, you wound me. Have I not been anything but friendly to you?"

"A little too friendly." I said.

"Can a man be too friendly?" Oteotep asked me.

"That depends upon the reason for his friendship." I said. "Why was Keotin removed from my side to place you there?"

"So that I might speak with you." Oteotep said. "So that you and I might form a friendship and learn to trust each other."

"Trust is not something that can be won upon a few hours." I said.

"Then let me work upon furthering your trust in me." Oteotep said.

And he knelt before me, and his hand came up to slide up my thigh toward my wraparound.

Sex upon the pyramid was not unheard of. It took a certain amount of pre-planning (such as Oteotep dragging me up there at midday and around the pyramid from the river) if one wasn't to engage in sex in public and its accompanying ridicule. While sex was not forbidden among us workers, the rule was that the work came first. But since the work was not yet arrived for us to do, and since we were covered from view from all but perhaps a few travelers who approached us from the north, there was no reason to refuse Oteotep's advance...unless I didn't want to.

I had only a couple of seconds to react to this. I had so far no real reason to distrust Oteotep, my complaint was that he was overly friendly. A new stone-fitter partnered to me should have been reticent at first, and let the friendship develop slowly. Yet Oteotep had apparently worked things to get partnered with me. While I had never noticed him before, he had noticed me, enough to want to get close to me.

And now his hand was upon my manhood, and he was pulling upon my organ, and my decision had to be made at once.

I was still distrustful of Oteotep. But such effort as he had expended deserved, if not affection from me, at least a willingness to permit him the benefit of the doubt.

I would not have refused such an advance from a worker I liked. I still wasn't sure I liked Oteotep, but I didn't dislike him. He was a stranger...but not an enemy.

So I permitted him to continue his work upon my cock, and his attentions were ardent and his face seemed enraptured. He had craved me from afar, and me unawares, I decided as I saw him lift aside my wraparound, undo the undercloth and bring out my dong into the midday sun which now had reached our section of stone.

His face held only adoration as he bent and took my prong into his mouth, and he sucked upon it rapturously and joyously.

I gave in to his ministrations. The work would resume soon, if Oteotep was to finish his attentions to my pleasure, he would need all my cooperation.

I leaned back against the stone, still only warming up, and I threw my head back and let my world be the feel of his warm mouth sliding up and down upon my prod.

Oteotep was making eager, grunting sounds as he moved upon my dong, and his mouth drooled as he worked me quicker and quicker. Pleasure was racing through my body at the rapid movements of this young admirer, and I hissed my joy through my teeth, inhaling the heated air of the sun, and my universe was joy. This must be the state the gods enjoyed at all times, I thought, this moment we humans could experience so fleetingly, this feeling that there was nothing but pleasure all around, nothing but the delight of existence filling their senses. That was my feeling, this taste of godhood.

Oteotep had been a rather aggressive associate so far, but I was beginning to feel that his pushiness was borne only of his desire for me. It is a form of flattery that few can deny, for it is such a sincere form and its truthfulness seems proven by its own self, in the way in which the pleasure is delivered. My mistrust of him was dying rapidly as the ecstasy rose within me.

Oteotep's lips were now making more noisy sounds, his mouth was sucking in as he pulled back, blowing out as he dove back, and all of its contents were liquid warmth that bathed my shaft as he moved.

I heard the horn blow, the midday meal was officially ended and the workers must ascend the pyramid. Our time of privacy was quickly ending.

But I needed no more time, my orgasm was building within me as Oteotep ministered to me and I need only tell myself, do it now, do it now, now, now!

And my climax rose obligingly within me, for it had been ready to give way without my urging. I let out a rather startingly loud keening sound (I hadn't intended to make any noise at all in my orgasm) and my cock exploded in Oteotep's sucking, moisture-laden mouth.

Oteotep couldn't contain my ejaculation along with his own mouth's moisture, and the result was an explosion of his own, my come burst out of the corners of his mouth on both sides, Oteotep choked briefly and more of my sperm streamed from his nostrils. I looked down at him through the starbursts of my ecstasy and Oteotep was leaking jism from the orifices of his face, and yet he held on and continued to milk at me, even though he couldn't be able to breathe now, couldn't be doing anything but giving all his strength and energy to me in my orgasm, and only when I was done, when my cock had been thoroughly milked dry of all my seed, only then did Oteotep release me, swallow, cough and then blow his nostrils free of my jism that clogged him so completely.

"Are you all right?" I asked him with something approaching true concern.

Oteotep smiled up at me. "I am fine and more than fine." he said to me. "The glory of the body is the blessings of the gods." That last sounded like a litany of some sort, though I wasn't familiar with it.

I heard voices approaching, boyish voices, the water-boys were coming to ease our labors by cooling the stones. "We must get on to our post now." I said. "The water-boys are near."

Oteotep went with me to our station, and we waited until the water-boys ladled their water over the stones (which were on the southern face and quite hot to the touch) before we resumed. I concentrated, water can weaken stone, and to strike a bad blow at this time would be to consign the work of several dozen men and several hours to the rubble pile.

Oteotep helped me finish the stone and lever it into the final position, a miserably difficult task, but it was only a matter of a foot or so. Done, we wiped our faces of our sweat and waited for the next stone to arrive.

"We will manage three more stones before nightfall." Oteotep judged.

I nodded. "Six is my usual number for a good day's work." I agreed.

"And after a good day's work, one should have a good night's pleasure." Oteotep said.

I gave him a smile, if not a wide one. This man was still something of a mystery to me, but I had no real reason to distrust him. His attentions to my pleasure was a rather powerful convincer that his intentions were true. "That is always welcome." I agreed.

"I have friends I want you to meet." Oteotep said.

I had not expected this. Some private tryst to continue lovemaking, yes, but friends. "Who are these friends."

"Someone who has your true interests at heart." Oteotep said. And with that, he got down. Our next stone had arrived. "Will you join me this night?"

"Very well." I said, puzzled.

Oteotep nodded. And for all his volubility of the morning, he did not speak a handful more words to me the rest of that day.

I was beginning to regret my promise, but a man of honor keeps his word. I would go with him this night and see these friends who were so eager to help me.

And pray that I was not making a major mistake!

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