The Frat Slave Sale

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Barton.

Illustration of Frat Slave Sale

"Hey, Gerard, here's something in your line." Jeff said to me as he plunked down a section of the newspaper. I glanced down but didn't see it.


"Here." Jeff pointed at a small bit of type under the "Events" section. "You need to head here after work tonight."

I read over the squib. "A slave sale?" I said dubiously.

"Well, you said you wanted to get some work done around your house." Jeff pointed out.

"Yeah." I said. "But I was thinking of hiring a professional team. You know, bonded and licensed."

"I've been to one of these." Jeff said. "The frat has a lot of football jocks in it. You mostly want the guy to haul that junk out of the backyard, right?"

"Yeah." I agreed. I had rented this house, and the old lady who had lived there until forced to move to a retirement community had the most awful amount of crap piled in back you'd ever see. My few calls to the maid services had been useless, they had either refused the project or quoted ridiculous prices. I could get my own pickup truck to haul the crap to the junkyard, so I hadn't been willing to pay them. Not to mention the basement needed the same treatment, as did the attic and a couple of back rooms.

"Well, you get the guy for the entire weekend, Friday night to Sunday night, forty-eight hours. You can ask him to work for fourteen of those hours each day, with eight hours off for sleep plus two hour-long breaks for his lunch and supper. Otherwise, he belongs to you the rest of the time, agrees to do whatever you tell him to do."

"Still...a slave sale makes me feel kind of creepy." I said.

Jeff burst out laughing. "Hell, that's all part of the fun for these guys." he said. "They mostly have got costumes and play up the part for you. You get to order them around, none of the ‘please' or ‘thank you' shit, while they call you ‘Master' and ‘yes, sir' and that sort of crap."

"Shit!" I said, shaking my head. College foolishness. That was just crazy. I didn't want any part of this, I needed some serious work done around my house this weekend!

So why did I stop making the calls to the maid services? Why did I get the address of the frat house, and why did I grab a quick supper, and then get there by seven o'clock?

But I was there, sitting in my fine business suit and tried to look like I was some indulgent parent agreeing to attend a fraternity function. Felt better about it as I watched the rest arrive, quite a segment of society here. Well, fraternities had their loyal alumni to help them out. The initial talk said how the fraternity donated half the proceeds to some charities. That's right, I thought, guilt me into overspending.

The first slave stepped up onto the block to some the usual banalities. A large black man, wearing only a white loincloth, he went over to the "slavemaster" and to my surprise, knelt docilely at his feet.

"Our first slave is Toby, he's nineteen years old and skilled in all forms of household care and yardwork. He can also tutor your children in all the basics and is planning on a major in biochemistry, so he'll be extra helpful on the science subjects. What am I bid on this fine young stud?"

"Let's hear him." one white-haired man in the front said.

Toby (was that his real name, or just a part of the game?) raised his head. "My name is Toby, sir." He said. "I am ready and willing to serve your every need."

God, I threw such a damned hard-on the minute I heard that! Maybe there's some primal desire tapped into this sort of thing, the ownership of another person. Jesus, I knew this was just a bunch of college kids doing a fundraiser for their frat, God!

I looked over the other guys who had quietly lined up while the first jock/slave had taken the podium. My eyes fastened onto the fourth one in line.

Blond-haired, young, handsome, strong. His face was more boyish than masculine despite a body that showed many hours of working out. His waist was sveltely slender, the chest was huge in proportion to it, his legs twin kegs of muscle on his thighs, and his loincloth was wrapped in a way that showed a distinct bulge inside it that could only have been his cock. His thick neck bore a necklace of what seemed to be bones or teeth.

I was goaded by the slavemaster into making a token bid on the third guy, but when someone topped me, I immediately dropped out. I was waiting for number five, my blond stud, who had seen me looking at him and was smiling in my direction. Once, I saw his tongue come out and lick around his lips in an insolent gesture. I looked to my other side to see if he was aiming that at someone else. I couldn't tell. Maybe that couple of young girls beyond me had earned that. But his eyes had been focused on me.

I lost all shame when the yellow-haired hunk got up on the block. I didn't listen to anything beyond his name, that someone weaseled into my fogged brain. "Lucius." They were definitely playing with slave names here. His submissive dropping to both knees caused my stomach to flutter.

When he spoke, it was a clean, tenor voice, not too deep and not too high, one that told again of his youth so recently behind him. "My name is Lucius, sir, and I am waiting to serve your every need." he said, a litany that all had said, but I was surprised when he continued, "I want to serve my Master well, fulfill his every need." God, I nearly creamed my briefs at that!

But my senses were keyed up, waiting for the words to finally drop from the slavemaster's mouth.

"The bidding for Lucius starts at forty dollars."

"Forty dollars." I said at once.

"Forty-five." It was the white-haired guy who had insisted that Toby speak for him. I looked over at him, and all I saw was an evil old enemy.

"Fifty." I said in return.

"Fifty-five." the white-haired man said.

"Sixty." I responded.


"One hundred dollars." I said.

That earned me three things. An "ooh" from the crowd, a dirty look from the white-haired man...and a smile with teeth gleaming from Lucius. And that tongue reached out and touched just the small indentation of his upper lip, wriggled back and forth, before it withdrew.

"One hundred and fifty." the white-haired man said.

"Oooh!" said the crowd.

"Two hundred." I said.

"Two fifty."

"Three hundred." I said firmly. Looked at the white-haired man, my eyes like knives flashing at him, telling him that there was no price I wouldn't pay.

He must have believed it. Lowered his head with a grumping sort of sound.

A chuckle rippled through the crowd.

"Going once...going twice...and sold to the gentleman in the red silk tie!" said the slavemaster.

I got to my feet, stumbling. Glad my jacket hid the bulge in my pants.

Over to the other side, opposite the ranks of the slaves to be sold, was two guys at a table. They got my name, address, and such. I gave it to them and they wrote me out a sheet of paper with a carbon for themselves. Handed it to me and at the top, in big letters was "Bill of Sale." I had just bought all rights to Lucius for the weekend. Everything on this document called him my personal property, my very own slave. I guess it was to be a memento of the occasion.

I turned and Lucius was at my side. "Well." I said, grinning foolishly. "I guess I own you now."

"I live to obey you, Master." Lucius said.

"Then let's get going." I said. "Plenty of work for you waiting at my home."

Lucius looked around my home. "Where shall I begin, Master?"

"Oh, you don't have to start tonight." I said.

"I am yours to command until my stated bedtime of eleven o'clock at night." Lucius recited from the slave's bill of sale. "I wish to begin my duties as your slave, my new Master."

"Oh." I said. "Well...there are some dishes that need to be washed. And some clothes you can do." I usually did these things over the weekend, I was in the damnable position of a guy who needed his house cleaned but didn't have enough work for a maid to do. I'd hire someone to come in once or twice a month to clean things I didn't want to mess with, but mostly, I did my own housecleaning. So far.

It was seven thirty when we arrived at my house. By ten o'clock that evening, Lucius had washed all my dishes (by hand!), done my laundry, vacuumed my floors, dusted my furniture and waxed my antique coffee-table to a beautiful dark-oak shine.

I was sitting on my chair, watching the television, and the show went off just as Lucius finished with the coffee table. As he had done a half-dozen times so far that evening, he came over, went down onto his knees before me, and said, "What else may I do to serve you, my Master?" he said.

"Oh, geez, Lucius, take a break." I said. "You've done enough for the night!"

"But I exist to serve you." he said.

"Don't you think you're taking this a bit far?" I pointed out.

"You have paid for my services, my Master." Lucius said. "It is my pride and my duty to serve you until eleven o'clock."

"Well...I don't know anything else you can do." I said. "You've cleaned the entire house in the last two and a half hours, except for the rooms that I'm going to have you empty out tomorrow. I don't want you hauling that stuff at night, the neighbors would complain. So sit down and rest."

"But I exist to serve my Master." Lucius said again. "I am yours to command, tell me what you want me to do and I shall do it." When I hesitated at that...and can you blame me for that, this big, handsome young stud submissively kneeling at my feet, he said, "I want to please you, Master. Please let me serve you now."

I tried to answer, tell him again that I didn't want anything from him just now, nothing at all....but the lump in my throat was too big to let me say anything. It would only let me say the words I was not going to say. And I wasn't going to say it.

"Am I not pleasing to you, Master?" Lucius pressed me.

Again, the words I wanted to say choked me. I could only nod, a jerky motion a little too emphatic.

"I belong to you." Lucius said. "You may ask anything of me, and I shall obey. You have only to command me, and I shall do as you say."

"I..." I gulped hard, and tried again. "I think I'll go to bed now." and I stood up.

Lucius was so close to me, I expected him to move back when I stood. But he didn't, his head was almost touching my body. Touching my crotch.

He was looking right at it. Right at the erection tenting out my pants before him.

Then he looked up at me. "Command me, please, Master."

I swallowed hard and said, "But.... I...."

"I can do nothing save that you command me." Lucius pointed out.

I would have died if necessary to say my next words, and I got them out, "Then open up my pants."

"Yes, my Master." Lucius reached up and his fingers unfastened my belt, unbuttoned the top, and undid my fly. Then he stopped, looked up at me.

He was waiting for his next command. He would do whatever I told him to. No more, and no less.

"Pull down my pants," I ordered him, my voice gaining strength. For now, I was saying what I wanted to say, what begged me to say. "And take out my cock."

"Yes, Master." Lucius said again and his strong hands bent to their task in submissive obedience to my will. He pulled my pants down, and my boxers came partly down with them. My cock's top was thus exposed, and his hand reached for it and caught hold and lifted it out, and the balls, his other hand cupping them, lifting them gently out for his display.

"Now, touch your tongue to the head of it." I ordered. "Taste it, gently. I want to feel your tongue on it, slowly."

His face was docile and subservient as he leaned forward, his eyes looking up for my approval, and his tongue, long, slender, pink, reached up and tasted my glans. The soft warm velvet of his tongue was brushing the underside. He lapped at it, as commanded, slowly, softly, it was like he was caressing my cock with his tongue.

I undid my shirt buttons, from the bottom up, balked by my tie. I had forgotten my tie, but God, who could think at this moment, a handsome blond stud kneeling at your feet, yours to command, ready to follow your every whim?

"Touch me with your hands." I ordered him. "I want you to touch me, all over."

His hands complied, surprisingly soft and supple fingers reached up and ran through the hair on my stomach, on my chest, on my breasts. And his tongue continued to lick at me.

"Now suck on my cock." I said, and my voice was weak again, but now it was softened by my need. "Suck on my cock, now, damn it!"

"Yes, sir." he said and his mouth closed upon me. His hands went around to my back, still caressing me, and when his mouth got stuck on my cock only about halfway down, his hands caught hold of my buttocks and he used my body for leverage to drive it the rest of the way down.

Now, I'm not small in the cock department, I had over eight inches of man-dick for him to take on, and it's not little around, either, it has this huge, plump mushroom head, but he kept at it with the driven diligence of the dedicated slave, until he had taken my prick all the way down into his throat.

"Oh, God!" I moaned as he finished deep-throating me. "Shit, yeah, get to sucking it, slave. Work your Master's cock, damn it, now."

He began to move his mouth back and forth, his throat took my entire huge prick and with only a couple of mis-steps in the beginning, he had the entire length of it slicked up and was moving with practiced, smooth motions over my dong. My hands caught hold of his head, that beautiful, beautiful young head, and I caught hold tight and I began to hunch at him, hard. Why not? He belonged to me!

He didn't protest my roughness at all, just held on and let me fuck his face as brutally as I wanted to, and I saw that angelic countenance of his all wrapped around my pud and his eyes were still locked on mine. Waiting for my next command.

He was mine! I had bought him! All mine!

I was panting hard and I let go, and when he didn't stop, I yanked his head off my cock. "Enough." I commanded him.

"More, please, Master." was his only answer to that.

"Enough of that." I panted huskily. And my voice failing me, I made a sort of twirling motion with my finger. Turn around was what I was communicating.

And his beautiful young face smiled beatifically and he obeyed, turning around without rising from his kneeling position, his hands, those marvelous hands, undoing his loincloth and removing it, placing it by his side as he bent over, presenting a pair of creamy smooth, oval-shaped, slightly indented buttocks for my pleasure.

His Master's pleasure.

God, I was slippery as hell with his saliva, and I was too hot to care if I hadn't been, I knelt down, my pants and boxers nearly tripping me up, and I got down behind him and I touched that huge bulb of my cockhead to his sphincter. "Are you ready for this?" I asked, with the last dreg of my concern for him. "Can you take this?"

"I exist to serve you, my Master." was his answer.

Any reticence on my part evaporated with that and I pressed into him. God, he was tight, and the grunts from him as I shoved it into him was intoxicating. The warmth of that ass was like a ring of joy that wrapped around my dong as I pushed it into him, and his little-pig sounds of pleasure as I went deeper into him was urging me onwards, more, more, more!

Lucius threw his head back and moaned as I began to fuck his butt, he was my slave then in a way he hadn't been before, I owned him utterly now, I could do anything to him at all, it was entirely my choice.

But I couldn't imagine anything better than this, and I fucked his butt just the way I wanted to, driving it into him just the way I wanted to, loving the feel of his tender young ass all snuggled up around my pud, and I lost all sense of time or dimension, I was no longer the businessman who worked long hours five days a week, and on the weekend would crash and forget the world until Monday morning again, I was in a new world now, the world of the Master and his slave, the two in their mutual endeavor in bringing the Master pleasure, and my joy surged into my brain and took it over, I was the Master and this was my right, this was my due, and I was entitled to this joy, I took it with a sense of noblesse oblige, my brain registering that my slave was yodeling with his own joy as my own groans of delight slipped from my tongue with rich syllables of expressed ecstasy.

As was my right, I reached my climax with the sheer, untarnished joy of the master in his joy, pumping my slave and I shot my hot wads into my slave's butt and as I did, Lucius creamed all over my just-cleaned carpet, as he moaned in delirium and his ass clenched about me as I ejaculated my wads into him.

Done, I collapsed on top of that strong back, his strength bore me up, and I rested there, hot and sweaty and blissed out, feeling his body moving under mine.

I reached up when my senses returned to me, and my hands cupped his ample breasts, and I relished the feel of tweaking those twin nipples together, feeling how the plump nubs moved under my fingertips, doing it just because I could.

"Have I pleased you, my Master?" Lucius asked me.

"Oh, yeah." I said to him with heartfelt moans of appreciation. "God, I want to keep you like this forever."

"I am yours to command for the weekend." Lucius reminded me. "And now it is nearly eleven o'clock, and I must rest if I am to serve you properly on the morrow."

"Oh, yeah." I said, getting off him. My contract was about to lapse for eight hours here! "You can sleep in the spare room, there's a bed in there under all that crap, just shift it off and we'll turn that into a proper bedroom tomorrow."

"If that is what my Master wishes." came his answer, and with it, the first hint of disapproval.

I looked at him and said, "Where should I have you sleep then?" I said. And the answer came to me. "There's my bed, if you don't mind it being a little crowded."

Lucius smiled. "I exist only to serve you." Yep, I'd guessed right.

"There's just one problem with that." I pointed out. To his quizzical look, I said, "I might require your services between now and seven o'clock tomorrow."

Lucius smiled. "We won't tell the slavemaster about that." he said.

And, as a proper slave should, he followed me three steps behind as I led the way to my bedroom.

I didn't know how often the frat held these slave sales, but I knew that the next time they did, I was going to be right there, buying him all over again!


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