Happy Fucking Birthday!

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Eduardo

Illustration of Happy Fucking Birthday Grandma Williams planned my birthday party. Need I say more? It would have made a terrific party for me...twelve or thirteen years ago!

Silly hats, party favors, a pink-frosted birthday cake with candles, crepe hanging from everything it could hang from, and even a game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey!" This would have been mortifying if it hadn't been an all-family party. About a third of the attendants counted their age in the single digits. Nieces, nephews, cousins.

So...well, I sort of said "to hell with it" and dove in. I mean, how many times in life do you get to act like a kid again? I put on the stupid hat and I blew out the freaking candles!

I got all eighteen candles blown out and was laughing like a jackass, looking around...and there he was.

Mark! My God, it was Mark! Looking at me with my dumb party hat, smirking with pride at puffing out eighteen wimpy little candles!

My lifetime next-door neighbor, Mark was twenty-one now and a junior in college. When I went to college at the end of summer, I'd be a freshman and he'd be a senior. I picked the same college he was going to partly so I could get closer to him again; I'd missed him these last few years, only seeing him on weekends and during the summer. Maybe I'd see him now and then, around campus. Maybe he'd let me hang out with him and his friends, some. Maybe.

My crush on Mark had been going ever since I hit puberty at the age of twelve. He had been fifteen then, and the years had only been kinder to him. He wore what he'd always worn. A tank-top t-shirt that was two sizes too large for him, so that it sagged below both his breasts, the shorts also a little too large, so that you could see how his dick wobbled about inside when he moved, or squatted down.

The t-shirt was tight on him now, but it was still low-cut, one nipple hung out above the low-cut neck. The shorts were tight now, but you could still see how he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Hey, Chad!" he said to me as he walked up, scratching that exposed nipple lazily. "Happy fucking birthday."

"Mark!" an aunt of mine said.

"Sorry, ma'am." Mark said. "I just came over to say hello. I knew today was Chad's birthday."

Yeah, Mark had been at all my birthdays. He would pick a comfortable chair or spot on the couch and lounge back, giving me a good look at his crotch, and just lay there, talking to people, talking to me. Me, I couldn't take my eyes off that basket of his. It was odd about his shorts that you could always see his dick inside there, a bulge every time, it was almost like he was walking around naked.

Mom and my aunts were busily passing around the cake, Mark and I got our pieces and he motioned to the living room. I followed after him like a good friend of his. Well, like an eager puppy, maybe. Okay, like a guy totally in love with him! Those buns of his, God, they were so tight and high and those shorts showed them off so fucking wonderful!

We sat on the couch and I said, "So, Mark, you remembered it was my birthday, huh?"

"Yeah, it's easy enough for me." Mark waved his fork in dismissal. "My mother's birthday is July fourteenth, and yours is ten days after hers, or July twenty-fourth."

"So, what'd you get me for my birthday?" I joked with him.

"I got you something you'll really like." he said to me.

"Serious?" I said. "I was kidding, Mark, I wasn't expecting anything."

"Oh, that's okay, I know you want it and I've been saving it for you." Mark said. "You'll love it. Just soon as your family leaves, I'll give it to you."

"Oh...okay." I said. I knew what he meant, one reason we had this big family get-together on my birthday was because after my party was over, they were all going to a fundraising carnival being held at the local school. Lots of games and fun things to do...if you were ten years old or younger. As I said before, that included most of my family's younger members. I was still undecided if I'd let myself be dragged along with them or not...after all, it was my birthday, but my alternative was to spend the evening alone. Knowing Mark planned something for then was enough to decide me against it!

"Hey, Chad, Mark." my Grandma poked her head in. "You boys are missing all the fun. Come on to the back yard and we'll start the games."

I looked at Mark and shrugged.

To my surprise, he stood up. "Sure, why not." He said.

So Mark and I (and a bunch of kids) played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." I waited mostly until it was his turn to try and I took the blindfold myself. "I'll tie this one on." I said to my nine-year-old niece. "Don't want him to peek."

Mark just chuckled, his cheek caught the sunlight and shone golden like a second sun. He let me tie the blindfold around his eyes and I reached up to be sure the blindfold was in place, and that let me touch that face, feel the light down on his cheekbones, and I reached up and smoothed his hair back into place for him, feeling how it was silken on my fingers. Then, oh joy of joys, I caught him by the shoulders, those bare, strong, globular shoulders, and I spun him around. He stumbled against me and I relished even that touch of his body against mine. I steadied him and spun him some more, touching his back, touching his chest, and those arms, God, they were like touching warm steel covered in satin, and the muscles moved like panthers underneath!

Finally, after I had done all I dared to touch him as I spun him, I sent him in the general direction of the donkey. My kinfolk all shouted directions to him, left, left, higher, left, higher, up, up, higher! Me, I just stood and watched his body, wanting it, God, wanting it so bad!

Mark didn't miss by much but a nephew of mine (I think he peeked and cheated) won the game by hitting the donkey's butt dead on.

"Next event, the three-legged race!" my Grandmother called.

"You and me?" Mark offered.

"Sure!" I grinned like an idiot!

I just wished I'd worn shorts like him. As it was, his bare leg was fastened to my jeans, and his hip was right up against me. Mark threw his arm over my shoulders, and I dared to put one around his waist.

"On your mark, get set, go!" Grandma called out.

The feel of that hip moving against mine, the feel of that body moving under my hand and against my arm, is it any wonder that I did dismally? We fell and Mark laughed and urged me up by pulling on my neck, the touching, God, he was touching me!

After that, I was totally besotted again. We played other games that afternoon, but mostly I just stood there and watched Mark like I had for so many years, watching his body, staring at his groin. I had to get close to him at college, I just had to!

Finally, it was five thirty and time for the family to get cleaned up and head to the carnival.

"Are you coming with us, Chad?" Grandma asked. She'd been attending these things religiously for years, another reason our whole family was going there now.

I looked at Mark and he smiled, and my heart melted. "No, thanks, Grandma." I said. "I'm going to hang out here with Mark."

"I'm going to give him his birthday present after you all leave." Mark explained. "It's not something that little kids should see."

"A real grown-up present." I said.

"The most grown-up of all." Mark grinned again.

She wasn't too disappointed, if you weren't a child or had a child, there wasn't much at the carnival for you. I'd attended the last few of them and it was boring stuff for a teenager, and she darned well knew it. And it wasn't like I was staying at home all alone, she knew I liked Mark.

I waited on the living room couch again with Mark, now just waiting for everyone to leave.

When they left, I said, "Well, okay, Mark, what's the big secret? Where's my present?"

"Why don't you go get us another Coke if there's any left and I'll show you your present when you get back." Mark said.

"You're going back to your house and get it?" I asked him.

"No, I got it here with me." Mark said.

"Oh, okay." I was mystified. I mean, Mark wasn't exactly carrying a package around with him. Other than the one in those shorts, oh, God! I had to figure out a way to see it for real! Maybe I could visit him in his dorm room and he'd be taking a shower.

The Cokes were in 2-liter bottles, and I fumbled up enough ice for two glasses and poured the last of the Cokes (they don't last long in a family loaded with children on a hot summer day) into the two glasses. It only filled the glasses half full.

I went back to the living room, saying, "Well, this is all the Cokes...." And I didn't really finish that last word, my mouth went open on the "o" in "Cokes" and it stayed open.

Mark was sitting on the couch, completely naked, his cock standing in his hand straight up and hard!

"Ready for your present?" Mark said to me.

I just looked at him, paralyzed. If my hands hadn't been clamped on the glasses, I would have dropped them.

"Hey, you've been looking at it for years." Mark said. "Staring at my crotch all the time. You probably know my crotch better than my face, man! So I figure now you're eighteen, you deserve a chance to really get to look at it."

I set the glasses down and walked closer, dreamlike. This wasn't happening to me, was it? Really? Mark, totally naked, right in my own house?

"You like it, don't you? Like my present for you?"

"Yeah." I said. Well, sort of said it, it was more like an expired breath, almost a sigh, just a "y-e-e-e-e-e-e" that ended when I ran out of breath.

"So what are you waiting for?" Mark said to me. "This is my present to you, on your eighteenth birthday. All yours, waiting for you." A pause. "Go for it." he said. "Chow down all you want. Go ahead. It's all yours."

I groaned, a sound deep in my throat that had been living there for the last five or six years, ever since puberty, ever since a twelve-year-old me had suddenly noticed fifteen-year-old him, really noticed him, really wanted him. And now he was saying, "Go ahead, it's all yours!"

I reached down and got hold of it and Mark took his own hand away. It was a hot, burning shaft in my hand, hot steel in velvet, steaming even in the hot summer day!

"Yeah!" Mark said. "That's it, man, take it, it's yours, take it, work it for me."

I knelt down and I pumped on Mark's cock, nine thick, firm, hard inches, and it was warm under my hand, the foreskin slid about like on ball bearings or something, sliding over the hard steel beneath, and Mark moaned with soft sighs as I pumped his pud.

"Yeah, that feels good." Mark said. "Real good." A pause while I continued to pummel his dong, and then he said, "Why don't you taste it for me?"

"Can I?" I asked. Afraid the answer would be no, that he was just kidding, but I had to ask, I couldn't do anything he wouldn't let me do.

"Yeah, do it, take it in your mouth, suck on it for me." Mark muttered. "I bet you've been dreaming about sucking on it, haven't you?"

"Uh-huh." I agreed and I got my lips on it and began to cram that huge dong down my throat. Now, in case you hadn't noticed, I was a total virgin up until that point, I didn't have a clue about the right way to do it.

"Oh, ah, uh, shit!" Mark gasped. "Man, get some spit worked up before you shove it all inside you, damn!"

"I'm sorry." I said, and would have said more but his hand came up and pushed at the top of my head and I let it push me back down onto his dick.

"Yeah, shit, your mouth feels so good!" Mark moaned. "Get some spit on it and slick it all up, then you can shove it all the way down."

I did what I could, fumbling, wasting spit that dribbled down onto his balls, God, I didn't want to let go of him for a second, I just wanted to keep that cock in my mouth forever!

"That's enough sucking now." Mark said, his breath heavy.

Enough? I looked up at him, my eyes glazed over. Stop? I didn't want to stop."

"Stand up and get your clothes off." Mark panted. "Damn, I'm so hot now. Hurry up, get undressed for me and I'll give you the rest of your present."

My stomach flopped about in my belly like a fish on a boat deck. I stood up, my clothes came off of me mechanically as I looked at Mark. His eyes were softened, his face rounder than before, all of it blended by passion into vulnerable openness. His cock was shining with my spit and it gleamed like a tower in the light.

When I was nude, Mark said, "Okay, Chad, get over here and sit on this."

I knew what he was talking about. Mesmerized by the moment, obedient to his will because it was all I'd ever wanted, I obeyed him, got my knees on either side of his stomach and he aimed that sticky cock at my ass.

It hurt! I groaned as he pressed it against my asshole, keened out my agony but I didn't once ask him to stop!

"Lower yourself onto it." Mark advised. "Let your weight push it inside you. Don't fight it...relax, relax, relax." he chanted like it was a soothing mantra.

I got the head in and a bit more, and that seemed to be enough for Mark. "Okay, Chad, now, move up and down on it, a little at a time." He said, his words coming out quick and stilted, like he was speaking in a hushed urgency but wanting to say everything right. "Just move your body back and forth a little bit, enough to work it for me, that's all you have to do."

I moved and Mark groaned. "Oh, yeah, shit, yeah, Chad, damn, I should have jumped you back when you were twelve, and I would have if I'd known you were so fucking hot! Oh, yeah, man, yeah!"

The words of praise from Mark, my lover, my finally-at-last lover, were enough to overcome my pain, and I found his cock slipping deeper and deeper into my body. It wasn't hurting much any more, but I'd feel a kind of wrinkled tightness and I'd have to worm my body around and get the wrinkle ironed out and then Mark's cock would go deeper.

Mark was practically insane now, lost in his lust, being ridden by my body, he just moaned and thrashed his head back and forth and his cock was so hot, so damned hot! And then Mark's cock found something inside of me, something I'd never known before, suddenly his cock was feeling damned good as it brushed me inside, back and forth!

I'd never felt anything like it, I was lost in the utter and complete delight that this was giving me. God, I liked being fucked! Hell, if anything, I figured being stuck up the butt would just hurt, I'd never expected, even while I willingly let Mark stick his cock inside me, that it was going to feel good!

Just as sexual as my cock, but different. That was what it was like, my cock took those sensations and ran with them, my cock screamed its joy and I grabbed my cock and I pumped at it.

Mark was moaning, "Oh, oh, oh God, oh, oh God, oh!" and I realized that he was on the verge of climax.

"Yeah, Mark, come on, shoot it!" I begged him. "Pump it in my butt, man, pump it into me!"

"Oh, man, oh, God, OH, OH, UH-HNNKKKHHH, GUHHHH!"

"Oh, oh, GUH-HNNNHHHH!" I chimed in when I felt Mark's come pump into my ass, and I squirted all over that beautiful chest of his, spurting my spunk while he jizzed into my butt, all hot and sloppy and messy and wonderful!

And in that moment, with Mark coming and me coming, I felt like I was born anew. It was like the eighteenth birthday in a way, for now I was a man, a real man, and no longer a child, really no longer a child, and the world lay waiting for me to go out and be a man in it!

In the sheer ecstasy of that emotion, I lay myself down on top of Mark's body, and I was changed in that as well. No longer the mooning puppy-love that couldn't bring itself to speak up, I was now a part of Mark and I lay on his chest the way I had a right to, his lover, his mate and his friend, the two of us were bound together now closer than ever, no longer the love-struck teen mooning after the older boy, I had come of age!

"That was your present." Mark said to me. "I figured you'd really like it."

"Yeah." I said and smiled at him, looking right into his face, eyes meeting eyes. I hadn't done that before, always pulling back, looking instead at his teeth or his nose or his throat, never quite meeting his eyes. "It's a great gift." I said. "I can't wait to play with it again later."


"Well, at least when I go to college this fall." I said. "Though maybe we can get together again before then?"

"Again?" Mark said.

"Sure." I said. "It's my birthday present after all. You gave it to me, remember?"

"Hey, just a minute." Mark protested.

I wasn't stupid, I knew he had only offered me one time and the Chad of earlier that day would have settled for that. Not now.

"You gave it to me, that's what you said." I said instead. "You're not going to take back a birthday present now, are you?"


"You and I can room together and I can play with my birthday present every morning and night." I said. "Maybe in the afternoons, too."

Mark looked at me, and then he grinned. "Maybe." he conceded. "We'll see."

"It was a wonderful birthday present you gave me, Mark." I said. "The best present I ever got!"

"Well, then." Mark sighed. "Happy fucking birthday, Chad."

"And many more." I agreed.

[FOOTNOTE: In case you haven't figured it out yet, the reason this story has to go up now is because July 24, 2018 is my own birthday, your humble webmaster will turn sixty-two years old.]


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