Tentacles for Red Riding Hood

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2016 by Eduardo

Illustration of Tentacles for Red Riding Hood


Kith Markan walked the forest track purposefully, his duties were clear. He had in a pack on his back the material needed by the North Outpost and he could, by walking quickly, get there before sundown. These forests were much like one of Earth, but not of the present but as they had been in Medieval times, and the maps' forests had borne legends such as "Here There Be Monsters" in dire prediction of the fate of any foolhardy enough to venture into their depths.

The comparison between his life here on Seveltia (Nu Lupi 4 according to the stellar charts) and that of a Middle-Ages man was not so inappropriate. Technology on the planet was still limited, they had only what they had been able to bring to this world thus far, and the outpost was not yet outfitted with any of the cargo-ships' bounty. He lived on the rations from the ships, yes, but more of his daily diet was of locally grown produce, including some fortuitous discoveries of local plants and grains. The very bread he carried in his knapsack as part of his packed-lunch was not wheat or rye, but of bitriff, a superior substitute that was so good, they had sent samples back to Earth to see if it could help their home world feeds it burgeoning masses.

He walked alone on a forest trail where danger lurked and he would need to be on careful guard, carrying supplies to a distant location. He smirked, why, give him a red cloak and he could fancy himself a regular Red Riding Hood. He even wore a red headband at this moment, to keep his sweat from dripping into his eyes as a substitute of sorts! Now, if only he didn't encounter a wolf that might try to gobble him up....

"What ho!" came a call. Kith stopped, bemused. The Big Bad Wolf?

No, but it was not far off from the tale, this was a woodsman all right. The colony had a number of men who preferred to live on the edges of society, and they supported their lifestyles by harvesting the local timber and bringing it to the colony for sale and trade. The busy colonists needed this timber and it was a mutually beneficial and in fact a morally uplifting way of life, for one could labor and see their very world changing by dint of their struggles, as this wild and unpopulated land (no intelligent species existed here, only a lush plant and animal life) evolved into a human world as they watched it, their own creation made into their own vision of paradise.

"Ho there, yourself!" Kith called back and the man came out from the nearby brush.

"Who are you?" the man demanded. He was a full head taller than Kith, more than six foot four, and his body was broad and muscled and hairy-chested and his face bore a beard the same pale blond as his head, his skin was fair and one hand held an axe that would have been very much at home a thousand years before on Earth in Red Riding Hood's time. Colonists to

"I am Kith and I am carrying supplies to North Outpost." he explained. "I hope to be there by dark."

"They call me Warch. You can make it if you don't tarry overmuch." the man agreed. "But there are dangers on this trail even to this day. Be cautious and call out if you get in trouble, there are men like me in this woods who may be able to come to your aid."

"I know and I am depending on that." Kith admitted. "But mostly I plan to just watch out and run if I have to." Most local life was slower than a man who was athletic, and Kith was that, at least, his body was lean and well-muscled and in the prime of his life, being only fifteen local years (a bit less than twenty Earth years) old.

"See that you do." Warch advised him and strode back into the brush. Kith watched the man's ass wobble as he walked away, damned, he wondered if that butt was as hairy as the chest must be! He tugged at his crotch briefly to adjust his erection and smirked, walked on.

He had journeyed only a bare fifty or so more yards from his encounter with the woodsman when it happened. Large green vines were depending down over the trail. Men cleared away these vines as they came to them (probably the reason the woodsman was packing an axe everywhere he went) but Kith had no such axes and this trail was supposed to be cleared too often for such a lush growth. They were profuse but didn't block his trail, for none of the vines had rooted in the earth of the trail and he could see the open path beyond, he only needed to push on through them and he could keep going.

He pushed at the vines and they resisted being moved from their position, he pushed again, harder and began to make some dent in the screen of vines. He must be moving the plant above him on some unseen branch overhanging the path, for the vines began to encircle him on all sides. Damn it, he pushed and his hand got through the screen, but the rest of him remained caught.

It was this hand and arm that he saw the tentacle of the vine actively moving to entrap him. This was no mere plant, this was one of the many still-unknown animals that inhabited this world. It had caught him!

The woodsman Warch! He was nearby, he could come to Kith's aid! "Help! Help me, Warch, help, help, please!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. His legs and arms were caught and he was held by the four vines as if he were a puppet, dangling some two feet off the ground. Small hooks on other tentacles were catching his pants and pulling hard, the material (a locally-grown and woven sort of fiber, it was durable but not particularly tough, much like cotton though denser) and the clothing that covered him tore asunder under the tugs of the hooks on the tentacles. When these hooks finished scaling him like a large fish, they would start ripping at his own flesh! He screamed anew. "Help me, Warch, help me, help!"

Warch burst through the bushes a bit down the path from Kith and raced his way. "What the hell is that?" Warch asked.

"Damned if I know but it's out to eat me!" Kith yelped. He felt his pants give way and tear from the front of his body, exposing his bare flesh including his crotch. His cock flopped out and waved in the open air as the woodman grew closer. The cloth was torn by the tentacles until they had laid bare the front of both of his hips down to below his knees and then the material seemed to tear in another direction and a bit piece of his pants was thus stripped away by the tentacles.

This was the scene the woodman walked up on. He seemed in no particular hurry to rescue Kith, who had to admit that all the tentacles here seemed to be occupied with him as its sole prey. "Why didn't you dodge away from it like you said you would?" he asked as he inspected Kith's discomfort.

"I didn't know it would catch me, I thought it was just vines hanging over the trail. Can't you cut me loose?"

"If I do, those vines are going to constrict around your arms and legs. Probably cut off all circulation if they don't break your bones. And they don't turn loose. Let me think about this." Warch mused.

"Get me out of here!"

"Relax, we call this the captor vine." Warch informed him. "It captures its prey and tears open a bit of the stomach area of its food, and then keeps it held aloft so it can feed off of the blood and rotting flesh that drips off from the torn-open area. For humans, that usually just gets as deep as the clothing. Those things along its length that looks like suckers, they're actually small mouths, like. You aren't bleeding anywhere I can see. We have plenty of time to get it off of you. It's a patient predator."

"Easy for you to say. I'm hanging here with my dick hanging out for everyone to see!"

Kith saw it then. "I thought you said there were only four vines to each plant."

"There are." the woodsman said. "Only four."

"Then another one is about to grab you!" Kith warned, for four more vines were reaching down to snag the burly man. He swung his axe with one hand, but the vine warded it and a second one snaked around the axe handle above the man's one-handed grip and it was yanked from his hand. More vines attacked and now the two of them were suspended over the path.

"Now it's got both of us!" Kith mourned.

"I can see that!" Warch writhed as the tentacles of both plants came over to divest the big man of his clothing. More of the smaller tentacles that had hooks were busy on the woodsman's clothing, perhaps because the plants thought his meat would be more succulent. Soon the man was bare from shoulders (where some of his shirt remained perched like a ragged shawl) to his knees, the man was otherwise naked as the day he was born.

Kith's eyes looked at Warch's sturdy rod and his cock twitched and fattened at the sight. This was one marvelous hunk of man!

"This is a fine kettle of fish you've gotten us into!" Warch complained bitterly. "All you had to do was go around it. Now we're both going to hang here until someone else comes along to rescue us! That could take days!"

"How was I to know that the vines were more than just vines!" Kith answered. "I'm stuck, too, you know!"

The man noticed. "You seem to be enjoying the view, at least!" Kith's cock was now at full attention.

"Yeah, well, a lot of good it's going to do me!" Kith said bitterly. "My arms are both caught."

"Well, there is one answer but you won't like it. Or maybe you will." the woodsman told him.

"What is that?"

"Look at that vine holding your hand. Look at the tip; does it look familiar?"

Kith looked and said. "Oh!"

"Yes, the captor vine mates with other captor vines much the same way we humans do. Different fluids are exchanged but the way to get them out is the same. They all have male and female organs, as it were.

"Do what do you expect me to do?"

"Well, just like a human's cock, when it's drained it loses all interest in you." Warch grinned. "Why don't you help it get its rocks off and see if that will convince it to turn you loose?"

"Have you ever done this with a captor vine?" Kith asked him suspiciously.

"I don't have to answer that."

"That's not a no."

"Sometimes you get captured, you're not in a position to get rescued." Warch explained succinctly. "You can hang there until someone else comes around, if you'd like. It can be a few days."

Kith looked at the cockhead and growled. "Oh, all right." he snarled. His arm wasn't so easy to lever but he brought it around until he could capture the vine's cockhead with his mouth.

"But how long do I have to suck it before it squirts."

He put the vine's cockhead into his mouth and gave it a quick pump and was promptly flooded with a greasy, grassy-tasting mucus-like substance. It was about twice the amount a man would have pumped out and he coughed, choked, sputtered and green drool slid out of his mouth and over the vine's cockhead as he released it.

"Not long at all." Warch told him.

"Not funny." Kith complained. "Not funny at all." He saw that Warch now had an erection equal to his own. Damned but that was a tasty-looking pud. And his right arm was now free and clear of the vine which had released him, sated. He used this freedom to capture the cock flopping free and proud and only a bit of bending let him get all the way over and now he could and did scarf the proud man-tree into his mouth.

Warch moaned as he was caught. "Need to get the taste out of your mouth, kid?" he asked in lieu of a protest.

"Uh-huh." Kith said.

"Well, work it and you'll get plenty of spunk to do that." Warch agreed.

Kith worked his head on the stiff cock and the vines around him stirred, moved their bodies. He felt one of the smaller tentacles reach up and wrap his balls over and over again, but no hooks were in play this time. The vines seemed to have another intent and they used it to guide his own hard cock upwards. The other vines moved Warch over until he was almost on his back and Kith felt his body being guided inwards.

Warch was the one who saw what was happening first. "Oh, God, it wants you to fuck me!"

"Mmph, mph!" Kith had too much cock in his mouth to reply audibly.

"I'm not, I'm not...oh, oh, oh!" Kith's cockhead was pushing at his anus. "It can't do this to me!" Warch moaned. "I'm no weeble to be mounted by any man!" The "weeble" was the modern term for an effeminate-acting man, one who was a devoted sexual passive.

"I'm not doing this." Kith protested as he let go of the hard rod with a pop. "I can't stop it. It's got hold of me, too!"

"Oh, oh, oh, suck me harder, harder!" Warch groaned. "Help me get it in by sucking me harder, faster, faster too!"

Kith sped up as his cock was shoved at the man's ass and the ass did in fact relax as the older man's desire impeded his reluctance. Kith's glans went in and Warch only grunted as the shaft followed it slowly but inexorably. Kith's mouth made swift wet sounds as he milked at the man's lusty dong, and Warch moaned as Kith began to move his hips to send his young dong in and out of the man's warm, rich, hairy butt.

Warch convulsed and his cock sprayed a huge load out of his cock, Kith was unable to swallow such a lusty package of man-seed and huge driblets of come dribbled out of his mouth, and down Warch's shaft and balls.

The spunk contacted the smaller tentacles around his balls and the bigger ones reacted, the "suction cups" of the larger tentacle scooped up the tasty testicle fluid and the smaller tentacle moved up to tickle the larger man's balls and coax more of the fluid to pour out. Kith got most of it, but some was sent down to feed the hungry tentacles.

His own body was well into the thralls of ectasy as the vine around his balls began to massage his nuts. No hooks still, this was almost loving and doting as the vine urged and enticed him to greater and greater passion.

His ecstasy was that of a young healthy man in his prime, hot joy-juice jetted out of his dong into Warch's virginal ass, which couldn't contain it, plenty of spooge dribbled out to feed the hungry tentacles.

Both men panted, resting as best they could, but the vines were relentless, the smaller tentacles had found a new calling and they stroked the men's bare bodies wherever they could, and the teasing tentacles tantalized them into renewed erections. Kith was young, Warch was virile, both were soon again at full attention. The vines seemed to realize it and this time they fed Warch's prong into Kith's ass and the large, muscular man was quick to thrust hard and fast into the young man's rump, while tentacles played with Kith's own prong until Warch groaned, thrust his face forward and captured the tumescent young dong and sucked on it roughly. Kith was enraptured by the virile, strong man servicing him both anally active and orally, and he writhed, clenched, thrust himself upwards and Warch released him at the last moment and aimed the ejaculating dong at the vines around him. "Got to...feed the...vine enough...and it'll...let us...go!" he gasped.

"Yeah, yeah, sure!" Kith panted. "Oh, God, do it, do it!"

"Uh, uh-uh, uh, KAH-HUHHHH!" Warch held back on his climax, teetering on the brink, until he could bear it no more, then he pulled back and the lusty woodsman dong fed the vines another hefty load.

This set a pattern, the two alternated in pleasuring each other over and over, but carefully pulling back to let their spunk flow out to be captured by the tentacles.

The vines had enough and were just in the process of letting them go when the contingent from the Northern Outpost, searching for their promised supplies Kith was bringing, arrived to find the pair newly freed and exhausted.

Kith was taken back to the outpost by the small truck the contingent had arrived in, Warch held back and refused aid. Kith was checked out and interviewed by the outpost scientists, and it was three days before they would let him go again, and he was back again trodding the same path toward the colony.

Just up ahead, he saw the same vines once again. He greeted it like an old friend might but gave it a wide path. Just ahead of that, he heard the chopping of an axe. Paused, smiled. That would be Warch. He wondered how it would go with the hefty woodsman without the vines.

Turned out to be totally awesome!


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