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When a man works hard and lives hard, he likes his loving hard, and who better to share that hard loving with than another hard living, hard loving man? This is a book of twenty all-new stories (with sixteen new illustrations plus four pulled from my former paysite area) that are (mostly, inspiration created a few softer-toned exceptions on me) about this kind of man. A hard living man doesn't believe in flowers or soft moonlight, he wants to get down and shove it in hard and he can take it as well as dish it out, if that's what it takes to get his rocks off.

This eBook contains the following short stories:

Aggression Issues--Armstrong doesn't need a friend to talk out his anger with, he needs a buddy he can take it out on! And his new neighbor and newest best friend turns out to be just what he needed!

Barbarian's Coin--When Prince Gibar flees an assassination attempt in the snowy mountains, he winds up taking shelter in a barbarian's shack, and the man only accepts one kind of payment for his aid.

Demon Hunter for Rent--Belson is a demon-hunter but when he runs across another demon-hunter under a curse, he ends up learning the diference between being for hire, and being for rent!

A Gladiator's Duty--Setoni is a gladiator, and he knows his duty whether it's fighting in the arena or pleasing his patrons in more private entertainments.

I Ain't That Drunk--Our hero has to get Latimer, his mom's new corporate executive for her firm, into bed, but Latimer insists he isn't that drunk, and proves it by jumping the bones of our hero in bed!

I Can Do Better Than That!--Chester and David bought a porn CD through the mail but it's gay porn. They watch it anyhow, but the actors are doing it so lamely, they set out to prove to each other they could do it better!

The God of Lilliput--Interstellar con-man Gordon crashlands on a backwards world where the men are much smaller than he is. They set him up as their living god...or do they?

Love and War--When you're a mercenary fighting a corporate war with them tape-recording the battle, losing a fight can be the whole point of the combat!

Melons--The two construction workers are dealing with a supervisor who keeps admiring their asses a little too much, so they decide to give the guy's own melons a good bruising!

My Poor, Aching Whatzis--Peter's job leaves him sore and tired but when he gets home, his roommate Gordon gives him something to make him even tireder and sorer.

Shivaree--When the ranch foreman gets married, the cowhands set up a surprise shivaree for him, which involves putting him in bed with one of their own for a very different kind of honeymoon.

Space Hogs--Clinton McAuliffe was foreman helping build an outlying relay station on an isolated world. His crew of men were already a powder keg of frustrated lusts building up, and the arrival of the too-pretty holovision actor only lit the fuse!

The Money Shot--Dirk and Yuri are two brawny construction workers enticed by money into performing a gay porn movie. Trouble is, for the movie to be a success, someone has to give the "money shot" which leaves the other man with jizz on his face.

The Ringer--Matlock is a coal miner working a dangerous job, and it becomes more dangerous when the company sends in a spy to dicover the ringleaders trying to organize a union. In fact, his job becomes downright explosive!

The Stalker--Chris Haversham is a construction worker who's had a miserable day on the job. At home, he tries to enjoy himself with a bit of "spank the monkey," but when he finds a stalker lurking in his closet, he discovers a better way to unwind after a lousy work week.

Just Need a Ride--The young punk just needs a ride, but the man offering him a ride has a need of his own and they both get more than they planned on!

The God's Favor--His city-state is in danger and their god of war has not answered their prayers to be saved from the invader. It falls to the soldier Marnius to convince the god by any means necessary.

Forward in Reverse--He's had to move back to his old home town and care for his aged mother, going from an out and proud gay man to a closet case all over again. but when the neighbor stud turns out to be willing, going back looks like forward to our hero!

A Good Pit Crew--"Kruzer" Kent is a racer born and bred, but any racers need sponsors. His latest sponsor has given him a beautiful car with a condition, two young identical-twin sons are now his new pit crew. Kent sets out to test his new pit crew to see how well they work together. These two young studs more than meet up to his tests, both in working on his car and in feeding Kent's sexual cravings with hot man-to-man loving!

Borrowing the Car--They've had a long-standing deal with the neighbor to loan him their mule in exchange for labor on their farm. But when they need to borrow the neighbor's car, our hero finds the neighbor only wants one kind of help.

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