“Damn it, how we going to celebrate tonight?” Gordon said when they’d worked through their next set of beers. What’d that make, Dell thought to himself, eight, or nine? Must actually be twelve because he thought it was ten.

“Wish our girls were here.”

“Yeah, but they had to go home.”

“Yeah.” Gordon struggled. He had the edge of an idea here. If he just could push aside the alcoholic fumes a bit so he could see it. “But I wish they were here.” he said again.

“Yeah. “Good party and they’re missing it.”

“Yeah, they’re missing it.” Gordon agreed. “But you know what I wish they were here for?” The light broke through briefly...he had it! No, it was gone again, the clouds had closed up.

“Without the girls, we got nothing to do.” Dell groused. “Nothing but drink another beer." He had to prove his point, of course, so he got another beer.

“I know what I’d do if Michelle were here.” Gordon mused.

“Yeah, but she had to go home.”

“Stop that!” Gordon protested. “I got an idea here.”


“Yeah.” Gordon said. “What I’d do if Michelle were here.”

“So what would you do?”

“That’s easy!” Gordon had his idea and he was running with it! “I’d put her right where you’re sitting now.”

“But I’m sitting here.”

“I know, but I’d put her right there.”

“But I’m sitting here.”

“I know, but if she was here!” Gordon said. “I’d put her where you’re sitting.”

“But I’m sitting here.”

“Just for the sake of argument.”

“Okay, okay, for the sake of argument then.” Dell agreed.

“That’s better.”

“So what would you do?”

“About what?” Gordon wanted to know.

“If I wasn’t sitting here.”

“Why wouldn’t you be sitting here.” Gordon said.

“Michelle.” Dell pointed out.

“Oh, yeah!” The light parted in golden glory! “If she was here, I’d put her right where you’re sitting.”

“But I’m sitting here!”

“For the sake of argument, if Michelle were sitting there instead of you!”

“O-o-o-oh!” Dell said. “Okay, if Michelle were sitting here, what would you do?”

Oh, the train of thought was tootling along now! Gordon said, “I’d put my hand right on her thigh like this!” And his hand landed on Dell’s thigh.

Dell looked at the intruder with the objectivity of Zeus peering down at the ant-sized humans from on high. “Why would you want to do that for?” he wanted to know.

“It’s just a first step.”

“But you didn’t step anywhere!”

“Just drink your beer.” Gordon said. “And watch what I do next.”

“Okay.” Dell sipped his beer as he watched Gordon’s hand. It stayed still for a moment, then it began to worm its way up.

“Hey, that feels kind of good.” Dell marveled.

“Yeah, it’s supposed to.” Gordon said. “All the way up to...here.” And he cupped Dell’s crotch.

“Ooh, that is nice.” Dell said. “I can see why Michelle would like that.”

“Yeah, she would.” Gordon agreed. “And once I gave her a nice thrill like this, then I’d lean in and kiss her.”

“Kiss her?”

“Yeah, like this.” And Gordon leaned over and kissed Dell. The sharply acrid taste of consumed beer was on Dell’s lips and it could have bothered Gordon, only he was just showing Dell what he’d do with Michelle, so that didn’t count.

He let go to continue his demonstration. “And then I’d play with her titties, like this.” And his hands roamed over Dell’s chest, feeling for and finding and fondling his nipples.

“Oooh, God damn, man, that does feel good!”

“You bet it does.”

“And what, uh! What does, uh! What does, uh!”

Dell’s hand slapped Gordon’s fingers away from his love knobs. “What does Michelle do when you do that to her?”

“She’ll usually giggle and get up and take off her pants and panties and sit down, right here!” Gordon slapped his thighs to show where she’d perch.