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This book contains the entire and unexpurgated (I had to clean up parts of the book I posted to Amazon and Barnes & Noble) serial adventure I wrote back in the days of the BBS'es. The main adventure follows the lives of Ivan Paskov who, with his comrade David Martin, are marooned on a strange unknown world. A pink mist pervades everything about them, the smell of which drives any man insane with desire for sex. Only men from prior shipwrecks are present and the culture they have built up is one that Ivan will have to find their way in. They encounter many adventures, including a power-mad Marine Commander who's out to protect his men from the mist at all costs (including slavery and murder). Before Ivan is done, he will have unlocked the secret to this world, so aptly named "Desire."

This adventure covers 28 short chapters. Also included is a "prequel" (which is best read AFTER you read the serial) in three parts, telling of the very first shipwrecked humans on Desire. Following this are two short stories telling of two Marines just after the events in the serial, who have set out to find their own destinies on this world where frequent gay sex is not only the's downright required!

Note: This story is, obviously, one of my earliest efforts, and is only the third lengthy story I've ever done (the first was a now-lost children's book, the second was my PG-rated "Akon's Journey.") As a result you will find that it is somewhat cruder than my later, more polished works, but its continuing popularity convinces me that it deserves a place in my library of offered works. I have written three more serials in the same universe, telling of the later adventures of Ivan Paskov, and of his clone-son, Pavel Paskov, further exploring this bizarre world built of some of my most way-out sexual fantasies.

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