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These two series are a sequel to Planet of Desire and The Sperm Wars, and follows the adventures of Ivan's clone-son Pavel Paskov. The events in these two interlocked series take place a few months after the conclusion of the Sperm Wars.

In "Sheik of Desire," Pavel is met by two emissaries, one of whom is a former lover, an Arabic man named Jezreel, and a commander of the Connobarans. He and a housemate, Jethro, join them in a trip over the western mountains to meet the Arabic plainsmen who live on the other side, for these tribes must have some way to have children, and both Pavel's home valley and the Connobarans need to find out what that way is. But Pavel quickly finds himself embroiled in the politics of the Arabian tribes and the ambitions of Sultan Mahmoud, who intends to bring all the tribes under his single rule. But when Mahmoud makes his move, Pavel finds that the result makes Pavel the ruler of the Arabian plainsmen!

In the "Secret of the Turtle Men," Pavel and his friends, Jethro, and two Arab friends, Jassem and Aram, set out to find a way through the mountains back to their home valleys, but discover themselves confronted by the three winged denizens of the Mountains, the Angels, Djinni and Ifriti. Separated from his friends, Pavel is the captive of the Ifriti, and learns that all three of these groups have their own need of human sperm, and a new, even greater Sperm War looms, unless Pavel can find a solution!

These two series contain a total of 37 parts with 40 illustrations, but (full disclosure here), the images are mostly of low-grade quality (intended for viewing on monitors with much lower resolution than is the norm these days, and it shows!), and for that reason, I am offering the book at a lower price for its size than I would with full-fledged illustrations.

Also, there is infrequent incest in this book, it is a component of the plot and consistent with the differing morality that this world's odd conditions impose on all the men who live here, that is, the need for frequent sex sometimes leaves a man with only close relatives for his sex partners. There is no underaged sex (barring the fact that a child becomes a man as a single life event at the physical age of 9...but is a man in fact) in this story, however. If such storylines bother you, please give this book a pass.

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