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From the early days of cavemen to the future that awaits us as soon as we can figure out how to get out there, man has fallen prey to those ever-horny and ever-present tentacles that are eager to grab them, stuff their every orifice, and milk them until they jet their delicious man-juice out to where the tentacled beings can feed on it. This book contains twenty stories (one a two parter, all twenty with an illustration) of men and tentacles getting down, dirty and well-acquainted as they reach their mutual climactic satisfaction.

This eBook contains the following short stories:

Did You Miss Me?--When a 50's cool dude and his poodleskirted babe seek some privacy to spark, the abandoned garden seems like a good place to go...until they find the now-dead owner's prize flower has been waiting for someone like the cool dude for a plucking good tentacled time.

Pagan Gods--The Roman legion has entered the barbarian village and the centurion's first duty is to find and desecrate their local god's temple (for the barbarians had fought with the belief he would aid them). But when he enters the temple, he discovers that their god is very real indeed!

The Sargasso Sea, Parts 1 and 2--For time immemorial, ships entering the Sargasso Sea have run the risk of never being heard from again. This story gives the story of two such ships that found the answer to the Sargasso Sea's mystery...too bad they'll never get a chance to tell anyone.

Through the Rift--The Whissilian Rift cuts across known space, an impediment to galactic trade. One ship has learned how to navigate the odd energies that control the rift and their latest crewman is about to experience the answer first-hand when he gets acquainted with the tentacled alien member of the crew.

Tentacles for Red Riding Hood--Our young hero is traveling through a far outpost on an alien world and is struck by the comparison between himself and the childhood fabled heroine. But the Big Bad Wolf, when it appears, is tentacled and captures not only him, but the woodman who comes to his rescue.

The Barn Spider--Jim-Bob has finally won his heart's desire, he now owns the old deserted farm free and clear. Now he has to clear out the old barn...only to find that the occupant there is a large tentacled-spider which has its own ideas about what our hero should be doing!

The Lone Prairie--The cowboy riding alone on the range hears the call of nature and, when he sees the large lone cactus standing there, he figures he's found the ideal place to aim his yellow stream. But sticking his dick out at this cactus is an invitation for some busy tentacle fun for this particular cacti.

Where the Heroes Are--Dragons have infested the land for ages immemorial and mankind's counter is clear, a hero must ride to the dragon's lair, there to fight and kill the dragon and die himself. Or so our hero thinks as he walks into the dragon's den, to find himself the target of dragonly tentacles and a fate he'd never conceived.

Cave of the Tentacles--The tribe of cavemen, seeking a new home, have found a cave. Now their job is to deal with the tentacled being that already lives there and the outcome is not one they expected.

Killing the Messenger--Our hero is the servant of a lord's house who has been sent to tell the King that the lord won't be able to pay his taxes in time this year. His heart is heavy for he knows that the King takes out his rage at such messages upon its messenger...but he doesn't know just what that rage entails. involves tentacles.

Space Invaders--Mankind is locked in a losing battle with an alien invader that is intent upon scooping up every man on Earth. Our hero is a lone soldier fighting his best...until he is captured and learns the tentacled intent of these invaders the hard (very hard!) way.

Enjoying the Differences--In an age when one can alter their bodies at will, two young college students discover that they both chose a trio of tentacled cocks to enjoy and that their fun is best served with each other.

Salvaging the Air Plant--Encountering an abandoned spaceship can be a source of income for the scavenger ship that finds it...only our hero goes aboard and discovers that this ship's air plant has mutated into a surprising and tentacled adversary.

The Ubermenschen Project--The Nazi project to create a super-soldier has gone awry and a squad of SS soldiers go to find out what has happened. They discover that the supersoldiers have indeed been created, but the tentacles they carry are visited upon any they encounter, such as the soldiers of the SS squad.

The Key to Investing--The investment broker spends a good deal of time listening to bad ideas for investment opportunities, but this latest starry-eyed dreamer has a tentacle-laden presentation that really drives the point home (both above and below) why his project should be funded.

The Great Tentacle Harvest--It's an invasion from space no one ever expected, a simultaneous immediate assault of tentacled machines upon every healthy virile man on the planet (they leave the women, children and elderly/feeble alone). The Men of Earth, wherever they are, get fucked and sucked and these machines apparently don't intend to ever let go! What else can Mankind do but keep living their lives with their cocks and asses occupied by an alien force?

One Explanation for Oxford--(With apologies to my British readers.) The British explorer is out to view the remote African tribe's "god" for himself. He expects to be led to a musty stone idol, but this idol is alive and more than ready to drill the pompous anthropologist with all the tentacles it's got.

Meeting the Ambassador--The Genoxee are masters of galactic commerce and our hero is a corporate executive out to land the local sector's contract for his superiors. The thing is, the Genoxee are heavily cock-tentacled and the only thing our hero has to offer one of them is a ride on his ass in exchange for leading our hero to their ambassador when he's done.

Aunt Ida's Posies--Our "hero" is a spoiled nephew tired of sucking up to his rich elderly aunt for spending money. He figures a quick burglary to steal her riches will solve this problem, but it turns out that dear old Aunt Ida's favorite sort of flower is an odd plant that is better than any alarm system money could buy, so this rotten nephew is tangled up in tentacles in no time.

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