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Three separate novelettes complete in this book. A total of 32 chapters, all with illustrations. These novelettes are:

THE RETURN OF THE TITANS--In this 13-part series, a huge starship is heading for Earth, but this is no alien vessel; for these are Earth's ancestors, returning after many thousands of years of separation. But mankind of Earth has a lot to learn about its own lost history...and first is that the Star men are double the size of Earthmen! Our hero is an investigative reporter trying to learn all he can about the cousins of Mankind. But as the Star Men show their true nature and reason for coming to Earth, the secrets our hero learns will change the Earth forever!

THE SHIP'S BOY--This is an 10-part novelette, our young hero has fled his family who intends to ship him off to military school. He stows away aboard a tramp freighter bound for Hawaii, but when he is found out, he becomes the "ship's boy" (cabin boy) which means that he is now the personal property of the First Mate, but that doesn't mean he doesn't also have to satisfy the sexual needs of the rest of the crew! He adapts to a lifestyle of being the personal plaything of a lot of hunky men, but when he learns the nature of the mysterious single passenger aboard and the cargo the passenger is shipping with the freighter, his personal life becomes tangled with the cargo and the fate of the ship and her crew.

BILLY'S ADVENTURES IN TOONLAND--Billy Hill, the hillbilly, is a cartoon character living his life in the Ozarks happy as he can be as long as he has his "doo-whappy." But when a mysterious stranger steals his doo-whappy, Billy sets off across the many lands of Toonland searching for the stranger, for he's going to get his doo-whappy back no matter what it takes! And all along the way, the mere mention of the doo-whappy seems to send his fellow cartoon characters into a sexual frenzy. What is the doo-whappy? You find out in the final chapter, when you'll see why everyone got turned on by hearing about the doo-whappy and why Billy is so eager to get it back!

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