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This book contains 30 of my stories (24 with illustrations) of gay men who are either traveling or have arrived at some unusual or exotic location (a number of my tropical island stories are included), and the adventures and erotic delights they have. Whether the adventure is in the travel or in the destination, the sex is hot and memorable and our hero's life is usually changed forever in the process. The locations vary from a warm Pacific Island, to the frigid northern part of Sweden to a set of white-water rapids that weren't supposed to be traveled, but the men are always hot and horny and ready for action.

This eBook contains the following stories:

The Kid Is Just Hung--Whatever is in his pants is setting off security alarms at the airport!

Hollywood, Here I Come!--He picks up three Latinos stranded in the desert and has the ride of his life.

Shooting the Rapids--The whitewater ride is bumpy, but so is the sex while resting.

Snow Bunny, Beach Bunny--Can a beach surfer dude handle the icy slopes?

The Sound of the Rain--A mountain cabin in heavy rain has an unexpected visitor.

My African Tour--He's seeing Africa, but his most fun is with the guides! A five-part series, "Monkey Talk," "Buried Bones," "Bush Hopping," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and Crocodile Luck."

The Gifts of Paradise--Two Pacific island natives aren't impressed by their white visitors.

Desert Crossing--Two immigrants cross the border and discover each other.

The Wishing Well--He visits the local wishing well, to find his wish coming true.

Flip Flop Flap--The local gay beach has a code about flip flops that causes trouble.

Up onto the Beach--The yacht shipwrecks, but the owner doesn't plan to ever leave the island.

The Great Race--It's a small country with a big, big race, but the bets are the real competition.

One Foot in Sweden--A "foot fetish" story and a long, narrow bed shared by two.

An Atatumbari Ritual--He came to hunt a rare butterfly, but ended up caught and impaled himself!

A Question of Trust--Spring break is touch on a new relationship.

Pursuing Happiness--The real luck is in the chase.

The Quest for the Blue Ape--He will find the mythical blue ape no matter what it takes.

The Thirty-seventh Day--Two young men shipwrecked have a unique way to get through their days.

The Summer of Love--A festival of love and two young, potent men...what more do you need?

Man of the Mountain--He is enchanted by the stoic hunter...and the feeling is mutual!

Traveling with the Professor--He wants to go on the expedition, but there's the matter of paying for it.

Warm Rain--A lonesome tropical vacation is warmed up in an unusual way.

Moroccan Marketplace--He's new to Morocco, and they know it!

A Harvard Man--He wants to be a credit to the old alma mater on the expedition.

The Sovereign State of Happiness--A ship at sea is a kingdom of its own.

Not with a Whimper--It's not quite the end of the world for these two men.

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