Darryl reached into the small cooler perched by him on the couch and brought out a Budweiser, tossed the red-and-white can to Jason. "Here you go."

"Where's Pregzilla?" Jason asked.

"With Pregodon." Darryl told him. They were talking about their wives, identical twins who had always been way too close for their own good. They'd always dressed alike, shared alike, even married men very much alike in a double-marriage (Darryl was a construction worker, Jason worked an offshore oil rig, and both were big, rugged men with chiseled good looks and well-muscled, slender-waisted bodies) and the twins had insisted on sharing a house after their marriage. Jason had gone along with all that, hell, the marriage had been cheaper on him and about the house, he wasn't there three-quarters of the time anyhow (six weeks living on the rig, then two weeks off). Even the twin's menstrual cycles had always been right together (Darryl and Jason called it "the time of double trouble"), so it wasn't too much of a shock for these men to discover their wives had apparently become pregnant at the same time some months ago. During Christmas vacation, Jason figured, when he'd been home and Darryl had been off work as well. The wives were due to pop in late September by all calculations, still plenty of time for him and his wife to enjoy sex for, oh, months still. "They're at a baby shower for one of their friends."

"When they going to be back, anyway?"

"Not until after midnight."

"Damn!" Jason grumped as he sucked at his beer. "Damn, them's good suds!" He belched appreciatively. "Nice and cold."

"Yeah. Lisa said that they don't want any alcohol in the house when the babies are born."

"Why the fuck not?"

"Bad example."

"Shit." Jason drank again. "What is it with women when they get preggers, anyhow?"

"They fall in love with the baby and forget about the man." Darryl answered. "And these two preggers we married have it extra bad. Lisa's moved into Mona's room. Said she didn't want my hands on her until after the baby's born. I don't think you're going to get your bed back, either; Lisa's sleeping where you used to sleep, right alongside Mona."

"But they're only at two months'!" Jason protested, dismayed. "Why stop now?"

"I don't know, but you and me are cut off until after the baby's born. And I wouldn't count on them wanting much afterwards, either."

"Shit!" Jason mourned. "I only get home every six weeks! What the fuck am I going to do?"

"Beat your meat. Same thing I've been doing the last two weeks, since Lisa dropped that on me."

"Yeah, I guess so." Jason agreed. "Damn! I figured I'd given up on whacking it when I got married."

"Me, too, but that's what I've been doing." Darryl shifted in his seat. Watching the television, Jason didn't notice, but then he heard it. The unmistakable sound of a jeans' zipper going down.

He looked over to see Darryl fishing in his fly with his hand. "What the fuck you doing?"

"Going to whack my meat."

"I can see that. Why?"

"'Cause I'm horny!"

"Yeah, but...you got to do it here?"

"Hey, you and me going to be sharing a bed from now on. You might as well get used to looking at it, 'cause I got to whomp this monkey twice or three times a day. I am non-stop fucking horny all the time, day and night. I'd do it more often if I didn't have to work."

"Hell." Jason said. "You, too, huh?"

"Yeah. Lisa never could keep up with me." Darryl had his cock out now, shit, Jason figured he was the hung one in this little family of four, but Darryl's was a match for his!

"Mona couldn't neither."

"So whack it if you need to."

Jason hesitated, then reached for his chinos' fly. Brought out his own cock, uncut but otherwise much like Darryl's own nine-inch prong.

"Man, that's mean looking one." Darryl admired Jason's dong.

"Yours isn't so bad either."

"Yeah, come on, whomp that big fucker, let me see its head."

Jason skinned back his foreskin with a practiced pull on his cock and the purplish head emerged.

"God, that's a thick plum you got there."

"You got a nice-looking strawberry yourself." Jason observed. Darryl's glans was a bright red color from the action of his hand on his pud, it did look like a strawberry sitting small-end-up on top of the large, cream-colored shaft.

Darryl scooted over so he was closer to Jason and stared down at Jason's prick. Jason took advantage of the nearness to grab Darryl's pud from him and yank it along with his own. Darryl didn't resist, he moaned and thrust his hips upwards to make it easier for Jason to pump him.

"Yeah, shit, get that over here and push it up against mine." Jason urged. "I want to jerk them together. Come on, yeah, like that, right up against mine. Nice and close, yeah!" Darryl's cock against his own felt so damned good, the warm shaft heating his own. He got his hand around the pair and began to pummel them both.

"Ah, ah, shit, ah!" Darryl moaned as Jason jacked them both. "This is so fucking hot! So fucking hot!"

"Aw, man, I can't take this any more!" Jason groaned. "If we're going to do this, let's go all the fucking way, man, all the fucking way!"

"Yeah, yeah!" panted Darryl. "Our bed, come on, let's get in our bed!"

He pulled himself away from Jason and led the way, Jason followed him, his cock pointing at that beautiful ass in those battered jeans.