Aliens on Board

Jason slipped out of the airlock door and hastily turned and pushed it back shut again. The man inside it quickly bolted it closed and Jason reached for his waist and pulled out his weapon, a small gun with a needle-fine point at the end, and looked up and down the corridor. Clear so far, but it wouldn't stay that way. Better move fast. Jason moved down the long curving hall of metal with athletic grace that wasn't thrown off by the Coriolis forces of the spinning living section. The only things living there now, though, weren't human, not by a long shot. His body was finely tuned and sleek, with broad shoulders, a broad shelf of chest coated in muscle above a slender, flat-stomached waist and abdomen. He kept this body well in shape only by long, tedious hours of exercise but he had plenty of reason, the more so since the invasion of his ship by the aliens in this section. He had to get supplies out of the hold and until he was back inside the safe section of the ship again, his body was in danger every second. Aliens were on board this ship and he was heading right into their midst.

Luck was with him this day, he saw no sign of the aliens all the way down the corridor to the cross section that let him move quickly to the back of the ship. Four spinning rings of living spaces on this ship, and only the first of them remained safe for human habitation. And the supplies were in the hold all the way on the other side of alien territory.

He got the door of the hold unlocked and shut it behind him. Focus, he told himself. Don't look around for something you'd like. Just get the stuff, and then get the hell out of here!

The packet he'd been after was small, he stuffed it into the small waist-pack he wore, then moved quickly toward the front of the hold, to get back through the aliens to the human-held part of the ship. As he turned to the door of the hold through which he'd come, the blood froze in his veins.

The door was standing open. He hadn't heard a thing, but he didn't have to. He was no longer alone.

The tiniest noises of tick-tick-tick on the metal floor behind him alerted him. He didn't stop to look behind him, he just ran. He got nearly to the door before the thing grabbed him, and sharp claws ripped the back of his uniform to shreds. He tried to bring his weapon into play, but his hand was struck, knocking it away from him to skitter out into the corridor and he was flipped over to regard his captor.

The alien was more than twice his size, his razor-sharp teeth were larger than his mouth, enough to give him a permanent grin, he had a head plate over his too-human eyes that was reminiscent of a Triceratops, large, almost heart-shaped with his features on the lower, narrower end. No nose, just two slits that opened and closed independently of each other. The body's form was humanoid but emphatically not human, large spikes on the elbows jutted backwards from his forearms, the fingers were long and bony-shaped, and tipped with short but dagger-like claws that could have sliced him fiercely had the alien wished it. But it had other plans for Jason, he knew full well even as those large hands lifted his legs and lower body upwards. "Aw, God damn you, you fetid chunk of alien barf!" He cursed the alien fluently if futilely. "Why the fuck can't you go fuck your grandmother instead of coming after me, anyway?"

The alien's response was a low growl, but it didn't stop the thing from its intended action, which was to bring its dong up to Jason's asshole and shove it at him hard!

Jason howled like a wolf as the huge prong found his asshole and dug in deep and fast! The alien's prick was self-lubricating, for it normally nestled inside the being's body but when it captured prey such as Jason, the long shaft would slide out, slippery and reddish, over a foot long and more than three inches in diameter, and it was shoving into Jason's butthole with a fury that didn't allow him any chance to do more than take it as it was, his body writhing in agony at the hard violation of his anus.

"Owwwww, owwwww, owwwwoooowwww!" he yelped as the prong plunged the rest of the way into him, and the alien promptly began to fuck his butt, ramming him with hard thrusts that shook his body back and forth, Jason moaned as the hard meat slammed in and out of him, and he felt his cock get hard as a fucking rock and throb from the raw assault upon his prostate and innards, and he cursed his perverse body that could turn this attack into anything even remotely pleasurable. But he couldn't deny it, his cock was rapidly climbing toward climax and the alien felt him shuddering and drove its dong in deep as it could and held it there, and hot alien spunk spurted into Jason's bowels.

Illustration of Aliens on Board

Jason couldn't help it, that hot jizz drove him over the edge and he keened through clenched teeth and his cock exploded upwards, spraying the alien's body and his own in equal measure, the alien made small grunting sounds of satisfaction as Jason spent his seed on his captor's embrace.

When he was done, the alien dropped him like so much wet garbage and moved off, snuffling and sated. "Yeah, get out of here, you freaking bastard." Jason muttered as he felt the hot alien seed dribble out of his ass onto the cold floor metal. "Fuck me and leave me, that's all you damned freaks are good for." He staggered to his feet, peeled the majority of his now-trashed uniform from his body and limped out the door to pick up his weapon. The next alien that showed up was going to get a load of the needles the weapon fired right in their ugly face!

He went a short distance down the corridor outside to the nearest through-hall, which hooked into a central compartment that didn't spin and thus had no pseudogravity, but which could let him get back to the corridor that led to human country quickly.

The entrance wasn't a door in the usual sense of the word, the compartment was sliding and a long hole would come along, this "door" would then be a hole into the central compartment that would last for about ten seconds, long enough to dart inside.

He looked into the central compartment as the hole came by and he backed away in a hurry. Shit! In the short time he'd been in the hold, aliens had entered the central compartment in droves, they were floating about and he was running down the corridor pell-mell.

An alien was ahead, the curving corridor threw off his aim, he fired three needles the alien's way but the only one to hit the alien bounced harmlessly off that head plate and it was charging at him. Shit, shit, shit! Not again! He had time for one more shot, one needle could put the alien down for the count and turn it into a lump on the floor for a dozen hours, he fired, and the alien put an arm up and the needle glanced off that damned elbow spike. The hand of that same arm knocked the weapon out of his hand and sent it spinning off somewhere behind Jason.

Jason turned to run and the alien's hand grabbed his belt and pulled him backwards. He didn't even have the grace period of having the uniform ripped from him, he sprawled in mid-air as he was yanked and he was falling toward the alien butt first and the alien steered him easily into fuck-position. His ass hit the hard dong and the alien shifted and the force of Jason's air-flight drove him onto the prick.

It didn't hurt as much the second time, when you've been stretched out to your limit, the second stretch only puts you back out there again, all the pain has been done. And he had a load of alien spunk up there to further grease the way.

"Oh, ohhh, uh, guh, uh!" Jason settled for saying as the alien's cock plunged in him to the hilt. "Sorry, asshole, you missed out on the first round, got to take sloppy seconds."

The alien didn't seem to mind, it began to ram Jason with all the gusto of the first. Jason was bouncing up and down in mid-air, the alien's arms around his waist, lifting him up and letting him fall back down onto that hard, long dong. Jason howled as the alien's prick drove him right back up to the height of desire, so soon after his last time, but his body didn't care, that thick dick in his butt was forcing him to climb right back up there again to the summit of ecstasy.

"God damn you fucking bastards, all you do is grab me and fuck me!" he snarled. "Can't you do something else, anything else, than screw me and make me come all over myself, my God!"

The alien shifted him slightly and began to fuck him again, and Jason moaned, oh, God, that felt so fucking good! He was going to come again, again, oh, God, he couldn't, he just couldn't! But he was.

"Oh, God, you nasty butt-rammer, you're making me come! I hate you, I fucking hate you, oh, OH, OH, OH, G-O-O-O-O-D, I'm CO-O-O-O-O-MING! AHH-HUH!" and his cock again spewed jism, this time a feeble stream that dribbled down his shaft onto his balls.

The alien, as before, felt his climax and that triggered its own, it shoved its cock into him deep and added another hefty dose of hot alien spunk in his butt. Jason felt the jizz boiling into him and groaned. Oh, shit, an alien fuckhole, that's all he was on this ship, a fucking alien cum-bucket and nothing else!

Done with him, the alien was again completely finished with Jason and simply dumped him where he was. Jason staggered to his feet and looked about for his weapon. Nothing. It must have slid away somehow, somewhere. He didn't stick around for a leisurely search, he had to get the fuck out of this place!

He scooted on around the corridor and at a new corridor to the central trunk of the ship, he again looked into the area as the hole slid past. Seemed to be clear. And right now, he smelled so heavy of alien sperm, he couldn't imagine any of them wanting him anyhow.

He slid into the compartment and the hole closed itself before him. And Jason kicked himself toward the other end, hard as he could. He'd pay for this recklessness when he hit the other wall hard enough to bruise him badly...but maybe he could get across unscathed.

The other aliens had been there, and they were flying toward him. Jason looked toward the opposite entryway, if he got there at the same time as the hole, he could make it, he could make it. The hole was just beginning to slide across the opposite doorway. He was quite a ways away from it but....

He felt a hand grab his foot and yank and interrupt both his trajectory and his direction. He was no longer heading toward the doorway and the alien that had hold of him was only the first of what looked to be,, seven horny creatures from Hell eager to take their turns with him.

And the doorway to his freedom slid shut without a sound, and Jason screamed.

Some unknown time later, Jason staggered out the doorway he had missed out on and through the corridor. He wasn't trying to dodge the aliens any longer, they'd all had their times with him. He had been plunge-fucked from both ends and resorted to his hands with two of them, but he was through the gauntlet of gonads and could now move safely, if stickily (alien spunk clung to most of his body) back to human territory.

He banged on the door and after a time, it was opened. The man on the other side looked at Jason and said, "Damn, man, you look like hell!"

"I just wish I felt that good." Jason got inside and the man whiffed the jism coating Jason and gave him a wide berth.

Jason went to the control room without bothering to dress or clean up, opened the door and walked in. Two occupants were there and they turned around to see Jason. "Wow!" said the human. "I was wondering what was taking you so long, but I guess now I know."

"Yeah." Jason reached down, opened the small waist-pack and took out the item he had pulled from the storage room. "Here's your damned nasal spray, Captain!"

"Thanks. Go wash up, then you can relieve me." the Captain unscrewed the cap and pushed the tube that extruded up one nostril and squeezed it.

Jason looked at the other occupant of the control room. "You know something, Kevkar?"

Kevkar tilted his head, the huge Triceratops-like headplate glinted in the lights, and made a sound from his fang-lined mouth the translator converted into, "What is it?"

"I'll be so fucking glad when your family finishes its visit and goes back home!"

Kevkar made a noise the translator turned into a laugh. "Ah, you know you love it! Why else are you and me roommates?"

"One of you on board ship is fun. Nine aliens on board is a real pain in the ass!" And rubbing his very violated tuchus, Jason went to take a shower.