Chapter One


How much time had elapsed from the time the lights and the time Brian again had any sense of his surroundings, he could not have said. He had a sense of some time having passed, but whether it was an hour or a day or a year or a millennia, he could not have said.

His vision cleared slowly, and as slowly, so did his hearing and other senses. Rocks, he was lying on rocks. Not rough, jagged rocks, but rounded rocks that made a nearly flat level, though made up of many rounded flat-topped stones. He’d experienced this feeling, lying on the rocks near a river, rocks who spent most of the year under the river’s risen waters, but in summertime, they became exposed, a wide, level plain, warmed by the sun and the air cooled by the nearby water. It made for a delightful mid-summer weekend excursion, his father and uncle in waders fishing in the shallow waters, not catching much, but enjoying it just the same, his mother and sisters working on the camp and on lunch, him and his brothers swimming and playing, joined by his other family members from time to time, splashing and laughing and bonding in a way that being members of the same family needed from time to time, shared happiness, shared joys.

But this wasn’t summertime, the stones were not the least warm, they were dull and lifeless under his back. He stirred and opened his eyes. Sky and clouds were overhead, no information there, and around the sides.

Houses. Triangular attics topped by brown wood shingles, the sides were white stucco with brown beams showing through in patterns of rectangles, triangles, squares. Had he been transported to northern Germany or something?

Those lights! God, those lights, he had been engulfed by one, and the light had turned black, no, he’d lost consciousness, and then he was here!

But where was here? He sat up and looked around. People, all around him, and as he looked at him, they deliberately turned away and walked off.

Brian got to his feet, and turned around. More people, and they were turning away, too!

His legs were rubbery and he stumbled rather than walked after them, as he did, they saw and began to run in earnest. What was wrong with them, had he become some sort of beast?

He caught his reflection in a window, no, he was the same as ever. Then why were people running like he had claws and teeth.

One man was at a doorway, trying to get his door open. It was locked or blocked and he couldn’t get in, but it didn’t matter, Brian caught up to him and caught him by one arm and turned him around, and he looked at Brian, his eyes wide with fear.

“What is going on here?” Brian demanded. “Where am I?”

The man stammered, tried again, “Dulg tara denama pretarnak di?”

“What was that?”

“Menna parsen kammana!” the man jerked away and ran down the street.

Brian didn’t follow. He had to think, figure this out. Something was wrong here but what? What?

He heard sounds behind him on the cobblestones, a person or persons, coming his way. The police, maybe, or guards, or just curiosity-seekers, right now, he would take anybody!

But what was coming toward him was not “anybody” or even “somebody,” it was more of a “what the hell is that?”

It towered over Brian, some ten feet high. Its gray-black body was odd, insectlike legs stuck out before and behind in a four-sided support, above that, there was a boiling mass of tentacles all clumped together, hiding the body beneath. Atop that was a bulbous head with eyes that would have looked well on a large housefly. As Brian watched, the tentacles splayed out, showing that the body was like an upside-down question mark, the tentacles had been balled up in the space before this oddly bent creature, now they aimed at him, with softly tipped ends, with knife-like ends, with smaller knots of tinier tentacles like boneless fingers, like like questing cocks seeking out a place to fuck.

Despite its large size, it was fast on its feet. Brian was still goggling at the alien being when it began moving, and had scarcely turned to flee its approach as he realized the peril it posed and it was upon him, those tentacles reaching out and ensnaring him!

“Mulgday freneh-ah beestama pretara!” the thing said to him as he struggled in the tentacles, one had wrapped around each arm and a third about his waist. He looked about and saw one of the knife-like tentacles bore a saw-like blade-edge that was aiming at his body as if deciding where to cut, and he screamed.

As he did, a tentacle with a cockhead-rounded tip flew into his mouth, gagging him in mid-yell. The saw was behind him and he felt the fabric of his pants being cut open. He struggled and attempted to scream but the tentacle in his mouth was too far inside to let him do anything but mumble.

His pants were now a ragged pair of leggings attached only by his belt and remaining waistband, his jockstrap had been similarly ripped to useless shreds, his junk was hanging loose between his legs which were flailing about underneath, as useless as his pants now were, and more tentacles were around him, or were those loops of the same tentacles, he couldn’t tell, and he was trapped, God, he was about to be eaten alive by this...this.....

And then it touched him. The tip of another tentacle, this one right at his....

Oh, God, the one in his mouth was sliding back and forth on him. The other was poking at his butthole, oh, God, it couldn’t, it couldn’t!

A stab below impaled him, he felt the thick tube of flesh entering his bowels and he moaned. The one in his mouth was warming and pulsing, he could no longer pretend it was a tentacle he had in there, this was a long, prehensile cock, and there were two taking him from both ends at once.

Illustration of Five Against the Tentacles Chapter One

Another tentacle, thinner than the others, had encircled his own cock, and he only now realized that his best friend since puberty had hardened up and was ready for action. Oh, Jesus, what was he going to do? He had an alien cock in his ass, another in his mouth, and now the alien was wanking him, all together. He couldn’t escape this now, even if he...wanted to?

Good grief (profanity had escaped him altogether in his humiliation), he was getting into this? He couldn’t be, he couldn’t!

But he quit struggling and when he did, the tentacles holding him in place relaxed their grip so that they were no longer binding him, only holding him. Brian moaned and surrendered himself to the sensations. Kneeling on the cobblestones of some foreign village, who knew where, he was now the sexual prisoner of some tentacled...thing...that had captured him as easily as a novice lineman was sacked by Moose in a game! And his body, this traitor body, had acquiesced to being the tentacles’ whore!

The tentacle in his ass was ramming him steadily, the one in his mouth was slipping back and forth easily now, he had wrapped his mouth around it, to hold it steady in its movements, and that had made the tentacle stiffen more and increase its speed, his own cock was humming a happy hymn of ecstasy from the coils of tentacle that had formed a jerk-tube around his nine-inch man-meat, he had given himself to this entirely the way only an eighteen-year-old man can, at the height of his own sexual prowess and embroiled in hormones that still drove him half-insane with needs he had to suppress with furtive masturbations in his bedroom, shower or a stall at school. Needs that the girls he had dated had teased him into but never delivered on (the painful result of being known as a “good boy” by everyone), his cock pounding and he’d stop on the way home from the girl’s house and yank one out in the car. And now he was sprawled on a village street being butt-fucked by a tentacled alien and he was loving it! His first sexual experience, and it had been taken from him by a freak of nature, in an absurb practical joke of God!

And as if the realization brought the reality, the alien gave out a low keening noise and he felt it, the tentacle-cock in his butt was pumping hot jizz into his ass! Oh, God, he’d been fully fucked!

And the one in his mouth followed suit, his mouth was filled to capacity and then some by alien spunk flowing over his tongue and down his throat, and it was warm and creamy and sweetish and salty and he had no choice, he swallowed desperately, come flowed out the sides of his mouth and down his chin but most of it, he gulped down. Swallowed semen, closed his eyes, and gave himself over to his rapture.

Brian’s jets of spunk splattered volubly upon the cobblestones beneath him, as he swallowed the last of the tentacles’ come-packets and it slid from his lips, he moaned out his climax’s sounds of delight. “Ah-ah-AH-HAH, UH, GUH-HUHHH!”

A hot slimy tube slid out of his anus and splattered on the cobblestones behind him, he was exhausted in a way that masturbation had never wearied him, indeed, it had relieved and invigorated him after the briefest pause for renewed breath, but this had wrung him completely dry and he sagged to the paving stones, and the tentacles released him and he lay upon the village’s street and sobbed in exhaustion.

The patter of feet told him that the alien was moving away from him. Other sounds told him that the villagers who had fled him before were gathering around him. Oh, great, his humiliation was going to be public, the sounds of mocking and laughing would begin at any moment.

“It is all right.” someone said. “It is over now.” Brian understood that, though the man had actually said (in sounds). “Geh mah nenah. Pasemay degada.”

“You can speak English?” Brian asked. But his mouth said, “Dete mah English?”

The man smiled and answered. “No, you speak our language now.”

“But,” [“Nim...nim...petteh?”]

“You have received the knowledge from the Matisah.” a woman told him.

“I have? How?”

Now there was a chuckle, but it wasn’t unkind. More like a child being caught in an error.

“The Matisah use their penis-tentacles for more than making of children, or for pleasure, though there it that in it, as well.” the first man told him. “Once a Matisah takes you and you swallow its semen, you know what it wants you to know.”

“So I was raped just so I with you?”

“Exactly.” the man nodded. “It has always been that way with us. So I was told by my grandfather who learned it from his grandfather.”

“They can also teach us other things we need as they require it of us.”

“They. So there’s more than one of them?”

That laughter again, a little less unkind.

“Assuredly there are more than one. There are more of them than there are of us. It is their world, after all.” the man told him.

“We were brought by the Holy Lights to this new world, here to found the new life intended for us by the Matisah, who are the representatives of God.” another man nearby supplied.

Brian blinked at that, but didn’t argue it. Never argue religion, his father had taught him when younger, and this seemed like a prime time to do just that. “So now what do I do?”

“You will need new clothes, and a place to stay.” the first man said to him. “I am called Garteth. Come with me and we’ll get you settled in. Tomorrow I’ll take you around the village and introduce you and help you find work and a place of your own.”

“Work? A place of my own?”

Garteth blinked at that. “Of course. It’s how the Holy Lights work. Once they bring you here, your old life is over. You’ll be here the rest of your life.”

Brian staggered to his feet, heedless of his state of dishabille, heedless of the spunk that dripped from his anus and down his neck, and dripped from his own cockhead. His head was reeling too much as Garteth took one hand when he didn’t move and led him through the gathering crowd and down the street.

The rest of his life!