Now Make A Wish

Jethro came out of the shower like he always does, large, naked except for some very brief briefs the size of some super-small Speedos, his muscles glowing and bulging and rippling. Jethro is a huge jock with massive biceps and a thick shelf of pectoral muscles which leave his nipples as small brown smears at their edges. He shaved his body so the skin was unblemished and unmarked with hairs or acne, and it glowed a beautiful pale beige. His hair was a tawny shade of blond, his eyes were so blue they drove into your heart like daggers when they looked at you, and his teeth when he smiled spoke volumes that his words rarely did.

"What the fuck you got there, Lou?" he asked me. Every time he talked, his ancestry betrayed him, Jethro came from a backwoods part of the South and his accent, diminished somewhat with time, rolled from deep in the back of his throat, making it heavy and thick as syrup...and as delicious! You could even hear his mispronunciation of my name, it wasn't "Lou" it was "Liu," you pronounce the "i" like "ee" and the "u" like the "oo" in "too" so you say it like "L-ee-oo." It's called "pinyin" pronunciation and the rules aren't hard, folks! Ahem, back to my tale.

"I dunno." I admitted. "Gift from Aunt Wei. She was out shopping, in Damascus, I think it was, and picked this up from some guy on the street." The package had held no return address and I was guessing almost at random. I pulled it out of the box to show him. Hell, Jethro was my roommate in this room too small for two (a bare six inches separated our three-quarter beds from each other and the desks took up the rest of the long side of the room, another foot or so of space to get around the foot of the beds with a wall of closets with built-in dresser for socks and underwear. My dorm room, mine and Jethro's, and I was supposed to study while Jethro seemed more eager to party with his buddies while I labored at my desk over physics or chemistry.

"What the hell is that?" Jethro wanted to know.

"An oil lamp." I supplied from my small realm of knowledge.

"Looks more like a teapot." Jethro observed.

"Probably why she bought it. But it's metal, you wouldn't want to brew tea in it." I supplied from my knowledge of metals. I wasn't stupid...that was Jethro's contribution to our unlikely partnership. We'd been thrown together by the campus housing board who assigned roommates, we didn't have to like each other in their eyes, just shut up and study and leave each other alone.

The board didn't think about things like how I was gay and Jethro was the sort of hunk that haunts any young gay man's dreams. Jethro was oblivious to my interest in his body...or maybe he was and liked "teasing the lion" of my lust with these casual dress antics. His buddies were just as bad, though, the halls of my dorm were lined with guys wearing only briefs or boxers or jockstraps and now and then, even less. I had to listen to them laughing and consulting with each other about which girl was easy and which one had the best pussy to fuck, they'd be rubbing their crotches as they talked or throwing boners...and I had to sit over here and pretend to read and not notice all these hard-bodied hunks sprawled on the beds wearing nearly nothing. Hell, I tell you.

"You're supposed to fill it with oil and then you can light it at this spout." I went on.

"Why would you want to do that?" Jethro wanted to know.

"It's from the days where they don't have electric lights." I pointed out. "Or maybe even today, some places over there."

"Hmph." Jethro said and his towel went up to scrub his hair and I took the opportunity to check out that ample basket at his midsection. Oh, God, for the chance to chow down on that, just once...or have it plowing my butt hard and fast, oh, oh, God!"

"What are you looking at?" Jethro asked me, grinned meanly and turned to his closet. I cast careful glances at his pair of perfect buttocks framed rather than enclosed in his briefs and sighed.

Jethro went back into the bathroom we shared with the next room over (I forgot to mention that the bathroom door was between the closets, and that the room had a door on the opposite side which let the two jocks from the next room over use our bathroom. Mark and Elwood were every bit as hunky as Jethro, only I didn't have to see them non-stop outside of school hours like I did him.

Alone, I regarded my new possession. Ugly little thing, I didn't know why Aunt Wei had thought I'd want it. Discolored and marked with some weird designs that couldn't be decorative, they looked more like some sort of ancient runes.

I spat on the side of the jug and began to polish at it with my shirt cuff held in my palm. How about a wish, genie?" I said to it as I did, I didn't expect what happened next.

Just like the movies and the stories said, the spout of the oil lamp began to spew out a fluorescent pale green smoke and it congealed above the spout to make the top part of a dark-skinned man with evil features and a turban and all that. A genuine genie! "Your wish is my command." he said solemnly.

"No way!" I said slowly. "You're a real genie?"

"I am." he said to me. "And you get three...."

"You really can grant me anything I wish for?"

The genie wasn't as nasty as he looked, for he held up a hand at me. "Speak no further, young Master of the Lamp. You only get three wishes and you have used two with your careless words. You have one wish left, then you must send the lamp away from yourself, to use yourself no more."

I started to say "only one wish?" but caught myself. I'd already muffed two of them, so I had to be careful. "All right. But I am making this last one count. I want a power." I paused and he nodded at me to continue.

"I want to be able to make any man or men I choose make love to me the way I choose. And I can do it as often as I want to." I drew a deep breath. "That is my wish. Now make it so."

"As you wish." the genie said and he gestured and I felt my body tingle weirdly.

"The wish is done." the genie went on. To have another man of your choice make love to you, you say to them the word, ĎAblagaveda' then continue with what you want them to do with you. But be specific. Phrase your wish carefully. Beware of others who may hear."

"Ablaga..." I said slowly, trying on the word.

He held up his hand peremptorily. "Say it not to me, for it works on all men, and I am male, and a human could not survive sex with a genie. Say the word and what you wish to do with the man or men immediately after. Mark further, that the power will last long enough to make love and then fades over a short length of time. The length of the power also varies according to the person, in some men it will last longer than others. The man, or men if there are more than one, who hear the word will remember the event, but will not remember that you are responsible for it. How they will react as it wears off, I cannot foretell nor prevent. Also remember that once you have said the word, the act of sex will happen at once, regardless of how events change around you. This is a strong word of power I have given you, and its power will ripple out all around you like the ripples on a pond when you throw in a stone, spreading over to cover the entire pond, when you say it. You have asked for this power. Use it wisely." And with that, he faded away, the green smoke dying out and leaving only a faint smell of musky perfume.

"Wow!" I said to myself and put the lamp carefully back into the box. I'd try this out, and if it worked, I'd mail it away soon as I could. Address it to "Occupant" and put some random address on it and it would be the post office's problem after that! No return address!

Jethro came back out of the bathroom, hair dried and looking luscious. Well, no time like the present.

"Jethro?" I took a deep breath.


"Ablagaveda. Get over here so I can suck your cock a while, then you can fuck me." I drew a quick, shuddering breath again. I was about to make a prize chump of myself or....

Jethro's eyes lit with fire for a second, I mean, they blazed bright, bright blue-red, and then he was coming toward me. His hands were tugging at his shorts, and pulling out that majestic, powerful dong of his I had seen so rarely and never more than briefly and always soft.

This time it was inflating like an obscene balloon, rising up to waggle its large, reddened, one-eyed face at me. A pearl of precome glistened at the tip, begging me to reach out and lap it up.

Trembling, I got to my knees before this giant of lust, this king of muscle, this god of the football gridiron, and I opened my lips in obeisance as he lifted his scepter of love to me and said, "Come on, Ted, suck it for me a while, then I'll stuff it up your butt and hammer you until you can't walk straight for a week."

I didn't care at that point, I had his organ touching my lips now and I groaned, and dove down to bury it inside my mouth. Jethro let out a long, low moan of desire. "Awww, yeah, come on, suck it for me, Ted, make like a Hoover on my wingwang."

God, where had he heard that? Jethro was so damned studly, until he tried to talk. I let out a grunt of assent and gripped his pud tightly and slurped on his rod with gusto. God, I'd wanted this dong for so fucking long! Hard, Jethro was packing a solid nine inches of hard, thick cock and it was mine, all mine! Glorious!

I sucked the head only a while, then my tongue played with the cockskin where it attached at the bottom of the flare of the glans, then licked the shaft all over, then when Jethro was moaning and his legs threatened to buckle under him, I went in for the deep-throat again, shoving it as far down as I could get it and with my desire controlling, that was practically down to the base!

Jethro moaned and his hands caught my head and began to thrust-fuck my face, I didn't care, I wanted him this way, lewd and lusty and full-throttled horny jock stud.

But he threatened to climax this way and I knew I had to end it. I fought myself free and I said, gasping, "Okay, Jethro, now, fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

He fought himself back from me, and said, "Okay, but hurry, I'm about to bust a nut!"

I stripped my body of my shorts and t-shirt and still wearing socks, I laid on my back on the bed and the big, muscled hulk of my roommate crawled into bed on top of me. He was panting hard, his face was reddened and softened with lust and he lifted my legs up to press them against my chest and hovered over me about a foot apart on our faces, and I looked him in the eyes as his cock found and penetrated my ass.

Oh, God, it was thick and hard and wet with my own spit, and my ass drew back in terror as it knocked at the entrance. I groaned and Jethro thrust and the tiny sphincter could not resist, it gave way and he plunged his cock into me. I wasn't a total novice at love or I wouldn't have risked it, but my prior lovers weren't nearly as thick and hard and long as he was, it was almost like being a timid virgin as he plowed my infield and buried his dong deep within my bowels.

Inside, he paused, panting. "Damn, but you're a tight fuck." he grumbled but not in anger. He liked it! "God, but you're so nice and tight, I'm going to love fucking this."

"Yeah, come on, do it, fuck me, Jethro, fuck me hard."

"God damned right, shit, so fucking tight!" Jethro's hips began to dance up and down, a smooth, well-practiced thrust he had no doubt honed with countless starry-eyed cheerleaders and debutantes in the back seats of sedans or cabs of pickup trucks. Oh, shit, Jethro was such a good, hard, lusty lover! I was hooked, I mean, I was fucking hooked on his cock!

"Oh, God, yeah, fuck me, Jethro, fuck me good and hard!" I moaned as my body was rocked by his thrusting, eager body. Those muscles that had clashed in hearty brawls on the football field were now being used to pound my eager, open ass! I clung to his chest barrel and my fingertips dug into the flesh in his back, Jethro only moaned as they sank in and his eyes closed and he fucked me even harder.

The bedsprings were long-used and not in the best of shape after years of use by teenaged horndogs, they squeaked in rapid bouncing repetition to the rocking our bodies gave to it. I didn't want it to end, not now and not ever.

But Jethro's passion was gaining rapidly on him, I saw I needed to take a hand in it. "Stop, Jethro." I said in broken gasped. "Stop, let me change it up."

He understood and stopped, bewildered and panting, "Change?"

"Let me be on top. I want to ride you like a stallion."

His face slowly formed a smile. "Well, giddyap, little dogie." he miscombined two common phrases. Like I said, he wasn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. But he had a rocking hot bod!

He let me get up and then he turned himself over and stretched his long, powerful body out like an offering at a banquet. "Okay, climb on, buckaroo. I'll see how long you can ride afore I toss you off."

"We'll see about that." I said as I clambered onto him. I squatted and lowered my ass onto his towering man-pole like I was threading a needle, and my already-spread anus took him with only a slight complaint. I pushed on down and then was able to get onto my knees without dislodging.

"Come on, let's go!" Jethro moaned. "I need to come, man, hurry up!"

I began to move myself up and down. His cock was strong, powerful, throbbing. Jethro was looking at me and I saw his countenance changing somehow. The spell! It must be wearing off, and I didn't get to renew it!

"Okay, time for you and me to come!" I growled as I sped up on riding his dong.

Jethro growled and he rolled us both over. The six-inch space was awkward, but we managed to get stable mostly on the other bed as he was again on top of me and he began to thrust me hard and fast. His modicum of kindness was gone, he was an horny, hungry dog and he was fucking his bitch, that was me. His fire was back, but it was the fire of urgent need to climax, not the magic of the genie's wish.

"Gonna come now." he growled at me. "Gonna come and come hard in you. You ready for it, man, you ready to get my come all up in your butt?"

"Yeah, come on, do it, hard and fast!" I moaned. I grabbed my cock and began to jerk it, if I was going to come, I had to do it now, now!

His thrusts rocked me and the beds like crazy, they squealed angrily at their misuse and Jethro began to moan loudly as well. Damn it, we were in a dormitory! There were people about!

I felt my own climax rushing into my brain and I closed my eyes and gave up. I had wanted this, now I had it. Come, damn it, come now! I did, I sprayed both of us hard with a huge load only a man in the first days of his post-teenaged years can manage, and Jethro felt the hot spooge and he groaned. "Oh, yeah, fuck, yeah, so fucking hot! AH-AHHH, AHH-HOOOO!"

He thrust his cock into me deep and his hot jizz spewed into my ass and it burned and it tingled and it was all so freaking glorious! Jethro's face was deep scarlet in his orgasm, and his groans slid past his clean pearls of his teeth and his sweat dripped onto me with a scent that was powerfully intoxicating.

He finished and fell onto me like a heavy lump of fleshy cement, I could barely breath, he was so heavy and he panted and gasped wetly in my ear as I fought the aftermath of my own climax, and the wet spooge I had squirted was smeared all over both of us.

"Oh, oh, man, oh, man!" he said as he staggered upwards onto his knees on my bed. I crawled over to lay out on his bed and both of us stared at each other.

"Man, that was fucking hot!" Jethro murmured. "How the fuck did you do it, man? I was so fucking turned on and you never turned me on before."

"I don't know." I lied with a stammer. "It just sort of happened." The genie had said the person wouldn't remember me casting the spell on him. But he remembered everything. "It's okay, though. You were great."

"You weren't half bad yourself." he returned with a tired grin. "But I don't know. I mean, another dude. I never did that before. It was..."

"Kind of weird."

"Yeah. But hot. Damned fucking hot." He got up. "I got to shower again, then I got to go, I'm supposed to meet Diane at the Touchdown tonight." He mentioned a sort of bar that catered to college students that couldn't drink alcohol, sort of a bar without the liquor and beer. He was of age, but Diane wasn't, if she was the Diane I was thinking of.

He went back into the bathroom and I waited my turn to go in. We passed without a word and by the time I was washed up, he was gone.

I was in a sort of agony over the next hours. Had I just screwed up things big time, I mean, all Jethro had to do was spread the story all over the campus and I'd face a lot of trouble. They didn't toss you out of college for having sex, but you could lose your dormitory room and have to get a place off-campus, if they thought you had gone too far with it. Had I gone too far? Had I just screwed things up.... Well, you get it, the same thoughts rolling over and over in my brain in an endless worried loop.

Jethro hadn't gotten home by the time I ended up and got into bed and I had an early class that had to leave him asleep and senseless behind me. No chance to talk about it, yet. When I got home after last class, that would be the time. I screwed up my courage, I would apologize and confess all of it, even the spell I had used. Jethro deserved to know.

I got back to my room and looked at Jethro, my mouth open.

He was stark naked, lying on my bed, with a hard cock in one hand and a smile at his other end.

"I've been waiting for you to get back." he said. "I made up my mind."

"What did you decide?" I asked.

"That fucking your ass every night is too much fun to give up on, at least until I find a girl I want to marry, or something. How does that sound to you?" He asked me.

I considered it. "Sounds good to me."

"Then get over here." Jethro ordered as his cock throbbed and a gush of precome beaded up on top of the glans in beckoning. "It's waiting for you but it won't wait much longer."

I moved slowly toward the bed, shedding my clothes as I went.