The Sacrifice

Acerin stood with the others at the temple gates, wearing only a simple white wrap about his loins and carrying his spear of warriorhood. His body was well-formed and muscular, his skin was unblemished by either pockmark or scar, an even deep brown in color, the muscles making twin rows of various-sized orbs, his shoulders, his pecs, his abs and his hips, the last half-hidden within the confines of the wrap. Very little hair grew on him outside of his head and that hidden under the loincloth, for his people had the culture of shaving their body regularly to keep it smooth and of oiling it to keep it soft and supple.

His eyes saw maidens aplenty looking his way and he wondered, after his years of awaiting the possible favor of Ralom, which one of these would become his wife? Until then, women were forbidden to him, he was to take his pleasures with his fellow-warriors, and bond with the power of joy shared and life coupled the comradeship that would carry him in battle. So many of his fellow-warriors had found one or two that they clung to exclusively, but so far, Acerin had not been so fortunate, still flitting from male body to male body, joining first with one and then another, on the nights when the warriors were assembled and the battle was called. Between those times, he had only the lonesome pallet and his own hand to joy him, and he dreamed of the next battle eagerly. But there was no battle to be had on this day, there was only the sacrifice.

About him were the other warriors of the land, from every corner they had been summoned here, to this temple on this day. Beyond them stood the populace of the city, and many more, too, from the other cities. For this was the day, every year, when the temple would be opened, and from the ranks of the warriors one would be summoned while there within the temple and there to be sacrificed to the god Ralom. And after, the temple would be shut until the next year at this same time.

It was an honor to be so chosen. Those sacrificed, those thrown into the great pit in the center of the temple grounds, they were summoned it was said to an afterlife of perpetual bliss and happiness. Only the greatest warriors, the strongest, the handsomest, the bravest, were so chosen.

Ralom chose who he would. But Acerin stood there and hoped that this year, once again, Ralom would choose another. Another seven such years, and he would be beyond the age when they would summon him to be part of the group from which to select the warrior. To go to a place of eternal bliss would be day. For now, life on this plane was sweet, so sweet, too sweet to leave it just now!

The temple gate opened with a massively creaking sound as the ancient stone moved. It was said that no human hand moved this gate; it was Ralom himself who ordered it opened and closed. It was true that in the three last times he had been here, he had seen no hand which could have opened the gate, but the temple was large if plain in design, it could hold anything or anyone. This time, he would choose the eastern quadrant and see what he could see from there.

“Are you ready once more?” came a familiar voice at his right and Acerin turned his head to see.

“Namot!” he exclaimed in some relief. A fellow warrior from his own home village, it would help him through the ritual to have someone he could feel comfortable with. He looked over at Namot and saw that Namot was indeed a large, strong, handsome, brave warrior. If he stood next to Namot, he could hope that even Ralom would look past him to see Namot. A cruel thought, true, but if he did nothing, could he blamed for hoping?

Namot was an inch or so taller than he. Namot’s muscles were larger than his own ample form. Namot’s valor on the field was a match for for that time when he had felled three enemies fighting him at one time, Namot hadn’t done anything like that, it was true. As for his appearance, Namot’s face was less regular than Acerin’s but built along stronger lines, Acerin had long studied his own face and thought it a bit too regular for true masculinity of form, the nose was too small and shapely, the lips too perfectly full without being engorged, the chin holding a tiny dimple of cleft. Yes, he was too pretty to be handsome, looking more like a dream than a real man.

As Acerin had these thoughts, the warriors formed the three concentric rings around the central pit. Yes, there were over two thousand men here, his odds of being chosen were slight. Surely among all these many men was one who was better to be chosen by the god than himself.

The priest, an elderly man said to be over a thousand years old, and indeed he had been old like this for as long as Acerin could remember, was making the obiesances on behalf of the throng toward the pit, arise, O Ralom, and choose the warrior to join your chosen tribe and dwell in unending delights thereafter!

And from the pit arose the smoke. Not a column, nor even a wisp, this smoke was a perfect ring and rose from the very center of the large pit, and it rose above them. Acerin had watched this same ring three times before, watched it waft over the watching warriors and settle around one of them. That one, he was the one chosen by Ralom to be the yearly offering for the prosperity and peace of the land and people. Ralom had always chosen, and so for time unending the peoples of this land had prospered. The first time, it had come rather close to Acerin, and he had first realized that he didn’t want to be so honored, however much the pleasures of Ralom’s realm.

The second time had gone blissfully to one side, and in the other entire direction last year. Acerin watched the ring now for the fourth time. Only this and six more and he could be released from this obligation and risk forever.

It was coming in his general direction. That still meant nothing, it could land on the ranks nearby him. Could land on the men around him. Could land on the man to his right, couldn’t it? It could take Namot, please, take Namot, take his friend instead! Not me, no, no, not me!

Frozen by the ritual, Acerin watched in increasing horror as the ring settled unerringly around his head and rested upon his shoulders as if it were a lei of flowers as those worn by a man on his wedding day, before it dissipated. But it had done its deadly duty, sealing Acerin’s doom.

Acerin gulped hard and stepped forward as the warriors parted. He saw the look of relief so many wore, he had not been alone in his fear of this godly “honor.” So be it. He must leave this plane of existence for the other in order that Ralom would bless the land. He had the promise of unending happiness awaiting him. He could accept it, if not rejoice in it. Ralom doubtless had some great need for such as he in that other existence.

His body was washed by the acolytes as the sounds of the feasting wafted up from outside the temple. The warriors awaited Acerin’s ablutions with impatience; they wanted this over so they could go outside and join the feast themselves!

After the cleansing, his body was oiled with scented fragrances, and then he was dressed in a gold-trimmed loincloth, gold armlets placed about each bicep, gold anklets wrapped to rest atop each foot, and on his head was placed a band adorned with many colorful feathers.

And now the time was here, and the drums about the temple were hammered, the festival outside dimmed to await the ending of the sacrifice. Acerin was led to the place of the sacrifice. Beside him was the list of names of the warriors who had been sacrificed in olden times, seven hundred years or more. The sacrifice had been going on longer than that, but the temple itself was only that old. Acerin dazedly read their names, the first and eldest name was Bezur, then it was Lelsys, then Maroteth....

The priest said the words, the drum made their steady beating, the warriors stamped their feet and slammed their spear-shafts onto the stone floor, adding to the sound.

And it was time. He must be brave. Acerin took two steps forward to the edge of the pit, and then cast himself into the pit, falling, falling.

The fall was not as long as he had expected, nor was it the shattering death he had thought it would be. He had thought he would lose his body this way and his spirit would then fly to the dark kingdom of Ralom to live the rest of eternity.

Instead, he found himself after a fairly brief fall to land upon a large, soft object that gave way under his body, cushioning and absorbing the force of his fall. What this thing was, he could not tell, though an eerie light shone from around, from a source he could not ascertain, but it was large, warm, completely soft...and it had saved his life from the sacrificial fall. He was alive!

Now that he was secure, the...cushion formed a sort of funnel in one direction away from the pit’s center where he had landed, and it left Acerin sliding down it toward a second chamber beyond. The dimensions of the door he slid through he could not tell, for the thing within the pit itself was so large that it obscured all but the small opening toward which Acerin now slid.

As he made it to the second room, he found himself grabbed. Not by hands, not by brambles, not by claws. Large, soft strands of warm, warm agility, wrapped about his arms, his legs, his body, and lifted him upwards and towards the throng within this second chamber.

So many of these warm encircling fronds were about, it was a veritable forest. And caught in their embrace were men, so many, many men.

Acerin noted in a daze as he himself became more entangled that the men weren’t just held by these blades of round, warm bronze-toned red, they were being invaded by them. They were being forced to take the tips of the strands, which were bulbous, into their mouths, into their anuses, and when one man writhed and turned, Acerin saw that the man’s cock, engorged and erect, was wrapped by one of the fronds and was being stroked and pumped by it, as two others moved in and out of the man’s mouth and ass.

Dearest heaven and earth, this was a tremendous all-male orgy. The things he had thought were fronds, blades, strands, were in fact some creature’s penises, and they were long, prehensile, massive and adept at finding and pleasuring a man at his every orifice as they also repaid their violation through their agile stimulation of the man’s own dong!

And his own cock had been found by one of these...these penises of Ralom? What else, who else, could it be? He had been sacrificed to Ralom, and here he was, this all must be Ralom’s doing! The tales of unending happiness and joy, the stories of eternal bliss, they meant literally that, an endless sex orgy!

When the Ralom-penis found Acerin’s anus and began to probe at it, Acerin despaired and did not resist. How could he fight off a god that wished to pleasure itself with his body? Had he not in fact been given to this god by his own people, through his own will, by his own volition and offering of self? How then could he refuse this organ now pulsing and pressing at his anus.

The head somehow exuded a lubricant, perhaps its own precome, but it slicked and smeared itself onto Acerin’s sphincter, and made the glans slide in easier. After that, the rest of the shaft followed. How deep would it penetrate him? How far would it travel inside him, and him helpless and unable to do anything but take what it sent into him.

Illustration of The Sacrifice

To his relief, it stopped when well within him, but not overly much further than a man’s prong would have been, and then it began to pulse and vibrate as it moved in and out of him. And his own cock, which was being plied by another of these prehensile penises, it was rising up and joining in the joy of the ocean of cocks about him.

Another man was wafted closer to him by the Ralom-cocks, and Acerin saw the man’s cock was erect and untended. Was this to be a part of his fate as well?

Yes, the man’s body was steered toward him in a way that aimed the man’s dong directly toward Acerin’s face. The man was mostly visible within his bonds of penis-snakes, and the man was a typical sacrifice to Ralom, strong, virile, handsome and brave.

“You are the new one!” the man gasped. “Ralom’s latest chosen one.”

“I am he. I am Acerin.” Acerin identified himself.

“Welcome to the eternity of joy they have promised you.” the man said.

Acerin would have asked more but now there was no choice, the man’s cock was approaching him and his face could not dodge, he could only open his mouth and take it inside.

Warm, friendly, familiar, a man’s cock was not to be derided here and now, it was humanity in this vast sea of strangeness, he accepted it and sucked upon it with all the skill he had polished in his near-four years of warriorship. Now Acerin was nineteen years of age, and no longer the skinny fifteen-year-old virgin to be inducted by a kindly mentor into the ways of man-man love, he was adult and adept and this cock was his sole touch of humanity now! He was glad his body was strong, for this position would have been awkward, but he could move his head and neck with ease and did, slurping upon the fellow-warrior’s joystick and loving the feel of it.

“Ah, ah, sacrificial victim of Ralom, you are more than worthy to be here.” the man gasped. “For here it is our lot to live eternally and forever in the pleasures of the sexual embrace, we love Ralom and are loved by him, we love each other and are loved in turn, this is your destiny now and it will be a gloriously unceasing one, after Ralom has inducted you fully.”

Inducted? Had he yet another bit of virginity to lose? He had lost the one in his mouth soon after his selection to the warriorhood, the one in his anus soon after that (he had been allowed to choose who would be so honored and that required learning his fellow warriors first), he had pleasured warriors with those and his hands and his legs and even once, a husky man had taken Acerin’s armpit for his lustful thrusts of his pud as Acerin rode a third warrior, ah, those days of joy, that had been heaven indeed! And he hadn’t had to fall into a pit to find it!

Meanwhile, he plied all his skill upon the man’s prong and the man thrashed and moaned, and the prick in the man’s ass jetted jism into it and this dribbled out and down and onto Acerin’s freshly-washed and oiled body and the heat of it was...dazzling. The man Acerin sucked groaned a final time and hot spunk flowed into Acerin’s mouth and that, too, was more than amazing to his taste-buds, he was drinking the very nectar of the gods here! Another Ralom-dong spurted its load onto Acerin’s back and the combination of this and the jerking he was getting was enough to send Acerin into his own orgasm. He groaned, ejaculated heavily (for two weeks prior to the sacrifice, the warriors were forbidden to join in lovemaking, one reason the other warriors had champed at the bit to be allowed to finish the sacrifice, they were eager to go out and couple once more) and all the load he had saved so carefully for the last two weeks burst out of him and sprayed the man, sprayed the Ralom-cock which had impaled this man and filled him with its jizz, and the prong in Acerin’s ass jerked and hot sperm gushed into Acerin’s bowels, and more magic was in that load.

Yes, this forest of cocks, this was Ralom in his true form, and the men caught in his multi-tentacled joy were indeed in a sort of heaven. As the jism in Acerin’s mouth and ass became a part of him, he felt his body changing, altering.

And the man was carried away and a Ralom-cock rose up and almost-eagerly sought to replace it, and Acerin opened his mouth and felt the hot prong slide over his tongue, down his gullet and into his throat a fair distance. It began to thrust at Acerin while still so deeply imbedded in him, and Acerin found that his body no longer needed to breathe, it seemed, for his mind remained clear and alert...or as alert as passion would let him have it. His own cock was poundingly hard and ready for more, he found a man’s mouth upon it this time and the man was talented and hungry and Acerin sucked and was sucked and his ass dripped with hot spent squibs as he was ferried deeper and deeper into the midst of the men.

Acerin came again and the man gulped him down as he found this second load to be even heavier than the first. The cock in his mouth spasmed and Acerin drank the heady mixture it produced eagerly. When another man was brought over to fuck Acerin’s ass, he took it without a qualm and without looking to see who it was. All these men were young, healthy, handsome, muscled and bold, why should he care which precise one it was.

And this man fucked him on and on, through three more of Acerin’s climaxes, this man continued to plunge-fuck him, and Acerin realized that this man was indeed something special that he could do this so well. Even the Ralom-cocks seemed to know this and for the last of the orgasms that Acerin had, the long tentacles merely held him available for the man to hump, and the man’s hands wrapped Acerin’s chest-barrel and the man’s husky grunts in his ears was all the extra stimulation Acerin needed.

“And now you are complete, you are one of us entire.” the man breathed in strangled chords, and then he gasped out several moaning syllables of sheer lust as his long-busy prick finally relieved itself after the long abuse by pouring a hot stream of jizz into Acerin’s bowels.

“I am one of you.” Acerin moaned. “And is this truly forever?”

“It is indeed.” the man agreed. “We all know each other well, even though there are three thousand of us now. One each year back to the very beginning of time and space.”

“And...and who are you?”

“I am Bezur.” the man said.

Bezur? Acerin knew that name but where...on the temple wall! “You are Bezur?” he groaned.

“I am Bezur, and I have been here for a very long time, but not as long as some. You must get to know them as well, and also Lelsys and....”

“And Maroteth.” Acerin finished for him. “And is this truly forever?” Bezur, over seven hundred years old, was as young-looking and finely formed as Acerin!

“Forever and then some.” agreed Bezur. “You were sacrificed to Ralom and he does not relinquish his offerings to the gods of the dark realm.”

And the Ralom-dicks ferried Bezur away again and more came up to now take Acerin in all ways and alone for a change. After that would come more men, and more cocks, in an eternal and unending chain of joy upon joy upon joy, all for the pleasure of Ralom.

For this was the sacrifice demanded, and he had been chosen as this year’s offering. And all he could do was...accept. Acerin threw back his head and moaned, and his body again convulsed in climactic exultation.

As it would forever.