I first showed my country cousin the washer and dryer, and got myself very wet and messy from the wet clothes. He watched it with wide-eyed wonder. He’d stayed extraordinarily ignorant of modern life, which would have been shocking had I not known his history. His family wasn’t just backwards hillbillies, they were WAY BACK in the hills hillbillies. They lived like that and they loved it, and had for generations. Traveling to see him involved four-wheel drive vehicles and rough roads for hours on end to their rough clapboard house deep in the backwoods. Clem had been home-schooled by his mother and never saw people unless they came to see him. This act of his, coming to live with me in this town, was an act of bravery unlike anything I’d ever witnessed before. So teaching him was a joy, he was eager for the life he’d never had.

So I changed out of my wet clothes and into a pair of sweatshorts as my only garb. Clem was heedless of his boxers, so why should I burden myself with clothing I didn’t need. We’d worn only shorts as kids back in those hills. Of course, we quickly got to the television set. I picked up the remote control. “Know what this is?”

“I saw it. Some kind of number box. An adding machine?” Not a dumb assumption, a remote does have numbers all over it.

“No, it’s not a number box. It’s an imagination box.” I said. “And this is how it works.” I pointed it at the plasma TV mounted on my living room wall and hit the “On” button.

When the news anchor came on the screen, he might as well have been Aladdin’s genie! “Hoo-oo-ooh, doggie!” he breathed huskily. “How’d he get in there, anyhow?”

“You never heard of television?”

Clem shook his head. “This is like them moving pictures I’ve heard tell about, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes!” I nodded like a bobble-head. “It’s like moving pictures, except instead of having to go to a theater to watch it, it’s kind of beamed inside the house for us, and it shows up on that screen.”

“I’ll be dogged!” Clem said. “Only he ain’t no moving picture show, is he? He’s just kind of sitting there talking.”

“Well, that’s one kind of moving picture.” I agreed. “But we got other kinds. In fact, we got moving pictures in a box, even.”

“You do? Where?” Clem wanted to know.

“That’s what’s in those boxes on that shelf.” I pointed at my small row of DVD’s propped up like books.

“Is that what those little plates inside are?” he asked. “I looked at one earlier, thought it was a book, only when I opened it, all there was inside was this shiny plate with a hole in the middle.”

“That’s it.” I agreed. “Which one of them were you wanting to look at when you thought it was a book.”

“This one.” Instead of going to the shelf, Clem picked up one that had been lying beside the couch; I hadn’t noticed it.

I saw the one he’d picked and blushed. “Oh. That one.” It could have been worse. I hadn’t told Clem I was gay, and wasn’t particularly planning on telling him, he wasn’t supposed to stay with me more than a month or so. If he’d had a gay porn tape in hand, I’d have been mortified.

This was a straight porn. Mary had loaned it to me, saying that the guy in it was a total hunk I had to see. I had watched it; it was a porn movie meant for women, they didn’t jump right into fucking, there was a lot of hugging and touching and stroking in it.

Pretty harmless for your fourth cousin to watch with you for a first taste of modern life, eh? So I bucked up and plowed on, “Okay, let’s watch this one. I should mention that it’s kind of explicit.”


“Yeah. It’s meant for adults only. Got a man and woman making love.”

“Oh.” Clem reached down and unbashfully shifted his cock in his shorts. “Yeah, I kind of expected that. Not in a moving picture, though.”

I put the DVD in the player. “Well, that’s what we got here. Get comfortable.”

I really should have realized what effect this DVD was going to have on my too-innocent cousin. He was already in over his head in a lot of things, and here I was showing him porn on his first day of modern technology? Too busy being glad it wasn’t a gay movie he’d found. Those were hidden in a drawer!

He was watching the movie from the first seconds with rapt attention. People were moving on the screen in front of him, it was magical, every bit of it. From the pink soft bedroom to the bed, where the man and woman were lying. Both naked and holding each other in a way that didn’t obstruct the view of their bodies, male or female.

“Oh, God, look at those titties!” Clem breathed huskily. “God, oh, God!”

His cock was jutting the boxers out, it was in mortal danger of bursting out of the fly in front, that didn’t even have a button on it to keep it closed. No problem when buried in jeans like it had been all day long, but when nothing obstructed it.

Clem groaned again, watching the video carefully, the man’s hands were playing with those ample breasts in careful, sensuous, feather-light strokes, the kind every woman dreams about. “God, those titties, love those titties, oh, man, oh, man!” he heaved. His hips thrust up and down and that was enough to dislodge his cock, it stuck out, hard and hungry. Clem didn’t notice, he was too fixed on the screen, and the woman moaning softly, erotically.

“Oh, God, yeah, yeah, oh, God!” he gasped. “Titties, titties, I want those titties, God, I want those titties!” His hands seemed to move without his volition, reaching for his boxers and sliding them down his legs. He lifted his feet from the floor and raised them spread wide so as not to obstruct the screen as he pulled the boxers down to his knees, then lowered them and slid them down and off his feet, one hand lifted it to the side as a white oblong of material and dropped them to the side. “Bet them titties are as soft as silk, as smooth as milk, as warm as a fresh-laid egg. Oh, God, I want them, I want them!”

The woman on the screen wasn’t helping, the man now was kissing her breasts, his tongue visible and playing over the nipples while she moaned, moaned, moaned.

“God I want to touch them, touch titties, touch titties!” Clem groaned. I was beside him on the couch and he heard me when I cleared my throat briefly, a small noise, but he looked my way and his eyes were glazed and he didn’t quite seem to see me.

But he moved, a convulsive motion, and his arms were around me and his hand was rubbing my breasts, a circular motion the way the man had been stroking the woman’s breasts on the screen earlier. “Titties, titties, man, I need them, I need them.” he breathed huskily at me. “Got to have them, got to have them.”

“Steady, Clem, steady.” I told him. He was so worked up, like he was hypnotized, like he was lost in that video. The man was still tongueing that woman’s breasts, she was still moaning, moaning, moaning as his tongue slid round and round and round.

“Oh, God, those titties, got to taste them, bet they taste like honey and sunshine, got to taste them.” His fingers caught a nipple of mine and squeezed it, and I grunted in pain. As before, this small sound seemed to divert him enough to see me, and then he was moving closer to me still, and his head went down, twisted around so he could lick my breast while his eyes never left the screen, still watching the man and woman on the screen. They finally shifted the image so that you saw her hand, slim and feminine, and it reached out and found the man’s dong, it was soft as ever, but she caught hold of it and began to touch it, stroke it.

“Oh, man, yeah, God, look at that, come on, honey, stroke it for me, stroke it, come on, I need your hand on me, come on, come on.”

I don’t think Clem was speaking to me, but my own excitement here, having this big, massive horny stud rubbing my tits, blinded me to the fine details, he was there, his cock was pulsing and he was begging it to be touched, and I was the only person there. I reached over and grabbed hold of that huge pud, and felt the powerful throbbing organ pulsing in my palm and Clem moaned and he began to kiss me harder, but still his eyes never left that screen.

His hands, though, felt down and found my sweatshorts waistband and caught hold of them, pulled them down, awkwardly but inexorably, down, and you can bet I didn’t fight him, I helped him get them off me.

The man on the screen’s hand was now prominent on the screen, and I saw it slide in and began to fondle her vagina, gently, passionately. Was Clem going to match this, too?

He did, his hand came down and grabbed my dong, didn’t hesitate for a second at the switch in gender here. He continued to feed off the screen but his hand capably manipulated my prod, pumping me as I pumped him, me watching him avidly, him watching the screen, his mouth open in soft surrender to the sensations sweeping through him, his eyes drinking in every sound, every image, as the fingers of the man played over the woman’s vagina in sensual synchronization to her moaning symphony of sexual desire.

The image shifted back to the man who was still working his mouth magic on her breasts, and that ignited Clem again, he murmured, “Oh, God, I need those titties, I need them, I need them.”

And he again turned to me, this time his entire body moved, his great paws of hands closed on my body and he turned my body so I was fully on the couch, my legs toward him and then he was hiking them upwards as he clambered in between them. A heavy hawk of spit on his palm and he lubed his cock, and then he was aiming it for my ass.

You can bet I didn’t fight him on this, I was basking in the full view of a hot, horny, handsome, hard-bodied hunk and when that prong of his found my sphincter, it practically sucked him inside.