Another Kind of Jail

Charley St. Cloud got home that Thursday afternoon after a hard, miserable day of work. Construction work was rough, especially on a day when the rain started in and the boss decided that work could continue anyhow. He'd been wet most of the morning and the weather had cleared and he'd driven nails with clothes that had gotten increasingly chafing. He felt rubbed raw under both armpits and in his crotch and the rest of his body wasn't happy, either, he just wanted to get home, get out of these fucking itch-makers and into a hot tub, and then settle back with a cold beer until dinner was ready. Assuming his bitch wife bothered to make dinner, she had her own job and didn't always deliver on the food.

He looked at himself in the mirror of the elevator. Dirty blond hair that was movie-star handsome in wave and cut (he'd always had good hair) above a face that had taken a lot of blows in life and showed it. A boxer had this kind of face, his was the result of many, many bar fights and less savory battles. He bore a light scar on one cheek where a knife had tried to steal his life by cutting his throat and missed by a couple of inches from the slash. His eyes were blue and his jaws usually needed a shave twice a day, not that he could ever give it that, so he usually had some stubble by afternoon like now. The beard hair was darker brown, like the hair on his body. He'd kept the body he had built up in jail by working out in this new job, it was now covered in a battered red plaid work short and faded blue jeans, like his hair was now partially covered by a silver hard hat. But under that was a body, if not one of a Greek god, at least one a Spartan warrior would have been proud of.

Shit, he wished he could get out of this rotten situation. But a man out of jail has few work options, he'd been lucky to get the job he now had. And for living, he had to have help with the rent and living expenses one way or another, his wife was a bitch but with their combined incomes, they could make it work. Of course, a lot of her income went to paying daycare for their two children. What it boiled down to was, they were just roommates except for those occasional evenings she was horny enough to let him get in her. Those events were getting rarer and rarer though, the bitch was probably fucking around on him. Overtime at her job, hell, so where was the extra money that came with it, then?

He opened the door and a man was sitting on his couch, watching television. What the fuck?

The man stood up and Charley felt like rubbing his eyes in disbelief like a cartoon character. "Marble?"

"In the flesh!" the man strode toward Charley who had dropped his lunch box and hard hat and the two men hugged hard.

"When did you get out?" he asked.

"Two days ago." Marble told him. "Got in town this morning and looked you up. Got here about ten in the morning and nobody was home, so I made myself comfortable. Hope you don't mind." Like Charley, Marble had spent his prison sentence building up muscle, and while he wasn't as tall and brawny as Charley by three inches of height and fifty pounds of muscle, he had a face that was much less battered. Black hair, sharp nose and cheekbones, Marble had the looks that had stirred the loins of many a lonely widow who corresponded with him. Marble had used those women to gain money for cigarettes and such, but never went the step further and toyed with their affections, the only promises of romance were in their own minds alone, Marble kept it strictly on the level of affectionate penpal; Charley knew because he'd helped Marble write the letters.

"Nah." Charley didn't have to ask how he'd gotten in the apartment, Jeffrey "Marble" Marabelle was a professional burglar when he was out of the stir. He could fool the piss-ant lock the apartment door bore without breaking a sweat, and maybe without breaking stride. He and Charley had kept in touch after Charley had gotten out (assault with a deadly weapon; he'd done it, no gripes about justice here) by mail (his bitch wife had griped about the high cost of prison phone calls and he couldn't blame her...$25.00 for a ten minute call was a hell of a lot. "So they gave you parole this time?"

"I told them I was going straight and made them believe it." Marble said.

"How'd you do that?" Charley asked, an honest question.

"Because I am," Marble said, "and I had your letter saying I could stay with you when I got out."

He had said that, though he'd been thinking about a short stay. But not going to bring that up right now, if Marble had to be sent packing, his bitch wife could take care of that. "Good to have you here."

"You look like shit." Marble said.

"You would too if you'd worked all morning in the rain." Charley said without rancor. "Come with me tomorrow and I'll see if the boss will give you a job like he did me."

"That'd be great." Marble agreed. "Why don't you wash yourself up and I'll fix dinner for you and your wife tonight, how about that?" Marble had worked in the prison kitchen.

"Sounds good."

"When will she be home?"

"God only knows." Charley sighed. "When she's ready. It'll be her and the children when they do get home." He didn't pick them up because the daycare center was next door to her work and kept children until their parents came for them. He'd have had to ride the bus a sizeable distance to pick them up, his job was in the opposite direction from their apartment. Not that his wife didn't bitch at the expense and thought he ought to do it anyway. Not his fault he got out of work two hours before she did, now was it?

"So I'll fix a meal for the two of us, with all the fixings ready to fix in a hurry for the three of them when they get here. You'll see, it'll be fine."

"I'm counting on you, Marble."

The bath was as blissful as he'd been dreaming all day, and when he got out, Marble had the dinner hot and ready. Charley dug in with a gusto he hadn't had in some time. "You're a marvelous cook, Marble!" he enthused. "A fucking genius in the kitchen."

"I enjoy cooking."

"You ought to get a job as a cook in a restaurant somewhere."

"Would if I could spend the time looking." Marble said ruefully. "Right now, I'll take any job I can get!"

"Fine with me if you work with us on the site." Charley said. "I'll vouch for you, the boss likes me, I think we can get you on there."


The bitch called about the time dinner was over. "I have to work really late tonight and won't be home. You'll be all right tonight, yes? The children, I've arranged for them to have a sleepover with some friends of theirs at the daycare. I'll see you tomorrow night, okay, don't wait dinner on me."

"About dinner..." Charley started.

"I'll order something in for myself, me and the girls, that is. We'll order in." The tone in the bitch's voice was unmistakable to Charley's trained ear, the bitch was lying through her teeth. All of it was a lie. Even about the children, though that part didn't quite add up. No matter, the rest of it was crystal clear.

"You're out screwing around, aren't you?" Charley demanded.

"Charley, you're being ridiculous."

"Don't lie to me...."

"I can't talk tonight, Charley, we'll discuss this when I get home tomorrow night. Good-bye!" And the dial tone, the bitch had hung up on him after her sentence was done. Bitch always did have to have the last word.

"Shit, damn, hell, fuck, shit!" he said as he hung up the phone. Wished he could slam it down like the old-time phones instead of pushing a damned "end call" button on his cellular phone.

"What's wrong?" Marble asked him.

"Fucking bitch is running around on me! I fucking knew she was but now she's taking to spending the night with the guy! Shit!"

"So why are you still with her?"

"Because man!" Charley poured out his financial woes. "So you see, I can't afford to quit the job and I can't afford to leave a bitch wife I don't even fucking like! It's like I'm still in fucking jail, only this time, I don't see a fucking end to it!"

"Damn, man, that sucks." Marble commiserated.

"Tell me about it."

Charley bitched about his life and his wife and kids and how everything sucked. It took him an hour or so, but Marble let him go on and never griped or tried to end it. Charley finally wore down and yawned, and so did Marble. "I reckon we'd better get in bed if you have to work tomorrow." It would be Friday.

"Yeah, damn it. But you can get hired on today and start on Monday, if he doesn't put you to work right away." Charley yawned again. "Damn, but I'm tired. Thanks for listening."

"Hey, we did a lot of that in prison. Gripe about things."

"Yeah. Well, it felt good. And like I said, the difference between prison and this place is that you get out of prison some day. Looks like I'm stuck here for life."

"Let's get to bed."

"Sure. You want to take the kid's bedroom tonight? Only got the couch for you after that, but you can sleep good for one night, anyhow."

"Thanks. Good night, buddy."

"Good night, Marble."

Charley crawled into bed nude since the bitch wasn't there and thought again about how much his life sucked. Maybe now Marble was out, the two of them could get a place together...only if they did that, the bitch would come after him for child support. Marble would have to pay more than half the bills if that happened. He couldn't ask that of a guy just out of prison. Nope, the best thing he could do was suck it up and take his fun when and where he could, like a drink in the bar on Friday nights, and a good talk with a good friend like Marble.

The room was dark and the noises of the city filtered through the window without much effort, he never heard the sounds of the door opening. Only when the covers lifted and the bed shifted did he realize that he wasn't alone in the bed any longer. "Marble?"

"Yeah, buddy, it's me."

"What are you doing here?"

"Don't feel like sleeping alone. Okay."

"Sure, sure." Charley didn't mind sharing the bed, he shared it with a bitch every night anyway. Plenty of room in this bed for two, they didn't even have to touch....

Marble's body pressed up against him and he felt that the body next to his was as bare as his own. "What is this?"

"You're still in jail, aren't you?" Marble said, a soft male voice in the darkness.

"Damned right I am. Worst fucking jail on the planet."

"So am I. What else do two men do in jail? Marble asked him.

Charley had never engaged in homosexual behavior in prison. He'd only been in for three years, he'd fought off the ones who tried to butt-fuck him and ignored the ones who tried to get him to butt-fuck them. A man can deal with the hand for three years after all. His sentence had been for ten but they were eager to get people out, and he'd qualified for parole on his first hearing, having a wife and kids to go home to, he'd promised to be a good boy, they'd warned him the seven years they were forgiving would be added onto any new sentence he got and he'd been free to go back to fucking the bitch. Not much fun, but she didn't cost him anything he wasn't paying already anyhow.

Marble's hand had grasped his dong and he cut off the internalization, it was all old news to him anyhow. To his surprise, he had a substantial boner. "Oh, God!" he groaned.

"How about it, old buddy? Two guys locked up tighter than any cell in a jail can do it, for who knows how long? Got to find your fun where you can, don't you?"

"Ohhhhhh....." A swift set of thoughts ran through Charley's mind and came to a rapid conclusion in what must have been less than two seconds of time, the time it takes to let out a short moan. "Oh, yeah, hell, yeah!"

"I'm glad." Marble said as he pulled the covers down. "I want to make love to all of you, Charley, old buddy, old friend. Let me touch you all over, please, buddy, please."

"Sure, why not. In fact," Charley reached over and turned on the bedside lamp, "get a good look while you're at it."

He got a good look of his own, Marble's pretty face was down next to his eight-inch tower of male dong and he saw those gentle lips slide open and around his cock and down and close. "Ohhhhhhhhh, oh, shit, yeah! Yeah, eat it, buddy, eat it!"

Charley may never have gone down on another guy before, but Marble's actions were those of a man who'd done it often before. Those lips plied their experience over his glans and tinkered with the flaring edge, toyed with the tender, thin-skinned flesh just below that, slid over the thick skin beneath that and pulled that thick skin up over the glans as he rose up again and milked the joy from every square millimeter of Charley's pud!

"Mmmh, yeah, God, yeah, shit, Marble, you're a fucking great cocksucker, man, fucking great!" Charley studied the beautiful form of his best prison buddy in the light and saw that Marble packed a pretty special organ of his own, some seven inches of pink-skinned beauty, like a graceful marble tower set in a verdant forest amid majestic mountains, it stood and shone from its brush of pubic hair, only the angle ruined the conceit, for Marble was lying on his side, his prick was sticking out sideways rather than standing gloriously erect.

Without a conscious decision, Charley twisted on the bed and curved his body to keep Marble sucking while his own face wended a path toward Marble's manhood.

Marble turned so he was resting on his buttocks, with his body twisted about so that he could continue to suck Charley, now in a similar twisted half turn of the upper body, and Charley's hand gripped Marble's dong.

Marble groaned as Charley gripped him and his body made soft thrusts up to move his prick in Charley's hand, that squeezed out a slimy clear rope of precome that dribbled out and down onto Charley's fingers. Instead of disgusting Charley, it made him feel...connected to his buddy in a way he hadn't felt since soon after his marriage to the bitch. That had turned out badly, he'd rushed into marriage and regretted it royally...but he knew Marble to the core and could trust him utterly.

That gave him the strength to reach out his face and his lips slid over Marble's cockhead. The taste was slimy, salty, musky, it was heady, masculine, virile, and strong. It was right, damn it, right!

"Oh, oh!" Marble lifted off. "It's okay, Charley, you don't have to do that, honest. I understand...."

"Fuck that." Charley said as he lifted his own mouth free, save for a slender thread of precome that linked his lips to the cock still. "I'm doing it because I want to. First fucking thing I've done that I've wanted to since before I went to the slammer." He went back to slurping on Marble's dick and Marble's own mouth returned to servicing his own.

For a time. Charley would have spent the rest of the night in this blissful mutuality of sexual first aid to a damaged spirit, sucking his buddy and being sucked by him, there was pleasure enough in that to satisfy any man.

Illustration of Going Straight Sample Story

But Marble stopped again and said, "Oh, God, I'm so fucking horny, man. Fuck me now, Charley, fuck me, please!"

Charley let go, glorying in the promise of that pleading. "Hell yeah, I'll fuck you, buddy! I'll fuck you good!"

It was a joy to see Marble slide up to put his own head on Charley's pillow, and Charley crawled on top and Marble's legs went around him on either side, like the bitch's did and somehow more completely than hers ever had. The difference between a duty reluctantly assumed and an action joyously undertaken, that was the difference and their similarity in appearance was an unimportant detail. Marble wanted Charley to take him, to use him and pleasure himself, and Marble too at the same time, and all Charley had to do to do that, was to be himself. No false words of desire or soul-bonding, no need to pretend to be devoted or desirous, he could fuck Marble and he would love his friend and it was all genuine, all real, all just what this long-suffering body of his wanted, craved, NEEDED!

His prong drove into Marble's ass with fluid ease, for Marble's sphincter opened itself for the entry, like a city's gates flung wide to receive its conquering hero in celebratory greeting. He slid inside and the warmth and welcome enveloped his dong like the arms of a loving spouse to her victorious returning warrior hero.

"Shit, you're hot!" Charley grunted as he began to move in the old familiar way but wringing from it a brand-new and ecstatic delight heretofore unknown. "Damn, man, I should have been fucking you in prison all this time!"

"I wanted to." Marble panted. "I did, but you had said before you weren't going to bed with any man. I was so scared coming here today, coming in here tonight, but I had to find out if I could, if we could, if maybe now...."

"Yeah!" Charley agreed. "Yeah, hell yeah and always yeah! I wouldn't fuck any man, Marble, but you, you're different. I'll do you, and glad of it!"

Marble's fingers dug into the flesh of Charley's back and that only ignited new passion for Charley. "Oh, God, I've dreamed of this for so long! Fuck me, Charley, fuck me and don't ever stop!"

"Shit, I'm fucking close to creaming already!" Charley moaned. "That bitch wife...I was ready to fucking bust a nut before I ever saw you." He began to hump Marble's butt harder. His nuts were boiling they were so ready to unload.

"Never again, man, never again." Marble panted. "You want me, you take me, I mean just take me down and do me, whenever, wherever, I want you and I always will."

"Yeah, man, fucking yeah, you got it, man, you got me now, you got me, oh, ah, AH, AH, AH!"

"Yeah, pump me full of it, Charley, fill my ass up!"

"AH-AH-AH, AH, HAH-HUHHHHHHH!" Charley threw his head back and roared out his pleasure at the top of his lungs. No bitch wife about, no kids, nobody to gripe except maybe the neighbors and who gave a fuck about them? He shot hot wads of long-pent-up jizz into Marble's ass that he'd somehow saved back from the bitch, he could never quite tap that potential for her pussy when he rammed her, he kept it waiting for the one who deserved it. And Marble deserved it all!

So hot splatters of spunk filled Marble's hot warm ass and flowed out around Charley's thrusting rod as he kept on humping his buddy, until he'd drained his balls completely and now he was done, he was emancipated, he was truly, well and truly, free.

Drained, he slumped down onto Marble's body, heard the "umph" from his friend's lungs and rolled onto the side. "Ah, fuck that was hot!" he gasped as his broad chest rose and fell in urgent billows pumping oxygen back into his body.

"Yeah, good, real good." Marble gasped.

Charley looked over and saw that his friend had grasped his prick and was pumping it, urgently, needing his own release. "Hey, stop that!" he commanded.

"I, uh, huh?" Marble did as ordered, but bewildered as a kitten.

"You don't got to do that."

"No?" Marble's voice held hope. "Want to suck it again?"

"Hell no!" Charley said. "I want you to fucking fuck my ass!"


"Man, yeah, fuck me. I want to lose my fucking cherry to you, man! Break me in, make me your whore, give it to me hard, buddy!"

"I...I...okay." Marble panted and crawled on top. "I'm so horny, I can't hold out long."

"Screw that. Stick it in and jizz it, make me your bitch and you and I can do a longer fuck some other time."

It wasn't that easy for Charley, but two panting men's mouths both plied saliva on the throbbing angry prick and when Charley felt the first tentative probe at his ass, he grabbed Marble's buttocks in both work-horned hands and pulled his buddy down into him in one rough thrust.

Marble cried out as he plunged into Charley, and Charley cried out in pain, yes, but tempered well by desire. This was right, this was what he wanted, and that offset any small pain of a stretched butthole.

Marble fucked Charley and Charley's hands, still holding Marble's ass, forced his friend to fuck him lustily and well, Marble lasted a bare sixty seconds of high-speed ramming of Charley's virginal ass before he gasped, drove his dong in deep and unloaded a series of wads that must have been brewing in his testicles since the dawn of Time itself.

Done, Marble lay on Charley's chest and Charley held him there fast, not letting his buddy out of his hold until the last erg of exhaustion had spent itself and he again was a man with another man, and only then Charley released him and let him roll off onto the side.

"Think you can sleep now, buddy?" Charley asked Marble as the other man settled in.

"Yeah, hell yeah!"

"Good. You and me got an alarm clock set for six-thirty and it's already fucking midnight, so let's get some sleep."

"I'll make us breakfast." Marble offered.

"Fuck that. We'll buy breakfast on the way in." Charley demanded. "Today's payday and I got a twenty in my pocket still unspent. Breakfast and lunch are on me."

Marble didn't argue, he just cuddled up and the two men slept the sleep of the angels, free of sin and ensured of eternity.

Marble spent so long in the supervisor's office when they got to work that Charley wondered. When lunchtime came, his friend was waiting. "What's the word?"

"Tell you over lunch."

But a call postponed Charley's lunch, he took it while Marble got their food and brought it to the table. "What was that about?" Marble enquired when Charley was done.

"You first. What did the boss say?"

"He couldn't use me."


"But I told him about working in the prison kitchen and that got him busy. Took him an hour and a half to get through, but he got me a job on an oilrig platform. I'll be their new cook." He paused. "I asked if they had another opening for a friend. They do. If you want to."

Charley grinned. "Time for my news. That phone call was my bitch wife. She's hooked up with her lover and he wants to marry her and she wants to marry him. Asked me for a divorce."

"What about your children."

"That's a part of it. Turns out she got tests done on the children and the results arrived today. Neither of those kids are mine, they both belong to the bitch's boyfriend. So he wants to marry her and adopt them. I'm out free and clear, no alimony, no child support, just fuck off, Charley."

"Oh." Marble digested this.

"So hell yeah, I want to go with you on the oil rig. Be a good place to start over again."

"We'll be on that rig for weeks at a time." Marble warned. "On a platform out in the ocean. Like a jail. Your boss used those words, which made me think about you. Care to exchange one jail for another?"

"Another kind of jail, this one with you in it?" Charley grinned. "That's the kind of jail a man can go for!"