Bubble Butt

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

I looked up from where I was driving nails into the floor. “Damn!” I said to Raymond.

“What is it?” Raymond looked over where he was positioning the next board.

“He’s at it again.” I said.

Raymond didn’t have to be told where to look. He stepped over next to me, a big, black, muscled, tough-looking bastard wearing a toolbelt like a gunslinger wearing a six-shooter, peered toward the house next door, where a large picture window showed a great deal of the living room. In the center of the view through the window was a couch facing the window, and in that couch was a guy lying on it, stretched out, face down, totally naked.

“Shit!” I said, staring at his ass. “He keeps showing me that bubble butt he’s got, I’m going to have to get over there and pop it for him.”

“You like his ass, huh?”

“It’s just so...perfect.” I said.

“Got a hell of a lot of hair on it.” judged Raymond.

“Yeah, I know, but it's just so nice and firm and round.” I made a wordless noise of frustrated grunting and said, “Damn!”

“You looking at the neighbor again?” asked George as he came over. George was buffed but not as big as Raymond and me, he’d never been in prison like Raymond and me, when you had endless days with nothing to do besides work out. You don’t end up pounding nails on a construction site if you have something better in terms of a career. I wasn’t bitching, it’s good work and the pay is good. Wish the hours were more reliable, you either work sixteen hours days seven days a week, or not at all for weeks. George had simply been a ne’er-do-well who worked construction because he didn’t have anything else on the ball, but even the construction business alone can put some muscle on you...that or you wash out and get a job in a convenience store with the shit hours at minimum wage.

“Yeah, he’s showing Warren his ass again.” Raymond said.

“He’s got a nice body, you can’t blame him for wanting to air it out in the privacy of his own home.” George opined.

“Yeah, but I mean...damn!” I said, holding my hands out before me, cupping a pair of imaginary but perfect buttocks, thrusting my hips at it.

“And he ain’t so damned private anymore.” Raymond agreed. “I’m positive that guy is deliberately showing himself off to us every chance he gets.”

“He’s just taking a nap.” George defended him.

“Stark naked, just when we started working on this side of the house.” I chipped in.

“And he’s got drapes on those windows, he just doesn’t draw them.”

“And yesterday afternoon, when I was working over here, he turned over and looked right at me.” I said. “Had a hard-on, too.”

“Cut or uncut?” George got interested. “How long was it?”

“I didn’t have a ruler with me.” I pointed out. “Not to mention he’s over twenty feet away over there.”

“I know, but I meant...how long was it?”

“About here.” I made a gesture at my crotch.

“A nice size.”

“Yeah, nice size.” I said. “And he’s even hairier in the front. A thick coat of hair on his chest, it makes patterns swirling all over his chest and stomach. Nice chest.”

“Yeah, I can see.” Raymond said.

I turned to look at Raymond, he was looking at the guy in the window. Looked over at him.

He was turned over and sitting on the couch, looking out at us. His legs were sprawled wide apart.

“Oh, God, he’s hung like a horse!” George drooled.

“Got some nice pecs on him.” Raymond observed.

The guy we were staring at reached down and fondled his cock while he grinned out at us.

“Oh, hell, that’s just too much!” George moaned. “It’s getting hard.”

“That fucker’s just asking for it.” I said.

“Yeah, he wants it, all right.” Raymond agreed.

“He’s just messing with us.” George objected. “Doesn’t mean he wants us to go knock on his door and grab him when he opens the door.”

“You know.” Raymond said. “That’s not such a bad fucking idea.”

I looked at the guy, he was looking right at me, I quietly reached down and caught hold of my own crotch. The guy grinned wider and then (I think, he wasn’t that close) ran his tongue around his lips.

“Yeah.” I said. “Let’s go knock and see what the fuck happens.”

“He won’t answer the door naked for you, you know.” George said.

“Can’t hurt to find out.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Raymond said, then looked, saw the straw boss over on the north wall. “Hey, boss, we’re taking a short break, okay?”

“Okay, but don’t be too fucking long.”

“We won’t!” Raymond shouted, then quieter, just to us. “Be too long fucking.”

“It ain’t gonna happen.” George declared.

“Only one way to find out.” I said. “That bubble butt has been calling my name for days now.”

We shucked our tool belts and went over. The guy’s house was a beautiful Prairie-style place, long, low, with huge windows all over. The one we’d been watching him through wasn’t the only one he had. It was like a haven for exhibitionists.

Raymond knocked on the door and we waited. He knocked again, louder and more aggressively.

“Give him time to get dressed.” George said. “Or at least pull a robe on or...” And that was when the door opened.

Slightly. The guy peered around the edge of it. “Yes?”

“Can we use your crapper?” Raymond asked. “The Port-A-John’s on the fritz.”

That was a (pardon the joke) load of crap, you can’t bust a portable toilet with anything less than a sledgehammer.

“Well, I guess so.” the guy stepped back and when he let go of the door, Raymond pushed the door back and stepped inside. I was right behind him, George trailing behind us.

The guy was backing away, now in the middle of his living room. To one side, I could see the couch he had been lying on and the window through which we had watched him. Not that I was looking that way.

God, he was beautiful. Hairy as hell, yeah, but that just made him better to me. I don’t like those flimsy little pansy-boys, when I fuck an ass, I want it attached to a big, strong, hairy guy. And this guy was big, he had muscles accenting his body all over, and he was covered in body hair. I wanted him and I wanted him bad.

“We’ve been watching you.” Raymond said to him. “Prancing around in here right where we can see you. I think you’ve been doing it because you’d like us to come give you some hard, rough loving. What do you say to that?”

“Who gives a fuck what he says.” I added. This close to the guy, I wasn’t taking any chances. “I’ve been looking at that bubble butt of his so long, I’m ripping a piece of it no matter what he wants.”

Raymond was opening the fly on his pants and he pulled out his thick, long, black pud. The guy watched it as Raymond reeled it out for him, until it was rising up like an ebony serpent questing for prey. Ten magnificent inches of African dong, and it was aimed right at the guy. Raymond caught it at the base and waggled the head at him. “What do you say to this, fucker?”

The guy looked at Raymond’s dong, and I began undoing my own trousers. “Take a good look at that dick.” I said to him. “You’re going to suck it while I fuck that bubble butt of yours until it’s so loaded with come you’re going to drip for a week.”

“So what the fuck are you waiting for?” Raymond said and waggled his dong again.

The guy licked his lips, took three quick strides toward Raymond and dropped to his knees, catching Raymond’s prick on his way down. He guided it to his mouth and I watched that black dong slide into that white mouth and I just moaned. “Ah, shit! He’s taking it.”

“I told you he would!” Raymond said. “Uh, gh, huh!” He hunched at the guy now slurping madly on his prod. “Fucker’s a damned good cocksucker!”

“Get that bubble butt up, pretty man.” I said to him. “I want to slide my man-mauler into it, right now! Uh, fuck yeah!” And I began to spit on my hand and slick up my prick. I’m not as long as Raymond or the guy himself was, but I had a nice slab of eight-inch meat I was willing to feed into that sweet round ass.

“God, I can’t believe you guys are doing that!” moaned George.

“Hey, you can have him when I’m done.” Raymond said, went back to grunting as he slammed his cock down the guy’s throat. He wasn’t pushing the entire length in, but he had most of it in there and the guy wasn’t doing anything more than grunting as he took it all down.

“Get that ass up!” I told him again as I got behind him. “Come on, get it back up for me.”

That ass rose up, glorious as the dawn on a crisp autumn morning when you’re camped out in the forest, waiting for the deer to come by so you can plug him and have venison for lunch and a rack for your wall. I had seen this ass so often through the window, from afar, now I could stare unimpeded upon its majesty as the twin orbs, still beautifully rounded, swung upwards and the crevice between, dark with his hair, beckoned to me. I reached out, like I had on the job, my hands cupped those globes this time for real, oh, God, such a beautiful butt! I wanted it, I wanted to keep it, hold it forever!

But I could claim it irrevocably in one way right now, and that was what I’d been greasing up my dong for. I slapped those cheeks once each, forehand and backhand, just to hear them sing, and then I aimed for that tuckerhole I couldn’t see but knew was there.

Ah, there it was! Oh, man, it was sticky from his ass-sweat and my cock just slipped the glans in easy as could be! His ass was working at it, sucking at my pud, it wanted it, it wanted me, this bubble butt wanted me!

I moaned and shoved it in, the sweet, hot smell of his ass washed over me as I did it, the hot sphincter clutching and pulling at me, drawing me inwards. I got my dong in deeper, and the guy moaned, and he pushed backwards as I rammed him again, and those bubble-cheeks touched my thigh!

“Oh, man, oh, man!” George moaned. “I got to get some of that!”

“When I’m done!” Raymond panted.

George didn’t mean that, he got on his butt and wriggled underneath the guy, his legs getting in my way as he squirmed in, and then he slurped that guy’s prick in hungrily. Hell, I didn’t know the guy swung on dicks, or I would have been feeding him loads off my cock for weeks now already!
Illustration of Bubble Butt

“Aw, man, yeah, suck him.” Raymond panted. My black buddy was sweating heavily now, he was being suctioned right up into Heaven by those lips. Meanwhile, the entire nether regions were mine, all mine! Better to reign in Hell.... Guh! The guy was milking at my cock again, matching my thrusts into him, increasing my pleasure.

“Ah, ah, ah, shit!” Raymond groaned. “Here it comes, shithead, here comes my black load of spunk for you, uh, shit, yeah, UH, HUH, GUH, GUH-NNNNHHHGGHHH!”

The guy choked but took that whole load. I ran my hands over his back as he fed on Raymond’s wads of jizz, gulping noisily as he swallowed it all. His back was hairy, I loved the feel of that, the muscles on his back and the hair over it, giving it texture, giving it variety, giving it life.

When Raymond was done, he yanked his cock almost angrily away from the guy, who didn’t seem to want to let go. “All right, that’s enough, shithead, damn!” he said. “You trying to eat the whole thing? Fuck?”

Raymond shoved his cock back into his pants and walked off, I guess back to work. I was too busy fucking this sweet ass to pay attention. Without Raymond’s thrusts to knock the guy off course, he beg

Then he began to move on me, which puzzled me, until I saw that George had turned around and lain on down and the guy wanted to 69 with George. I knelt along with the guy, keeping my pud buried in those wonderful buns, and when they locked mouths on each other, I was on my knees and back to ramming my way to paradise!

My thighs were slapping those cheeks at each thrust, my glands were in overdrive, boiling my balls in hot man-juice, I was about to christen this ass as being all mine. “Oh, hot damn, shit!” I groaned. “I’m going to cream your butt, dude, going to load you up with my jizz, shit, yeah, I want to plug this ass all night long! Ah, ah, GAH, UH, GUH-HUH, MMUHH-NNN-GHHHHH!”

Oh, Christ, that ass was so warm, my pud was jizzing in complete, comfortable ecstasy, surrounded with his flesh, my hands were titillated by his hairs as I stroked his body, my brain was rocked by my orgasm as I shot this bubble butt all the way full. I’d been building up a horn-full for this ass for some time, and my body delivered it all in that one package!

As I ejaculated, the guy moaned and I heard George choking as he caught the guy’s sperm, I wondered if George was going to lose his lunch, but then his chokes turned into groans and he returned the favor, blowing his nut up into the guy’s mouth. He had to share that mouth’s delights with Raymond...but this ass was mine!

Finished, I pulled out, reluctantly and regretfully, and tucked my meat back into my pants. George did the same, and he looked out the window through which I’d so often admired the ass I’d just fucked. “Oh, fuck, the boss was watching us!” he groaned, mortified.

I was upset at first, myself, but then I said to hell with it. As George raced out to try to save his job, I said, “Hell, if the boss wants to fire me, he can go ahead and fucking fire me. Plenty of other jobs I can do.” Losing this job would hurt, but it wasn’t the disaster it would be in other fields, I’d look around until I found another place building that needed a guy who knew how to drive a nail without fucking the job up, and I’d be back at work.

“He won’t fire you.” the guy said to me. I was really looking at his face for the first time, the guy was in his late thirties at a guess, a shadow of beard on his chin, not like he’d just shaved off a beard, but more like this was the best he could do with the hair that insisted on sprouting all over him. The face under that shadow was rugged-looking, this guy had spent many hours outdoors himself.

“Why do you think that hard-ass won’t fire my ass for fucking yours?” I asked. “Not that I care, really.”

“Because the owner of the building going up won’t let him. The owner will call and insist on you being kept on, even though you keep right on coming over here every afternoon instead of staying on the job.”

“What makes you think that?” I frowned.

“I am the owner.”

I walked back outside to my now-secure job in a glassy-eyed fog of glory. I’d had my bubble butt...and now my bubble butt had me!