Bubble Trouble

David walked out of his office at five-thirty that Friday afternoon, intent only on getting down the street to the subway and home, where.... A loud horn honk interrupted his single-minded pursuit. He looked over to see a familiar-looking silver sports car, the passenger door open and leaning out it with a big smile on his face was... “Owen!” he called out.

“Come on!” Owen called to him, the tousled blond hair and well-worked muscular body obtained by having a lifestyle that let him work out whenever he felt like it.

David went over gladly, figuring that Owen had decided on a whim to come pick him up after work. One of the benefits of having a lover, he thought to himself, is that there’s another person in the world helping you overcome its little vicissitudes. “What are you doing here?” he asked as he hopped gladly inside, throwing his briefcase into the back seat.

“Booked us into a motel for the weekend.” Owen said to him.

“Someplace romantic?” David asked. “Did you pack my swimsuit?”

“I packed your swimsuit, the motel has a pool.” Owen said. “Romantic? Well, sort of. It’s a local motel, but I got us the honeymoon suite.” And he took off with his usual blast of speed.

“Huh?” David ran over the possible reasons for this! No, their one-year anniversary was next month. An eleven-month anniversary was off by twelve days. Didn’t even add up to an even number of days. The only reason must be... “What are you writing about now?” he said suspiciously.

Owen didn’t bother to deny it. “A locked-door murder, of course. Only it isn’t, you see....”

“I’m not going to have to lunge at you with a butcher knife again, am I?” David said. “You know I hate doing that stuff.”

“No, nothing like that.”

“And I won’t tie you up with a noose around your neck!” David said emphatically. “No suicides!”

“No, not that, either.”

“And I won’t....”

“All you have to do is take a bubble bath with me.” Owen said.

“...stalk through the bushes and...a bubble bath?”

“A bubble bath. You and me.”

“Well, that sounds all right and...so why did we have to book into this motel to take a bubble bath together? We have a bathtub.”

“No, no, I need a big tub. This place has one.”

“A big...how big is the bathtub?”

“Eight feet in diameter. It’s a round tub.”

“A round tub.”

“And it’s got those rounded sides I need. I asked about it.” Owen said.

“Owen....” David started and let it go. One of the problems of living with a professional writer (one that made a living at it, with book contracts and autograph tours and the sort) was that a writer needs realism. And there’s any amount of information that isn’t available in books, or by asking an expert, or maybe the author just needs the physical sensations that come with an activity.

What does the author do? In Owen’s case, he asks his lover to come at him with a butcher knife! David still shuddered at that one, what if something had gone wrong?

Still...a bubble bath sounded harmless enough. He got an expense-paid weekend at a motel’s honeymoon suite out of it. Best to just go along with it and let Owen get in his research. Sometimes he wanted David’s unbiased and uninformed opinions.

The clerk at the motel looked more than puzzled when they walked in. A fat woman with stringy hair and missing front teeth, she snickered while she filled out the forms. “Shall I send up a bottle of champagne for you? It’s complimentary for the honeymoon suite.”

“Later on.” Owen said easily. He didn’t care what people thought about him. Like that Saturday afternoon he’d talked David into getting into that trash bag and let him drag David through the street like that. That time, Owen was finding out how many trash bags it took to hold a dead body and would the bag develop holes (ergo, a blood trail that didn’t start at the murder scene) and David was playing the dead body. The police officer had come along, and opened the trash bag and there was David breathing through a snorkel! “We’ll be too busy at first for champagne. After we’re done, we’ll take the champagne to celebrate. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours, tops.”

“Really? Our record is four days.” the woman simpered.

David felt like chipping in. “Well, we’re not as young as we used to be.” he said.

He felt pleasure in listening to Owen laugh at that. “We’ll see what develops on that front and decide whether or not to try for that record after we’re done.”

“True, business before pleasure.”

“A little of both this time, I think.” Owen said. “Oh, I almost forgot. The vegetable oil! I got the bubble bath and forgot the vegetable oil!” He dashed off, shouting back at David, “You get us checked in while I go pick some up. I saw a small store two doors down.”

“They’ll have some.” the woman said. And to David who was left alone. “Love needs a lot of lubrication, does it, dearie?”

“Lady, in this case, you have no idea just how much lubrication it takes!” David said with feeling.

He got the bags into the suite and looked around. Pink frou-frou decor, of course. Hearts on the wallpaper, lace on the bedspread, and a teddy-bear in the middle of the pillows. David smiled at that teddy bear, decided to strip down to just a pair of briefs (clean ones, by all means, not the ones he had on now, stained by a day’s sitting at the computer!), and be lounging on that bed with a teddy bear under his arm, all little-boy acting. He chuckled at the look on Owen’s face when he saw it.

He was in the bed and in position when Owen came in with a paper sack he carried like a wino carries a bottle. Looked at David without seeing him. “Oh, hey, there you are! Come on, let’s get this going. You unpack the bubble bath?”

“No.” David admitted.

“Well, get it out. I’ll lube up the tub.”

“Lube the tub?”

“Yeah, the tub, with the vegetable oil.”

Intrigued out of being miffed at Owen ignoring his little-boy act in the bed, David padded in. Owen was sloshing the vegetable oil about the tub, spreading it around the large, round tub.

“Need some help?”

“Yeah, help me get this on the tub. I need a thick coat, thick as we can get.” Owen said.

“What’s the idea?”

“Can we create a bubble bath with a surface slippier than it ought to be?” Owen said. “Does the vegetable oil all lift off, especially with the bubble bath in it, or does the fact that the soap is too busy making bubbles on the surface to have much oil-dissolving action on the bottom? I’m going to run the water about half-full before I add any bubble bath to it.”

“You’re in charge here.” David said and took over rubbing the oil onto the tub. When they were done and the water was flowing into the tub, he said, “Better let me help undress you, your hands are slippery with the oil and I don’t think it’s going to wash off very well, but it’ll sure ruin your clothes.”

“That’s what I’m counting on.” Owen said as David started working on the buttons. His own hands were slippery, but he could hold his hands away from David’s body, work with just his fingertips. It kept the oil on the clothes to a minimum.

When he got the buttons all undone, David said, “Now how do I get the shirt over your shoulders?”

“Use your teeth?” Owen suggested.

David grinned. “Always wanted to tear your clothes off with my teeth.” he joked.

“So knock yourself out.”

David used his teeth to lift the shirt from Owen’s shoulders. The undershirt had no special hold on either of their affections, he used his hands on it without compunction, it got a lot of the oil off of him.

The shoes he used the undershirt for a padding on his hands, and the socks (made of silk), and that left the pants. The belt posed no problem, and then Owen was stepping out of the pants, kicked them clear. The briefs David pulled down with pleasure, and he took his position kneeling before Owen to get a taste of it.

“Ah, ah, business first, then pleasure.” Owen said. “Let’s go climb in.”

“After the bubble bath builds up.”

David was getting into this now. What would happen when they got into that tub? There was a lot of oil floating on top. Like Owen said, what would happen to the bubble bath?

Owen had thought of that, he had a couple of kitchen whisks. He poured in a goodly portion of the box of bubble bath in, and he and David started whisking.

It worked. They had a good foam of bubble bath going. “I think the oil is actually helping the bubble bath.” he opined.

“Makes sense.” Owen said. “Lots of kinds of soap are made with animal fat, you know.”

“I didn’t. Bleagh!” David said.

“It’s processed.” Owen said. “Well, you ready to take the plunge?”

“Sure. What are we finding out, here, now?”

“Can two people make love in a tub that’s fixed up like this? And what trace is left when they’re done?”

“Now you’re talking my kind of language.” David grinned.

“Better get down and sort of slide into the tub.” Owen advised. “Though I want you to try to stand up when you’re inside.”

“Why me?”

“I’ll be here to catch you.” Owen insisted.

“The things I do for love.” David sighed.

“Shut up and get inside the tub.”

“I’m going, I’m going!” David sat down on the ledge, swung his legs over and put his feet on the bottom, intending to lift himself in.

As he lifted up, as he put weight on his feet, they went right out from under him. He bumped his butt hard on the edge and was down inside with a splash of water and a mouthful of soapsuds! He came up, sputtering, and opened his eyes, only saw white. Wiped at his eyes, and came away with two handfuls loaded with soap bubbles. “Bleah!” he said and went slipping again! His butt was slipping over the surface, which was slightly canted down to the drain in the middle. Which is where his ass ended up, sitting on the drain plug.

“Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

“Only my ass.” David said. “What happened to your catching me?”

“I was going to when you stood up.”

“Stand up? I’m stuck here with my butt over a drain plug!” David groused.

“Come on, stand up?”

“I’ll try.” David said and tried to get up. He just ended up with his head underwater again, this time his feet went up out and partially over the ledge. He waved his hands and Owen grabbed one of them and he pulled himself up, sputtering. “What kind of idiotic murderer is going to kill someone this way?” he said.

“The idea is that neither of the two know about the oil on the bottom.” Owen said. “I didn’t expect it to be this slippery, though. It doesn’t work at all! Might as well give up.”

“Oh, no, you don’t.” David said and hauled on Owen’s hand, hard. He ended up sloshing water about and getting another dunking, but it didn’t matter. Owen was now in the tub with him!

“You rotten little horndog!” Owen sputtered when he got the soap out of his mouth. “What am I going to do with you?” He was facing David, his feet nearest to David’s head.

“That’s what I’m wondering, frankly.” David said. “This is a slippery, soapy mess we have here. And while I don’t know just what is going to happen when we try to make love in this, but I’m not missing it!”

“Okay, okay, you win.” Owen said. He reached over and got hold of David’s cock, and the action caused him to lose his equilibrium, a precarious thing in this bowl-shaped, oil-lubricated tub, and he went under. Came up coughing and sputtering.

“Now we’re even.” David said and got his own hold on Owen’s prick. For a wonder, he didn’t slip and was able to pump that beloved pud without much hindrance. Owen reciprocated, and David was leaning back and enjoying it when he lost his balance and went slipping again, this time only dosing his nose with soap suds as he turned quickly.

“We still have to stand up.” Owen pointed out.


“It’s going to be tricky.” Owen agreed. “Maybe if he hang onto each other as we try it?”

“I’m hanging onto you right now.”

“Silly.” Owen punctuated the word by dabbing David’s nose with a glob of bubbles. “I mean hold onto each other’s arms and try to get up at the same time.”

“Okay, I’m game.”

They locked their hands onto each other’s forearms, and Owen said, “One, two, three!” and up they heaved.

It worked! They ended up on their feet. David slipped, Owen’s arms steadied him and they both slipped a few inches and were still.

“Okay, we’re up.” David said unnecessarily. “Now what?”

“Now I get a liplock on that cock of yours. You’ve been swell here and it’s time I made it up to you. And I still need to see what happens.”

Illustration for Bubble Trouble

“Still writing the novel?” David said, but he didn’t mean it, because Owen leaned over and that warm, familiar mouth fastened on his dong. He let Owen work his cock and began to get into it, the smooth feel of those lips working on his pud, moving smoothly, the pleasure in regular waves...irregular waves...Owen was slipping!

He jerked to try to catch Owen, and missed, and now he was off-balance. He grabbed for the towel rack, got the towel instead, and he was falling. This time, he sat down on the ledge of the tub, oh, his poor ass! Meanwhile, Owen took a dive practically face-first into the tub, and David ended up going in after him, and Owen’s head rammed into his balls! Not hard, thank God, but now Owen was clawing at him, pulling himself up toward the air, and it was pulling David down!

He got hold of that damned drain plug as he hit it again, and he gave it a yank. When he and Owen found their balance again, he said, “I’m pulling the plug on this!”

“Oh, baby, don’t give up yet.” Owen said. “I know this is turning out crazy, but it might work.”

“Let’s at least try it without the water.” David said. “We already know that two people aren’t going to get to first base without getting dunked.”

“So someone drowning like this is out of the question.” Owen mused.

“Quite the contrary, drowning like this is all too possible.” David said. “I’ve come close three times and you twice.”

“But someone wouldn’t keep at it, slippery as this is.” Owen said.

“Hey, we don’t have to give up.” David urged him. “The water’s the problem here. This can be kind of fun once we get the chance of drowning out of the way.”

Owen looked and the light came back in his eyes, the light of creativity that made him a profitable author, that made him the incredible lover. “Hey, yeah, with just the oil and the soap.”

“We can slip around all we want.” David pointed out.

As the water subsided, the virtue of this became clear. A lot of the soap went down the drain, but there were plenty of suds left. There was oil aplenty still on the tub (we’d have to leave a note explainint this to the maids about that so they could clean the tub thoroughly), and with the water going away, it was just two naked, oiled, sudsy guys.

David wiped a wad of soapsud off Owen’s pud and went to town. Still tasted of soap, but not too strong, David ignored it happily; he had his lover’s prick in his mouth and he was so damned hot for it after the hour or more of waiting, of trying and failing, of brief contacts, of that warm mouth snatched away...well, that was over.

Now the oil made movements easier. He was working Owen’s cock with an alacrity he had seldom accomplished before. Now the tub’s shape worked to keep them together, he only had to pull away and he would fall back toward Owen again the moment he stopped pulling back.

And Owen, too, was giving him the best damned blow-job he’d had in a long time. Everything was lubricated, even his cock had picked up a sizeable load of vegetable oil from the various falls he’d suffered, and Owen was using it to shove David’s prong down his throat with smooth symmetry.

And the soapsuds, well, they made it all fun. When Owen tired of sucking on David, he let go and sat up. David looked at him and he scooped up a huge blob of the suds and, while David continued to suck on him, he built an impromptu soap-bubble castle on David’s stomach.

David chuckled at the artwork and scooped it up and slopped it on Owen’s face. They had a short soap-sud fight like David hadn’t had since he was a child, and then Owen was sliding around and getting on top of David.

“You ready for a ride?”

“Think you can stay up there?” David asked as Owen got temporarily on his knees, and ended up landing on David’s stomach instead.

“I’m sure going to try.” Owen said.

With his cock lubed with a remnant of the vegetable oil, Owen got hold of David’s ankles and heaved up. David was sliding on his back now, and ended up with his legs on either side of Owen while Owen was sitting on his knees. Their long association let Owen get that warm prick into him, and David sighed.

Now the oil under his body lubed the motions, Owen thrusting with his hips while David slid back and forth underneath him, and that strong, hot dong was in him, pleasuring him the way it always had!

David just closed his eyes and let the sensations wash over him, that stiff, warm dick pumping in and out of him, stroking his prostate with every stroke, Owen was so damned good with his body, the one he trained with every pause in his writing, trained with weights and running and moving until every muscle ran just the way he wanted it to, and now he wanted it to fuck David’s ass.

“Oh, God, baby!” Owen said, “God, you are so special, putting up with all my experiments.” He crooned like that was the tremendous turn-on for him.

“You can talk me into anything.” David said. “Just keep shoving that prong into me, right now, will you?”

“Yeah, baby, such a sweet butt, such a sweet body, such a sweet guy.”

“Okay, I’m sweet! And I’m horny, fuck me harder, you crazy bastard.”

“Oh, yeah, sweet baby, sweet, yeah, sweet!”

David felt his climax coming on strong. “Oh, yeah, I’m going to shoot, I’m going to shoot!”

“Oh, yeah, sweet, baby, sweet, uh, uh, uh!”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

“Yeah, uh, uh, uh!”





Loudly, noisily, their voices reverbrating around the tiled bathroom, they climaxed, David squirting all over himself, while Owen shot his wads up David’s ass, the angle causing it to dribble right back out again as he did, and as Owen finished, he shifted forward, intending to kiss David and when he did, they went sliding again, and ended up in a tangle of oil and soapsuds and jism and lying side by side and David finally got his kiss. He enjoyed it about as much as the sex, because it was rare even in a relationship, this time of complete relaxation and joy.

“You were great....” he started, and Owen interrupted him at that point with a shout!

“I got it, I got it!” he said, and clambered out of the tub. He stepped on David’s stomach in getting out of the tub, and never even noticed!

Dashed into the main room and over to their bags. David got out of the tub and slipped on the tiles, found his footing on the carpet, looked at Owen to see....

“Oh, no!”

“This is good, this is really good!” Owen was muttering. “Get it down, get it all down.”

“You didn’t bring your laptop along!” David groaned. Of course he had, Owen never went anywhere without it.

David got cleaned up, using the thankfully separate shower stall, and went out wearing a towel. He didn’t say a word, he knew better.

Owen was deep in his writing. He’d be there for a minute, or an hour, or two hours, or all day, or all weekend. Until then, David could just as easily be on Pluto.

Oh, well, every relationship has its down sides. And this one had its bubble baths to make up for it.