"I cannot believe that he trusts him more than me!" Santiago DiCarno was a dark demonic figure to my gold angelic one. His skin was the color of well-weathered leather, his hair was black as midnight, his eyes flashing like black diamonds above a cultured nose and teeth that were alabaster-white but covered by lips that twisted into a snarl. "I should have been the one to move the shipments, not Louis! Me!" He yanked off his jacket and tossed it aside, his tie was next, jerked from a neat thing at his throat to a wrinkled ribbon around his neck. "Get up and help me get this stupid monkey-suit off of me!"

"At once, Master." I said and rose from my kneeling position with the grace of a ballet dancer, something I had studied for three years in fact. I carefully moved in a way to enhance my body's beauty as I walked to Santiago, and my nimble fingers quickly undid the shirt front. He let me undress him where he was, right inside the front door of this mansion, and that was fine because we were the only ones about. Servants knew not to come upstairs when Santiago was home unless he called for them, they did their work before he returned each day, they served his meals in the dining room, drew his bath before he entered the bathroom, and otherwise slipped away quietly if they valued their jobs and/or their lives. I was only here with him because he required my personal services, come to that.

He let me remove his shoes, socks, unfastened and pull down his pants, remove the shirt underneath the tuxedo shirt-front, and that left him in only a pair of briefs and a t-shirt. I stepped in front of him in order to pull the t-shirt over his head.

And that was when he punched me in the stomach. Hard, it hurt like hell, and I gave out a soft "oof!" sound and buckled, his hard hands grabbed my shoulder and spun me around and I went to my hands and knees on the plush carpet.

He was immediately behind me and he pushed my head down as well, hard, grinding my face into the carpet. The next thing I felt was his cock, hard and angry, touching my anus and the next second, he drove it into me!

"Ah-hah-ah-hah-ah!" I gasped as he rammed it to the base. "Hoooohhh!" my breath rushed out as I released it.

He didn't pause even as his pubic hairs crushed against my buttocks, his hands gripped my hips on either side and he began to rough-fuck me. I let out small cries of pain, for Santiago wanted those cries, loved the feel of my body as I writhed in agony under him as he plunge-dicked me, making small growls as if he were a feral animal and I was his prey, helpless under him, his to do with as he wanted.

To prove it, he let go of my hips and kept up his motions while one hand slapped my buttocks over and over, forehand and backhand, the blows stung my ass until I knew that my buttocks glowed a bright, bright red. I knew that, too, because he stopped to admire his work, and then his hands caught my hips again and he fucked me harder than ever.

My pleasure was unimportant to him but his own was paramount, he pounded me until his climax began to take him over and then he slammed his entire body down onto mine and flattened me under him and now he could hammer-slap his dong into my ass, and with that and with his own groans increasing in tension and I knew those sounds, let my own passion increase within me, and when he threw back his head, with his teeth clenched (I didn't see it, but I knew him very well, he always did) and with a single, long, low moan, he ejaculated his load into me and as he did, I released my own passion and my climax added to his, my ass clenching in ecstasy as I squirted my wad into the small frilly apron that still covered my genitals.

Santiago's arm came around under my neck and he clenched me in a choke hold, and cut off my air supply, me in mid-orgasm, and I finished with oxygen rapidly being depleted, unable to inhale or exhale, and the only thing that save me was that Santiago's own ecstasy was over and he released me as he relaxed his entire body and lay atop me, panting heavily and I gasped as best I could with his weight pressing against my lungs from the back.

"Damned good!" He grunted as he got up, the only praise I'd ever get from him was like that, small words to himself and I was lucky enough to be close enough to hear him. Then louder, so I was supposed to hear, "Get up and clean yourself up, we're having company in a little while." He gave me a mean grin. "And you'll be the entertainment."

I turned and sat up, gave a small smile and a nod, I was not allowed to speak still. Santiago walked away and left me alone in the huge, graciously appointed living room. I got to my feet and padded back to my own room, I had to cleanse and prepare myself for the night.

A shower and anal douche to wash my body, I was fortunately used to Santiago's depradations upon me by now, a fresh layer of oil to bring my body back to its shining beauty, and a fresh wrapcloth, this one fastened around my waist but was otherwise unattached to my body, the ancient Egyptians would have worn something much like it, only much longer than this one, which came down only to my mid-thigh and thus was barely decent. Considered and reached to press a concealed button. A soft "dong" sound was all that the button produced, but it was enough.

I said a single sentence and pressed the button again, this time, only a soft "click" but it was enough, again.

I went out and this time I went to a small room off a side room, the room in which Santiago and his men would be holding their meeting. I would sit here until I was called in.

Two hours passed, and then the call came, a soft bell ringing, it meant Santiago wanted me. I rose and moved, again using the ballet training I'd received to make my movements as lithe and graceful as if I were not-quite-dancing.

I could have saved my efforts, though, because Santiago's "company" turned out to be two rather common-grade, rough-looking thugs. I recognized the type, they were muscle, chosen not for brains but for loyalty and sadism in equal parts, who could waste someone efficiently and smile while they did it and after.

"Here he is, boys, my own private fuck-toy. Isn't he the prettiest thing you've ever seen?"

"A real pretty boy, all right, Boss." This was the first thug, he was brawny more than six feet tall (my own height), but in the massive way rather than sculptured muscle, he had a mean grin that told me he enjoyed torturing kittens and houseflies, whichever was easily available.

"Shiny, too." this man was the opposite of the first, he was small, short, about five feet tall and thinly built, but he had a large knife in his hand and he toyed with it like it was his favorite way to deal with anyone he was supposed to kill. Like he was now thinking that knife would look really nice sticking out of my throat! A pinched face with his nose large and sharp-tipped, it looked like an axe-head ready to strike. How the smile folded itself around the edge of that blade of a face would have made a fascinating study for someone safely behind bulletproof glass. Make that bulletproof one-way glass.

"Have you ever fucked a pretty boy like this one before?" Santiago asked.

"Not one this pretty." the first thug replied.

"I fuck girls, mostly." the second supplied. "Guys, I just slice them."

"This one's too pretty to slice up." the first argued.

"Not at first, anyway." the second agreed.

"This one is my private toy, I said." Santiago cut off the second's obscene fantasy.

"Can I play with your toy?" the first thug asked.

"Of course you can, Max. My toy likes it rough." Santiago agreed. "If you boys are going to work for me, you ought to have a taste of this cute ass now and then."

"I want his mouth." the first thug declared. "I want to watch that pretty face moving up and down on my pud, then cream all over it."

"Why not?" Santiago motioned me over. I walked to the big man (Max?), who was fumbling eagerly at his fly. This was going to be down, quick and dirty, I knew, and kept a carefully pleasant look on my face as I knelt down before him.

The prick he pulled out hadn't been washed in a couple of days. I caught the whiff of male raunch like a hot wind in my face. I opened my mouth and Max happily crammed the filthy dong in, and I closed on it and tasted the combination of heavy musk and body bacteria poop that had built up inside the conflagration of his crotch. The taste was bitter and clung to my tongue as I used it to grease up his shaft. Max was letting me do all the work, he was busily staring down, enjoying the sight of a beautiful man with that skanky cock in his mouth.

I got it slicked up and closed my lips, began to move on it and then Max reacted, he grabbed my head and began to thrust at me, slamming his dong down my throat with a force that rubbed my throat raw in no time.

I saw from the corner of my eye that Santiago was relishing the show, my humiliation at servicing his muscle-thug, he had his cock out and was pumping it as he watched my ravishment.