Chick Flick

“Okay, which movie do we see tonight?” Jeff asked them. The four of them were at the mall having dinner, and the obvious choice of movies to be had were at the Cineplex Theatre attached to the mall. That narrowed down the available choices to twelve. Four when you weeded the children’s shows and the really bad movies out of the mixture.

Cheryl looked at Stacey and Ted could almost sense the unspoken communication going on between the two women. “Well, there’s always ‘Bitter Vengeance’ playing.” Stacey teased.

“Nothing like a movie filled with guns and mass murders when you’re out on a double-date.” Cheryl agreed.

Ted groaned. The two girls had obviously planned it all out, and the answer to that question was playing in Theatre 8. “We’re not going to go see ‘A Time of Roses.’” he said flatly.

“Why not?” Jeff said with a wicked grin, the lights gleaming off his dark brown hair. “I could stand to have a good cry, couldn’t you, Ted? Maybe get in touch with our feminine side?” He made a feint at Cheryl’s ample breast, but she fended him off with a well-placed arm-block and a squeal.

“No.” Ted said. “What’s wrong with ‘The Forest King?’”

“Aw, we’ve already seen that!” Cheryl said with a toss of her too-blond hair.

“Last week, with Gordon and Frank.” Stacey agreed.

“And you don’t really expect us to sit through ‘Bitter Vengeance,’ do you? A story about a serial bomber of grade schools, yuck!” Cheryl insisted.

“Wise up, Ted.” Jeff said. “You and I have been had.” That grin of his, so damned pretty, Ted thought. A shame Stacey didn’t have his grin, but her teeth were rather uneven and crooked, and so she rarely smiled. But Jeff’s grin was smooth, white and even twinkled in the right light and his face was model-handsome, the kind you’d like to see telling you which after-shave to splash on with those perfect cheeks and light, dazzling eyes. He could see Jeff before the sink, lather on his face, his ample chest bare with a light dusting of hair on those perfect muscles, not too big, not too small, just enough to show off and define the word “male.”

“Why have we been had?” Ted wanted to know.

“When has a girl out on a serious date ever agreed to have dinner at the mall?” Jeff said, pointing to their seats in the food court. “You and me were just rides to see the current chick flick. I realized that when we got here and I saw the movie marquee.”

“Really?” Ted looked at Stacey.

She grinned wryly (more of a closed-mouth, toothless smirk). “I guess we’re busted.” she said. “But Ted.” and she laid her hand on his arm. “I really want to see the movie. So how about you being a good sport, huh?” She looked up at him. “I could be very grateful afterwards.” she said tantalizingly.

“And the fish is hooked!” Jeff whooped. “Come on, Stacey, let’s see you reel him in and land him!”

“Aw...geez!” Ted said, looking down at his plate. Hell, he WAS hooked; how do you turn down a girl who says that without sounding like a self-centered jerk!

Jeff laughed, loudly, openly, not caring who heard. Ted had to admire that and chuckled himself. Yes, he’d been had. Nearly forty bucks down the drain so a girl he barely knew could see the movie she wanted to see. And he might get a peck on his cheek at the end of it...if he was lucky. It was hell, dating again after a breakup. He wondered where Regina was right now.

“Hang in there, stud.” Jeff said. “A man has to learn when to pick his fights. And we’ve been outmaneuvered from the get-go. Tell you what. Let’s sit together and if we get too bored, we’ll spend the time telling each other dirty jokes, okay?”

And Jeff’s hand landed on Ted’s arm. It was a warm feeling, really warm and Ted looked into Jeff’s eyes, so sparkling, heart-breakingly blue, and he smiled. “Well...okay.”

“Men!” was Cheryl’s only comment on that plan. “Try not to laugh during the love scenes, all right?”

“That shoots down over half the movie right there.” Jeff said.

“Maybe three-quarters.” Ted said. Jeff looked at him, dumbfounded--the shy guy had actually made a funny?--and then he burst out laughing. A great sound.

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a sucky date after all.

As they bought the tickets, Jeff asked Cheryl, “So, tell me one thing, honey.”


“Since Ted and I are being such a swell date, does that mean we’re going to get any tonight?”

Cheryl smiled a little too sweetly as she took his hand in both of hers. “Sweetheart, the only action you’ll see tonight is with this.” And she curled Jeff’s hand into a fist and pumped it back and forth a couple of times in mid-air, imitating a jerk-off.

Ted laughed. “Hey, it’s what I do whenever I get bored. I’ve even been thinking of doing it during Professor Johnson’s physics class!”

But nobody laughed at that joke. Oh, well, can’t win them all.

The movie was just as grotty as he’d figured it would be. This movie didn’t even pretend to try to appeal to men, the entire plot was discussions of feelings, soft-core lovemaking and outrageous displays of anger and betrayal followed by even more discussions of feelings.

Nothing in it to appeal to a guy at all! Fifteen minutes into the movie, he leaned over and whispered to Jeff (who seemed to have Cheryl trying to wrap herself around his other arm). “How about one of those jokes now?”

“‘Samatter, Ted, bored already?” Jeff snickered moistly in his ear. “Better take it out and start beating it.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Ted said. “God, first dates are the shit! All the time and money and you don’t get a damned thing out of it. How long you and Cheryl been dating?”

“Third date.” Jeff said. “In three months. So I’m not scoring tonight either.”

“Damn.” Ted said. “And I’d planned to jerk off while thinking about you and her making it, too. You’ve ruined my whack-off fantasy for the night!”

Jeff’s hand landed on his knee and patted it. “Hang in there, stud. Stacey will put out. Maybe fourth, fifth date, but she’s a sure-fire score. Two or three guys are balling her right now.”

“How many are balling Cheryl?” Ted asked. That hand hadn’t left his knee, in fact it was now sliding over and onto his inner thigh. Still very low down the leg, it wasn’t really trespassing...yet.

“Least that many, probably more.” Jeff said.

“Mmm!” Stacey said and Ted felt his other arm snatched by Stacey and she cuddled up against it. He looked up at the screen. Two of the characters were kissing and their hands moving slowly in golden tones. About to make love.

He watched this hopefully but the montage of scenes were just so damned vague. The hero and heroine could have been discussing comparative anatomy for all that he could see. They didn’t even do a full-body shot, just the heads and shoulders. And they were kissing, kissing, kiss, kiss, kiss. Hell, do something else. Hunch at her a little. At least LOOK like you’re screwing her instead of just laying there!

Stacey was drinking it all up avidly, watching it like it was just what every girl thought sex should be like. Her hands were running up and down Ted’s arm, but when he tried to move it, pull it out to slip it around her, she locked on tight and gave a small negative, and he desisted. He tried to drop it into her lap and she reached and pulled it back onto the armrest.

Damn, he was getting horny! His cock felt so damned alive, it was like...hell it was! Someone was rubbing his crotch!

He looked down and saw the hand coming in from his left. But over there was only....

He looked over and Jeff was looking at him. Cocked an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything else. His hand came up to Ted’s fly and fumbled at the zipper.

He looked back at Stacey, she was alternately watching the screen and with her eyes closed, nuzzling against his shoulder and arm. He looked over at Cheryl, she was doing the same. He looked around, there was nobody near them at all, the nearest couple was three rows down and nobody was on the same row as them.

He looked back at the hand at his crotch, watched it pull ineffectually at his zipper. Back at Jeff, who was watching him carefully.

And he scooted down in his seat and his own hand reached over Jeff’s arm to find and stroke Jeff’s groin, feeling the tight material...tight because it was full of firm but softly giving manflesh beneath!

Jeff sighed and Cheryl stirred, Jeff looked at her and the two kissed while Ted groped Jeff’s basket. Nice full basket, too. And Jeff’s hand had a hold of Ted’s zipper and was tugging it down.

Ted hissed when the hand reached in and touched in. So warm, so damned warm! Shit, it had been too long. Over a year since Regina and he had touched and then nothing had ever worked out. He’d even thought about finding a hooker. His cock, so long denied and ignored, it was screaming in joy at the touch of Jeff’s hand!

“Ted?” Stacey said to him and he was startled, looked over. But her eyes were closed.

“What is it?” He said. Jeff’s zipper was between his fingers and he stopped like that, afraid to move.

“You’re not mad at me for coming here, are you?” she cooed.

“No, I’m not mad.” Except maybe going mad from the feel of Jeff’s hand! God, it was so good. He began to work Jeff’s zipper down, damn it, he had to get a feel of that dick in there, it was so warm and full and bulging out the zipper; it must be right below it, pulsing there....

“I mean, I just love movies like this.” she said. “They make me feel so warm and tingly inside.”

Ted’s hand was worming its way into Jeff’s fly now. He got three fingers into there, felt how there was no briefs beneath that, he could feel it now, feel the hard shaft of Jeff’s dong. His fingers crammed inside and he managed to wrap them around that warmth, around that power.

“Ooh!” Jeff said as Ted’s hand got a good hold of him. The cockhead caught and had to be pulled out by the long, bending shaft, but it flopped out and Ted felt a hot steamy splash of pre-come hit the top of his hand when he did so.

“Are you enjoying this?” Stacey asked him.

“Yeah.” Ted said. God, Jeff’s hand was so fucking warm, it held on so tight and it knew him, it fucking knew him, it had melded to his foreskin and was wielding it like a velvet cloth wrapped around those loving fingers, loving his cock, loving it, wringing the pleasure upwards and awakening more when it pushed back down, his cockhead was filled with joy, filled to bursting!

“Uh, God, yeah!” Ted moaned and Stacey clutched him tighter and he leaned into her embrace.

“Oh, Ted.” she breathed at him. “I’m so glad you like this movie. It’s so nice I found a man who likes what I like.”

“Oh, I like it, yeah.” Ted sighed. But he wasn’t talking to her.

Cheryl, meanwhile, had some vague idea of things going on without her. “Jeff, honey?”

“Yeah, baby?” Jeff panted. Ted had his prick firmly in hand and was wringing it. He didn’t care now if the girls caught them, them and their dumb chick flick, he could blow off Stacey after only a first date, hell!

“Do you love me?”

“Of course I love you, honey.” Jeff said and leaned over and kissed her, all the while still pumping away at Ted’s cock.

Illustration of Chick Flick

“I love you too.” Cheryl said, a bit too loud and people (of the female variety) went “shhh!” On the screen, there was another tender moment going on.

“Ooh!” Cheryl said as she saw that and turned her attention back to the screen. Stacey did as well, leaning forward as if that would let her see better. Only her arm stayed inside Ted’s, as she gazed raptly at the screen and the man and woman there talking and making vague stroking motions.

Nothing vague about Jeff’s stroking. Ted looked over at Jeff who was looking at him (their girls were engaged with the movie right now, they could look ) and he smiled at Jeff who smiled back.

Ted leaned over to say, “This is the only way to watch a chick flick.”

“You’re telling me.” Jeff said. “I should double-date more often.”

“Deal!” Ted panted.

On the screen, the man and woman were making love and this time the camera was more generous. Bare bodies were pressed against each other, and they were moving. The girl was moaning, even, as the handsome guy (supposedly) thrust into her again and again.

God, that was all Ted needed! “I’m gonna come, man!” he panted.

“Like the movie, huh?” Jeff chuckled, but his voice carried a tenseness.

“Best chance we’ll have. Better go when they do.”

“You got it.” And Jeff’s hand became a fury on his prong. On the screen, the woman was moaning again, louder, building up, up and up. Now the man’s voice was added, low and less intrusive.

“I think they’re going to shoot!” Jeff said, gasping.

“I know I am.”

“Cream on yourself, man.” Jeff urged him. “Right onto yourself.”

“You, too!” Ted said.

“I’ll come when you do.” Jeff gasped. “I’m right on the fucking edge!”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!” went the movie.

“Uh, uh, uh!” whispered Ted.

“Ah, ah, ah.” hissed Jeff.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

“Uh, uh, uh!”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

“Ooh, ah-huh, ah, ah ah!”

“Ah, ah ah!” Ted chimed in.

“Ah, anh, ah-gah!” Jeff agreed.

“Ooh, ah, ah, gahhhhh!” the woman sighed out.

That did it! As the woman’s face crinkled up in mock ecstasy, Ted’s cock unleashed itself after its long abstinence by spraying Ted profusely. It got on his face, on his fucking face! Heavy, discrete clumps splashed his neck and chest.

Jeff was watching this and he grunted and gave almost an “oof!” and then his cock was shooting, only a small jet which mostly got all over Ted’s hand, a thick gooey lava of jizz that soaked Ted’s hand utterly, while he messed up his shirt and jeans with his own wads.

Done, Ted panted, feeling Jeff’s spent cock as a soggy lump squishing inside the pool of cream that was all over his hand now.

Ted looked over, his eyes still not focusing properly, and he looked at Jeff, who was giving him a big grin. Ted grinned back and lifted his come-soaked hand up and wiped it along Jeff’s perfect line of cheek. He expected Jeff to be grossed out, but Jeff just grinner the wider.

Ted grinned back, and when Jeff’s hand came up to repay the face-wipe with one of its own, he caught the hand and kissed it, sucked it clean of his come and tasted it, all the salt, and more, that more was Jeff.

On the screen, the hero and heroine (if that was who they were) were talking on and on, and Stacey and Cheryl were following it ardently. Some sort of earth-shaking confidence must have happened, because Cheryl and Stacey both sighed heavily and Ted found his hand and arm again acquired by Stacey to hold and cuddle against. Feebly, he let her do it, wondering how he’d ever get out of this mess (literally a mess!) without making an utter fool of himself.

But the movie had over an hour to go, it gave him ample time to fish out his handkerchief and wipe surreptitiously at the stains on his face and neck and hand, and then on his clothes. There was a strong smell of jism in the air, but it wasn’t all that different from popcorn, which was abundant as the other men took out their rage at being dragged here by chomping down on the buttery stuff.

Yes, he and Jeff got away with it entirely. Even Stacey and Cheryl, right with them all along, never spotted it.

After the movie, Ted almost forgot to zip himself up. He did so just before they left the darkness of the theater, and when outside in the lights, looked at himself. Little or no sign of his come-load was visible.

“Well, that was an experience.” Jeff said.

“I’ll say.” Ted said.

“I knew you boys would like the movie when you got in and saw it.” Stacey said triumphantly.

“You could have fooled me.” Cheryl said. “I figured you two would snicker and carry on the entire time, but you were both proper gentlemen. Didn’t even grope me half as much as I expected you to.”

“Is that a compliment or a complaint?” Jeff asked her, and she smiled, slapped at him.

“What did you think of the movie?” Stacey asked.

“Gripping.” Jeff said. “It had a real hold on me there in the middle.”

“I really got into that lovemaking scene.” Ted chipped in. “I wasn’t expecting that, and it really got to me.”

“Me, too.” Stacey said. “If more men were like that, I would have been married and settled down long ago.”

“Are you saying we aren’t like that guy?”

“Not a bit like him.” Cheryl said. “He’s sensitive, kind and caring. You two just want to know what it takes to get us into bed.”

“Well, I’m not going to stand here and be insulted like this.” Jeff said in mock anger, his grin telling them all he wasn’t really mad. “Ted, what say you and me catch the last showing of ‘Bitter Vengeance?’”

“Well....” Ted looked at Stacey.

“Go ahead.” Stacey said. “Cheryl and I can spend the time in Nordstrom’s, they stay open late.”

“What do you say?” Jeff asked Ted.

“I could stand to go again.” Ted said.

“Let’s have another one just like the other one.” Jeff said. “You girls go have fun and I’ll give Ted back to you in two hours, only a little the worse for wear.”

“I think you’re going to wear me out before the movie is over.” Ted whispered to Jeff when the girls left.

“Only way to enjoy a movie.” Jeff said. “‘Bitter Vengeance,’ here we come!”

“Really.” Ted affirmed. Then, “And tomorrow night, how about ‘The Forest King?’ I do really want to see that movie.”

“Don’t worry, you will.” Jeff said as they re-entered the theater once more. “I have the situation well in hand.”