The Sperm Wars, Chapter 1

Ivan Paskov woke up the same way he had for the past ten years. His lover, Allanadale "Alabama" Gorman had shoved his cock up Ivan's ass and was beginning to fuck him but good. Ivan lay with his eyes closed, still partly asleep, enjoying the feel of Al's cock as it plunged in and out with a rough, familiar impudence. His own cock was beginning to wake up from the rubbing it was getting from the mattress they shared, first an enjoyable friction, then a tight squeeze between his body and his bedding, then it was at full erection, and too damned flattened.

Ivan lifted his ass and Al shifted until he was kneeling behind Ivan and Ivan lifted his pillow down to buoy up his crotch. His pillow was stiff and smelly from the many times he had done this, shot his wad into his pillow to let it dry there, and he decided to wash it on laundry day.

Laundry day! He had become thoroughly domesticated now, thirty-three years old, married, with three sons. Just about what he had imagined when he was young, and yet so very different. He hadn't married a woman, but a man, an ex-Marine he had first met when the man had shoved his cock up Ivan's ass during an orgy. His three sons were in fact clones, and one of those was Al's. Ivan had himself climbed twice to the Temple of Children and lay down in the pods of the strange tree, had let it work its magic on him and from his navel had grown out a fully developed child in a matter of days. Exactly like him, but a child. And instead of a small house with just his own family, he shared a house with another family, David Martin and Lukas Orowsky, and their four boys (two each). His days were filled with the care of a farm that had to supply most of their needs, and the needs of his own body on a planet where the sex drive was multiplied fifty-fold. It was sex in the bedroom, sex in the kitchen, sex in the barn, sex in the fields, sex at the well, sex with his husband, sex with his housemates, sex with whoever happened to be handy when the urge struck (fidelity was simply not possible; you married for love, but sex was on an as-needed basis).

Modesty had gone out the window long, long before, and he had been fucked in public so much that the thought of it no longer even bothered him. Even sex in front of his children (who were spared the effects of the mist, lucky creatures, until they hit puberty), who asked the most embarrassing questions before, during and afterwards. His sons played around with each other, in some ways the usual sexual exploration, and yet, given their background, often much more than that.

Ivan thought of the time he had walked in to find his son Mikhail attempting to give a blow-job to his older boy Pavel. They had been six and four at the time, and even after a long, gentle conversation, he didn't doubt but the sexual exploration went on in his children's bedrooms, with each other and with friends who were constantly spending the night.

Yes, it was good that the Temple, before they would permit you to enter their domain and have a child cloned from your body, you had to have both a steady lover and at least one other pair of men living with you. Otherwise, the mist would drive you to commit acts on your own child. Even after the many years of exposure, it still controlled his sex drive, and would until the very day of his death.

Al reached around to grab Ivan's cock and flog it, and Ivan's train of thought was guillotined with the sudden pleasure. He raised up to his knees and began to bounce back against Al's vigorous fucking, his orgasm beginning to build in the back of his mind like a warmth entering his body.

"P-pa?" came Mikhail's voice.

Ivan looked around and saw his son standing at the edge of the mattress. "P-pa's being fucked right now, Mikhy." he said gently. "Can't it wait a minute?"

Illustration of Sperm Wars #1 "Pav's sick." Mikhy said.

There was no question of stopping the sex. On Desire, sex always got top priority. "I'll be in to see him just as quick as I can. Come on, Al, fuck me hard and fast! Shove that thick meat of yours all the way in!"

"Oh, Yay-is! Gonna' fuck yore ayiss raht hahd." Al's Southern accent, nearly gone, returned when he was excited and talking dirty to him always did the trick. Al reciprocated by doing what Ivan loved best, fucking him hard and fast while his hand on Ivan's cock turned into a blur. "Shoot that come, babuh, shoot it for yore Daddy! Shoot that load, babuh! Uh, uh, oh, YAY-IS!" and Al's thick come filled Ivan's ass yet again. Ivan's own orgasm had struck, his ass clamped hard onto Al's cock in mid-jism, hard enough to cut off the flow briefly, and Al howled with the bizarre feel of his come backing up in his cock-shaft, the way the cock almost gurgles in a combination of pleasure and congestion, and then Ivan's cock released him and Al let fly one tremendous squirt that was combined with the two shots blocked before, a triple-sized wad that poured out of Ivan's ass and onto his balls. Ivan felt coated with Al's come, it was in him and on him and more was pouring from Al's cock over him, while his own ejaculation soaked his pillow copiously.

Mikhy watched it with a combination of wide-eyed fascination and near-boredom, much more interested in his brother's illness than the sight of his father and "co-father" fucking, a sight he had seen many times before in several positions and places. When Ivan collapsed with Al atop him, Mikhy said, "You better come see Pav now, P-pa. He's got a fever of some kind and he's twitching."

"Twitching?" Ivan said. He got up and, Al's come dribbling out of his ass with every step, he ran behind Mikhy to the room he shared with Pavel.

Pavel was on the bed, still asleep, but trembling all over. A thick sheet of sweat covered his body and (Ivan had known and dreaded this day, the symptoms reciting themselves like a litany in his head), Pavel's cock, significantly larger than it had been the last time Ivan had seen it, mere days ago, was jerking, rigid despite the obvious signs of nocturnal emissions. Clear liquid gushed from his young cock, and the diagnosis was clear.

"Pav? Pav?" he called gently.

Pavel woke up and said, "P-pa?"

"How do you feel?" Ivan asked.

This was the planet called Desire, Pavel answered honestly without embarrassment. "Horny. Real, real horny, not just regular horny." And Pav reached out and began to flog his cock hard.

Al put his hand briefly on Ivan's shoulders. "I'll go get the grunkel." he said.

Ivan forced a smile. "It is time, my son, for you to become a man. You and I have talked of this day. Have you chosen?"

"Not really." Pavel was hesitant.

"No friend who has already become a man you would trust?" Ivan pressed.


"Some friend of the family, then?"


"But you know who you would like for your first sex as a man, don't you?"

"Yes, P-pa."

"You can be honest." Ivan said. "Your need is very great. Whoever it is, let me get him for you. Who do you trust to be your first lover?"

Pav made a face Ivan knew well. He didn't want to talk. "Mikhy, go wake up David and Lukas. Pav and I have to talk."

Mikhail left and Ivan said, "We are alone, now, my son. Tell me the name of the man you want." It was strictly Pavel's choice by common law. For a first sexual experience, any youth could choose whomever he wanted. Even pudgy, acne-scarred Fortin, Lukas' oldest son, who had been through this same experience a few months earlier, had been able to choose a handsome athlete he knew from school and the young man had come right away, grumbling, but doing his duty, popping Fortin's young ass-cherry.

"P-pa, I'm scared." Pav said. "I haven't played much with anyone other than Mikhy, Jim, Fortin and Osgood. And they're all still children. I don't know anyone I want to fuck my ass. P-pa, would YOU please be my first?"

Ivan swallowed. This son was his clone, and his body mirrored Ivan's own in a very literal fashion. Incest on Desire was actually more of an odd masturbation. He knew that when he chose to have sons that the facts of life and inevitable chance would make them lovers one day. But he hadn't expected this at all.

Still, the law was clear. "Of course, my son."

Al was back with the grunkel. A comical creature with a trumpet shaped snout, green with orange spots and covered with a light fuzz of fur. When Ivan had first encountered these creatures shortly after crashing on Desire, he had thought for quite some time that they had confused his cock with the fruits they ate, because the first grunkel he had seen had promptly slurped down his cock and brought him to a fantastic orgasm. But, as he had found out the next time he had seen one (alone and very horny), it had sniffed him and walked away, and so had every other grunkel since then.

It wasn't until after he had joined with Al that he found out the very necessary purpose of grunkels in this jungle. Without their able assistance, no clone child survived the rather abrupt passage into puberty.

Clone-children themselves grew very rapidly. To look at Ivan's sons, you would have guessed them at twice their actual age. Pavel was almost nine, with the body of a young teenage boy of eighteen or so, Mikhail was seven but appeared fourteen. Their cocks remained little boy cocks until the onset of puberty, when the body takes on another rapid growth spurt. Only the assistance of a grunkel, with its lithe, talented snout and tongue, could siphon off the massive quantities of jism Pavel's body would produce over the next eight to ten hours. When it was done, Pavel would be, both physically and in the eyes of his culture, adult.

There was more, Ivan knew. No clone-child survived the change to adulthood without the aid of a grunkel. So he had kept this one caged and well-cared-for for the last several months, preserving it against the day of his son's need.

Ivan guided the grunkel, which was snuffling with eagerness, over to his son's prostrate body. "Stop masturbating, Pavel, child." Ivan said. "Let the grunkel do his work."

Pavel let go, shivering. "Hurry, P-pa." he said. "Hurry!"

Ivan shoved the grunkel's head at his son's cock and the grunkel needed no more urging, but slurped down the adolescent shaft and slurped eagerly.

Pavel jerked, immediately orgasmed, and the grunkel drank deeply, eagerly. Ivan watched, worried. When the grunkel had sucked him off that one time, it had been satisfied with a single come-load. One time would not save his son. But the grunkel persisted, and Pavel groaned, squirming, and in a matter of moments, Pavel shot his load again. Ivan said, "Mikhy, get me some water and clean cloths. Al, my son and I will need our meals today brought in here."

Ivan stayed by his son all day long, washing his body gently, feeding him and giving him water. Time and again, he held his son while his son's body was wracked by yet another orgasm. Pavel would always try to kiss his father at such a moment, and Ivan let him, giving him in return the kiss of a lover rather than a father. Ivan tried to keep count, out of curiosity, but lost all track. His son had at least fifty orgasms before mid-afternoon. Then the time between orgasms were wider, and finally the grunkel snorted, let go, and Pavel's cock fell down, soaking wet, stinking obscenely, but flaccid and quiescent.

The grunkel turned and headed for the open-air window of his sons' bedroom and Ivan let it go. A grunkel would itself die if kept caged after performing this duty. Ivan watched it clamber awkwardly to its freedom, not preventing it. "Thank you, little creature, for saving my child." he said quietly. Pavel was asleep.

Ivan got to his feet and groaned. Every joint in his body ached, and his cock throbbed, tumescent and angry at being forgotten all day. Ivan covered his son's body and headed for the living room, his own urgent need beginning to drive his body.

David was sitting in the living area, and at a single look at Ivan, got out of the chair. "On the rug." he said.

Ivan lay down and David quickly grabbed Ivan's cock, sucked at him furiously. Ivan's cock gurgled with the need, and only a few moments were needed before his climax caught him and, roaring, he shot his wad down David's throat. David had been flogging his own prick and Ivan felt wet splats hit the calf of his leg, and they were done.

David caught his breath and helped Ivan to his feet. "Pavel's all right now?"

"Yes." Ivan said.

"Where's the grunkel?" David asked.

"It climbed out the window."

"Shit!" David said and ran outside. Ivan followed, heedless of his nudity, as he had been the entire day.

It was a typical day in the jungle of Desire. In the field across the way, Al was busily plowing the butt of some passing stranger while Lukas sucked the man's cock. The stranger was a burly man covered with black hair, almost beastlike in his hairiness. Beyond that, a Slan, a huge gorilla-shaped alien, occupied the talents of their next-door neighbors, with his four-part cock giving them ample male-meat to suck on.

David was ignoring the sex going on around. "Did any of you see the grunkel leave here? See where it was going?"

A general denial, insofar as he was answered at all. David turned away in dismay. "My boy James will be the next. I want to follow it when it finishes."

"Why?" Ivan asked.

David turned to look at him. "Have you forgotten what we found in the Cavern of Souls?"

Ivan was puzzled. "No, of course not." His worst nightmare had been waiting there, as well as an alien creature who had been responsible for their crashing on this strange planet.

"Everything here, haven't you noticed?"

Ivan looked around. He had gotten used to the place. The apples shaped like cocks, the squash shaped like cocks, the... "I know this whole planet has sex on the brain."


David was smarter than he was, Ivan reminded himself. "Could you explain it to me? I guess I'm missing the point."

"Everything here was created by that odd alien we met and spoke with. He brought us here as an experiment. So doesn't it follow that the entire planet is designed by him to be part of that experiment?"

"Really?" Ivan said. His mind was whirled. The creatures, the plants, all of them designed to titillate their libido. The odd treestump plant that held him captive, siphoning off his come load after load, nearly killing him in the process.

"Think about how our sons were born. A plant, a single, solitary tree, with one purpose, to make more human males. Our sons are human, I'm sure of that." he hastened to add. Ivan and he had thrashed out that subject before. Their children had proven that time and again that despite growing out of their father's belly instead of a woman's womb, they were human children through and through.

Except they grew at twice the rate of a human child. And when they reached the age of puberty... It took a grunkel. An odd beast that loved to suck a human cock, but only once in a lifetime. Therefore, no grunkel would ever look at that human again.

"I see what you mean." Ivan said. "I guess I just hadn't thought about it."

"I had James just a month after you had Pavel." David said. "We'd better hurry and trap another grunkel. No telling when it'll be my turn to watch my son turn into a man."

And David would be sure to follow this one, Ivan was sure.

There were still secrets on this planet, he realized. For the first time in years, he looked at the planet and felt like he was standing in a crowd of strangers.

"So." David said, apparently dismissing the entire subject. Ivan knew he had merely put it away in its own place in his mind, something to do later. "Tell me Ivan, who did Pavel pick to lose his virginity to?"