The Roustabout Way

"Always figured he'd run away some day and join a circus." Mom groused to me.

"What?" I asked.

She waved the letter. "Your father. He's become a carnival bum."

Mom always called my Dad a bum. Never held a job for more than two months in his entire life, she declaimed. I had to admit that she was right about that; but it wasn't that Dad wasn't a hard worker. He just couldn't stand doing the same thing day after day and had to make a change. Plenty of the people he had worked for in the past would take him on again when he asked them to, as I pointed out often enough. She always remonstrated that he was always late with the child support payments for me.

Well, he was, in that they were supposed to be due on the first of each month. And they usually arrived no earlier than the eighth, almost always by the fifteenth, and never later than, one time, on the twenty-second. But Mom never took that into account; he was "always late."

Still, I was supposed to spend summers with him and she would never let me. But this year, the chance to visit with Dad and be part of a circus was too much and I begged her to let me go. Not a full circus, Mom pointed out quickly, just a back-lot sort of carnival, with a half-dozen rides, some booths, and so on. Still, I was a lot older than I had been before, and had gained some independence of thought despite her sternness, I told her that I was spending the summer with him whether she let me go or not. His carnival was passing through the town nearby right after school let out according to the letter, and I could get there with no problem. So she had to give in under the circumstances.

So I went to visit Dad that summer just as I had planned, and found the carnival with no problem, not yet open and still setting up. Dad had written me the streets where it could be found, so while Dad couldn't arrange to meet me at the station, it was just a matter of taking the bus to the right street. I got there and gave my name to the first man I saw working there, and he waved me on in. "Hi, Devin." he said. "Ralph's been expecting you, made sure we all knew about you. Go on in. He'll probably be in the back now. We're setting up still."

I went and found him at the roller coaster ride setting it up. Not a real roller-coaster, exactly, this ride was about twenty feet wide and about a hundred feet long, you got some bumps and dips and a tug up a high lift once on the circuit, but they would send you around it a dozen times for your ticket. It took a lot of nuts and bolts to fit the big pieces together, and Dad was there wielding a wrench. "Hey, Dad!" I hollered.

"Devin!" he called. It had been nearly seven months since I'd seen him (last Thanksgiving), so I ran up and hugged him and he hugged me back. "I got to get back to work now. My tent is that one over there."

"You live in a tent?" I asked.

"Sure, and so will you while you're with me. It's a warm summer, we'll be fine."

"Sure." I said.

"Hey, Ralph, quit bugging the customers and get back to work." yelled a foreman-type guy.

"It's my son, Devin." Dad hollered back. "And I'm getting back to work now."

"Hey, kid." the man came over. A big, hairy hunk! Thick black hair in a curly disarranged mop on his head, a sleeveless shirt with one corner torn off, showing a rippled set of abs beneath a mass of hairy swoops and swerves, blue jeans that weren't pre-faded shit, they had faded through years of wear and were grimy with oil and dirt and he smelled of honest sweat and labor.

"Nice to meet you, sir." I shook his hand and forgot to let go. Just held it and looked into those blue eyes and he looked at me, sizing me up, and then he grinned.

"They all call me Rutherford. Nice to meet you, too." he said, shaking my hand again and sort of pushing my hand back, making me let go. "You bunk with your old man and me in my tent. We got a sort of closed-off square back there. Go on in and make yourself to home. We'll be done in a moment. I got to find some guys to hold while we finish putting it together."

"I don't mind helping." I said. "Quicker you're done, the quicker Dad and I can visit."

Rutherford looked me over. "Strike me a muscle on that arm of yours." he ordered.

I flexed my bicep and he reached out and checked it just like a man buying a horse checks its teeth. I had a little muscle there, enough to show when I flexed. He shrugged and nodded.

"Okay, Devin, you got a deal." Rutherford said. "Grab that end over there and haul on it. When we get it in position, you're going to be holding it in place and I mean holding it until we get a dozen or more bolts in place. So I hope you're not bluffing me with that muscle of yours."

It was hard work. It wasn't hard to get the thing into place with Rutherford's help, but then I walked my hands over to the middle of the frame and he let go, leaving me holding about 150 pounds of dead metal all by myself. I got some help by bracing against the framework at one end, but that was it. I held it while he inserted bolts and tightened nuts on them, and then went to another and tightened it, and another, and another. I was sweating by the end of the very first one when he said, "Okay, you can let go and take a breather."

I did and Rutherford grinned as he looked up at me. "Another fourteen of those to go and you and your Dad can kick back and relax the rest of the evening. Okay?"

"Okay." I said. Ye gods, fourteen more!

I didn't do anything else, but that was plenty and more than plenty! Two thirds of that afternoon I was doing nothing, but the other third I held up 150 pounds of metal while Rutherford inserted bolts. My arms ached, then my back began to ache until it hurt worse than my arms.

"Last one, Devin." Rutherford said. "Get ready to haul."

I did and my back spasmed as I lifted it into place. "Ouch! Ow!" I moaned and darned near dropped my end.

Rutherford moved fast and kept it from landing on a guy at the other end who was working with my Dad. "I was afraid it was too much for you." he said sympathetically. "Go on to the tents. I'll be in and put something on your back a little later, okay?"

"Okay." I said and took off to the tents. Dad had pointed to a particular tent and it wasn't hard to find it, especially when I saw a photo of me lying on a small table inside. I saw three beds inside, one a fair-sized mattress on a frame, the other two cots, one used and mussed and one clean and bare. It wasn't hard to figure that the new cot was mine. I stretched out on it and lay there, looking at the central area and just enjoyed not having my back do anything but be still.

There were four such tents, and they were hooked at one corner so that you had a sort of courtyard in the middle with the four tents making the corners and a space between in the shape and about the proportions of the Red Cross. In that central area was a cooking fire with a small fire burning under a pot of some meat-smelling stuff, and one "arm" had a sheet up and a tub of water; bathing facilities no doubt. Another "arm" had a Port-O-Let, which explained that. The third was a sort of dump-this-stuff-somewhere place and the fourth was the entrance. The two inner sides of all four tents were rolled up to let the air in. Rugged living. Probably fit Dad just fine, after years with my Mom of "take off your shoes before you scuff my floor, I just waxed it." Nothing to scuff up here!

"Hey, kid." Dad came in. "See you found your bunk."

"Yeah." I said.

"It's Rutherford's tent. He's the boss and part-owner of this carnival. You're lucky he's agreeing to share this with us, or we'd've had to find a motel and I can't afford it. So you be very nice to him."

"No problem." I said. "I like Rutherford. He's nice."

"That's good." Dad said and sat down. "I do want to visit but I am filthy, so I'm going to take a bath while I still can." Dad stood up and began to strip right where he was.

"Are you going to take a bath here?"

"No, but there's no place over there to hang your clothes. Just men in this area, by the way. So don't worry about what you're wearing. It's the roustabout way."

"The roustabout way?" I asked.

"Yep." Dad said. "You take care of each other on the road. You're part of a family. You hear 'hey, Rube!', you go running and help the fellow traveler in trouble and don't ask how or why. I really like this life. Hope to do it for a long time." You have to know Dad as well as I did to know he had finally found his calling and I said as much.

Dad stripped down completely naked and took off.

"Hey, kid, is this yours?" Rutherford asked as he came back. He dropped my duffel bag on Dad's bed. "Found it after you left."

"Yeah, I forgot it, helping you."

"I thought so." Rutherford said, taking off his shirt. I looked on hungrily as he showed me his body, his dark hair on his chest as tousled as that on his head. He had a small growth on his beard, not that he hadn't shaved, but that it was growing back fast on him. It gave him a shadow, I think they call it. His whole body was half sun-browned skin and half jet-black hair and I couldn't get over it. His waist was narrow and taut, his chest was wide and well-muscled, his nipples were big brown ovals nestled in the hair like twin quails on their nest. He wiped his body with the shirt he had just removed, and his muscles rippled back and forth as he did so. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"Like this body, kid?" he asked me.

I looked at him and there was no challenge in his voice or his eyes, just the statement. "Yeah." I said. "Hope mine turns out like yours one day. I'm working out, but it's a lot of hard work and not much improvement."

"How long you been at it?"

"Three months."

"You'll get there. Give it three years." was his comment. "I got barbells I use." Rutherford reached under the bed and pulled them out. "I do reps like this every day." he said and did them while I watched him. "Want to try it?"

"Sure." I said and started to reach and my back, which had been quiet up to then, proclaimed its agony. "Ow!"

"Oh, yeah, your back." Rutherford seemed abashed that he had forgotten it. "I got some liniment in my tucker. You strip off that shirt and roll over and I'll rub it on you."

I tried while he got the liniment, but I was still struggling with my buttons. Every motion I made, my back yelled in pain.

Rutherford saw me wincing and said, "Here, kid, you just hold still." And he stepped over, planning to undo my shirt for me, no doubt.

"Hey, Rutherford." Dad came back, still half-wet and still naked. I sneaked a look at his dong (he had had his back to me the trip out, I had only seen Dad's white buttocks with their deep dimples), and it was a dark banana in his pubic hair. Then Dad sat down, towelling at his hair and said, "What's with Devin?"

"Hurt his back helping us." Rutherford said. "I'm going to rub some liniment on his back."

"I'll do it." Dad said. "Why don't you go take a bath now?"

I was disappointed but managed to hide it. Dad came over and partially blocked my view as Rutherford stripped out of his clothing. Dad unbuttoned my shirt and said, "Now lie down on the cot." I did so and turned my head to keep watching Rutherford. He caught me looking as he finished taking off his boots and he grinned and stood up, facing me as he shucked out of his pants. He was wearing some yellowed briefs beneath, not filthy, just well-worn and nearly worn- out, and just as he shucked out of that, Dad hit my back with the liniment.

"Ooh!" I said as I saw Rutherford's cock, a nice piece of meat. "Ow!" as the liniment hit the small of my back. It burned like crazy! "Ow, that hurts!" I complained.

"Hold still, son." Dad said as he wielded the liniment. "Got to get it in." He worked at my back, sitting straddle of me with his crotch grinding into my buttocks, and only my jeans to prevent it from being bare-skin contact. Rutherford stood there, watching my Dad rub that into my back, and I saw his cock begin to twitch and rise up. The sight of my Dad rubbing my back was turning him on! I guess we did look pretty sexual, me without my shirt and Dad naked on top of me, him moving his whole body as he rubbed the liniment into the small of my back where the pain was. I looked at his meat and I licked my lips, realized what I was doing, looked up at him. He grinned and said, "That's enough rubbing, Ralph. This kid needs a full massage. If you'll go help with dinner, I'll rub your kid's back for you."

"Thanks, Rutherford." Dad got up and pulled on some shorts and a tank-top. He leaned over to whisper to me, "Rutherford gives great back rubs. You'll really enjoy it."

I was sure I would! "I'll bet I will." I said.

"Go on and help with the dinner now." Rutherford said. Dad did and Rutherford pulled a bottle of baby oil or something out of his "tucker". Came over and said, "Might as well give you a proper massage while I'm at it. So you lie still and I'll pull off those clothes for you."

He unlaced my sneakers and got them off and then my socks and then reached under me to unfasten my jeans button. But his hand on the far side from the open-sided tent went in further and Rutherford groped at my hard cock. I looked out at Dad who was watching us, and Dad smiled and waved and I grinned back and Dad went back to building up the fire beneath the pot. Someone else was preparing vegetables at the table and I guessed it meant stew for supper.

Rutherford got my jeans undone and pulled/tugged them off and he leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Feels like you got a nice one in there." he said.

"Thanks." I whispered back.

Rutherford shucked my jeans off and then came back up for my briefs. "And this butt of yours looks really nice." he breathed in my ear. "I'm going to enjoy this as much as you do."

"I hope so." I said.

Rutherford got into position, his crotch against my butt and his cock rested in my asscheeks, this time with no jeans to stop it. He squeezed some oil on his hands and rubbed them together and then onto my back. He rubbed at my shoulders and rubbed hard and as he did, he hunched his cock back and forth between my asscheeks. I felt his cock get hard as a rock in no time.

"You ever done it with a man before?" he whispered to me lowly.

"No, sir." I admitted. Dad looked at us again, Rutherford rubbing my back, and he grinned at me again. I grinned back.

"Want to try it?" he asked. "With me?"

"Yeah." I breathed. "But how? Dad's right over there."

"Far as he knows, I'm rubbing your back." he said. "If you can cooperate and get ready to bite back a yell of pain, we can do it with him watching. What do you think of that?" He hunched and his cock rubbed my asscheeks and the rocking of his body rubbed mine on the cot.

"Okay." I sighed.

Rutherford waited until Dad had his back to us, and then he quickly squirted oil down between my asscheeks and then over his cock. I saw the cook watching us intently, but the cook grinned and shook his head and went back to his cooking. Rutherford carefully reached down with his far hand and rubbed at my ass, pushing the oil into my ass as well as he could. I saw Dad approach the cook, who said something to him. Dad grinned widely and went over to stir the pot.

"Brace yourself." Rutherford said. "This always hurts at first, but I'll be as gentle as I can. Better bite your arm or something."

He pushed the cockhead against my ass and I did what he said, muffled my mouth against my arm. Rutherford then pushed on the small of my back really hard, which seemed to help my pain a lot, and then he shoved it in. Something he had done relaxed my ass muscles for just an instant, and in that instant, he got it inside me!

I couldn't believe how quickly he had done it. I expected him to rip me open a little at a time and instead, I suddenly had his monster cock buried in me to the very base.

"Just let it sit there a moment until your body gets used to it." Rutherford said and he went back to rubbing my back for me.

"Does that feel good, son?" Dad said as he came over.

"Huh?" I asked stupidly.

Illustration of Roustabout Way

"Lloyd says you're getting the good stuff." Dad hooked his finger at the cook, who waved at me.

"Yeah, it feels great." I said. Did Dad know? And approve?

Dad turned and yelled at Lloyd. "He says it feels great!"

"I know he does." Lloyd shouted back. "Now come back and start putting in these vegetables or we'll never eat tonight."

"All right." Dad turned to Rutherford. "Thanks for helping my son out." he said.

"Glad to do it." Rutherford said and gave me a quick hunch and I groaned at the feel of his prong in my butt.

"You can rub my back when you're done."

"I'll be all worn out when I'm done here." Rutherford said and rubbed/hunched me again and I gasped.

"Yeah, my son has a lot there to be worked on." Dad said. "I'm glad you're taking care of him for me."

"The pleasure's all mine." Rutherford assured him.

"Mine, too." I chuckled at the double conversation. Dad always was a bit dense. A good man, you understand, but kind of thick-headed.

Dad took off and Rutherford began to slowly hunch at my butt while he masked it with the rubs on my shoulders. His whole body was moving on top of mine. I couldn't believe how much I loved it, loved the feel of his cock moving in and out of me with every motion. Lloyd was frankly watching us, and I wasn't too surprised when Lloyd came up. "Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

"You got a problem with it, Lloyd?" Rutherford said, moving quicker now that Lloyd's body blocked the view of Dad.

"No, just that I'd like to get some of that if I could."

I looked up at Lloyd. Blond-hair cut short in a flat-top, nicely built body though not up to Rutherford's standards, with nice big biceps on his sleeveless shirt and a basket that was bulging now that I was looking at it.... "I could use more than one back rub, I guess." I said carefully.

"We'll work on it." Rutherford said. "Now turn around and act like I'm giving you orders about tomorrow. Keep an eye on the kid's dad, make sure he doesn't come back, and block his view of me when he looks this way."

"Okay, boss." Lloyd turned around and put his hands in his pockets, making a wide front with his body. Rutherford took the opportunity to fuck me flat-out and I groaned, moaned as he fucked me hard.

"Quiet, kid!" Lloyd hissed. "Your dad can hear you."

I quieted and muffled myself with my arm again.

"Too late, he's coming over."

"How's it going?" Dad stepped up. "Hi, Lloyd."

"Hi." Lloyd said.

"You feeling better now, son?"

"Yeah, a lot." I groaned. Rutherford had returned to his slow thrusts with his hard rubs. "This is really doing it for me."

"I'll bet it is." Dad said. "Rutherford has a real talent in doing that."

"Yeah!" I said feelingly.

"Anything I can do to help?"

"You can go stir the stew." Lloyd said. "It needs tending and I'm done with my part."

"All right." Dad said. He looked at me. "You really look like you're having a good time there."

"Incredible, Dad." I said. "I wish I could get this every day."

"Me, too." Dad said. "Maybe you and I can trade off from now on. You know, at the end of a hard day's work, nothing feels better than a good working over."

"Sure." I gasped out.

"It's a deal, then." Dad said. "I'll go tend the dinner."

"Thought he'd never leave." Rutherford growled. "Lift up the blanket on Ralph's cot, like you're fixing the bed. I got to finish up now or I'm going to bust my nuts."

"Sure, boss." Lloyd went over and picked up the blanket and held it up high. As he did, as we were private at last, Rutherford fucked me hard and I grunted my joy into my arm as he plunge-fucked me, the cot squeaking with the rough thrusts, my body sighing in joy with every movement, and I felt a hot pool build in my balls.

"Oh, I'm going to come." I gasped out.

"Hunh, hunh, hunh!" Rutherford was too busy with his fucking to say anything and so was I by then. Rutherford growled his lust through his clenched teeth while he fucked me and then the growl choked off and burst into bits of sound and I felt his hot jism flood my ass. The heat of that was enough to send me plunging over the same cliff myself and I pumped my wad into my cot, making a huge sticky mess of myself.

Rutherford fell gasping on top of me and Lloyd hissed, "The numb noggin's coming back again."

"Oh, Christ!" Rutherford said. "I'll take care of him for good." he said to me. "Don't you worry about a thing, just play along."

"What are you doing, Lloyd?" Dad stepped up, he wasn't able to see us through the blanket Lloyd wielded like a shield.

Lloyd made a stamp. "You had a black widow spider on your blanket." Lloyd said. "I was holding it up so it would crawl off. It's dead now."

"Hey, thanks." Dad said. "I'll take that now." He took the blanket from Lloyd and put it back on his bed, more or less making his bed if you call drap ing a blanket over the askew pillow and wrinkled sheets making a bed. "That's why I like the carnival life." he said. "We take care of each other." he looked over at Rutherford who had risen up on me, both of us sweaty and flushed still. "Take Rutherford here. He just went all out to take good care of my son who was aching. Really wore himself out there. What other job are you going to find cooperation like that?"

"I need some of that cooperation now." Rutherford said. "I got to send someone to Bristow to check for available lots. The guy canceled on me because he sold the lot. You get your regular pay and motel room and use of the car. Just drive around and find me a good spot to set up for next week. That and put up the flyers around town where you can. After that, you stick around to help us set up like today, then travel on ahead to the next town on the circuit. We can't book these lots too far ahead of time, don't have the money."

"Sure." Dad said. "How about that, son? We won't have to camp out after all."

"Actually, your taking that job leaves me shy one hand on the roustabouts." Rutherford said. "Devin put in a good job of work today, and I'd like to hire him on if he wants the job. Lloyd and I will keep an eye on him, take good care of him."

"That would mean we wouldn't see each other but a day a week." Dad said to me. "Do you want to do it?"

"Sure." I said. "I can't think of a better summertime job to have."

"Me, either." Dad grinned. "We take care of each other. It's the roustabout way."

"I know that now." I sighed, Rutherford limp cock still buried in my butt. "And I'm looking forward to doing my part."