I slept well into the next day, moving at midmorning when Mom and Madeline got up, to go back to sleep in her bed. The day was hot, horribly hot. I gave up about eleven o’clock and got up. Mom carped at me as I made a stand-up breakfast for myself, yapping about anything and everything I did, with Madeline chipping in and reminding her of anything she forgot to mention, and I got fed up and said, “I’m going to go visit Lloyd.” I said.

Mom bitched at me but I left anyway. I was high time she realized that I was legally an adult and if she didn’t give me some respect as such, I’d just leave. I could go live with Lloyd or...or something.

Could I? Become the sexual plaything of two men, being fucked all the time? Would they jump me when I walked in their always-open door?

This thought caused me to turn my footsteps and I went down the drive instead of up.

My neighbor in Trailer “D” was home and I thought about knocking. Instead, I went around to the back and peered in his window. All I intended to do was see if he was asleep, honest! I knew he worked pretty late, I’d heard his car come in well after midnight.

He was in bed, all right, but he was awake. Laying atop his covers, totally nude with an open window. Well, unless someone did like I did, deliberately walk over and look in, he was private. There was a high ridge just behind the trailers on this side, just a few feet high but steeply sloping, you didn’t walk on it by accident. It was what gave me the altitude I needed to see into his window like I did.

Laying atop his covers, totally nude. He was rubbing his chest in a languid motion, the way you do when you just wake up, don’t have to get up right away, and are just enjoying the act of slowly waking your body.

I got a little closer in so I could see all of him. He was lying sideways to me, his face turned slightly away from the window which would have glared the sun into his eyes if he’d looked this way. Only one foot and ankle still lay beneath the covers, and that carelessly. He had both legs angled out, splayed, giving his body room to relax and be comfortable. His cock was lying on his balls, a small dun-colored crescent, flaccid but good-sized. I had wondered about that, bodies as muscled as his sometimes got that way with steroids, which always shrank the dick down. He hadn’t done that. It made me admire his body even more. His chest was huge, massively broad and strong, his stomach a flat concavity below that, his six-pack abs not showing at all in this relaxed position. His nipples were broad brown buttons that he soothed with strokes of his fingertips.

His cock jerked, lengthened with his touching it, rising slowly upwards and I watched as that uncoiling love muscle rose like a serpent to the tune of the charmer’s flute. It ended as a proud tower that did not curve at all, a solid cylindrical pillar of love muscle topped by a pagoda-roof-shaped glans that flared at the base and I could just feel that sharp ridge as it slid past my lips and down my throat. I wanted to suck it so bad, I could imagine myself climbing into that window (the screen would have to be cut for that to happen!) and across that bed to that beckoning rod of male tumescence.

His hand reached down indolently to his cock, and he scratched at the base of it, the broad wand bobbing back and forth as his fingers moved it, and then his hand came around to envelop it lovingly and he gave it a slow skinning upwards to wring the pearls of precome out of that noble head.

Slowly, deliberately, unhurried even by his lust, he stroked that pungent pole of his, and I groaned inwardly and reached down for my own crotch, to caress my groin and feel the rising tide of my desire that became rapidly cramped. I tugged at it to free it from the confines of its curled position in my shorts and then again to let it rise straight up my shorts and tent it out.

“Corey? Hey, Corey!” came a call and for once, it wasn’t my mother. “Where are you?” It was Johnny.

I looked around both sides, but couldn’t see him of course. I adjusted my crotch again and started to clamber down that slope and as I did, I cast what was to be one final glance into the neighbor’s window.

And he was looking out at me. One hand on his cock, holding it firmly, he looked out at me and when our eyes met, he grinned a knowing grin. I gulped hard, flushed and scurried around the side of the trailer, coming out between “D” and “C” From there, I could see Johnny and I waved at him.

“What are you doing over there?” he asked me, waving back.

“Just...exploring.” I said.