Completely Trusted

“Are you waiting on someone?” came the question over Gordon’s back.

He turned around, a friendly expression on his face, borne in part by his drink, which was his fourth. “Nah, I’m off duty for the night. Just in here for a few drinks before I go to bed.”

“Isn’t your master going to miss you?” the young man he was looking at said to him. The young man was wearing the business suit favored by so many of the clientele of this hotel. It was situated near the heart of the Wall Street business district, and so stockbrokers and investors formed the basis of its clientele. He was slender but not too thin, with black hair and a sharp profile of cheekbones, nose, jawline. The crisp, so-clever young professional man who thrives on the cut-throat financial heartbeat of the world which is Wall Street. Like most of the other denizens of this hotel bar.

Gordon definitely didn’t fit the mold. He was still wearing his chauffeur’s uniform, complete with tie and cap, blond hair peering out from under it in a few perfect waves at the front and back. He filled that uniform perfectly, his broad shoulders stretching the jacket out at either side, the muscled arms making the sleeves of that jacket form unwrinkled joints, the slacks were slim and trim and his legs made them elegant in a way that no tailor can ever quite manage and photographers can capture only by wearisome, repetitive posturing of the models. Gordon did everything the photographer could do in brief, still photographs, and he did it with his everyday actions. “He’s up in his room already. I wasn’t feeling tired yet, so I came down here.” If there was a flaw to Gordon, it was in his eyes and his speech, you could see that the magnificent body was powered by a less-than-magnificent mind.

“You don’t feel...out of place here?” the man said, not very kindly. It was more like he was out to get Gordon’s goat and still feeling for his weak points.

But it all went over Gordon’s head. “I never do.”

“Your boss takes you with him everywhere, I suppose?” the man sneered.

Gordon nodded like it was a serious question rather than a jibe. “Oh, sure.”

“You sit in on all his conferences?”

“A lot of them, yeah.” Gordon nodded vigorously.

This took the young man aback, he sat down opposite Gordon at the table. “You’re kidding me, right?”

Gordon’s already massive chest swelled out further. “No way, man! My boss says he can trust me completely and he does! Let’s me sit in on any meeting he’s at, and they talk about all those big deals and millions of dollars, and I’m sitting right there.”

“Really?” the young man regarded him, and then stuck out a hand. “I’m Todd, by the way.”

“Gordon.” Gordon shook the hand.

“So how long are you going to be in town?”

“Just until tomorrow afternoon. Then we’re going to Madrid, and the week after that, to Rome and the week after that, to Greece and the week after that....”

“So you’re only here until tomorrow?” Todd cut him off. “Darn, and I wanted to show you the sights of New York City.”

“Oh, that’s okay. We’ll come back here in July, I think.”

“But I wanted to get to know you better now.” Todd’s hand came across and landed on Gordon’s arm.

Gordon looked down at it, then up at Todd’s face, stupefaction giving way to a dull comprehension. “Oh, you mean you want you and me to....”

“Shhhh!” Todd said quickly, but not quickly enough to prevent a few men not far away from overhearing and chuckling. “So what say you come with me up to my room now and we’ll get to know each other a little bit, anyhow.”

“Why, that sounds fine with me!” Gordon said eagerly, like a child being offered a large slice of cake. “Just let me go drain my weasel and we can go!”

He staggered off toward the bathrooms not so far away from his table, listing slightly to starboard like a boat tacking into the wind.

One of the men who had laughed earlier approached Todd and hissed, “Are you crazy, man? I knew you were a fag, but this is no place to be picking up a trick!”

“I’m picking up more than that.” Todd told him. “You heard him, he sits in on important business meetings and is dumb as a post. He doesn’t even know what he’s got. I can get it all out of him in no time flat.”

“Oh!” the man said. “Cut me in on the action?”

“Only if you’re willing to take him up the ass for me.”

“Forget it.” the man walked off.

Gordon returned and he went off with Todd.

Todd had to stop and pick up a keycard for the room. “My office keeps a room reserved here in case we need it for a visiting client.” He explained. “Plenty of the staff use the room for a rendevous when they need it.”

“My boss does the same thing.” he assured him. “But the room he normally uses is busy so we’re checked into this hotel for a change, normally we’re at the Ritz Carlton.”

“That’s nice.” Todd said absently as he guided Gordon toward the elevator.

“It sure is.” Gordon babbled on and on as they rode up the eight flights. “He’s got himself a whole suite of rooms there, just like here, only bigger, and always right after we check in, they wheel in this big cart of all sorts of pastries and cakes and another cart of drinks of all kinds, and they just leave them there and my boss lets me eat just as much off of that cart as I want to. I get a room there in the suite with him and there’s usually some other guys there, too, and they’ll sit around those big couches they have and sit and talk their business for hours.”

“Yeah, their talk.” Todd sighed and they were at the room, he opened the door with the keycard and got Gordon inside and when they were, he practically tackled the big stud. For a reserved room, this one was no great shakes, the bed and nightstand practically filled the small, rather oddly shaped room. But it had the virtue of letting Todd barrel into Gordon, and letting them both fall onto the bed which was a bare two steps away from the doorway. Gordon didn’t fight off the young stockbroker’s advances, he just let him work loose the tie and shuffle off his chauffeur’s uniform jacket from his so-broad shoulders. This revealed a shirt that was slightly too small for his huge frame, but that just seemed to inflame the other’s desire.

“You really have a great body.” he admired. “I can see why they keep you around at all their meetings like they do.”

“Yeah, my boss says I’m decorative.” Gordon admitted.

“So what were they talking about today? Did you sit in on any meetings?”

“Just a small one, the one my boss had with Mr. Stanton.”

“Stanton?” Todd stopped his unbuttoning of Gordon’s shirt briefly. “The Edwin Stanton?”

“Yeah, that was him, I think.” Gordon gasped as Todd’s hand found its way into his pants’ fly. He gasped again as Todd got hold of his cock, as he fished it out into the air.

“So what were they talking about? Did they let you listen to them?” Todd asked, and then his mouth sunk down over Gordon’s nine inches of hard male dong.

“Oh, yeah, my boss told him that I was completely trustworthy.” Gordon sighed as Todd’s mouth moved up and down on his pud with the easy talent of long experience.

He grunted in satisfaction at the smooth greasy feel of the lips on his prick and then Todd raised up. “So what did they talk about?”

“Oh, lots of things.”

“Like what? Did they mention the Caufield merger?” Todd resumed sucking Gordon’s prick with energy and verve.

“Oh, oh, oh, God!” Gordon groaned. “You suck me so good.”

“What did they say?” Todd asked in the briefest pause in sucking. “What did they say about the merger?”

“I don’t recall no merger talk.” Gordon moaned. “Can I suck yours a while?”

“No, no, I want to hear about the meeting with Stanton!” Todd urged him. “Come on, what did they talk about?”

Gordon groaned. “I could talk easier if you weren’t sucking on me! They mentioned some kind of a massive buyout, but I don’t recall just which one.”

Todd let go and stood up. “Let’s get you out of those clothes and then I’ll try to help you remember.” he said.

Gordon and Todd undressed, Todd beating Gordon to the full strip by a full set of underclothes, he still wore t-shirt, briefs and socks when Todd was fully nude.

Todd caught hold of Gordon’s briefs and shucked them quickly around his spit-greased cock and down his muscled legs. “Now get back on the bed on your back.” he panted. “I’m going to ride you while we talk, that way I can ask you questions, m‘kay?”

“Okay.” Gordon lay back and Todd got onto the bed and straddled Gordon’s waist, and started worming that saliva-laden dick into his ass.

“Now tell me about that talk with Stanton.” He grunted as he struggled with the thick pud. “What were they planning to buy out?”

“Some company that makes heavy machinery, they said.” Gordon moaned. “Oh, man, your ass is so hot! Come on, get it on in there, hurry!”

“I’m working on it. Heavy machinery, huh?” Todd panted. “Was it Synergcorp?” He started bouncing up and down on Gordon’s prod, while pumping his own frantically.

“No, no, it started with...Uh!”

“Started with what? With what?”

“Oh, God, I can’t think with that ass of yours bobbing up and down on me!” Gordon moaned.

Todd stopped moving. “Should I stop?”

“No, don’t do that!”

“Then what was the name?”

“Die.... Die something.” Gordon panted.

“Dynamic Machines?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Die what?”

“Sort of like ‘dinosaurs.’”

“Dinosaurs, dinosaurs.” Todd mused as he worked his body up and down on Gordon. “And said...said it was...heavy...machine...ery?”

“Yeah. I think.”

“Dinosaurs. Not Diamond Tools?” Todd began to move triumphantly up and down on Gordon.

Gordon writhed under the wriggling, athletic ass milking at him so efficiently. “Uh... Yeah, I guess that was it.”

“A buyout of Diamond Tools.” Todd moaned. “I saw they were having a cash flow problem. Stocks ought to sell low until the announcement. And if Stanton is in on it, then I can count on it doubling after he takes over.”

“Oh, oh, I’m going to come, I’m going to come!” Gordon crowed.

“I’ll make a cool two-three mil on this.” Todd groaned himself, his cock powered by the thought of the money but working on his stockbroker mind just as effectively as passion could.

“Oh, I’m...I’ it comes!” Gordon moaned.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, GUHHHHHHH!”

As Gordon blasted up into Todd’s ass, Todd sprayed Gordon’s chest liberally with his own seed. The two men expended their spunk and their orgasm on each other that way and then Todd laid down and that smeared some of his own jizz on himself, rising up and down as Gordon’s chest heaved with his exhaustion.

“That was fucking incredible.” Todd grunted as he rose back up again.

Gordon blinked at him, his brain firing slowly but sparking just the same. “You can’t tell anyone I said that.”

“Oh, I won’t tell anyone anything.” Todd promised. “Honest I won’t.”

“I shouldn’t have said nothing.” Gordon worried. “My boss trusts me, trusts me completely.

Todd was getting dressed as Gordon continued in this vein. He finished up and said, “So your boss trusts you. Suits me if he never finds out.”

“But...but I got to tell him. He needs to know I didn’t keep my mouth shut, Todd.”

“So tell him. By the way, my name’s not Todd. Turn in the keycard when you leave, okay?” Todd left him in the room.

Gordon lamented a while, then showered and got dressed and left the room, handing the keycard to a providential maid wanting to enter and clean up the room. He went up to the penthouse suite that his boss had taken and waited to take his punishment.

His boss listened to his confession with soft smiling compassion. “So you told him that Stanton and I were planning to buy out Diamond Tools, eh?”

“I didn’t mean to.” Gordon moaned. “I guess you shouldn’t let me be in the same room when you talk with people, huh?”

“I wouldn’t go that far.” his boss grinned. “Your friend Todd has his own built in punishment.”

“He does?”

“Yes. You see, Gordon, Stanton and I aren’t planning to buy out Diamond Tools. We already own the company. Your friend can buy up maybe ten percent of the company, but no more. And it’ll be quite a while for him to see any profit out of that, he’ll probably sell it at a loss after a month or so.”

“Oh. So I got it all wrong.” Gordon sighed, happy again. “I’m sorry. You don’t trust me anymore, huh?”

“Nonsense, Gordon, I trust you completely, the same as I always have.”

"Can I sleep with you tonight, boss?" Gordon smiled in gratitude for the forgiveness. "I've had a really hard day."

"Of course you can." his boss assured him. "You can sleep with me anytime you want. Now, let’s get ready for bed.” And he let his big handsome stud chauffeur precede him into his room.

Gordon turned to look back at him in the doorway. “But...I don’t get it. If I can’t keep my mouth shut, how come you say you trust me so much?”

“How much is twelve times fourteen?” His boss asked him out of the clear blue.

Twelve times fourteen?” Gordon’s brow creased briefly in thought, then he winced. “Ow!” And rubbed his head to ease the pain.

“And that’s why I trust you completely. And why I always will.” His boss closed the bedroom door behind them.