How Can You Keep Them Down on the Farm?

I was just getting done washing the supper dishes when Pa came up behind me. “You feeling better now, Son?” he asked me with some concern. He hadn’t been at supper, which had worried me, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were. Well...Thud! Here it was.

“Yeah, Pa.” I said, looking down at the dirty water. “I’m feeling better.”

“Good.” he said. “I been doing an awful lot of thinking.”

“Me, too.” I said and took a deep breath. “I reckon the best thing I can do is pack up and get out of here.”

“You know I can’t spare you.” Pa said. “I need you here on the farm. I can’t make it all by myself.”

“I know, Pa.” I said, helplessly. “But I can’t....I mean, what I done today, it was the first time I ever done such a thing, but I mean, I can’t do that again, I just can’t, I.....”

“It’s okay, Son, I been thinking about that, myself.”

“So I reckon I got to clear out of here, Pa, I’m sorry, really, but I can’t stay here.”

“Sure you can, Son. Come with me.”

I followed my Pa out the door and to the pickup.

I should explain about what I’d done that day, just so you’ll understand that conversation. You see, I’d been out in the barn and our dog, Tay, was in there, sleeping the hot afternoon away on some hay there. He was sprawled out on his back and I guess he was having some dream about a hot bitch dog or something, because his dick had stuck out, all red and hard and slime-coated. I looked at that dick and fell to wondering what it felt like, was it anything like a man’s cock, was it warm and...well, when Pa walked in on me about two or three minutes later, there wasn’t any wondering to be done about what I was doing, the only question was what he asked me which was, “Why you doing that for?”

And I kind of spilled my guts in about three sentences, the way you do when you’re a young gay barely-man-high lad stuck on a farm in the middle of nowhere and wanting to have sex with other men, not with women, and you barely saw anyone, male or female, much less someone you want to have sex with, and me, I wouldn’t know how to have sex with a man even if I found one to have it with! Like I said, that took me about three sentences spewed out at high volume and with all the angry intensity you have at that age. I know I cowed Pa, and he backed out of there, and I looked over at Tay, who hadn’t even woken up while I’d been...doing what I did with him, and I felt downright sick at my stomach for doing it. Like I’d told Pa, best if I was to get out and find a city and some men that wanted what I wanted. I knew Pa would likely lose the farm if I was to leave, but what choice did I have, playing with our dog? The fact I could do that, even once, showed how desperate I was getting...or how sick in the head!

But Pa drove me down the road and I found us pulling in at the Barker farm. Ron Barker had been all alone on the farm since his wife Carrie had left him and taken his sons Rick and Tony with her. A big, brawny man, he could keep his farm going even living all alone. But I was wondering why we were here! I mean, Ron had had a wife and two kids until about three months ago, and was still married to Carrie, as far as I knew. I guessed he was going to give me a pep talk and maybe even shove religious tracts at me about how wrong it was to be gay, I didn’t know.

If it was religion, I was going to move even earlier than before. I’d planned to stick around for the harvest but better to leave before they brought out the exorcist and the electrodes!

Ron answered the door and I tried not to stare at him too hard. God, what a man! Hairy as hell, but that hair was sculpted around a body that was....God! I had a boner in my pants just from seeing it! I wanted to push my face into that chest fur and start nibbling away at the taut flesh underneath, from the twin plush-pillow-like breasts to the thick row of hair that wove down between the paired muscles of the ribs, stomach and abdomen to a thickening that had to be the top of his pubic hair! He lifted a hand up to rest on the doorjamb, and that made his arm muscles glow in arcs of bicep, triceps, forearm....

“Come on in, Clyde, Eric.” he said to Pa, and then me. “You know why you’re here, Eric?”

“Not really.” I said. “Pa just said for me to come with him, and here we are.”

Ron led us inside to his living room. It was a little messy but not too much so. Ron was taking care of the place, and one guy who’s outside a lot can’t mess things up too much, anyhow. “Clyde tells me you got some problems.”

I blushed. “Yeah, kind of.”

“Problems you need some help with.” Ron laid out on the couch, while Pa took the chair. That left what was left of the couch for me, not quite the width of the cushion on the final third. Ron’s lower leg and booted foot was on part of it, but I sat down and pretended I didn’t feel the leg against my thigh like a branding iron searing my flesh.

“I reckon I should just get out of here.” I said. “Better than what I found myself doing earlier today.”

“Yeah, your Pa told me.” Ron admitted.

I put my face down into my hands and just moaned. “I got to get out of here!” I said when I finished that long moan.

“No, you don’t.” Ron said. “You just need a man.” And then I heard it, the unmistakable sound of the zipper sliding down on a pair of jeans. “I’m a man.”

I dared to open my eyes and turn my head to look. Ron’s pants were open and sticking up out of the fly was one of the biggest cocks you’d ever think of seeing, ever! I mean, not that I’d seen a hard cock on a guy before, other than my own. Well, it was a lot bigger than that! Like twice as big around and four inches longer than my own six-inch pud!

“Ron’s agreed to help you with your urgings, son.” Pa said. “We figure, you get all this out of your system and you can stay on the farm without resorting to playing with the livestock.”

“So there it is, go ahead.” Ron said, pointing at his cock. “All yours, go ahead. It ain’t had any milking ‘cept my own for near on six months as it is.”

“But....” But Carrie had only been gone for three months, I was about to say, and realized how stupid that was. Of course she’d cut him off before leaving him. So I went on with another “But” close by the first one. “But I don’t know what to do, even!”

“Not at all!”

“Hey, it ain’t like I could watch the animals and figure out anything I could do.” I said defensively. “And what I could figure out, I couldn’t figure out how to do it!”

“My boy needs teaching, Ron.” Pa affirmed.

“I need a lot of teaching.” I clarified. “Like, everything about it.”

“We can do that.”

“Yeah?” I said. I looked at Pa. “Really, Pa? I mean, you’re okay with this?”

Pa just smiled. “What kind of Dad would I be if I didn’t know my own son, eh?” He said. “I figured, you’d find your own way. And this keeps you here on the farm.”

I looked at Pa, then back at Ron and his cock standing up tall, firm, hard...delicious-looking! And I shifted up and leaned over and took that prong in my hand. Felt it, really felt it, God, it was like holding my own only better, so much better!

“Mmmm!” Ron moaned.

I milked it up and down like I did my own, this bigger cock was a handful and a half, and the pre-come oozed out and down onto the top of my hand, steaming hot and sticky.

“Yeahhhhh!” Ron groaned. “Now, lean over and get a lip-lock on it for me, Eric. Suck it for me, suck it!”

I looked up at Ron, wide-eyed. “I don’t know how.” I said. “I’ll mess it up.”

“You got to get your mouth full of spit and you got to keep your teeth out of the way as you do it. Lock your lips on it and hold them tight and bob your head up and down. That’s all there is to it.”
Illustration of How/Down/Farm “I’ll try.” I said and I watered up my mouth and bent over and touched my lips to it. My saliva and the slime of his pre-come mixed, flavored it, raunchy male musk taste on my tongue as I pushed down over the glans. The head itself nearly filled my mouth full, and Ron’s hand went over and pushed on my head and I knew I had to go for more. I got about two inches of his shaft into my mouth and hit the wall. His glans was shoved at the back of my mouth, brushing my tonsils even, and that was as far as it would go. I moved up and down once or twice, gagged, choked, coughed.

“You got to learn to take it on down.” Ron chided me as I came off him for air and to recover. “It takes some serious milking to please a man, you can’t stop after two or three strokes like that. You have to relax your throat muscles and ”

“I can’t do it, I can’t!” I got out, and coughed some more. “How can I relax and move up and down at the same time? I can’t do it!”

“We’re here to help you, Son.” Pa said. “Get back down on it, and we’ll help you.”

I went back down and then realized. We?

Pa’s hands caught hold of my head and as I kept my own muscles slack except for my lips, Pa pushed my head down on Ron’s massive prong. The thick head hit the back of my mouth again, and this time, with my throat not resisting, the head bent over and went deeper. I got down about halfway, and Pa pulled me back up again, me gripping the skin and feeling it wrinkle over the flare of the glans as it slipped over my lips. And Pa’s hand were sure and smooth in operation as he forced me to suck Ron’s cock the right way. After a while, my muscled figured out how they did it, and began to suck Ron without Pa’s help, and he turned loose.

Ron was making happy grunting sounds like a pig at the slop trough.

“He’s got it now.” Pa said approvingly as I worked Ron’s thick dong. Ron’s hands were gripping the couch, pushing back against it as if he were trying to get away from me. Liquid passion sounds matched every stroke of my lips over his pud.

“Ah, gah, ah, guh, uh!” Ron moaned and his heavy hams of hands landed on me and forcibly removed me from his cock. “I think you got this part figured out.” he panted. “Time for me to give your boy a taste of the main action!”

“Main action?”

“Time to get butt-ramming.” Ron clarified.

“But...but how?” I said, this time not ignorant of anything except how that monstrous dick would possibly fit into my tiny asshole! “It can’t be done! Can it?”

“Sure, you just have to relax and get it lubed up well.” Ron said. “I had to keep some lube around for Carrie, don’t worry about it none.” He pulled the bottle off the table next to the couch and said, “Now get to lubing me up.”

I was glad to be the one in charge here, I got a huge glob of that clear goo in my palm and began to slather the monstrous prick liberally.

“You’ll need some in your ass, too, Son.” Pa judged. He took the bottle in his hand and I got my pants down while he was squirting it into his palm. I was bare to the waist and got onto my knees, leaning over Ron’s legs while Pa’s fingers, laden with the lube, began to worm at my butthole. “Just relax and let them slide into you, Son.” he told me. “I done something a lot like this when I’d have a cow with a calf turned wrong inside her, it’s just a matter of taking it easy and pushing in gentle. You’ll be able to handle it, you’ll see.”

Ron pulled me up to where I was face-to-face, and he said, “If I’m going to fuck you, I ought to kiss you.” he said. “Make you relax more, too.”

“Okay.” I smiled and then grunted as one of Pa’s fingers managed to worm its way into me. Inside, the finger wriggled about and coated my innards on all sides. “Uh, uh!” I grunted. “Feels kind of good.”

Ron’s lips met mine and I held onto him like that while Pa’s fingers worried more lube into my butt. He got two and then three fingers into me, and my ass was feeling all wobbly and stretched when he finally pulled his fingers out of me, then it felt empty and barren.

I got to my feet and undid my shoes and then my shirt, because Ron was peeling off his shoes and pants. We ended up both stark naked, my Pa a fully dressed assistant to this love-making of ours, and I stepped up onto the couch on my knees, straddling Ron’s stomach, and my butt felt Ron’s prong slap at it.

Then Pa was back on the job and he grabbed Ron’s pud and guided it up to my ass and helped it contact the tucker of my butt. With Pa’s stretching, the glans caught in there snuggly and I felt the flare of it just outside my sphincter. But it wouldn’t go in any deeper. I tried to move up and down and push against it, but his cock seemed to bend away on me.

“Help me lift him up.” Pa said to Ron. “We’re going to have to let gravity get this into him.”

“Sure.” Ron’s broad hands caught my thighs as Pa’s arms went around my chest and they both heaved upwards at once, and suddenly I was held in mid-air by these four hands. Then I was being lowered down and then time the cock wasn’t being pushed aside by my buttocks for I was spread wide as could be.

It still hurt, despite Pa’s lubrication. I was groaning as it slid deeper into me, and I was about to beg for mercy when I looked at Ron’s face.

The raw, unadorned pleasure on this big man’s face. He was loving the feel of my ass, the tight ring of my butt clenching as it worked down his shaft. His body was sweaty and glittering in the light. All male, all ready and all hard, that was Ron. And it was up to me to satisfy this big beast of a man, take him all the way down. So I gritted my teeth and let my Pa lower me onto this studly neighbor’s prod. They were doing it to help me out, after all.

Finally, sobbing and spent from my effort, I was resting on Ron’s lap and the huge pud was a pillar of steel manhood driven all the way into me. Pa was panting from the effort of lifting me up and holding me up for that long, but he didn’t complain, he just said, as best he could, “You got, Son...the whole thing!” He breathed heavy for a time and then said, “Get to bouncing up and down on him.”

I moved and it hurt and I grimaced, stopped.

And Ron flexed that massive body of his and I found myself being lifted up, held in place by his huge hands and he was standing, me wrapped around him like the stripes on a barber pole, groaning as the thick tool pulsed inside me.

“Going to take this hot little butt into the bedroom where I can fuck him easier.” Ron said to my Pa. “We got things licked here, now, I think. I wasn’t sure about it before, but this butt is better’n my wife’s cunt ever was. Think I’m going to fuck him long and hard. You go on home, now and I’ll bring him by first thing in the morning for you.”

I was ferried toward the bedroom by Ron’s legs carrying us both and I looked over Ron’s shoulder at my Pa, smiling beneficently as he watched me carried away. “Thanks, Pa!” I said as we went through the door. “Thanks a lot!”

“You be good, Son!” Pa said and then we were at Ron’s bed and he bent over and laid me down on it and began to fuck my ass just like that, him still on the floor and his legs squatting to keep him firmly imbedded in me.

A few strokes of that huge pud and me feasting my eyes on his gorgeously hairy body and my butt forgot all about its complaints. Now his rod was a hot pole of pleasure driving in and out of my ass, I held onto him and loved it, all of it. The bed shook with the power of his thrusts, the springs squeaked as Ron and I rode them with our joy. My prong was throbbing and I grabbed it and began to pump it, only to have Ron take it away from me and he was jerking me while he rammed me harder, harder, oh, God, harder!

My ecstasy rose up like a cobra from the fakir’s basket and it danced and hissed and then it struck and I was clawing Ron’s back as I climaxed, squirting my jizz all over both of us.

“Oh, God, ah, ah, ahh!” I guttered as my hot seed christened both of us.

“Damn, boy, you came with my cock in your ass!” Ron marveled. “Shit, my wife faked the last two years of our marriage and thought I didn’t know, but you love my cock in your ass, don’t you, boy?”

“Yeah, Ron, yeah, oh, God!” I panted as my ejaculation-gutted strength turned my voice into a near mumble.

“Ah, shit, yeah, feels good to have it wanted, feels good, shit, ah, ah, GAH-AH-AH-AGH!”

“Come on, Ron, shoot it, shoot it in me, harder, harder!” I urged him as his hot squibs blazed into my bowels.

“AH-AH! AH-GAH! AH-GAH-AH-AH-AH, AHH-AHHHHHH!” And Ron was done and his broad chest heaved as he gasped for breath again and then he sunk onto me and I felt that hot, heavy, sweaty, hairy weight press me into the bed and my jizz, now only slightly warm still, pressed its gooey self onto my chest and into his hairy belly. God, we were a mess, both of us, and it felt great, just great! I’d wanted to know what it was like and now I knew! I KNEW!

“Oh, man, that was terrific!” I groaned as Ron rolled off me, his now-slack cock slipping easily from the sloppy messy hole that was my ass. “That was so fucking terrific!”

“It sure was.” Ron said to me, tiredly grinning and then he wiped his sweaty face with one sweaty hand.

“I didn’t want it to ever stop.” I said. “Too bad it’s over.”

“Yeah.” Ron agreed. “Hottest fuck I’ve had for longer than I care to remember.”

I paused and then said, “It doesn’t have to be over. Does it?”

He grinned again. “Give me a minute and I’ll be ready to go again.”

“Me, too!” I agreed.

I fetched a wet rag from the bathroom and cleaned off his schlong and it was stiffening up by the time I got it clean. I dried it and held on until Ron gave me the go-ahead and then I was sucking on him again. This time, I didn’t need Pa to push me down onto it. My body had decided to cooperate with this. I wasn’t fighting it any more.

When Ron was warmed up enough with my mouth action on his prod, he mounted me again and I felt his spunk squelching around as he fucked me again. This second time was less urgent than the first, more loving and gentle, more lingering all the way up to a second shuddering orgasm for both of us. A third time just before dawn and then it was sleep again until it was time for me to get up and return to my father’s house again.

Ron walked me to our front door and then he grabbed me and held me tightly. “Damn, I don’t want to let go of you.” he murmured in my ear. “You get done here tonight, you come by again, okay?”

“Sure.” I agreed. And watched and waved as he drove off. His farm was only a mile from ours, not too far away. Maybe I could split my time between the two, be both the farmhand Pa needed and Ron’s lover, which I needed.

While I fixed breakfast for Pa (I could hear the water running in the shower, he’d be down in a few minutes), I had a sudden thought, and chuckled.

“How you going to keep them down on the farm,” the old song belted out, extolling the virtues of the wild city life over the rural simplicity.

I could tell them how you keep them on the farm! In my case, at least. Just make sure they get what they need on the farm, and they’ll never stray again!