The Lonesome Clones

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2012 by Eduardo.
Illustration of Lonesome Clones

"We'll all have to stay inside the house at all times." my mother declared when she had us all together. "It's too dangerous to venture outside under these conditions."

"But the soldiers aren't giving anyone any trouble!" I protested. "Remember what the mayor said on the televisor last night? They're under strictest instructions while quartered on the town, not to enter any private dwelling without permission and also not to harass any of the women in the town in any way. You know how clone-soldiers always follow orders...."

"And you think that's going to stop them?" My mother declared. I was the only male in our little family, my father having passed away last year. Just my mother, my three sisters and myself in the family. My father had left us a substantial estate, and we still retained the house and grounds, some seven hectares of green lawns and flower gardens that was my mother's love. The soldiers had not taken over our house, though they had moved into houses of other people. But we had the stables where we'd kept our horses was at the far end and in our case, a few dozen of the clone soldiers had taken over the place for their own sleeping mats. They were raiding the town's shops and stores for their provender and other needs, but beyond that, the soldiers weren't causing my family any trouble. Of course, for my mother, that was trouble enough!

"We have to get them to share some of their food with us." she decided. "We can't live on the contents of our pantry for more than a few days." She turned to me. "Haval, you'll have to go talk with them. You're a young man, they won't treat you the way they'd treat your sisters."

I looked over at Relanna, my eldest sister. "I don't think they'd mind how the soldiers would treat them, myself." The sole male of the family, I had to keep saying things like this, or they'd overwhelm me, these four females, mother and three sisters. It made this house awfully lonesome at times, and the thought of being locked up here with them all the time was daunting.

Relanna sniffed, like I'd expected. "A clone soldier? You have to be kidding!"

"Why not? Aren't they all physical perfection?"

"Totally identical physical perfection, yes." Relanna declared. "It'd be like making love to a copy machine. All just exactly alike."

"And that's bad?" I pressed.

"That's bad!" she affirmed vehemently.

"So go talk to them." my mother concluded the conversation. "We need enough food for the five of us to live on. Whether they turn over the food to us daily or weekly, I don't care, but we need a regular supply. Go out there and do whatever it takes to get them to agree to that. Remind them they're on our land and using our water and ruining my flower garden." From the way her voice lifted, that last part was the worst of their crimes. "So they owe us. Go tell them. Now!"

So I girded up my courage and went out to try to speak with the soldiers.

But it was the mid-afternoon and most of the soldiers were out and about town, either raiding the stores or drinking the liquor in the town's bars or whatever it is soldiers do in a town where they aren't close to any combat and are just waiting to be deployed. The soldiers had four troop carriers that were floating on the lawn where we played lawn bowling, their repulsor fields crushing the grass there dead and flat and I grimaced at that, a lawn bowling field has to be kept just so, to be worth lawn-bowling on. Other parts of the yard were covered with boxes and tarps covering who-knew-what. But no soldiers seemed to be about all this military detritus, and I decided that if I could find where the soldiers were keeping the food, and it was unguarded, I'd just take some of it and worry about things afterwards.

But as I approached the stables, I stopped. Three of the soldiers were standing in front of one of my mother's rose bushes. They were sort of clustered together as if in conference, their heads bent and their bodies arched. I'd have said that they were pissing on the roses, but there was no sound of splashing water about, so that couldn't be it.

I couldn't possibly slip past these three, not and ferry out food. And only three would be easier to deal with than thirty of them. So I stepped a little closer and said, "Excuse me, please."

Their heads turned. Clone soldiers aren't like a regular clone. A regular clone, you never now just how the genes are going to express themselves, you don't get the same being by any means. Recessive genes may show dominant, traits may be suppressed or take a white cat with a few black spots on it and your clone is black with a few white spots, no, a regular clone is no duplicate. But these were enhanced clones, all drawn from the super-soldier Jan Moebius, and as they were cloned, their genes were manipulated to be careful to express the result the very same way as their progenitor. True duplicates, right down to their genes.

So I was greeted by three completely identical faces with three exactly identical expressions. Same height, same weight, same musculature (well-muscled and handsome), same eye and hair color, they were as alike as they could be, their only difference was a small tattoo on one side of their forehead, a short combination of letters/numbers that expressed their unique identity...and the only thing! Even their upbringing at the government facility that took them from infancy through to young manhood was carefully modulated and adjusted to make them every inch a soldier. Loyal, diligent, obedient to their superiors and trained to be sudden death in both hands and both feet for that matter.

The faces were identical but Jan Moebius had been a very handsome man along with his superlative military skills, I was looking at three men all with short-cut black hair, large square foreheads, thick eyebrows, deep brown, nearly black eyes over long, rectangular jaws with sharp jowls, the cheeks held in their center a straight, long nose with small nostril slits, their lips were soft but not large, the teeth were crisply white and well-maintained, the chin had a small cleft in center that held a few errant unshaved beard stubs, enough to accentuate the cleft, their shoulders were broad and well-padded with muscle, their chests were large and triangular, their waists were slim and taut, their hips were lean and svelte. Yes, if I was to choose a single man to make over again and again to form into an entire army, I'd choose a man like Jan Moebius as my master-mold.

But the look these soldiers gave me, while the same look, was one of a furtive guiltiness. Like they'd been caught in some way. And they had.

These men had been hunched together for a reason, they'd been having a circle jerk! I saw and realized and had to suppress a smirk and chuckle. "Sorry, didn't mean to bother you." I said quickly.

They saw it was only me, the young son of the family and their reluctance vanished. "That's all right." one said, he was standing there with his cock hanging out of his trousers, completely unabashed now. His cock was still semi-erect and a gray glob of precome stretched out from the foreskin, lazily reaching for the ground. "We could use some company." That was said with a certain eagerness I didn't expect.

"That's for certain." a second one said. Their voices were even the same, same tone, same pitch. "I get awful damned tired playing with the same cocks."

"You guys play with each other's cocks?"

"Play with them, jerk them, suck them, fuck ourselves on them." the third one agreed. "You have any idea what that's like?"

They were moving, slowly, non-threateningly, but moving, toward me, one going to each side and the third one, slower still, was advancing on me. "I'd think it'd be lots of fun." I admitted. "I mean, you're all big, handsome men."

"It's like having sex with your brothers, only even more boring." the first one told me as he got closer still. I started to back away but ran into the other two, they had come up behind me and blocked me. I startled, but they grabbed me by my arms, held me. "Oh, you get off on it, yes, but it's completely predictable and preplanned, every detail exactly alike every time. A fancy sort of masturbation, that's all it is!" So where did I fit into all this...oh, no!

"But the mayor." I babbled now. "The mayor said that you'd all been given orders while being quartered on the town, that you wouldn't bother the citizens...."

"We pledged not to enter homes without permission. We aren't indoors." the first one said. He was close to me now, close enough to let me feel the breath from his nostrils, a hot heavy sound, like a musk ox in heat. "And we swore not to harass any of the women in the town in any way." He got closer still, now he was practically kissing me with his lips. But his lips instead finished with, "But you're not a woman, are you?"

"I guess not." I gasped out.

The soldier's (his number was "J8V7") hand closed on my crotch and his other hand met with it and he was undoing my waist fastener, then releasing the fly closure by touching the small button at the top, that released the magnetic field that kept the length of it closed and the fly fell open, the magnets now repelling instead of attracting. And now he could and did reach into my pants and I cursed my decision not to wear underclothes that day for nothing prevented him from bringing my prick out and he fondled it lewdly.

"Mmm, so nice to touch a prick that's not exactly the same size and shape and length as my own." he murmured to me. "It's stiffening up, too, isn't it?"

For it was. Hell, three gorgeous studly men grab you, and you're attracted to men, what else could you do? I didn't feel threatened by them, their voices held a form of isolation that I was assuaging, and that made it clear that they didn't want to hurt me, they wanted to have fun with me. Roughly, yes, but fun was all they were after and they'd somehow communicated it to me. All I had to do was what they wanted and I'd be fine. More than fine, for they wanted me to enjoy it, too!

His hand was talented, and I guessed the game of jerk-your-buddy they'd been playing when I walked up was one they'd engaged in since earliest childhood. Afer all, who cares what clone-soldiers do when they're not marching or guarding or fighting for you? Well, now I knew what they did, for it was being done to me.

I was being pumped by J8V7, while J8S3 and J8K4 (the numbers of the soldiers to my left and right, respectively) kept me carefully under control. I stopped pretending to resist and was rewarded by their hold on me turning less constricted and more guiding.

Guiding my hands down to their cocks, my palms touched twin pricks that were hard and throbbing and waiting for me. With the pleasure of V7's grip working my dong for me, I didn't hesitate for long, I got a good hold on them and did my best to make them feel the way I was feeling.

V7 saw me jacking his buddies/comrades/brothers/fellow clones and he grinned and pushed his cock up against mine, his hand pushed his shaft down on top of mine and his hand wrapped us together and he resumed masturbating me and himself at the same time.

I was surrounded by handsome men in the throes of pleasure, I was bathed in the slight but heady scent of male rut, I had two hard, throbbing puds in each hand and another on top of my own cock, and all of them were heating up, all the voices around me were burgeoning with incipient orgasm, they were all close and I realized suddenly that when these men came, they would come together, so much alike they were. And that would be soon.

That thought, being in the center of three spurting puds, caused me to climb to my own climactic height, I moaned and my prick sparked into life and I groaned, "OH, OH GOD, I'M COMING!" and I ejaculated, and as I did, all three of these men around me exploded as well.

I was hit by spunk at my stomach and on both sides of my waist at the same time, hard splashes of jizz and my own plastered the legs of V7 who pounded me harder as I squirted my spunk, and S3 and K4 held me tight for I was about to collapse and the four of us groaned together in group climax under the hot afternoon sun of the last days of summer.

I was kissed on both sides by S3 and K4 and V7 kissed my lips and I kissed back, tired and exhausted in a way I hadn't been since my very first real climax at the age of twelve some seven years before. "Yeah, that was good, really good." S3 murmured to me.

"I like it when we bring in an outsider." K4 agreed and the word "outsider" didn't offend in any way, it just meant one who wasn't a clone of Jan Moebius to him and that, too, he communicated somehow. I wondered if that was one of Jan Moebius' talents as well, that had earned him the right to be the one they cloned thousands of times over and over again.

"Yeah, he was real good." V7 agreed. He closed my pants for me and then they released me and did up their own.

"Thanks." I said, for lack of anything else.

"So what brought you out here among us?" K4 asked.

"I came to see if you could spare some food for us in the house." I said. "There's five of us and with you soldiers taking everything, we can't buy food like we normally would. And since this is our land you're all living on...."

That small attempt to justify my request made them laugh, but it was a kindly laugh. "True enough." V7 boomed out. "Come on and we'll get you enough for your meal and tonight, come back and you can make a case for daily rations from us the rest of your stay."

I gladly accepted that and fifteen minutes later, I walked back into the house with enough food for the next day or so. It hadn't taken that long for me to get the food, but the soldiers were asking me questions, what I did with my life and how I'd done in school and about my friends and the most mundane stuff was the stuff they gobbled up greedily, seizing on every morsel with a delight beyond any reason. They moaned at my every obstacle and cheered every time I surmounted it successfully, it was like they were memorizing it all, in careful detail. But I finally got out of there, once I promised to return that night to talk more to all of them.

"Any problems with the soldiers?" Mother asked me as she looked upon my contents with delight, for the soldiers had given us the finest meats and clean fresh produce and bread.

"No, none at all, but I have to go back tonight and speak to their commander officer if we're to get any more." I delivered a slight variation on the actual deal there, yes. Mom wouldn't like me just going out and hanging with clone-soldiers!

"Well, you do just that." Mother said immediately. "And keep a firm hand on them, these clone-soldiers are used to obedience, just order them like a general and they'll obey like you're a general."

"I'll do my best." I agreed.

As the day ended, and the sun started down, I made myself ready to visit the soldiers. I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. When you find yourself as the object of attraction by cute studs, you want to see what they see. All I saw was myself. I wasn't any fantastically gorgeous guy, my face was too round, an elongated circle, my nose was bulbous, my eyes were too close together. One girl at school had summed it up in a single, painful word. "You look like a hick!" And I did, the sort of guy you saw in old books, the ones who lived on those clapboard shacks on farms and wore overalls and straw hats and walked barefoot everywhere they went. Plain, that's what I was! Nothing special...but those three soldiers had hung on my every word like I was the greatest guy they'd ever met. Like they were....

It struck me then. "They're lonely!" I said to the mirror. How can a group of people be lonely? Well, they were exactly alike, carefully born and raised to be just the same. Even their emotions and moods and behavior was carefully trained to be identical to each other. It made for a good soldier...but it made them each alone in their multitude.

"They're looking for someone to talk to, be friends with." I told myself. "Not just sex. And you're elected." And I squared my shoulders and got to work. Shaved, dabbed on some cologne, combed my hair out just right and chose my clothes carefully, they needed to be both casual and attractive. And no socks or underwear, because I did expect sex to be on the menu for the night! Slip-on shoes for the same reason.

I walked out to the stables and the lights were on in there and the voices were many and lively inside. All the same voice, but in a multi-throated cacophony. I debated knocking on the door, but decided against it, I didn't think my knock would be heard over this noise.

"Ah, it's Haval!" one of the soldiers said as he saw me at the door. "Come on in, come on in! We've been waiting for you!"

"Over here, come sit over here!" another soldier said and the men (all of them alike, all of them neat and clean and martial and handsome, oh, God, all of them were here, all of the soldiers assigned to our stables. Waiting for me! I was a star!

I made it over to the place they'd laid out for me, a sleeping mat that was draped over a couple of bags to make a sort of lounging spot, I could rest my back on the bags and my legs would stretch out flat on the floor, all of it supported by the mat in an angle. When I did that, the soldiers clustered about me.

One soldier was right in front of me, and he'd stripped off his clothing below his waist! His hard battle-shirt was tailored to his form, but unyielding, it gleamed in the lights with a burnished silvery tone. His legs and groin glowed, too, in golden glory. "Let me at him! I'm going to ride that cock of his! If it's half as great as you guys said it was, I'm going to love this! Get his pants down!

I had multiple hands working on me and looked around. Did I know any of these men?

There was K4! "K4!" I called him.

K4 looked blank, then realized I meant him. "Me? What is it, Haval?"

"What have you told them?"

"Just that you liked us playing with you this afternoon. And that you talked with us about things after." K4 said, with a smile. "Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you. Hell, half the guys want to suck you or fuck themselves on you like J6C3 here."

"What about the other half?" I wanted to know.

"Well, we all want to have fun, too." K4 told me.

My pants were stripped down and my shoes cast aside, I was now bare below the waist the same as C3. He was a few years older than the others, and I guessed he was senior to the rest. I looked around and saw that the first two letters/numbers ranged from J6 to a few J9. I didn't know the nomenclature here, but guessed that it told their ages in some way, the same way you can look at just a car's license plate and usually figure out how old it is. I wondered if the "J" stood for Jan Moebius or was just another case of using letters along with numbers to shorten them. Then why did they all have a letter-number-letter-number combination?

Two soldiers were licking my cock and I forgot about the naming question entirely! You have two hunky studs lapping at you and see how much you play logic games! I just lay there and let them lick me.

A soldier above me (J7L1) grunted and slapped me with his cock. "How about opening up for me?" he asked.

With two guys licking my cock, I didn't object, I just opened up and he fed it into me. Nice, firm, warm and clean. I had two more cocks slipped into my hands from soldiers kneeling on either side, and I began jerking them. Appreciative grunts from all three of them, and four as C3 got straddle of me and sent my slicked-up dong right up his ass! I closed my eyes and kept on sucking.

C3 didn't waste time, he humped up and down and in about two minutes, he groaned and a hot load of soldier-jizz splashed on my stomach and lower chest. I got hit by the guy I was jerking on the left at the same time. C3 got off of me and quickly enough, another soldier climbed on to ride me. Another soldier stuffed his cock into my left hand and the guy I was sucking on began to moan. "You want to take it, Haval? I can pull out if you don't!"

"Nu-uh!" I grunted and the soldier gave a long, low keen and then blasted his wads into my mouth. Hot salty man-jizz, I hadn't had nearly enough of it before now, just a few buddies in school, far and few between, I sucked it down and savored the essential flavor of hot, horny man!

I got splashed by the soldier on the right (I'd given up trying to keep them separate, the clone-soldiers were right, they were so much alike, it was like having the same lover at you, in different places, at the same time. Not that I wasn't having a blast!

A minute or so later, the second soldier fucking himself on me sprayed me and so did the second one I'd started sucked on (He was a quick-come) and I took the opportunity of these two getting off to shift myself around, I roused up and got to my knees. Presenting my ass to these horny men. I didn't have to do anything else.

A quick spitting sound and then a soldier's cock was pushing at my ass. Another soldier got underneath me and said, "Come on, Haval, fuck my ass. I got to have it, got to have a hard cock in me!"

"J8A2 always wants to be fucked." another soldier mentioned. "He's funny that way." But there was an envious tone to his words, J8A2 had at least this much individuality over them. The soldier who'd spoken was next in line to be sucked.

"I'll do the best I can for him. You, too." I said as I grabbed his cock and fed it into my mouth.

A2 did me right, he writhed and moaned in appreciation as I rammed his ass. I had another soldier in my ass, and he had some trouble matching me rhythm, but learned it after a time, and that made the going easier. He began to groan, too.

"Oh, God, he's a better fucker than any of you guys!" A2 exclaimed in between moans. "You got to ride on this cock, guys!"

But A2 milked me like a master and I groaned and spurted my first load of the night right up his ass. A2 felt my ejaculations into him and his eyes opened wide and he gave out a roar and splashed all over himself.

I could keep talking about that night, but it got kind of muddled up. I fucked again as soon as I could get a hard-on, meantime, I got fucked and I sucked and I jerked. There were forty men in that stable and by the time we were done, every last one of them had gotten off on me one way or another and I was coated in hot soldier jizz all over my body. Spent, sexually satiated soldiers were all around, relaxed and waiting for their comrades to finish up on me.

They were kind enough to bring out a bowl of wash water and a rag and wipe me clean of the worst of the jizz. I'd sucked off about eight of them and been fucked by about twelve of them so I wasn't short on come on the inside, either.

Done, I lounged back and moaned. But my rest was short-lived, because the questions began again, these soldiers had already milked the initial three of all the information I'd given them and now they wanted more.

I was ready for this, happily and recounted stories of past Christmases, the gifts and days I remembered best and so on. They all rejoiced at every episode in my life. I'd never felt so appreciated and wanted and needed in my life! I talked for over an hour until I was hoarse.

The soldiers didn't want to let me go back in but they could see I was tired out. I had to promise them I'd return the next night and then they rewarded me for my services with several packages of specialty foods they'd scavenged from who-knows-where. I didn't ask questions, I just said thanks and took it all back in to my mother.

Mom was ecstatic as she looked over the gourmet delicacies. "There's everything here to have a party just like we'd had when I was a child!" she exclaimed.

"They said they can get other things for us." I went on. "Just tell me what and they'll pick it up for you. If you don't mind that they're taking it out of the stores around town without paying."

Mom looked and me and I knew she didn't care at all. "I'll get with your sisters and make you a list. Do you think they can get jewelry, too? There was a diamond necklace at Jorvem's Jeweler's that I've been dying for every time I pass by their window."

"Write it all down and I'll see what they can do." I agreed.

The clone-soldiers were quartered on our town for four months and in that time, they picked the place clean. I learned they were going to be moving out a few days before and found myself disconsolate. These men had become a part of my life and I'd become a big part of theirs.

So on the day they boarded those transports on our bowling lawn and lifted off, there were forty-one men aboard the ship. I hadn't enlisted or anything. Call me sort of a troop mascot.

The clones told me that they'll have to share me with the rest of their regiment when we get where we're going but I don't mind. They promised to make out a rotation schedule to keep me from getting overwhelmed and when you're my age, an orgy every night is nothing short of heaven. The clones are eager to learn new things and I can teach them everything it takes to make me the happiest man on Earth.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to write a book on the subject. These clone-soldiers are every bit as human as you and me. Someone has to start speaking up for them. Nobody deserves to be lonely. Not even lonely in a multitude.

Someone has to love them. Someone like me.

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