At the Dawn of Time

Not far away, there were the sounds of a male Australopithecus and a female Australopithecus making love. Friís only problem with that was that he wasnít the male doing it. Not for lack of trying!

Instead, Fri sat underneath the tree, nursing his wound on his arm disconsolately. Darkclaw had bitten him badly. Fri looked at him not so far away, mating with Cos, grunting with his pleasure as he rammed his cock in and out of Cos with rough delight. Cos would bear his child, Darkclaw would have yet another child, while Fri was again left alone with his frustration. To see the females in heat, to smell them ready, to know they would bear young if only he could mate with them...yet Darkclaw, the old, large, battle-scarred male, he would be the one to procreate. Beyond them was the river, where some of the rest were trying to catch fish, most with their hands, though one male was stabbing at the fish with his hunting stick. He wasnít having any luck, either, but Fri nodded. It was a good idea, to hunt fish the way you hunted gophers and rats, with a sharpened stick. The river was the coolest place at this time of day, in the heat of the African sun pouring onto the savannah grasses. The other side of the river held gazelles, a few zebras, and a large number of birds. If they could cross the river, they would have good hunting. All was life and joy and belonging...except for Fri, he was still something of an outsider.

Fri had wandered into Darkclawís group over four months ago, and he had hadnít yet managed to fit in, not to mention not managed even a furtive mating with a not-yet-quite-ready female in all that time. Every now and then, a young male such as he might draw a female away long enough for her to come into season, it was his only hope until Darkclaw became old enough, or injured enough, or careless enough, to be knocked from his position as the alpha male of the group. It was his only hope, to wait, watch, and pray for a chance. Maybe some female would notice him, notice the young male Fri, and be willing to slip away when her time came. He tried so hard, giving likely females the choice piece of antelope meat, grooming her fur and picking off the fleas, chewing them between his strong teeth, endless hours doing that. And yet, so far, none had. Cos was even cooing over Darkclaw now that he had finished mating with her. She was grooming him! Waiting for him to recover and mate with her again, for her fertile cycle was far from over, she was still giving off pheremones, Fri could smell her clear over where he was, and she wouldnít even look his way.

His wounded arm was as clean as his tongue could make it. Fri picked up a rock and pounded it upon another rock, though no nut was between them. He had learned to do that to open the tough-hulled nuts, break them open and release the sweet stuff within. And how to stick a long thin branch into a termite mound, leave it there for a handful of seconds, and then lift it out, to have it covered with angry termites, to be licked off and savored for their woody-tasting deliciousness!

No termite mounds around here, though. Had he wandered out of the range of the termite mound-builders? He hadnít been able to demonstrate this useful talent. He had watched Darkclaw pound a large branch into a sharp point, and use it after running down the prey to stick it and kill it. And the sharpened rocks to cut the flesh from the bone. That was Friís problem, he had the wrong talents to show himself as a good provider, he was left fumbling while the other males got the best parts.

He took the rock and a dry stick and began to pound it. He hadnít quite seen how the males of this new group did that, how hitting this stick made it sharper. All he did with the rock was flatten the stick and shatter the fibers into useless strips.

ďUn-un-un.Ē came the sound. Fri looked up. It was Dra, one of the younger males of this new group. He would be leaving the group before much longer, most likely, for the same reason Fri had left his own group, to find females that werenít close relatives. Such females didnít smell right, even in their heat, they werenít attractive. Fri hadnít thought much about leaving his mother and aunts and his large father-leader, but one day he had found some urine on the ground. Sniffed it, and it was from a female not of his group. She wasnít that far away from her time to mate. That was enough, the smell lingered, telling him which way to go, and he had left without looking back even once.

Dra hadnít yet found his puddle of urine on the ground, so he was still here, living with his family, helping his father and half-brothers hunt, bringing it home to his mother, aunts and half-sisters. Why was Dra here, beside Fri?

He had with him a stick, not a dead one like Fri, but a freshly cut branch, straight and clean. And a rock, one of the cutting rocks.

Dra sat down and sharpened the end of the branch, while Fri watched. Stopped nearly done, and handed the branch and rock to Fri.

He was teaching Fri how to do it! Fri gave it a try, he was semi-skilled with the sharpened rocks, his own group had used them though not to the extent his new group did but...

Draís hand came over and helped Fri, adjusted the rock so that he would strike the branch with the rock at an angle. Fri tried it and was rewarded with a nice, clean cut into the stick. Eagerly, he did it again and again, and the stick became sharp. Nice and sharp. Yes, yes!

He grinned at Dra, who grinned back. Fri looked down at the stick. It was a nice hunting stick, one of the best...but it belonged to Dra! He handed it back to Dra with a great regret...but Friís place in the group was still tenuous, he had to give it back.

Dra pushed the stick back toward Fri. Fri tried giving it back again, Dra again refused. A few more back-and-forths and Fri, now sure that Dra was giving him the sharpened hunting stick, and he held it close to himself. With this, he could try hunting with Darkclaw. Maybe, if the hunt got fierce enough, he could accidentally stick it INTO Darkclaw! Then the females would all belong to Fri!

Dra reached over and his fingers stroked through Friís fur on his arm. A flea, disturbed, came to the top and Draís fingertips nimbly caught it and Dra lifted it to his lips, chewed it carefully. His fingers returned to their task, and now he bent his head over to look more closely. Looking for more fleas to pick off of Fri. He was GROOMING Fri!

Wonderful, wonderful acceptance! Fri was a part of the group, as far as Dra was concerned. He looked to see who among the group would see this grooming, for grooming was a way of showing the acceptance. But the rest of the group had moved away, he could just see them further downriver. Not too far away, but if they moved any further, it would be time to run after them, before he lost them...or before a lion found him!

But he was with Dra and Dra was with him. And he had the new hunting stick. Even a lion would think twice about attacking two young males in good health, one of whom had a newly sharpened stick.

Dra moved around behind him and Fri let him, for Dra would get those fleas off his back fur, the ones he could not catch for himself, they would drive him to distraction at times, when he would lie on the ground and roll around, or back up against a tree, for he was a new male and nobody else would groom him. But now...he had Dra.

Draís fingers moved upon his back, lifting off the offending fleas, one by one. Those fingers were running through his fur, stroking the skin beneath, oh, that felt so good, so good!

Draís hands pushing Fri forward and Fri moved, lifting his buttocks from the ground. Draís body pushed up against Fri.

Fri felt Draís hot, slimy organ pressing up against him and he stiffened, let out a grunt of surprise. What was he supposed to do now?

He could pull away easy enough. Run a few steps away, turn and snarl, show teeth. But if he did that, Dra wouldnít groom him any more. Wouldnít show him how to sharpen the sticks. Wouldnít be his first friend among this new group, that didnít seem to want to accept him at all.

So he relaxed again, and Dra pushed against him. Into him.

Dra grunted with his pleasure as he pushed into Friís ass, the hot red prong throbbed inside of Friís butt, and Fri grunted himself. There was a pleasure in being another maleís sexual partner, the pleasure of having a maleís cock in your ass, rubbing inside, a special warm place deep within that gave him pleasure much like his own cock did when he rubbed it.

Illustration of At the Dawn of Time

But this time was...different. Usually, when another male would mount Fri (older, larger males would use the smaller younger ones like Fri when sexual frustration ran too high), the male would hump at him hard, fast, eager only for his own sexual satisfaction. He would finish quickly, usually within the span of a handful of breaths, and then he would disengage.

Dra wasnít doing that. He was moving...slower. Like he wanted this time to last.

And lasting, it was doing something more than the other times had. Fri felt the hot organ stroking his inside, upon that special place, over and over...and the pleasure, usually only a salve to the roughness of the sex otherwise, was building into something...something more.

Fri galvanized into action, instead of lying still, he began to hunch backwards against Draís plunging, steaming dong, he was grunting himself as if he were the one with his cock inside another maleís ass, not the one being fucked, he wanted more of this kind of sex, he wanted more, more!

Draís hands went under Friís ribcage, and made smooth stroking motions along Friís chest, gentle movements that further excited his passion, made the encounter even more ecstatic, even more pleasure-filled, his entire body was a part of his passion, he was writhing with the sensations that were assailing senses from all over his body.

Dra gave out a strangled groan and Fri felt the hot sperm surge into his body, he vented his own keening cry and his own seed splashed onto the ground below, sank into the hot, dry ground. Fri squinted his eyes shut, felt the joy washing over his body, rushing through it, cleansing it...changing it forever.

And then Dra was done and now he did as the other males had, he fell upon Fri and Fri himself sank back to the ground entirely. Dra panted a few hot breaths against the back of Friís neck, and then rolled off.

Fri looked at Dra lying upon the ground, his cock slick and wet from Friís ass, and his hand went over and touched Draís body, petting him the way Dra had petted him and as he petted Dra, he found his body awakening again to his arousal. For his part, Dra regarded the erection now jutting out from Friís body and he responded by rolling onto his back, raised his buttocks and presented them to him.

Grunting eagerly, Fri scooted over on his knees and his cock touched those sweaty buttocks, and then it was slipping between them and then, oh, God, the dark softness between, and it was opening for him! He slid inside and it was warm, so warm.

It was like he hadnít even had his first climax. His cock was seething, pulsing, he wanted to come again so badly...and yet. Dra had been gentle. Fri steeled himself to control his newborn passion, to move as gently as Dra had done with him.

And the gentle movements rewarded him with that same feeling of joy he had had before. Fri tried stroking Draís body with his hands, feeling the muscles of the back, along the hips, as they swayed in rhyme to his own thrusts, and he raised his eyes skyward, closed them in his passion, rocked in slow ecstasy.

It laster longer than Dra had with him, but that was only that his body truly was less needful this second time. He fucked Dra as the sun sank lower in the sky, the sky darkened, turning from blue to deep blue, to dark blue, to that color neither blue nor truly black, and then the first stars peered through. Only when the stars were more than the fingers on his hands (as high as Fri could count), only then did Friís passion begin to take hold of him once again.

He murmured gentle assurances to Dra as he moved faster, and Draís fingers went out and caught the long grass in which they lay and he had a big handful and he squeezed them tight as his ass clenched hard on Friís cock.

Again, they came together, Friís jism flowed out of him in a slow, languid stream, with no force to it, it simply poured from his cock and into Draís body and Dra jerked and moaned as his own climax tossed him about beneath Fri.

Fri looked at the encroaching darkness and then at the river. If the group had moved on, he and Dra had just become rogue males again, searching for a tribe to call their own. He would have to start all over...correction. They would start all over together.

But the group of Darkclaw remained where it was, bedding down for the night not far from the river.

Darkclaw regarded them as they rejoined the group. He slapped Maj, one of the young males, motioned him to stand guard this night. Maj would watch for a time, then wake another young male to watch in his turn. Fri and Dra would have to take their turns, no doubt. But for now, they were left alone.

Dra lay down and Fri didnít hesitate to lie next to him. Their bodies would keep each other warm during the surprisingly cold African night. Draís hand stroked Friís stomach idly, not in passion, but in...possession. Fri for his part settled his head on Draís head and looked up again at the night sky.

There was no moon yet, it would rise in another hour or so. There were no clouds, the rainy season was still weeks away. There were only...the stars. Too many stars to count, so very, very many.

Fri felt his mind clear as it had not been ever since his puberty had clouded his brain with the need to mate. He had his mate now, he had Dra, and his body was quiet once again. His brain was free from the need to appraise the females for their readiness to receive him, he was free from the need to study the other males, which one could he defeat and which could defeat him. Darkclaw could have Cos, could have all the females. Fri didnít need them anymore. He had Dra, and Dra had him.

His brain, free to wander with the room it now held within itself, was casting about for something else to occupy itself. What it had were the stars.

What were the stars? Fri had seen them all his life, but never until now had he thought about them. Were they fires, burning in the sky? He had lived through a fire once, big and fierce, it had driven his group before them, and only an early rain had quenched it in time to spare their lives. But the fires of these stars were so small, if he could get close to one, he could spike it upon his spear. Such a small fire would keep the lions away, he was certain. It would be nice to have such a small fire of his very own. It would be useful to Dra and to his group in so many ways. But how could he hope to do this?

He would have plenty of time to think about such things in the days and weeks and years to come.