Billy's Adventures in Toonland
Chapter Eight

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Dean Cameron

Toonland #8 Illustration

"There you are, you rotten horse-thief!" Billy said as he found the stranger. The stranger was standing on a street corner, talking to some friends. Odd-looking friends, one had the head of a donkey, another had an elephant's head, both of these were fat and pompous-looking. The third was tall and lanky, and wore clothes that looked like they were made out of an American flag! God, the stranger who had stolen his doo-whappy was friends with Uncle Sam???

"I been looking for you all over the place!" Billy said as he advanced on the stranger. He felt an odd sense of superiority here he hadn't felt in other places. In those places, he had felt odd, the creators had spent so much more time on them than him, with their shadows, colors, lights and details, so much finer than his. He had felt no inferiority over being a country hick in these towns, but being less carefully drawn...that mattered.

Not here. The creator who had built Billy had used only simple lines and flat colors, the creator who had built the stranger, had built this universe, had used even less time! This whole place was in simple black lines! Some of them were downright sloppy, even!

But that was to be expected here, where Billy the Editorial Cartoons!

It should have been obvious, and had been to Sundancer soon as he had heard of it. What cartoon had never been turned, even briefly, into color? Only the Editorials were too topical to survive human interest more than a score of days, never to be loved enough as individuals to become colorized!

The stranger blanched at seeing Billy. "Uh, excuse me, gentlemen." he said to his companions nervously.

"You took my doo-whappy, you filthy skunk!" Billy said, and his arm was grabbed as the stranger took it and hauled at him; perforce Billy went with him.

"Careful, you're going to hurt my reputation." he hissed out of the corner of his mouth.

"I don't care about your reputation!" Billy snarled. "I come to get my doo-whappy back! Now where you got it?"

"Come with me, come with me, come with me!" the stranger jibbered in fear. But it wasn't fear of Billy. What was he feared of, then, Billy wondered, this made him go in compliant bewilderment as the stranger pulled him along.

They ended up in a room. "Where are we?" Billy asked.

"My place." the stranger said. "Now look around and maybe you'll understand."

Billy looked. "I don't get it." He admitted. "Looks like you done got yourself set up for good."

For the room was filled with money! Bags full, they were piled up all over the place!

"You got your home and your banjo." the stranger said. "Why do you have them?"

"Why? Because...well, because...."

"Because your creator gave them to you!" the stranger said, vehement. "Same as he gave you friends and adventure. Look what my creator gave to me!"

"Lots of money!"

"And nothing else." the stranger said. "Like the old song says, ĎAin't that funny, got nothing but money?'"

"So can't you spend it?"

"I can't spend any of it!" the stranger moaned. "None of it!"

"Why not?" Billy wondered.

"Because it's who I am!" the stranger said. "Don't you know who I am?"

"No." Billy admitted.

"I'm Corporate Greed." the stranger identified himself. "Your role in life is to make children laugh and make adults smile. My role is to be the object of hatred and disgust whenever the need arises. It's what I do."

"Well...that's too bad." Billy said.

"So that's why I took your doo-whappy!" Corporate said. "I need it! I need it a lot more than you do!"

"I can see why you'd be down-hearted all right." Billy said sympathetically. "I guess I can forgive you for feeling the way you do, in light of things, I reckon."

"I'm glad you feel that way."

"So, if you'll just give me back my doo-whappy, I'll forget all about it." Billy said and held his hand out.

The stranger looked at Billy's hand, and then he laughed. It wasn't a nice laugh, not at all.

"Whut's so durned funny?" Billy wanted to know.

"Funny? You are, that's what!" the stranger shook his head. "God, you really are such a hick! You'd better run back to Possum Bottom or wherever you come from fast, before someone steals your hat and overalls, too!"

"You ain't gonna give it back to me?"

"Hell, no!" the stranger said. "It's warmed me up plenty since I got it. I am never going to let go of it. Of course, I never give anything back, but I'm especially not giving you back the doo-whappy! Uff!" That last was because Billy socked Corporate Greed right in his nose!

Corporate reeled back, shocked. "You hit me in my nose!" he complained.

"You're durned tooting I did!" Billy said.

"But...but you're a cartoon for children!" Corporate moaned. "The laws against violence on television clearly state...."

"Television?" Billy sneered. "I got my start up on the movie dailies! Right alongside Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig!" Billy said. "They made me for grown-ups!" And he socked Corporate Greed again.

But the fight had gone out of the editorial cartoon. They didn't fight much, either! He was no match for Billy who had gotten into some kind of fight in every cartoon he'd been in!

Billy ended up on top of Corporate Greed, waving his fist in front of that white face. "Where is it!"

"No, you can't have it!" Corporate Greed moaned, but he was beaten. "If you take it, what am I going to do? I need it! What would I do without it?"

"I'll show you what you do without it!" Billy growled. "Same thing I do all the time."

Billy shuffled out of his pants. "Now you pay attention here, because I'm only going to do this for you once!"

He expected Greed to struggle and beg for mercy, but Greed just shed his clothes with surprising ease, spread his legs and said, "Yes, give it to me, someone give it to me! I want it, I want everything, anything you got, I want it, I want it all!"

Billy pushed against Greed's butthole. "Hey, you're a virgin!" he marveled. The way Greed was acting, he'd have thought Greed would have had some experience.

"I don't care, give it to me, give it all to me!"

"Well, shore." Billy said and he pushed in slowly. Greed moaned, but the moan was of pure pleasure.

"Yeah, yeah!" Greed murmured. "I'm getting it, I'm getting it from you, all of it. Give it to me, I need it, I want it, yeah!"

Billy began to move back and forth, still taking it easy. This virginal ass was constricting on him horribly hard, he was in danger of losing his erection, it was so tight! And yet Greed kept on begging him for more, more, more!

Billy obliged him best he could. He fucked harder and harder at Greed, who clung to him and kept on saying, "More, give me more, I want all of it, more, more!"

Sheesh, Billy thought, this guy shouldn't have any trouble getting himself laid. He wondered why the guy was still packing his cherry like he was. He should have lost it long ago with an attitude like this!

Billy fucked Greed harder and harder, and still Greed wanted more. After a while, he was slamming the pale white ass, and still Greed urged him on, more, more, I want it all!

When Greed came, he gave out a keen that would wake the dead, and when he spurted, it was a powerfully hard load. Billy was soaked from Greed's jizz, the white stuff (too white) was squirting all over Billy's chest and face, it was like Greed was pumping out a gallon of hot male goo, and it got all over both of them, with Greed clutching at Billy, pulling at Billy, still crooning out more, more, give me more, give me more, all of it, I want all of it!

Billy felt his own climax building up. "Here you go." he gasped out in warning. "You want it, well, here it comes!" And he thrust in deep into Greed's bowels and he held still like that, his back arced in like a bow, resting only on his fingertips, and his head thrown back, and his eyes closed, and he shuddered, panted hard, and exploded.

Gmm, gmph, guh! Billy thought as he sputtered small syllables of lust through his clenched teeth. Sheesh, this guy's ass was still tighter'n anything he'd ever had before, it was like Greed was trying to clip his cock off with his sphincter! It made his come almost hurt when it knifed through that constriction, and when it got through, it hit Greed's bowels with increased force, Billy grunted, every muscle in his body locked tight in place, and his mind was unable to move his body at all because his total mind was involved in this orgasm, such a hell of a good come, he was pumping it out just as hard as Greed had pumped it onto him.

When it was done, his muscles turned loose all at once and Billy slumped down onto Greed, who clutched him tighter still and Billy had trouble breathing, Greed was clinging so tightly. He gasped in air as best he could, and when he recovered, he was still in this killer grip, and he said, "Whew, that is one tight ass you got." and he tried to get up.

And couldn't.

"Hey, let me go." Billy said.

"No, you're mine now." Greed said. "Fuck me again, right now."

"Can't, I got to get home now. Got to get home to Punkin Hollow." Billy said. "Now if you'll just turn loose of me."

"No, you're mine!" Greed said sharply. "All of you, you're mine now."

"Let go of me, you weird bastard!" Billy said, struggling. Greed hung on so tight it was a miserable struggle, but Billy finally got to his feet, Greed clinging to his leg. With both arms and both legs, hanging onto Billy tight!

"Let go of me! And where's my doo-whappy!" Billy snapped. He was fed up with this stranger. Just get his doo-whappy and head on home!

"No, you're mine! Mine!" Greed crooned. "You and the doo-whappy, you're mine, you belong to me!"

"All right, Greed, that's enough!" came a voice. Billy looked up to see Uncle Sam standing there.

"Tell your friend to turn loose of me!" Billy said to the tall, lanky representation of the United States of America.

"He's mine, he's mine!" Greed gibbered.

Uncle Sam kindly helped Billy peel Greed off of Billy's leg. "I was wondering why you'd come here." he said to Billy. "I knew there'd be trouble when Greed came back from his vacation so secretive."

"He stole my doo-whappy!" Billy said indignantly. "I came to get it back."

"Yes, of course he stole from you." Uncle Sam said. "That's what he does. It's as much a part of his personality as yours is playing your banjo. I saw you once in a movie theater back when I was helping sell war bonds. We all serve a purpose, and Corporate Greed serves his by being all the things we don't like about this great country of ours. But we have to keep an eye on him just the same. What does this doo-whappy of yours look like?"

Billy saw a square bulge in Greed's discarded clothing. "Never mind, I just found it."

"No, that's mine now, mine, mine!" Greed cluthched at Billy, only Uncle Sam's intervention kept him from fighting with Billy.

Billy pulled his beloved doo-whappy out of Greed's pocket and said, "This is all I came for." he said. "If you don't mind me passing on your hospitality, I'll just take this and be on my way now."

"I understand." Uncle Sam said. "Each of us is happier in his own land. I wish more of us realized that."

"I know I'm not leaving Punkin Hollow again." Billy said emphatically. "Traveling around Toonland was fun, but I'm ready to go home."

He pulled up his pants, closed them, stuffed his doo-whappy in his pants pocket and went back to Punkin Hollow. The trip didn't take him long at all, not when happiness leant wings to his feet!

Back on his own porch, he pulled out his doo-whappy and caressed it like a true friend. "My wonderful doo-whappy." he crooned to it. "With you and my banjo, I don't never need nobody nohow no way never!"

And so he turned on his doo-whappy by pressing the little button on top of it.

And the magic began!