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After All These Years

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Eduardo

Illustration of After All These Years

I heard the knock at the door and muttered, "About damned time!" The mechanic from the auto shop was supposed to have been here a half hour ago! I looked in the mirror, adjusted my tie of pure silk, gave my Italian suit a light brushing with my fingers to remove a glint of lint, and picked up my briefcase of English leather with white-gold clasps and locks, and walked out the door.

The mechanic stood by his car, an older-model Chevrolet that needed a paint job and I winced. I just hoped the partners at the firm didn't see me riding in this heap of junk! I had an image to keep up!

My car, a brand new BMW 325 LE, was having some engine trouble. I had called my dealer and given him hell about it and he had promised to send a tow truck and a driver out to pick me up, and then at the end of the day, I'd either get driven to the shop to pick up my repaired vehicle or a loaner would be delivered to my workplace. Fair enough.

But this...Not only was the ride late but God, it wasn't even a late-model BMW they used to pick me up! The tow truck had been by nearly an hour ago!

I was ready to blow some steam about that, but then I got a look at the man who was coming around to open the passenger door for me.

Tall, strong, brown hair oh-so-carelessly-perfectly styled, the eyes of pale blue that cut to your very soul as they looked at you, the cheeks that begged you to caress them, kiss them. A wonderfully beautiful guy and my only thought when I saw him was, "Oh, shit! It's Leon!"

I knew this guy, from high school and ten years ago. Leon Cardello, God help me, the mechanic was Leon!

He looked at me without recognizing me. "Hello, Mr. Horner." he said. "So very sorry we're late, but I had trouble finding this place. I'm new on the job, sir."

"That's all right." I said, too surprised to react.

"We'll make up some time on the trip."

The inside of his car was clean enough, I sat down in the passenger side and clutched my briefcase in my lap, dreading the moment that he remembered me.

He got into the car and said, "Would you like some music on the radio, sir? Or a morning talk show?"

"Just the news station, if you please." I said, my stomach churning.

His big, brawny hand reached down and gave the knobs a turn. His strongly handsome face held a fatuous smile, ingratiating, subservient. His fingers turned the knob with a motion I came to realize was nervous! He was afraid of me!

Leon Cardello afraid of me! God, this really clashed with the first time we'd met, me a skinny, nervous freshman and him a confident, hulking sophomore, one of a group of guys clustered about the front door, lounging about, finishing their cigarettes even though the first bell had already rung.

"Pardon me." I said as I tried to squeeze around them and still get in the door.

I bumped this big kid and he turned around and it was Leon Cardello.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" he growled at me.

"I'm sorry." I simpered. "Excuse me, please."

"Who the fuck are you?" he demanded.

"Clarence Horner." I said in a small voice.

"Clarence." the other guys hooted.

"Did you say your last name was Horney?" Leon said to me.

"No, no, Horner, Hor, Ner!"

"Hor-Ney." Leon mimicked/mocked me. "Well, the door for freshmen is down there." he pointed. "So get the hell out of our way!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I said and backed back down the steps and scurried off the direction he had aimed me. It was a dead-end alley and I had to go back, and they were gone, and I went in and was late for my first class, earning me a scolding from my home room teacher.

That was my first meeting with Leon Cardello, so you can understand that me sitting in his car now, all these years later, him driving me to the office and playing obsequious servant to me in the meantime, was a peculiar feeling. It was like riding on a soap bubble, and it would pop the moment he remembered who I was.

"Where are we going, sir?" Leon asked me.

"Oh. It's downtown, just get on the southbound 405 and take it to the eastbound 10."

"Yes, sir." Leon said, and that soap bubble gave a bobble.

It had been several years. Surely Leon remembered who Horney Horner was, the cruel nickname he had stuck me with that first day and which had lingered for over a year. I was that painfully shy 15-year-old boy again, my face with acne and my voice cracking and my hormones raging, and he was the already past-puberty 16-year-old stud, quarterback for the school football team, the guy everyone wanted to come to their parties, the guy the girls all gushed over and drew his name inside hearts on their notebooks, who giggled and ignored me when he came by and stared after him with audible sighs. My own were more stifled, the same reason I was trying to get girls to date me, I was gay and scared to let anybody find out. With a nickname like "Horney" on your back, you'd better not let anyone know you're gay, too!

"That's a beautiful car you have, Mr. Horner." Leon said to me, and I jerked back to the present.

"Yes, yes, it's brand new."I said to him.

"Wasn't that a Porsche I saw sitting in the garage?" he asked me.

"Yes, but that's my sister's car." I said. "She's staying with me and needs it to get to school. Besides," I said, rising atop my dignity, "with a brand-new car, I'm not supposed to get stranded like this."

"Yes, sir, and we are truly sorry about this inconvenience." Leon said. "If we can't fix your problem before early afternoon, we'll have a loaner BMW out to you before five o'clock."

"You'd better." I said with a stern tone, the tone of a busy man who has been inconvenienced. "Or I shall take my business elsewhere in future."

The look on Leon's face was remarkable, I must have had that same look on my face when I ended up my sophomore year with my locker next to Leon's. I learned of this when I came out of the shower, my towel wrapped around my skinny waist, and when I got to my locker, I saw Leon standing there, early for his football practice. "Oh, uh, excuse me." I said as I passed nearby, though this time I didn't get within six inches of him. My locker was the lower half (uppers were for football players, and larger), and I crouched down to get my clothes out.

And my towel was snatched away and as I stood up in surprise, I got a slap of the towel on my ass, and being wet it hurt like hell!

"Ow!" I yelped and jumped, my legs doing a bicycle-motion in mid-air.

"Hey, Horney, watch that rat-bite!" Leon laughed.

"Ow, hey!" I protested. I would have said, "Stop that." but not to Leon, I'd had a year of learning to avoid him as much as I could.

"Come on, get out of my way, I have to get ready for football practice."

"I'm sorry." I said and ducked down again to work my combination, my fingers like sausages on the tumbler dial, missing and having to start over again, and again.

"Hey, Horney, you're dangling." Leon said to me.

I looked around and he was standing right up next to me, his crotch in my face, and he was jutting his hips forward to push it close as he could.

"I'm what?" I said.

"Dangling." he said, putting his hand between his legs and wiggling it back and forth, showing what a dick would do when it was limp and its owner squatting down to work a combination lock.

"Oh!" I said and dropped to my knees. "Sorry." and I resumed work on my lock, got it open finally thank God!

"I can see why you're so horny, Horney." Leon said to me.

I looked back to see his crotch still next to my face.

"That's quite a bit of meat you got on you."

"Uh, I guess so." I said.

"Guess so!" Leon said. "Hell, Horney, you ought to let the girls know about it. Bet they'd love to suck on it a while. Thinking about those lips on your peter, you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"No." I said quickly.

"No? Why not?"

"I shouldn't do that." I mumbled.

"Why not?"

"I don't know."

"It's fun." he promised me. "Feels real good."

"I guess so." I muttered.

"What's the matter, you don't like girls?"

"Uh...I got to get dressed or I'll be late for class." I said and backed away from him, sat down further over and got dressed, and he let me.

I know now I should have answered that differently, though to this day I'm not sure what I should have said. I just know what I did say was wrong.

Every day the rest of my sophomore year, Leon was there when I got out of the shower, and every day he'd stand over me and thrust his basket at me and tell me again what I was missing by not getting my cock sucked. I stared at his crotch as he talked, I couldn't help it, and after giving up on him leaving me alone while I got dressed (he followed me over after that first time, keeping his crotch near my face), him talking about how much fun it was to get sucked, me staring at his groin the entire time. I think I saw hard-ons in there sometimes, but could never be sure enough to call him out on it. For myself, only my seated position let me cover them up.

We turned onto the 10 Freeway eastbound. "Take the Harbor Freeway and then onto Figueroa Street." I directed him.

"Yes, sir." Leon said.

He just wasn't making the connection, knowing who I was. Maybe it was the years that had passed since high school, maybe the fact I had filled out my skinny body with weight-gainer drinks and work-outs, maybe it was my social status now.

"Could you try to find some music on the radio now?" I said.

"Oh, yes, sir." Leon hastily reached for the dial and the car wobbled while he fiddled and found a song playing and he looked at me and I nodded. Again, Leon was so nervous, you'd think he was the geek in school and me the jock, not the other way around.

I relished the feeling then, that soap bubble not worrying me any longer, it was a balloon carrying me out of the morass of my school years at last and into the high strata Leon had once occupied. I was his equal now, no, more than his equal. I was his superior!

At the job, I waited for the call to come, for I knew the car would not possibly be ready. I was going to ask Leon to deliver the loaner to me and make him come up and see where I worked and then, when he was impressed with the corner office and plush rugs and deferential staff around me, I was going to tell him who I was, get him back at last for all the years.

At 1:30pm, the call came in from the shop. "Your car is ready for you, sir." they told me.

"What, what? Ready?" I babbled.

"Yes, sir, you can pick it up whenever you'd like, or we can deliver it for you."

"But this won't do!" I said quickly. "Uh, I'll be in meetings the rest of the day." I was talking fast. "I was expecting you to drop off a loaner."

"We can drop your car off for you, sir." they offered. "Someone could bring it by for you between four and five o'clock."

"No, no!" I said. "I don't want your men driving my car around in rush-hour traffic."

"So what would you like for us to do, sir." they asked me.

I was thinking fast as I could, I couldn't be deprived of my victory! "Uh, have that same man who took me to work pick me up." I said. "He can take me to your shop and I'll pick up my car then. When will you close?"

"Six thirty, sir." they said.

"No good." I said. "I'll be in meetings until seven."

"We'll have him pick you up at seven, then." they said.

"The same man?" I said. "Leon, I believe his name was." The butterflies were fluttering again in my stomach.

"We'll have Leon pick you up. We understand your concern for your car, sir."

"Very good." I said and set down the phone, hanging up on them.

Okay, this could still work. Leon would have to come up and get me. I'd make the receptionist stay late and bring him back. He'd get a good look at the offices if not all the people. Then he'd take me to the shop and there, I'd find something wrong with the repairs, make him grovel like I'd groveled so many times over the years, and then I'd tell him who I was.

It wouldn't be as good as before, but it'd be something. Maybe I could get him down and shove my crotch in his face and him turn around and then I'd tell him. Yeah, yeah, that was it!

Leon walked in behind the receptionist, his soft cap in his hands. "Are you ready now, sir?" he asked me.

"Just a few minutes while I finish these papers." I said. "No, you can stand there, this won't take but a moment." By doing that I denied him a seat and I kept him standing for nearly ten minutes. I expected him to give up and sit down but he didn't, he stayed upright and waited on me, smiling nervously every time I looked up.

"Well, let's go." I said at last. "Get my coat for me, will you, it's on the hanger by the door."

"Yes, sir." Leon said and I made him put it on me, dressing me, acting as my impromptu valet. Brushed the sleeves like he'd gotten them dirty and I had the satisfaction of seeing him gulp. A dissatisfied customer could make a new mechanic lose his job, after all.

"Let's go now, Leon." I said with a sniff in my voice. I was proud of that sniff.

"Yes, sir." He said as subserviently as any footman.

Again, I made him open the door for me, close it for me. Inside, the car didn't start right away and I snorted, and he apologized profusely.

We got to the shop and it was dark. "So sorry, they must have forgotten to leave on the lights." Leon said to me. "You wait here in the car and I'll get the lights on, sir."

"Very well." I said. "I just hope my BMW is properly fixed or we'll have to go through this all over again tomorrow night!"

"No, sir. Uh, yes, sir." He babbled, and got out hastily.

I went inside and said, "Show me the repairs that were done."

"We just removed a plastic piece in the manifold." Leon said. "The manufacturers must have left that piece in, it didn't belong in there at all, and it clogged one of your intake valves."

"As you say." I said. Well, I couldn't fault what they'd done if that was all it was. I walked around to my side and stopped, pointed in horror. "What is that dent doing there!" I demanded. I had put the dent in the door there myself in a shopping center, but it was so minor I didn't expect them to have noticed it.

"A dent, sir?" Leon said, and he came over. "Where is it, sir?"

"Right down there!" I said, pointed to the bottom of the door. "Can't you see it?"

As I hoped, he got down on his knees and bent down to look at it. "I see it now, sir, so very sorry." he said.

I got up right next to him. "You should be." I said. "Look at me."

He looked around and his nose nearly brushed my groin, he stared right at it. "I am not used to being treated like this." I said, building up to my pronouncement. "I must be satisfied with every aspect of a repair job or I will not accept delivery or make payment."

I was wearing boxers and my Italian business suit, it's not the same as cotton briefs and blue jeans like Leon had worn when he did it to me. I'd often wondered if he had a hard-on, but Leon had no question about the ridge that was poking towards his face. He was looking right at it.

"I must be satisfied." I said and my voice got all husky and soft when I said that. "I am a very important man in my profession and cannot settle for anything but the best."

"Yes, sir." Leon said but he wasn't looking at my face.

"You don't know what I've been through to get where I am, what I go through every day." I was using the words I had planned to use when I revealed myself, but they were pouring out now in a different way. "It is so very important...." And my voice trailed away.

Leon's lips were licked by his so-pink tongue as he stared at my clothed erection. "I understand, sir." He said to the tent in my pants. "I understand exactly what you need."

My hand went into that hair, God, that hair I had longed for so many years to brush into, my fingers went into his hair and it was as soft and as lush and as sweetly oiled as I remembered it!

And when my fingers touched his scalp, he leaned forward and his lips, those lips I had yearned to kiss so many years ago, they were now kissing my crotch! Nibbling my boner through the Italian weave, it was like nothing at all was between us, I felt the dampness of his mouth on my prick and my hand clenched on his head and pulled him into me.

Leon gnawed at my cock inside my trousers with a passion and fervor that banished any thought of mine about his reluctance; he was doing this because he wanted to as much as I wanted him to! Knowing that, knowing that Leon Cardello, the highschool quarterback, the senior-year stud, the Prom King and sports hero, this Leon Cardello was kneeling at my feet and chewing at my basket, hungry for my cock, I let out a groan that bubbled up from the depths of my soul where it had languished for over a dozen years or more. God, at last, at last!

"Uh, guh, huhh!" I moaned. "Damned, yeah, I want yours." I murmured. "I want yours, too."

His response was to let go, look up at me, smiling but in an ingratiating way (he wanted to please me above all else), he said, "I'll get us a blanket."

He pulled out not a blanket like the kind that goes on your bed, this was a tougher material and meant to be laid down on the ground or concrete to protect the worker as he crawled under a car. It came out of a plastic bag and was quite clean, I think he opened a brand-new one for us. I didn't complain, just stepped back, and worked on freeing my hard-on from its cage while he spread the blanket out on a bare patch of the concrete. Then he pawed at his pants, large loose-legged blue-jeans, and without even taking off his boots, he shucked pants and briefs with ease and was naked from waist to ankles.

I settled for removing my jacket and hanging it on a handle of a projecting small machine that looked clean and said, "Get down and let me work on yours, too, Leon." My voice was weak and husky from lust, I had wanted this man since my school days and I had him now, I had him, willing and eager and not a word about "Horney Horner" to mar the delight of it all!

Leon eagerly stretched out on the ground, his legs splayed wide and his heels pulling him into position for me as I knelt over him and when I leaned down to reach for his cock, my own was in his face and he scarfed it down and let my weight drive it into his mouth and throat to the base!

The raw joy of that instant of pleasure was nearly enough to make me cream right then, but I fought it off with a pause, a sigh and a firming of resolve, then I bent to his own prong, which I had never seen before that day.

Firm, strong, rich...but smaller than mine by an inch or two. That made it just right, I had the Prom King's cock in my mouth and it was smaller than mine! Yeah, God, yeah, I was on top of him in more ways than our current position, I was above him now, above the lord of the high school, he was mine now, to do with as I would!

I humped at his mouth and forced him to suck me, leaving him to catch such breaths as he could while I moved, I didn't care, I would make him choke or gasp if I could, but somehow he managed without that and I was caught up then in the redolent flavor and rich savory taste of his cock! Jeez, it tasted good! The taste of a man who had labored hard all day, the sweat juices cumulating in his briefs, soaking his prick, and then it was all there waiting for me, and I had it, I had his juices now, they were mine!

Relenting in my desire to dominate this stud after all these years, I rolled onto my side and we worked in a harmony of sucking and being sucked, his moist lips driving delight out of my prick to dance into my body, his cock a hard solid velvety tool of joy that poured the raw essence of Leon Cardello, the man of my wet dreams, into my mouth.

I could have stayed like this forever, but Leon ended that with his next offer. Pulling his mouth off my reluctantly enraged cock, he panted out, "I want you to fuck me." He contritely returned to sucking on my prick to make up for the pause in my pleasure, and I again nearly creamed at this, Leon was begging me to fuck him, the campus king was my sex-toy now!

"Sure." I panted when I could regain my control. I let go and he pivoted about with an alacrity that amazed me, his body moved with the ease of his runs on the football field, me admiring his skill as he dodged and ducked and leaped with the football in hand even while I secretly hoped for a bone-crunching collision while he was doing it!

Now this body trained on the field was moving to my needs, he had himself around in no time, and those well-muscled legs were hovering near me one on either side and he groaned again, "Fuck me, sir, fuck me now!"

My cock practically leapt to his asshole, I only had to move my hips to help it reach the gap, and then it was touching that tender indentation of flesh, feeling like a solid soft spot to be broken apart rather than an opening to be breached.

I pushed against him and he gasped, and I said, "Want me to stop?"

"No, sir." He said. "But go slowly, please, sir. I haven't done it in so many years."

Done it? Leon Cardello had done it before?

"How long has it been?"

"Not since my junior year in high school." he panted.

"Why not after that?" I pressed him.

"Got married." He groaned. "Divorced six months ago. Now...God, sir, please fuck me, just take it slow, sir, please."

God, I could have had him back in school! If I'd only taken him up on those thinly-veiled offers of his...had I been so blind by my fear of him not to have seen that aspect to his taunts? Wanting to ask me for sex without asking, so he could back out if I said no. And me, for me, it had only been agony of the fear of saying yes.

"Sure." I said. "I'll fuck you. Have to stretch you open, you know. You'll be tender as any virgin if it's been that many years."

I pushed against him again and he groaned but didn't beg any longer. I found myself with an unaccountable tenderness for this, my former tormenter, my plans for his humiliation (so richly deserved, you must admit, for I have not told you a tithe of his many taunts and slights in my three years with him in school) had been put aside, now I wanted to make it with him at last, let that young man I had been enjoy him at last, I turned my sixteen-year-old self loose and let him control the desire, forgetting the years that had lain between for in fact, there was that part of me that had never let go of that time, that had held it still fresh and knife-sharp all this time, I let this part relish the moment, let the feel of Leon's ass cover over the wounds so they could heal at last!

When my cockhead popped inside Leon's sphincter and it clamped around the base of my glans, he moaned anew and his cock surged to rock-hardness, and he grabbed himself and began to pump hard. "Oh, God, sir, fuck me!" He moaned. "God, I'm going to come soon, I'm going to come, oh, God, it's been so long!"

"Yes, so long." I moaned as I pushed into him deeper, with the glans inside him, the rest of the time was so much easier-going, or perhaps his body was remembering what to do now. I felt nearly no resistance and what I felt was a moment of slight adjustment to remove and I could push in deeper.

"So long. All these years." I sighed as I pushed the last of my length into him and he was moaning softly in desire, his eyes closed, face softened, cheeks so very kissable, and now I could kiss them and I did, and they were just what I had dreamed of for so long! So long! "So long." I breathed in his ear.

"Yes, so long." he agreed. "Fuck me, please, I need to come so bad, sir, please!"

I began to move my hips back and forth, sending my pud into his bowels and he clutched my back and clung to me, moaning with every moment, moaning in joy at being fucked by me, being fucked by his torment victim, the years had changed us both beyond all recognition, he didn't know me and I barely recognized him in this new role, the newbie mechanic eager to please me, the powerful businessman. He clung to me and absorbed strength from me and I found it pouring out of me into him and for me it was the delight of a master fucking his slave, I could take him home with me, I knew now, take him with me and he would go willingly, he would don any chains or harness I could pick with eager dog-like devotion, he would be my fuck-slave if I wanted him that much.

Knowing this, I began to fuck him harder, fucking my slave, taking my domination of him, and he took it all without complaints, only sounds of joy and pleasure-agony escaped his lips.

"Oh, God, oh, sir, I'm coming now, I'm coming!" He groaned. "Ah-ah-ah!"

I raised up, to protect my clothing from his blast, and resting on my knees I hunched him in that 90-degree angle position and him pumping away on his prick and that was how he came, he blasted over himself, his muscled chest soaked from his wads and I groaned as I looked at him jisming from the joy of being fucked by me.

I had him, I had him at last, he was mine, all mine! God, that instant of raw knowledge hit me like a sledge-hammer and I was coming!

I held back from my ejaculating, forcing my body to keep back the flow, while my climax assaulted my brain, and only when it was more than I could bear did I pull out of him and I squirted my own load on top of his, peppering this man, this former high school monarch, with my jizz and I kept my eyes open and watched as my sperm landed on him like pearls upon a velvet cushion, glistening in the light overhead, nestled on his body here, dripping down and running off there, and when I was done, when the lights ceased to fire in my vision, I reached down and I ran my hands over the mess on Leon's stomach and chest, and I smeared our two jisms together into a single soggy mess on his stomach hairs and Leon just chuckled as I did this.

I leaned over again, this time to steal a kiss from those lips, finally a kiss from Leon, I got my kiss and it was salty and wet and soft and unforgettable!

"Damn, sir, you are one hot stud." Leon praised me.

"You're as good as I thought you'd be." I said in return. "After all these years...." I caught myself in time, this was NOT the moment to reveal myself. Maybe I should never reveal myself to him.

"Yeah, I guess you never forget how to do it." Leon said. "God, I wasted those years in that marriage, and I was working for her father so I had to quit, now I got nothing at all, nothing after all these years."

"Yeah." I said. "I'd better get home now."

I rose and pulled my pants up and fastened them. Leon was pulling his own pants on, and he said, "Sir?"


"What do you want to do about that ding? It'll be Monday before we can take it out for you, maybe longer."

"Hmmm." I said. "I don't know. Do you have any ideas?"

"Yes, sir." Leon said. He was acting subservient again, shy, even. "I could take you home and take you to work on Monday and pick you up after work to pick up the car. I think we could get it done for you on Monday if I let them know your situation."

"Go the entire weekend without a car?" I said. "You can get me a loaner, or a rental?"

"No." Leon said. "But...I could drive you where you needed to go, maybe."

"You'd have to stay the weekend with me." I pointed out, and his smile answered that for me. "I think that's a great idea. My sister goes home to visit our parents every weekend, we'll have the whole place to ourselves."

"I'd like that." Leon said, and again, he was the shy, submissive servant.

We left to go back to his car and I was thinking hard and fast. I hadn't revealed myself to Leon and he didn't remember me. I had to decide how I'd handle it if he did figure out who I was. I think a lot would depend on how he behaved when he learned.

"What would you like to listen to on the radio, sir?" Leon asked me when I sat down.

"Something soft." I said. "No country music or hard rock." I was speaking employer to employee, my pleasure was his command.

"Yes, sir." Leon said.

Leon may never know who I was. I had changed a lot since my high school days. But then, so had Leon.

After all these years, maybe it was time to put high school behind us.


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