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Trailer Park Trash, Chapter Five


By Tommyhawk1
Artwork (c) 2000 by Voyeur

Illustration of 'Trailer Park Trash #5'

T-Bone was working on his bike again when I got home. I turned off the engine--shit, with everything that happened, I forgot to make a copy of the key for myself!--and got out. I didn't see Lloyd or Johnny anywhere, just T-Bone once again under his motorcycle, lying on his back, and again I noted the basket inside those tight jeans.

"Hello." I said when I got closer and he looked up at me, his beard and mustache giving him a dangerous look--or was it just that I now knew this man was a criminal?

He looked up at me. "Hand me that socket wrench, the five-eighths." he said without preamble.

"Uh, sure!" I said and I looked at his toolbox. The tools were a jumble, it wasn't a case of just reaching out and taking it. I got down to my knees and I fished until I spotted it, looked at the measurements stamped on the side, then handed it to him. "Here you go." I said.

He took it and started tightening, he had a bolt-with-nut he was fastening on. I could see now that I was close up that the engine on this motorcycle was a mismatch of parts and making-do; either he was experimenting on his motorcycle or...more likely...he couldn't afford to fix it right and was monkeying with it to keep it running somehow, anyhow.

He turned the nut and said, "Shit. Kid, get the vise grips and lean in here and hold that bolt steady."

"Yes, sir." I said as I found the grips and bent over. The bolt was running front to back, holding two parts of some larger piece...I don't know engines well enough to name it for you, the engine block?...and I clamped the vise down on the bolt, he gave the nut a hard twist and the vise slipped from my hand and clanked against the block.

"Damn it, hold that thing right!" He grumped.

"I'm sorry." I said, a little peeved. I was helping him, why was he griping at me, I'd just stepped up to say hello and where's Lloyd, for Christ's sake! "Go ahead, I got it now."

"Hold it tight, the engine's hot. Don't touch it or you'll burn yourself."

"Yes, sir." I said and gripped it. I don't think the bolt was in the holes properly, because the nut didn't want to turn without turning the entire bolt...the wrong size?...and I had to hold it real tight to do any good. The only way to do that was with both hands, and to do that, I had to kneel with one knee between his legs. He turned and the vise threatened to slip from my grip and I scooted up to get a better hold on it.

And my knee scooted right up to nudge his groin, and his hip was so much wider that my own crotch was practically resting on his leg. When he turned the nut again, I had to grip and to do that I had to crouch down, and now my crotch was on his leg.

He didn't react, just kept turning that nut, tightening it up. Finally, he was done and he said, "Hand me up that other nut and bolt there." he pointed languidly on his other side. I leaned over to get it and that really ground my nuts against his leg.

"Now hold this one right." He said as he undid the nut from the bolt which had been threaded on to keep them together.

It threaded on as tough as the other one, and T-Bone began again to work his foot in that imaginary gas-pedal way. This caused his upper thigh to fatten up as the muscles flexed, and then relaxed, flex, relax, and his thigh rubbed my crotch with each motion.

"Hey, T-Bone, what's going on?" came Lloyd's call, and T-Bone stopped the motion. "Hey, Corey. What are you doing here?" he said almost cautiously, almost...jealously?

"Just holding this for him while he tightens the nut." I nearly babbled.

"You weren't here." came T-Bone's laconic justification for it.

"I was coming right back." Lloyd said as he handed T-Bone down a beer and kept the other one for himself. The beer looked nice and frosty cold inside that red-and-white can, and I felt my lips water at how that cold beer would taste going down, icy cold, then...warm inside your stomach.

"Could I have a beer?" I asked.

"Last ones." Lloyd said as he turned the beer back and chugged it.

"You can have a slug of mine." T-Bone handed his beer up to me.

I took it and said, "Thanks." and turned it back, and the sweet yellow brew poured into my mouth. Did I also taste tobacco on it, from T-Bone's mouth? I drank a healthy dose of it and handed it back. "Man, that hits the spot. Thanks, T-Bone."

"Hey, guys!" Johnny walked up.

"Come on, get up!" Lloyd said as he hauled at me, lifting me by one arm off of T-Bone.

"Hey!" I complained as I rose up perforce; it was that or get my arm yanked off.

"I'm the one who helps T-Bone!" Lloyd said to me. There was genuine anger in his face. "Not you! Me! Got that!"

"Hey, man, chill!" Johnny said, trying to step between us.

"What's your problem?" I asked, getting mad myself. "I was just doing what he told me."

"Yeah, well, I do what he tells me!" Lloyd said. "You want to get laid, you go get in bed with my old man, you got it?"

I looked down at T-Bone, searching for answers. I got a smile and a sort of shrug.

"All right, all right!" I said. "I'm sorry, Lloyd, okay?"

"Well...don't let it happen again, you got me?"

"Corey? Corey!" Mom yelled at me from across the trailer court. "Corey, come back inside, it's time for supper!"

"All right, Ma." I groused.

While I was eating my supper with Mom and Madeline (who seemed to have become a fixture in our new home), I heard the motorcycle start up. I looked out just in time to see T-Bone and Lloyd taking off down the trailer court and onto the highway. Shit! He got away from me.

After dinner, while Mom and Madeline watched dumb television shows and yapped on and on as usual, I got fed up and said, "I'm going over to Lloyd's house."

"He's not back yet." Madeline pointed out, quite accurately.

"Then I'll go see Johnny." I said with a tone that indicated what I thought of Madeline's interference.

I took off out the door and as I stepped off the tiny porch I heard Mom say, "You see how he is, I don't know what to do with that boy any more."

"He should go live with his father." Madeline said rather practically. I didn't hear Mom's answer to that.

I knocked on Trailer "M" but nobody was home. I thought about knocking on the landlady's trailer, but decided against it. While I was figuring out what to do, the motorcycle came back. I'm not sure why, but instead of going out to meet it, I stayed back and when it came by, there were three on that motorcycle, T-Bone, Lloyd and Johnny, Johnny and Lloyd practically in each other's laps and Johnny having to nearly stand up to fit on that motorcycle back. You can do that, but it's a hell of an unsafe way to ride a motorcycle.

I hung back and watched as the three went into Trailer "J." I wondered if T-Bone and Lloyd had pulled a job or something. Hell, I was supposed to catch T-Bone in the act, wasn't I? So I decided to sneak up on Trailer "J" and see what I could see there.

I don't know how long I stood out in that darkness, peering in the window of Trailer "J". T-Bone and Lloyd had picked up some hamburgers and were eating out of the grease-stained bag, talking. Then more beers while they watched a television show. I was getting pretty bored by all thsi when T-Bone yawned and stretched and when his arm came back down, it went around Lloyd's shoulder.

Lloyd smiled and curled against T-Bone. I realized by now that T-Bone wasn't going to show me anything illegal, but I hoped to figure out how Lloyd and Johnny figured into this. So I crept up closer and even closer when I realized that the conversation had turned to me.

"You're awful affectionate tonight. If I knew my flirting with that Corey fellow would get you feeling frisky, I'd've done it that first day." T-Bone asked Lloyd as he ran one stubby finger over Lloyd's lip, pulling it out in a temporary pout. "The way he stares at my crotch, I think he wants to touch it."

"Well, it's mine!" Lloyd said possessively and wrapped his hand around that thick basket.

"You not willing to share it?" T-Bone asked him, smiling.

"No way." Lloyd said. "It's all mine."

"What about Johnny, then?" T-Bone gestured over at Johnny, who was watching the proceedings with as much interest as I was. "Can he get some of this?" "Johnny doesn't want any." Lloyd protested.

"I'm not so sure about that." T-Bone said. "He's looking over here like he's kind of hungry."

"Should have picked him up a hotdog." Lloyd said.

"I got a hotdog for him." T-Bone teased him. "Why don't you let him handle it this time, instead of making him just watch?"

"No way, this is mine." Lloyd protested and his hands now were unfastening T-Bone's jeans. The coppery zipper slid down with a rasp and Lloyd was reaching inside, and T-Bone kind of groaned and slid down on the couch.

"That's right, baby, it's all yours." T-Bone said. "Every last bit of it. Ooh!" That last sound came as I saw, from the angle of Lloyd's hand, that he had just grabbed a solid hold of T-Bone's cock.

"Take it out, baby, take it out." T-Bone crooned.

Lloyd gave a yank and I got my first look at T-Bone's cock. Jeez, what a whanger! A thick salami-shaped-and-sized tube of meat topped with a squat, rounded head, the foreskin thick and folded heavily about the shaft. Lloyd was palping that huge cylinder of manmeat, began to work it for him in long, slow strokes. Poor Johnny was looking at that massive sausage with a sort of longing, Lloyd wouldn't share it, had seemed to forget Johnny was even in there with him and his motorcycle stud. Lloyd pumped T-Bone's cock up until it was a red-headed, weeping rod of male lust and then he leaned over and put his head into T-Bone's lap and suckled on the thick pud, relishing that wide prong, working it slowly, little by little, into his mouth. He was worshiping that huge dong, his face blissful as he sent that turgid tool into his mouth like some huge lollipop.

Johnny was watching all of this, and his actions said he'd been in this position before, he didn't hesitate to stare bluntly at the pair, slide down in his chair and unzip and take out his prong, pumping it as he watched his best friend sucking on a rough motorcyclist's dick.

I felt my own cock, and thought about joining in, I was pretty private here, but then T-Bone got up and stood in front of Lloyd, grabbed Lloyd's face and began to fuck his face; I could only see the broad hips and taut buttocks as they plunged that humongous rod into Lloyd's face, then he reached down and lifted Lloyd to his feet, Lloyd smiling sort of bashfully and sort of proudly, he belonged to T-Bone his body language said, he belonged utterly and could think of no better lot in life than here and now.

"Come on, baby, let's go to bed." he said. "That couch isn't comfortable."

"Sure." Lloyd said and as they moved toward the bedroom I ducked my head back, for fear I'd be seen. I looked back again after a moment to see the living room entirely empty.

The bedroom, they must all be in the bedroom. The slant of the land made this awkward, I went around to the back of the trailer house and could just barely reach the window sill. I had to leave them, find something to stand on, and after a time all I could think to do was to snatch the rear steps from the neighbor's back porch, a heavy and ungainly answer. It took me minutes to move it over, straining to heave the three-stepped wooden construction free of its ingrown berth, and then over to the window.

By the time I was able to step up and look in the window, some ten minutes had passed. I looked in on three nude guys. T-Bone had scorned the bed, he had laid out a sheet on the carpeted floor and they were on it beside the bed instead, T-Bone kneeling with Lloyd lying across the sheet, sucking on T-Bone's prick, that same look of blissful fulfillment on his face. Johnny was just leaning over to take Lloyd's cock into his mouth and Lloyd didn't stop him from doing so, but didn't seem to notice hardly, either, too intent upon loving that hairy man's prong.

I watched this tableau, my hand fondling my crotch, my cock getting hard and uncomfortable. God, this explained why Lloyd didn't want his father's attentions in any way or any time; he was too devoted to T-Bone, the hairy, hunky neighbor, he was in love!

T-Bone reached down and yanked Lloyd off his prick after a time. "That's enough, baby." he said. "Get in position so I can fuck you now."

Now I understood the reason for the sheet on the floor, Lloyd got up on the bed and lifted his legs in a wide, proud V, and T-Bone walked around on his knees and inserted his spit-lubed prong into Lloyd's butt. I watched that massive pud slip into Lloyd's ass, and Lloyd didn't groan out a single syllable of pain, he just smiled and worked his ass, welcoming in the heavy cock which burrowed its way in like an old-time friend.

Johnny got around so he could sit on the bed, neglected and forgotten once again as this pair turned to each other alone, he pounded his dick while T-Bone fucked Lloyd right there. I watched those hairy pink buns of T-Bone as they lithely pumped back and forth, sending that huge prong into Lloyd's butt, Lloyd making glad cries now of passion and arousal, Johnny watching all this with a familiar posture; he had seen this all before many times, but he was still far from bored by it. I wondered how that felt like, being present time and again while someone made love, letting you watch but not letting you join in. T-Bone had Lloyd's legs in both hands and he was lifting himself up onto his toes now, he bodily wrenched Lloyd upwards onto the bed more and now he locked himself into Lloyd's arms, Lloyd held onto him and wrapped his legs around that hair-covered back, and Johnny lay back as well, his head craned upright to watch as T-Bone began to fuck Lloyd in earnest. I couldn't see much, just the two bodies locked in their fervent embrace, but it was a magnificent fuck just the same, that heavily muscled body pumping the smaller, paler form of Lloyd, Lloyd clutching and clinging to T-Bone as he was fucked, giving himself, all of himself, to T-Bone in a way that he hadn't to me in our encounters. I was a mere hole to fuck, to get off into, but T-Bone...T-Bone was his main man, his lover, his paramour, Lloyd relished this embrace and his body glowed vibrantly from the joy of being fucked by the man he loved.

I was whomping my pud full-tilt now, my shorts down beneath my balls, feeling my passion rising as I watched my new friend being fucked in such a complete and loving way, so much better than the mindless sex I'd been having, I could tell. God, I wanted to be fucked like that, loved like must be great, I knew it was great, but I hadn't had it yet, and fuck, how could I get it?

Lloyd gave some whimpering cries, rising in pitch and I saw as T-Bone lifted up how Lloyd's prong burst forth and sprayed its fountain of jism out to land where it would, some on T-Bone but most of it back on Lloyd's stomach and chest. T-Bone laughed as Lloyd's orgasm gripped him, and that was a hard laugh, but not mean, just filled with life and the sheer joy of living, and when T-Bone was finished giving Lloyd his climax, he fucked Lloyd again with a serious expression, intent now on his own pleasure, and his face softened as his passion grew within him, I saw the flush of his body as it bubbled up from within, rising up his entire back and then onto his face, and as his face turned bright red from the exertion, T-Bone threw his head back, groaned out, "Fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming, I, I, uh, uh, uh, GUH-HUNNKKHHH!"

"Oh, yeah, shoot it, shoot it, cu-huh!" Johnny chimed in and lay back full on the bed, whomping his prick as he spurted white geysers onto his golden brown body, to lie stained and soiled with his own ejaculate the same as Lloyd, side by side, sharing this much of the sexual act at least, and T-Bone finished filling Lloyd's ass and leaned over, resting his hands on the bed while he caught his breath, then playing in Lloyd's cooling jism on his stomach, drawing tattoos in it, and Lloyd smiled into his partner's face, completed and whole in his relationship. No wonder he resented his father's incursions as much as he did, his ass belonged only to T-Bone!

God, I was so damned worked up! I didn't want to just beat my meat, but what else could I do?

My answer presented itself with the question, and I tucked my hard dong back into my shorts and trod up the slope to Trailer "J" and walked inside. Lloyd's dad was stretched out watching television, a beer in his hand and several more empty cans lying about.

"Hey, Corey, how's it going?" he said to me.

I stripped my shirt off and kicked off my sneakers, then tugged down my shorts, all in silence, and he watched me, not yet drunk, just...watching me.

When I was nude, I said, "Fuck me, sir. Fuck me right now. I need to be fucked, I need it, sir, please!"

"Well." He said but I didn't give him time to come up with a protest or a rationale for the act, I just climbed onto him and leaned down and kissed his sour-mash-tasting mouth hard while I ground my crotch against his.

"Damn, Corey, you're really worked up, aren't you?" he gasped when I let go of his mouth.

"Yeah, damned straight." I panted, my blood pounding in my ears, my eyes seeing only T-Bone and Lloyd's bodies in their passionate embrace. I wanted it, I wanted it right now, or as close as I could get, and that was Lloyd's dad. "Come on, get those pants down and I'll ride you right fucking here."

"Shit!" He sighed as I followed through on my threat, I stood up and unfastened his jeans, unbuttoned them and yanked at them. He didn't try to stop me, but he didn't help me, just lay there like a lump while I bared his body from waist to knees, and then I leaned down and took that huge pud into my mouth. Damn, it was nasty, I don't think the guy had washed since he'd fucked me the night before! I didn't much care, though, I just wished his cock was cleaner, and then I cleaned it off with my tongue, lubricating it as well, and then I climbed back onto him, my knees on the cushions on either side, and I guided that prong into my ass.

God, it felt good, to be fucked, even by a lout like this one! I wanted more, I wanted better, but this was good, damned good. "Damned good!" I grunted. "Come on, fuck me!"

"You want it, you do it." he retorted, and he lay there like a piece of dead meat, only the hot hard cock in my ass telling me that this guy was alive. I had to do all the work, I had to bounce up and down on his prick, making that thick meat work its magic on my body, feeling that huge organ as it plied its way into my body at my behest and my control, and it was like a dildo for all the warmth and physical contact I got out of it.

But it was what I had, I bounced on him, not trying to please him, only myself, I rode that huge pud and pumped my cock while he lay there looking at me, not smiling, not reacting, and I fastened instead on the memory of T-Bone and Lloyd and I became Lloyd and I felt those warm arms about me and my body alive as it gave itself to the man I loved, and in that second-hand way, I climbed to my climax, nurturing the timid orgasm all the way until at last it blossomed and I could cling tightly to my ejaculation, holding it back to intensify the pleasure, and by wringing it this way, I managed a mostly-satisfying climax and when I released it, my cock revenged itself by spurting a single heavy load for the first wad, and Lloyd's dad got that load right in his sotted face.

"Damn, kid, shoot it!" He said. "Shit, yeah, shit!" He wa now, only now, getting into this, while I writhed with my orgasm, sprayed him with my load, and he began to hunch upwards into me as I shrank down into post-coital lassitude, and now I was the one not participating, and he squirmed us around until he got me lying on the couch and he hunched and thrust at me like that, me laying there like sphaghetti that had fallen from a plate, only wanting this to be over, and he groaned, squirted his load into me, and as soon as he was done, I pushed him off of me and got up.

"Thanks." I said as I slipped on my shorts.

"No, thank you." he said. "Shit, Lloyd was right. You are a real horn-dog."

"You got that right." I said, not looking at him. I got my shoes on and pulled on my shirt as I left. Lloyd's dad was babbling about something, but I ignored all of it, didn't hear it.

I got back to my house and Mom and Madeline were still up, watching television and talking and I sat there, ignoring them. Waiting.

After they went to bed I still sat there, waiting. Waiting until my neighbor in Trailer "D" pulled up, Gavin, and when he arrived and went inside, I went over and opened his door like I was allowed to.

He looked up, surprised as I walked in. He was fixing a sandwich. "Hey, Corey." he said to me. "What's up?"

"Nothing." I said. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Uh, sure." he said.

"Not sex." I clarified. "Just sleep."

His face sobered. "All right, Corey. Just sleep."

"Thank you." I said. "Mind if I get in bed now?"

"No. Go on. I'll be in there in about a half hour."

"Suit yourself." I said and walked back down the unfamiliar hall. It wasn't my home, but I didn't have a home anymore. I got undressed and into that bed and for no reason I can figure out, I cried a little while. When Gavin came back and his big, warm body snuggled up to mine, I turned and held onto him, kissed him once, and feeling safe at last, I went to sleep.


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