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Man in God's Image

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Inocentius & Pervertida

Illustration of Man in God's Image

Obagumbo had listened with kind attention to Father Miller's impassioned, impromptu sermon. But when the Right Reverend Miller mentioned that God had created Man in his own image, Obagumbo burst out in laughter! "What is the matter?" Father Miller asked plaintively. "All my words are true!"

"And so I agreed until you said that. Man made in God's own image! Now that is something we know to be wrong."

"You don't think Man is made in God's own image?"

"Definitely not!" Obagumbo had learned the word "definitely" only a short time ago and loved it, used it often. "God made the very first man in his own image, and it was the first and only mistake he's ever made."

And with that, Reverend Miller found himself on the receiving end of a sermon, a novel experience for him indeed.

* * * * *

When the All-Father Mobagutu made the world, he put in it all the many things that would make the world beautiful and good and useful and fertile, and everything he made, he gave a purpose. He made the flowers to paint the ground with their colorful beauty and he made the antelope to eat the grass and keep it short and clean, and he made the lion to eat the antelope so that the antelope would not eat too much of the grass. And when he was done, Mobagutu looked about the world he had made and said, "It is not yet enough. I need something that will exist to live in this world and appreciate all that it is and all that it has, something that will rejoice in the flowers and the grass and the antelope and the lion. I will make a Man!"

And with Mobagutu was his faithful servant Simabasi, and Simabasi asked him, "And what form would you make this Man of yours? Will you make it like the lion or like the antelope? Will you make him strong like the winds or large like the mountains?"

Mobagutu considered this and then smiled, "I shall do better. I shall make the Man in my own image and my own form, and he can then appreciate my works as if it were I that were the Man."

* * * * *

When Reverend Miller heard this, he was surprised, "But you said that Man was not made in God's image, and now you tell me...."

Obagumbo held up his hand. "I have not yet finished my story. Please to let me finish and you will understand."

"All right, but you didn't...."

But Obagumbo had started again with his story.

* * * * *

And Mobagutu was as good as his word, he made the Man and used his own image in all ways to make the Man a perfect image of himself. He gave this first Man the most beautiful of faces, with eyes the color of the sky at night, with hair as black as the stripes on the zebra, and with skin the most perfect brown of the rich jungle floor. And even when Simabasi thought that Mobagutu was done, Mobagutu would look at his work, and then reach out and work on the Man some more, making him yet more and more beautiful, until you have never seen a man or woman more perfectly made, so majestically muscled, so shapely and handsome and masculine. Even the Man's penis, Mobagutu made long and thick, so that it hung between the Man's legs in a graceful curve that begged you to reach down and stroke it so that you could see it rise from its slumber and be ready for battle.

Finally, Mobagutu stood looking at his creation for so long that Simabasi wondered what else that his master could do to this Man to make him yet more perfect. But then Mobagutu said, "The Man is done." And he gestured and the Man's eyes sparked into life and he smiled and the smile was dazzling with its brightness as the sun sparkled off of the two lines of perfect teeth.

"Now go, Man, and enjoy this world that I have made." Mobagutu said and the Man bowed and turned, walked away into the jungle.

Simabasi looked at his Master, and saw that Mobagutu was staring after the Man. "Now that the World is complete, Master." he said in order to remind Mobagutu that he was there. "What would you like to do next?"

Mobagutu blinked and then said to Simabasi, "Why don't you go check on the meerkats for me, Simabasi, make sure they have dug good burrows for their protection from their enemies. I am going to watch the Man for a time longer." And Mobagutu moved after the Man.

Simabasi looked after Mobagutu for time, then shook his head and turned to do his Master's bidding.

The Man had come to a river and seeing the cool blue water that pooled nearby, and feeling the heat of the sun strongly on his broad, brown back, ran to the water's edge and dove into it. Mobagutu saw the Man's dive, which was strong, wide and elegant, and the Man entered the water as a man enters his lover, and the water took him and jumped upwards around him in ecstasy at touching the Man's body (or so Mobagutu told himself, watching things), and the Man moved and enjoyed the cool water, and Mobagutu bade the fish in the river to swim near him and brush his body with their scaly sides so that the Man laughed at the tickling fins as they touched him over and over again. Mobagutu smiled to see the Man so happy and watched him carefully until the Man tired of his swimming and moved toward the shore, saying to nobody (for he did not know Mobagutu was watching him), "I am hungry now, I must find something to eat."

Mobagutu looked around, but nothing nearby was easy for the Man to eat, and he quickly said to the trees nearest to him, "Bear fruit for this Man to eat." and the safrou and tamarind trees heard him and quickly produced their fruits. And the Man plucked the fruits and ate and was satisfied, and Mobagutu beamed to see the Man pleased.

When the Man found a broad patch of moss to lie upon and let the sun dry his wet and tired body, Mobagutu caused the sun to beam down on him warmly, and when the Man was dry, Mobagutu ordered the clouds to cover the sun's rays and keep the Man's skin from harm. And the Man was warm and fed and comfortable, and only one more need remained to be addressed.

The Man's cock stirred and rose of itself and Mobagutu stared at this enimently desirable organ, licking his lips at the thought of touching that organ now that it was alive. He had formed it and it was as forming in clay but now the Man was living and that prick would be hard and very warm and the skin would be as velvet and the smell of the Man upon it would be rich and ripe and musky.

The Man moaned and his hand reached and took his organ and gripped it, the Man groaned and shuddered and his tool surged harder than before and the Man began to move his hand up and down slowly, feeling this new sensation and he groaned again and his hand began to move faster.

And Mobagutu was disturbed at this. The Man should not have to take his pleasure alone, he should have a mate, for all the other creations of his making had been made in pairs, male and female. He should make a female for the Man, he should... He should...

Mobagutu could not bear to let a female touch this Man he had made, the thought of such a second being touching his perfect Man was too much. No, for such a perfect creation, there was only one possible lover available!

Mobagutu gave himself the form of flesh and walked over to the Man. The Man was busy with his passion and did not realize until the last moment that Mobagutu had joined him. "Master!" he gasped. "How may I serve you?"

"It is how I may serve you." Mobagutu said and with no further discussion, he knelt down beside the Man and bent his face over the Man's midsection and his hand took hold of the Man's prong and as the Man released his own hold and moaned at the touch, Mobagutu took the Man's dong into his mouth and he drew upon it hard as he rose back up again, and the Man's groan of pleasure dwarfed the sounds he had made before.

Mobagutu milked at the Man's pud, carefully not exerting any of his godly powers upon the Man but letting the Man's own body, stirred by the physical attentions, be the only source of the pleasure that surged through the Man's body.

The Man was writhing under Mobagutu, for this was his first sexual excitement and the Man had never felt anything like it before. "Oh, Master, I feel as if I shall burst from within!" he cried out. "Is this what it is like to die?"

Mobagutu released the Man's cock from his mouth and smiled upward at the desire-stricken Man. "Never, this is the very opposite of dying, for it is the very creation of life that you are feeling."

"I feel as if my soul will pour out of my organ." the Man gasped.

"It will, but you will keep plenty of your soul for yourself." Mobagutu agreed as he rose to his feet. "And it is only right that this part of your soul go to a place where it will be most appreciated."

And Mobagutu got astride the Man's prone body and he squatted down and with one hand guiding the prong into his lower entrance.

The Man gasped anew as Mobagutu's warmth enclosed upon him and he moaned, "Oh, Master, to take you thus, I am not worthy!"

"You are more than worthy, you are perfect in every way, and there is no other I would want to take me in this way. But for you, my perfect and beautiful Man, I would give you this today and again and again as often as you wish in the days to come."

And Mobagutu rode upon the Man for a time, but then the Man's passion seized his brain entirely and he reached up, caught Mobagutu and pulled him down onto him, and with their bodies pressed together, the Man rolled them over and with himself on top, he released Mobagutu and held himself above and began to move his powerful, beautiful body so that he could fuck Mobagutu rapidly and deeply, every stroke burying his perfect dong inside Mobagutu's ass.

Mobagutu's own body loved this mastery of his body, this brief relinquishing of his surpreme being, and he held onto the Man's muscled form and cried out himself in growing joy as his own body brewed with sexual excitement.

"Oh, Master, I must release now!" the Man gasped out urgently.

"Release into me, please, Man, release into me and I shall release my own seeds of life at the same time as you." Mobagutu promised him.

"I am bursting, I am bursting!" the Man cried out and with a loud roar that rivaled that of the lion, he sprayed his seed into Mobagutu's body.

And Mobagutu moaned out his own joy and as he promised, he ejaculated his sperm freely and sprayed the Man's perfect body heavily with the jets of spunk that flowed from his fleshly body.

And the Man's pleasure spent itself into Mobagutu and then the Man fell down onto Mobagutu and panted heavily upon the god's body. "Ah, ah, I am spent entirely." he groaned. "I can no longer move, I am so weary."

"You will recover shortly." Mobagutu assured him with a smile. "But for now, rest upon me as long as you wish."

And the Man fell asleep upon Mobagutu's warm body.

It was like this that Simabasi found his Master, lying under the Man's jism-drained body and the evidence of their joining was obvious at a glance to the loyal servant. "Master!" he gasped out. "Is this what you have chosen as the task of the Man, to stick his sexual tool into your lower body?"

Mobagutu felt both proud and ashamed as he carefully rolled the sleeping Man's form from his own and stood erect. "The Man does not have a mate and he was in need, so I gave him his release." he explained.

"Then you must make a mate for him." Simabasi concluded.

"Yes, yes." Mobagutu agreed languidly. "I shall do so, and soon. But for now, the Man is new to the world and he needs to enjoy it without having the burden of a mate and spawn to care for alongside himself. I shall tend to him until he settles down some."

And so it was, and though Simabasi kept reminding his Master of the need to make a Woman, Mobagutu continued to put it off. And the Man lived his life in the World alone with only Mobagutu with him, a constant companion, and the Man in his time grew old and feeble and Mobagutu tended him with every care and remorse, for his power to make life always carried this price for his creations, that the life he gave could not endure forever, that some lasted longer than others, but death came eventually to all, and they must needs return to the Earth from which they had been made.

And it came finally to the day that the Man realized (as it comes thus to some Men) that this was his last day of life, and he said that to Mobagutu.

"Is there anything I can give you before you must go?" Mobagutu asked him, tears in his eyes. "Oh, I shall miss you so!"

"And I shall miss you." the Man smiled, his withered hand reaching up to touch the Master's face in tenderness. "But it has been a full and long and rich life, and I thank you for making me."

"But can I do anything for you?"

"Yes." the Man agreed. "When I am gone, make another Man. Love him as you loved me. If you can do that, I can die happy." And with that, the First Man closed his eyes and with a final sigh of breath, released his hold on life entire.

Mobagutu mourned so long that the World itself became a dismal and forlorn place from the lack of his attentions, but in time, he looked about and said, "I must honor the Man's last wish and make another Man." But then he stirred, "Oh, but I never could make another Man like him, or seeing him would break my heart all over again!"

And Simabasi had an answer to that for him, and so that is what Mobagutu did. He created a second Man, and with him a Woman, and gave them life. And he made them less than perfect, giving them each several small flaws that kept them from being the very image of himself, and being thus as perfect as that First Man. And so then he could look upon them, and treat them kindly, if not with the great love he had for that First Man.

And from that Second Man and the Woman which he made at the same time, all Mankind since has grown and filled the Earth. And Mobagutu watches over us all and now and then, he makes a child be borne which is somewhat close to that First Man and when he does, he smiles and remembers the First Man, the one so perfect that even he could not help but fall in love.

* * * * *

Obagumbo was silent now and Reverend Miller stirred and said, "Your story of Creation is somewhat like my own people's." The Reverend Miller had to admit to himself that the Book of Genesis carried not one but two stories of the Creation of Man, one of the Man being created alone, and the second being with both created together. "But still, you admit that we are all made in God's image, for you say that some are born still that are in God's image."

"Yes." Obagumbo agreed. "Would you like to meet one of them?"

"Meet one of them?"

"Yes, my nephew is one who has been blessed by Mobagutu thus. I shall summon him."

Obagumbo clapped and said words to the servant who appeared. The servant vanished again and a bit later, the flap of the hut door opened and in stepped the nephew of Obagumbo.

"This is "Atontingi." Obagumbo introduced him. "He shall be with you for the rest of your stay and share your hut and you can see the truth of my story."

The Reverend Miller stared agog at the handsome young man standing before him. He gulped hard at the thought of this young man so close to him at night. And Atontingi smiled and rubbed one breast in a way that told the minister exactly how Atontingi would be sharing his hut that very night.

"Do you now understand why Man can never be made in God's image now?" Obagumbo asked him.

"Yes." Reverend Miller said, gulped hard and shifted his garments at his crotch to ease the pressure. "I understand perfectly."

"Then I shall speak with you again tomorrow." Obagumbo smiled.

And the Reverend Miller rose and followed the handsome Atontingi out of the hut.

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