A Couple of Young Punks

“Say what?” Spike asked Jam Crank as they sat outside the Mi-Tee-Kwik convenience store, sitting on the rear hood of a car that was there. Not their car, but hell, it was there and so they sat on it. They had to make the meeting of their gang at ten o’clock, but this was only seven thirty at night. Smoking cigarettes, just a pair of young punks with more wild energy than common sense, they were waiting for a guy who would buy them a six-pack of beers, when the subject of good blow-jobs came up, just an ordinary Saturday night, and Jam Crank had dropped an idea on Spike that had landed like a bomb.

“I’m saying, “Jam Crank repeated. “That for the best blow job, you got to get it from another guy.”

“The hell you say.” Spike scoffed. “I’m supposed to let some faggot suck on my cock.”

“You do if you want to get the best sucking you ever got.”

“And how would you know if you never had one sucking on your tool?” Jam Crank pointed out. “I have, and let me tell you, it’s one hell of an experience.”

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” Spike said. “I mean, getting into bed with a guy and him kissing on you....”

“Who the fuck said anything about that?” Jam Crank interjected. “I’m talking about a blow job. We go to where they got a glory hole and stick it into the hole and the faggot sucks it for you.”

“Yeah?” Spike said.

“Yeah.” Jam Crank said. “There’s a place over on Madison with glory holes, it’s skanky as hell, but you don’t got to touch nothing in there. Just go over to the hole and stick it in. The guy inside will give you a hummer and you can find out what it’s like.”

Spike considered this. “Hammer wouldn’t like that. If he caught us, we’d be lying in the morgue with tags on our toes by morning.” Hammer was the leader of their gang, and a bigger, meaner fucker was hard to imagine.

“So we don’t tell Hammer about it.” Jam Crank pointed out. “What he don’t know won’t hurt him. Hey, there’s Bob Hamilton, he’ll buy us the beer. Hey, Bob!”

Half an hour later, with a couple of beers warmly glowing in his stomach, Spike reconsidered the offer. Jam Crank kept bragging about the guy he’d had suck him off last Saturday night. “I went in, and the guy said to me through the hole, ‘How old are you, kid?’ and I said, ‘I’m nineteen.’ and he said, ‘I love them young, get it in here and I’ll suck it like you’ve never been sucked before.’ So I did and damned if he wasn’t right, best fucking blowjob ever. And when I was done, he said, ‘I’m here every Saturday night this time, you come back next week and I’ll do it again.’ and I said, ‘Can I bring a friend.’ and he said, ‘Hell, yeah. Just ask for Bovey.’”

“Bovey, huh?” Spike asked when Jam Crank repeated it the third time around. “You sure he’s the best pair of lips you ever had, for sure, huh?”

“Best damned sucking ever. No girl I’ve had ever came even close.” Jam Crank assured him.

“Then what the hell we hanging around this fucking parking lot?” Spike slurred. Only two beers, but he didn’t drink any the rest of the week, two were enough to send his head spinning.

“Yeah, let’s go get our dicks Hoovered, and good!” Jam Crank agreed.

Having to wait and take the bus was rather anticlimactic, but at least one came along in a couple of minutes. Madison was less than two miles away down the bus line, one reason Jam Crank had found the place.

It was a restroom in back of a gas station, only a security light burned at this hour of the night, but the lights inside worked...some of them, anyhow. Two guys, older, middle-aged, one overweight and the other balding, were hanging outside the restroom door, and they gave Spike and Jam Crank the eye.

“You boys need some help?” one of them volunteered.

“Nah, we’re here for Bovey.” Jam Crank said.

“Yeah, I hear he’s the best.” Spike said.

“And I already know he’s the best.” Jam Crank sneered.

“Well, excuse me, dearies.” the old queen sniffed, and he and his friend walked a few steps away.

Guffawing, the two young men stepped inside.

“Hey, Bovey?” Jam Crank said. “You in here? It’s me, Jimmy, and I’m back again, and I brought a friend who could really use a good blowjob like I had last week.”

“I’m here.” came the voice from the stall next to the open one.

“Jimmy?” Spike asked Jam Crank.

“Hey, I had to give him some name to call me.” Jam Crank said. “You don’t think his name is actually Bovey, do you.”

“Oh.” Spike said.

“How old is your friend?” Bovey called.

“He’s eighteen.” Jam Crank offered. “Younger’n me, but still legal.”

“Nice.” breathed Bovey. “I want to do both of you. Get a big, hot load off both of you. Drain both of your, empty your teenaged balls, leave them completely dry and hanging loose.”

Damn, Spike thought, that gave him a boner! He didn’t think he could get one here, not for another guy. Damn, this was some perverse shit going down here.

“Go on, get over there.” Jam Crank shoved Spike forward.

“I’m going, I’m going.” Spike said.

“Yeah, come on, fellow, I need that hot young cock you got, I love teenaged dick, there’s nothing hotter, nothing harder, come on, get over here and slide it in, I need it, boy, I need that hard young dick. Going to suck you off and suck you fucking dry!”

“God! Damned!” Spike breathed. He fumbled at his fly. “Jesus! This is so fucking hot!”

“Come on, kid, get that pud in here before you cream in your jeans and waste it.”

“Jesus, yeah.” Spike moaned and yanked his prick out of his pants. “Shit, this is so turning me on! Come on, fag, here’s a man-cock for you to blow!”

“Yeah, get that in here, God, look at all that love-juice it’s dripping. I want it, I want it all!” Bovey moaned.

Spike slid his cock into the gloryhole and Bovey got his lips on it soon as it was inside. Spike felt the hot warmth swallow him and he threw his head back and groaned. Ah, shit, this was so hot, Jam Crank was right, a man knew how to blow him a lot better than the three girls who had sucked him off before now. God, those girls had gagged as they tried to swallow him, Bovey took him all the fucking way down to the base on the first thrust! Hot, slicked up, that mouth had no trouble taking him right now past the tonsils and into the throat! Jesus!

“Ah, God damn!” Spike moaned.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” Jam Crank said.

Illustration of Couple of Young Punks

“Oh, yeah, shit, yeah!” Spike gasped. That mouth hadn’t stopped at just taking him down, now the mouth was working up and down his dong, the full length of his nine inches were being slid in and out of that warm void, the lips and tongue were working their magic.

“Ah, fuck, this is too much, I can’t take it!” Spike groaned.

“Hang on there, Harvey!” Jam Crank urged him.

“Harvey?” Spike gasped.

“Got to call you something.” Jam Crank grinned. “He’s one hell of a blow-job artist, isn’t he?”

“God, yeah!” Spike moaned. “I’m about to cream, man, I’m about to blow my chunks all over this guy!”

“I bet he catches it all fast as you can squirt it out.” Jam Crank bragged like he’d invented Bovey. “I told you that you wanted to get some of this, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, God, yeah! Oh, God!” Spike jerked. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“Hey, don’t buck away from the hole, man, hang on.” Jam Crank urged him.

And Jam Crank caught Spike and held him in place, pressing his body against Spike as Spike thrashed, and Spike’s prick squirted hot adolescent spunk into Bovey’s hungry mouth. True to Jam Crank’s word, Bovey held on, grunting like a pig as he swallowed Spike’s wad. Spike shuddered as he came, he had never had a climax this intense before, the nasty stink of the restroom, the talented mouth, the feel of his buddy holding him, it all was so, so sexual, so perverted, so GOOD!

His orgasm done, he slumped, and Jam Crank nearly carted him away from that still-sucking mouth that held his organ in thrall, it flapped stickily against his jeans. Spike staggered over to the sink and grasped the filthy edge and panted.

Over at the gloryhole, Jam Crank was getting his. Spike saw those slim hips jammed against the greasy stall wall, the jeans open at the hole, and the barest glimpse of his pink shaft between the open jeans and the hole. Jam Crank had his hands at the top of the stall and the moans sliding from his lips gave Spike a hard-on all over again.

Was he queer for his friend? God, if he was, he didn’t dare tell Jam Crank that! Still, he remembered his climax, Jam Crank’s body pressed against his, and that hard-on of Jam Crank’s right on top of one of his buttocks, him squirting his jizz and Jam Crank griding against him.

God, he was getting hard all over again! Maybe he could get Bovey to suck him again when Jam Crank was done.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” Jam Crank was moaning. “Here it comes, you big fruit, here it comes!”

“Yeah, shoot it in him.” Spike said, shoving his cock back into his jeans. He went over to where Jam Crank was standing, he wanted to be with Jam Crank when he shot.

Ah, ah, GUH-UH, UH-KUH-HUHHNNNN!” Jam Crank groaned and when he did that, Spike went over and held Jam Crank up against the gloryhole with his body, the way Jam Crank had done to him, and Jam Crank leaned his head back and rested it against Spike’s shoulder as he creamed into the gloryhole and the hot lips beyond.

“Ah, ah, shit, that was hot!” Jam Crank moaned as he finished, laid his cheek against Spike’s.

“You two boys look so hot like that, both of you all drained nice and dry.” Bovey’s voice informed them. “I could just suck the two of you all night long.”

“Yeah, but we got to get going.” Spike reminded Jam Crank. “We got to get to the meeting. Hammer will kill us if we’re not there, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Spike said. “I guess we’re ready, then.”

Spike went toward the door, then realized that Jam Crank wasn’t with him. “Come on, will ya?”

Jam Crank was looking at the closed stall door that held Bovey. An odd grin was on his face.

“What is it?” Spike said.

“Something I remember about these stalls.”

“What’s that?”

“These stalls open outward.”


“So watch this.” And Jam Crank went over to Bovey’s stall and gave the stall door a hard whack!

And the stall door swung open. Bovey grabbed for the door, but Jam Crank had hold of it and opened it wide to reveal the man who had just given them a hell of a great blow job!

Spike’s eyes goggled. “Hammer?”

“Jesus H. Fucking Christ!” Jam Crank gaped.

Hammer, the leader of their gang, the main man, the one who could get them both kacked with a word to any number of people, and they were looking at him sitting on a dirty toilet seat, his lips stained with their jizz.

“Let’s...” Spike’s hand landed on Jam Crank’s shoulder. “Let’s get the fuck out of here!”

And the two young men fled into the night.

They agonized about the gang meeting, but decided they’d better go. Hammer had ordered a meeting of the entire gang, and what Hammer wanted, he got.

Trouble is, what would he do when they got there.

They tried to keep back in the pack during the meeting, but Hammer’s eyes found them just the same. Looked at them for a second or two, then passed on by. Spike breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He and Jam Crank exchanged glances. Maybe they could just pretend nothing had happened. Never go to that toilet again. Pretend they’d never heard the name “Bovey.”

But as they turned to go, one of Hammer’s buddies was there. “Hammer wants to talk to you two alone.” he said, thumbing them the way to the front of the room. Behind that was a door where Hammer had his private office.

It was a true office, running a gang was a lot like running any business in many respects. A desk, file cabinet, papers, a computer. And Hammer, sitting on the front of his desk, waiting for them.

When the door closed, the two practically cringed. “We’re not going to tell anyone anything!” Jam Crank whined.

“Yeah, honest, we wouldn’t have opened that door if we’d known you were in there!”

Spike chipped in. “We were just looking for a bit of fun before the meeting, really!”

“Yeah, I know that.” Hammer said. “Me, too.”

“So what are you going to do to us?” Jam Crank begged.

“Please, man, we’ll do anything you say, just don’t kill us.” Spike added.

“You’ll do anything I say, huh?” Hammer said.

“Yeah, yeah, anything.” Jam Crank put in. “Just name it.”

“Yeah, just name it.” Spike agreed.

“In that case.” Hammer said to them. “I’m adding you two to my personal bodyguards. You’ll come stay at my house.”

A distinct rise in their status. Broad grins broke over Spike’s and Jam Crank’s faces.

“Yeah, sure, we can do that.” gushed Spike.

“Great, yeah, sure, and you can count on us to keep our lips zipped.”

“You damned sure will.” Hammer said. “Now for your first duty.”

“You name it!” Spike agreed.


“Get those jeans down.” Hammer grinned at his two flunkies. “No reason for me to go to that stinky toilet when I can siphon all the hot young spunk I want from you two pretty boys whenever I want it.”

He looked back and forth to the two stupefied young punks in front of him, and scowled meanly. “I said drop those jeans now! The Hammer is hungry!”