Mothman and Sparrow
The Puppeteer Falls, Something Else Rises, Part 2 of 2

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

Bryce Wagner rolled over in bed and stared at the silken tapestries hung on the opposite wall. As he saw the familiar figures, he groaned and covered his eyes. Dear God, how could he ever look at brave heroes again?

Hilfred came in with the newspaper and the look on his face told Bryce more than he wanted to know. He held out his hand. "Give it to me." He said.

Hilfred turned over the newspaper and Bryce read the headline, "Puppeteer's Reign of Terror Continues" and under that, "Police Helpless. And where is Mothman?"

Bryce tossed the newspaper on the floor. "Don't remind me, Hilfred! You know why I can't go out and face the Puppeteer!" He had to ask the next question, "Any word from Rick?"

"Nothing, sir." Hilfred's voice was filled with sympathetic understanding.

Rick/Sparrow had vanished soon after returning from the hospital where he had undergone the ignominy of having his anal tears cauterized. He could have borne that, Bryce pondered, had the doctor not followed it with a half-hour lecture about the follies of improper anal sex and instructed him in detail about the right way to have a man's cock shoved up his bunghole. Where his young protege was, Bryce had been unable to discover, despite hiring several private detectives to scour the city. It had been five days now.

The Puppeteer had turned his "puppet-maker" machine into a weapon of fearsome power. Policemen who dared to confront him became his helpers on his raids. If no police were at hand, he took over the minds of customers, or bank tellers, or both, to empty the bank vaults. At this rate, he would have stripped Gath City of ever iota of its wealth in another few days.

But without a counter to that mind-control device, there was no use in Mothman confronting the Puppeteer again. And he knew full well what the Puppeteer would do to him and Sparrow if they met him again. And the only counter he had managed to come up with required Sparrow's help! And such help! How would he even explain to Sparrow that the only way to defeat the Puppeteer was.... Ah, enough of that!

Bryce threw back the covers and got out of bed. Yawning, he stretched and went over to the window, opened the curtains to reveal the garden....

And there was Rick, walking slowly up the walk toward the house. Bryce smiled. They had a lot to talk about. And with Rick's help, Mothman and Sparrow could not only rise again, they could prevail. If Rick was willing to do what it took....

But what a hell of a thing to ask of the young man you'd spent the last five years raising as your own! And after Bruce laid out his plan for defeating the Puppeteer, Rick agreed to play his part.

Later that same day, the Puppeteer surveyed the heaps of riches he had gathered with the help of his new device. How clever he had been, to make Mothman and Sparrow the first victims of the machine. Their defeat had demoralized the police so badly, they were easy prey to the suggestive nature of his machine, just as Mothman and Sparrow had been susceptible to the suggestion that he could make them have gay sex with each other. Setting the victim up ahead of time was half the battle to mind control, after all.

He studied the map of Gath City laid out before him. He'd taken about as much as he could get from the banks and the jewelry stores, now, what did the museums hold that he could use?

"Well, Puppeteer, we meet again!" came a familiar voice.

The Puppeteer turned to see. "Mothman? Sparrow?" His hand reached for the machine, now in a smaller, gun-like model to let him aim it. Which he promptly did. "Didn't you two learn your lesson the first time?" He purred. "Don't you realize what I can do to you whenever I chooose?"

"The only thing I've learned is that evildoers like you have to be stopped no matter what it takes." Mothman responded.

"And we're the only ones willing to stand up to villains like you!" Sparrow added.

The Puppeteer shrugged. "As you wish. This time, I think I'll have Sparrow fuck the hell out of you, Mothman!" and he fired his weapon at the heroic duo.

Mothman and Sparrow turned and reached for each other. "Mothman?" whispered Sparrow.

"Just like I told you." Mothman hissed in return. "We give him what he wants, only more so."

"But he wants me to fuck you!" Sparrow protested. "And he wants it hard and rough!"

"So come on and fuck me, hard and rough." and Mothman punctuated his sentence with a kiss.

Sparrow pressed Mothman back onto the floor, as Puppeteer gleefully chortled his glee to the skies. "That's the way, my pretty little bird!" he cried out. "Show him how a bird eats up a moth!"

With his shorts pushed down to their knees, Sparrow peeled Mothman's own tights down as well, and Mothman turned over and lifted his bare buttocks upwards. Sparrow groaned as he rubbed spit onto his cock, and then aimed it at the hairy crevice between the pair of taut, dimpled buttocks. With a final groan, he convulsed and with a single thrust, he rammed his dong into his mentor's ass.

There was nothing gentle about this deflowering of Mothman's virginal ass, and Mothman let a pain-filled moan slide out of his lips.

"Come on, now, Mothman, it's only fair that you get your butt torn up this time around. After all, Sparrow's cherry was splattered all over the place the last time." Puppeteer mocked them.

Mothman didn't reply, not in words, he lifted his buttocks slightly higher, and as Sparrow began to pump on his ass, he thrust his ass backwards to help his ward drive his cock deeper and harder into his butt!

"Oh, oh, Mothman, oh!" Sparrow gasped as he humped at Mothman's backside. "This is hot, this is so hot!"

"Yeah, come on, Sparrow, harder, you can do it harder, give it to me, harder!" Mothman grunted.

"What? He's liking it?" the Puppeteer was furious.

"Oh, yeah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Mothman groaned. "Keep pumping me, Sparrow, I'm about to blow my wad!"

"Me, too, Mothman, me too!" Sparrow panted as his athletic young hips kept up a rapid pace on Mothman's ass.

"Stop that!" Puppeteer ordered, and the two paused in their motions of ecstasy, panting. "If that's how it is, Mothman, let's see you work over Sparrow's ass again. I know he didn't like it!"

The pair of heroes were forced to do the Puppeteer's bidding, and they removed the bottom half of their costumes entirely and stood before each other, as Mothman applied saliva to his own prong.

And to the Puppeteer's surprise, Sparrow jumped up into Mothman's arms and his legs wrapped around Mothman's waist. As the Puppeteer gawked at this display of male prowess, the Mothman guided his prod up into Sparrow's buttocks and Sparrow lowered himself by relaxing his hold, and then Mothman began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking his young partner in mid-air!

Sparrow cried out, not in pain but in joy as Mothman's cock sank into his ass to the very base with every bounce that drove him up and down on Mothman's manhood.

"No, no, no!" the Puppeteer complained as he saw Mothman and Sparrow's enraptured faces.

"You're not supposed to enjoy this! Stop enjoying it! I want you to suffer, damn it, suffer!"

And in his rage, he ran over with his weapon in hand, to bodily stop the powerful pair, and as he ran up to Mothman, the hero who, even with Sparrow still clinging to his chest and fucking himself on Mothman's cock, grabbed the Puppeteer's arm (the one that held his weapon) in one powerful hand.

And Sparrow cried out in his climax, but even as he sprayed his jizz-wad about, he dove onto the Puppeteer and knocked him over.

As the Sparrow's ass pulled off from Mothman's dong, Mothman hit his own orgasm, and he was spraying his wad over the fray the same as Sparrow, and the two climaxing crime-fighters struggled with the pudgy, middle-aged villain even as they struggled with their own ecstasy. That made the one-sided fight very much one in which the outcome was in doubt.

But overcame him, they did, with Mothman holding the weapon in one trembling hand as the last dregs of his jism dribbled out his prick. Sparrow was sitting on Puppeteer's chest, his own cock staining the evil-doer's ample stomach with teenaged spunk.

"And so your crime spree ends for good." Mothman panted. "I shall destroy this device right now."

He dropped the weapon onto the ground and lifted a foot to stomp it. As he did, the Puppeteer cried out, "No, no, stop, sto-o-o-o-o-p!"

*Crunch!* went the small device, and as it did, a wash of sensation ripped through the entire room, engulfing all three, heroes and villain.

The police arrived soon after, responding to the reports of an explosion, and when they did, they saw the Puppeteer bound fast and the powerful pair of heroes waiting for them.

"Good to see you here, men!" the Mothman told them. The police were goggling, not at the Puppeteer, but at him and Sparrow. He wondered why that was. "The Puppeteer is ready to return to prison!"

Sparrow pulled his mouth off Mothman's cock, which he'd been sucking when the policemen entered. "And this time, throw away the key!"

"Uh, are you two all right?" one of the policemen stammered.

"We're fine, officers." Mothman said. "The Puppeteer's control over us has been removed, and we defeated him." He closed his eyes and moaned as Sparrow's lips mined his pleasure center for golden delight.

"If that's how you feel about it." the other patrolman said. "Come on, let's get this guy out of here and let these two celebrate in their own way."

"Ah-ah-AH-GAHH-HAHH-UH-HUHHH!" Mothman blew his first wad into Sparrow's mouth. Sparrow pulled off and let Mothman's spray bathe his face and chest in hot hero-come.

The two made it back to Wagner Manor thanks to the homing device built into the Mothmobile, which was good, because they spent the time with Sparrow's cock buried deep in Mothman's ass, and this time Sparrow shot his load deep inside his mentor's bowels.

Hilfred was far too much of a gentleman's gentleman to raise more than an eyebrow at Bruce and Rick's almost continuous sexual antics which continued almost without letup from that day forward. He made quiet arrangements to let Bruce perform his work duties from his home, and fended off all social engagements. And for Rick, he transferred to an on-line university to continue his studies.

And as for Mothman and Sparrow, well, they could still fight crime even as they continued to suck or fuck in mid-combat, and their abilities let them still come out victorious. Being beaten in battle is one thing, being defeated by a crimefighter who does it while fucking his sidekick at the same time is downright mortifying. Most criminals in Gath City have since moved away or went straight, rather than risk the humiliation of losing that kind of battle.

So Gath City has never been more peaceful. Even though the sight of Mothman and Sparrow out on their regular patrols is no longer something a mother wants her children to see!

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